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How Much Is A Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Your Ultimate Guide


The Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix isnt a purebred dog, but a recently developed hybrid that has caught the attention of dog lovers around the world. Created as a cross between a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever, this mix has the best traits of its parenting breeds.

Going by several names, the Golden Shepherd is a large, highly energetic dog with a soft side it is exceptionally affectionate and devoted to its owners. When not busy cuddling or licking you, the Golden Shepherd will be your exercise partner, always pushing you to go the extra mile.

This highly energetic and large dog needs a lot of exercise and is best suited for people with active lifestyles or families with children that can play with a dog all day long. Being highly intelligent, this cross is easy to train and a great choice for inexperienced and experienced owners alike.

Stay with me till the end of this article to find out if the Golden Shepherd is the right dog for you!

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Grooming

German Shepherds have a waterproof double coat and are always shedding, though not profusely unless its shedding season.

Golden Retrievers also have a water-resistant double coat, and their long hair can easily become tangled and matted.

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Frequent brushing is important to keep the coat sleek and mat-free.

Choose a brush that can reach both layers of fur as your puppy will also have a double coat like its parents.

Golden Retriever Shepherd Mix Grooming

The type of grooming your mixed breed will need depends on what type of coat they get. Regardless, they will need regular ear trimming, toothbrushing, and baths.

Both dog breeds shed quite a bit. Golden Retrievers shed more year-round, while German Shepherds shed more seasonally. Either way, your Golden Shepherd will need plenty of brushing. Your home will likely be covered with hair no matter what coat type your Golden Shepherd inherits.

If your dog has longer hair like a Golden, their hair may be prone to tangling. You may choose to trim their hair to prevent that.

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Are you passionate about having an intelligent and loyal dog? Its not a problem now days. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is the breed which not only fulfills your desire but also makes you proud.

Its a mixed breed, come out from two popular purebred, one is German shepherd and another is Golden retriever.

You will be surprised knowing that, both of them are extremely popular in USA.

Its a playful breed, human friendly and energetic. Thats why you can decide to make it as companion of your family. Dont worry, its loyal.

People call this mixed breed as Golden shepherd or Golden German shepherd.

Feeling desire to know more about it, lets go

Origins Of The Golden Retriever

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The Golden Retriever has noble origins. The breed was developed by a British aristocrat named Lord Tweedmouth.

Though the breed is considered to have Scottish roots, Tweedmouth purchased the first Retriever in Brighton, England.

He trained the dog, named Nous, to retrieve birds, and it went so well that he decided to breed Nous with a type of water spaniel that no longer exists.

The Golden Retriever was thus bred to be a sporting dog and is still used by hunters today. It is also favored by charities such as Guide Dogs For The Blind, due to its intelligence and kindly nature.

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This Mix Gives You The Best Of Both Worlds

After learning more about the Golden Shepherd, we can say that this is a great family dog!

Of course, anyone whos interested in a purebred or a crossbreed would have to weigh in the pros and cons before deciding if this is the dog for you.

Youll need to be mindful of potential health problems and make sure that you can handle the size and needs of this pooch, but the mix of two great breeds gives rise to an incredible companion.

Heres a video that gives a quick summary or overview of this crossbreed:

Tell us what you think of the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix in the comments!

Temperament Of A Golden Shepherd

The German Shepherd parent has a bad reputation for being aggressive, which is mostly incorrect. When mixed with the gentle Golden Retriever, the hybrids behavior can be reduced. Nonetheless, he is very vigilant and may be cautious with strangers, making him an excellent watchdog.

The active Golden retriever german shepherd mix is descended from two extremely intelligent breeds noted for their devotion to their masters and human group. They thrive on human connection and want to be engaged in all events, especially those that take place outside.

Golden retriever gsd mix may take some time to establish friends, but once he does, he is quite loyal. He has a strong desire to please, is highly intelligent, and is readily trainable. He does not, however, fare well when left alone for extended periods of time. He requires interaction from his family and may bark or chew excessively if bored.

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Health

Both German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers are prone to a variety of health problems. Therefore, a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix may be prone to many health problems, too.

In some cases, hybrid vigor may reduce the odds of developing a condition thats only common with one parent breed. However, Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds are prone to many of the same health issues.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Popularity

German Shepherd golden retriever mix, 2 Year Old, Abby | German Shepherd Training | Off Leash K9

While there are no readily-available statistics on golden shepherd ownership, it is thought that this is a very popular hybrid breed in the United States given the popularity of the parent breeds. Although some apartment complexes and other living areas may have breed restrictions against so-called aggressive breeds like the German shepherd, these guard dogs remain popular pets. Some of the motivation for breeding German shepherds with golden retrievers may be to achieve a mixed breed with the German shepherds loyalty but without its potentially aggressive instincts.

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The German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Can Vary In Appearance

Your Golden Shepherds appearance will depend on the genetics they inherit from his parent breeds.

One of the controversies surrounding crossbreeding is the unpredictability that comes with appearance.

Unpredictability is especially prevalent in first-generation crossbreed German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix dogs .

However, on average, your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix will fall somewhere in the below descriptions:

  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Height: 20 to 26 inches
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Weight: 55 to 85 Pounds
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Coat Color: Black, cream, sable, brown, gold, tan, white, grey, or a combination
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Coat Type: Double-coated and thick and long and wavy or sleek and glossy depending on genetics
  • German Shepherd Golden Retriever Eye Color: Brown

One Parent Is The Second Most Popular Dog In The Us

The German Shepherd can be either the dam or sire for a Golden Shepherd puppy.

Despite its popularity, the German Shepherd certainly had a controversial past. Thanks to the hollywood movie Strongheart, the German Shepherd soared in popularity in the early 1900s.

After its initial popularity, along came the War! Due to the German association, the Shepherd was shunned which led to the change in name to Alsatian. It seemed to work and allowed for a steady interest in this hardy and intelligent breed.

Used frequently in military and police work, the German Shepherd is a fearless comrade.

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How Big Will A German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Get

Typically, they weigh between 55 and 85 pounds , while some can be as massive as 95 pounds . For their height, this designer pooch is around 20 and 27 inches tall. Still, some can be smaller or larger than these measurements.

You may think that medium-sized or large-sized breeds should only be a suitable pet for spacious homes with large backyards. It may be ideal, but this fido is very adaptable to its surroundings and can do well in an apartment!

Just make sure that your furry pal gets enough exercise every day.

You can see in this video how big a German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix is by the time theyre 3 ½ months old:

A Golden Watchdog And Fantastic Work Abilities

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix

Thanks to the amazing traits of the German Shepherd and Golden Retriever, their crossbreed can also excel in different jobs. They may love to play and have fun, but it doesnt stop them from being excellent watchdogs.

They are very protective of their person and will bark to alert you when strangers are approaching. Some, like the GSD, wont be very friendly with humans theyre unfamiliar with, at least not immediately.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd mixes are great to have around as fur buddies, and they can also be put up to a task. With appropriate training, they can be employed by the military and police, or even as hunting and guide dogs.

It means that if you give this dog a job, he wont let you down. After all, theyre very intelligent and relatively easy to train.

Just like other canines, its always better to train them using positive reinforcement. So, instead of punishing them for bad behaviors, you should focus more on rewarding your doggo for something that he did right with toys, praise, and of course, treats.

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Why Is This Such A Popular Mix

For one thing, both of the parent breeds are in the top 3 most popular dogs in the USA, according to the AKC. They happen to share many positive attributes including intelligence, loyalty, athleticism and good looks. Meanwhile, the addition of the Golden Retriever can temper some of the intensity of the German Shepherd that some people can find a bit intimidating.

Another reason this hybrid is popular is that by mixing the bloodlines, it can ward off some of thecongenital problems that plague the parent breeds resulting in a healthier dog.

This article will first take a detailed look at what you can expect from a Golden Shepherd, followed by an in depth look at each of the parent breeds. Read on to find a checklist at the end of this article to decide if this designer dog breed is a good fit for your lifestyle.

Lets take a look at the characteristics that make the Golden Shepherd a popular hybrid:

Required Training For A Shepherd Golden

Golden Shepherd, is one of the most intelligent dogs, so you can do extraordinary things with them if you pay attention to their training.

Minimal training is required to become the perfect pup. These dogs are eager to please and this makes it easy to train your Golden Shepherd. They tend to undermine the authority when they are untrained, but with a little training will be back on track. Its advised to use positive reinforcement for training, such as treats too.

If you position yourself as a leader in front of your Golden Shepherd, you will have an excellent dog around. The secret is to start the training at an early age, as soon as possible. This way the Golden Shepherd will learn faster and easier.

Its important to socialize the Golden Shepherd as soon as possible with other dogs and humans, both adults, and children. German Shepherds have a tendency of being nervous around new people, which means socializing from as young as a few weeks old will be imperative for your dog to remain happy and healthy.

If you repeat them a command 2-3 times, they will master it fast. Both the German Shepherd and Goldens are intelligent breeds, so their offspring will likely be no different. They are quick learners and are easy to train with consistency and dedication.

Golden Shepherd has a desire to retrieve, work, and play so you can enjoy these traits while you train your pup.

To recap, to train your Golden Shepherd effective you must:

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German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Health And Care

The list of health risks for these breeds seems pretty long, and your mix may possibly inherit any of them.

Some health problems are also more commonly seen with old age.

When two parent breeds share common health problems, there may be an increased risk for the mixed puppy to inherit that specific issue.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix Activity Levels


The Golden Shepherd is highly active and loves to play in outside spaces, just like its Golden Retriever parent, especially when it comes to playing around and having fun with young children and other household pets.

If you want to see the Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix at its happiest, play some games with them such as fetch or Frisbee or get some exercise with them by doing activities such as going on a walk, jogging, running, swimming, hiking, or whatever else youd like to do.

The point is, go outside and be active with them in order to see them at their happiest, most healthy mental state. Speaking of swimming, they absolutely LOVE to swim. Additionally it is a great form of exercise for your puppy.

This is a very positive thing because, besides swimming being an excellent form of exercise and physical activity for them to get, this is also a way of bathing them .

So if youve got a pool as part of your property or have easy and fast access to one nearby, then know for a fact that this could very well make your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix as happy as can be.

At a bare minimum, you should give your Golden Shepherd physical activity opportunities for at least 60-90 minutes each and every single day.

If youve got something like a large backyard at home, then all the better because they can play around and be active by themselves over there when you dont really feel like going outside the house to exercise them.

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What Is The Best Breed To Mix With A German Shepherd

The best breed to mix with a German Shepherd depends on what you need & want in your dog. A better way to approach this question is what are looking for in your dog and this might help you determine which mix would be the best for you.

German Shepherds have been successfully bred Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Poodles, Pitbulls, Corgis, Siberian Huskies, Pugs & Chows to name a few.

If you are looking for a dog that is good at hunting, tracking, retrieving & guarding then the Golden Shepherd is perfect. If you are looking for an extremely loving but lower energy dog that would be great with your kids then the Labrashepherd would be perfect for you.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Dogs Need Lots Of Exercise And Mental Stimulation

Intelligent dogs can be prone to destructive behaviors if not kept adequately exercised and mentally stimulated.

As a hybrid that comes from two working-breed parents, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever is going to need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation every day to stay happy and healthy.

If you are a jogger or outdoor enthusiast, your German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix can make an excellent exercise partner.

Along with physical exercise, mental stimulation is also very important. The German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix can be prone to boredom, depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues if not kept adequately stimulated.

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What Do You Call Golden German Shepherd

A Golden German Shepherd is a Golden Retriever German Shepherd mix. Its quite the mouthful so unsurprisingly the crossbreed are often given a shorter name.

They can be called Golden German Shepherds or shortened even further to Golden Shepherds. They usually make great family dogs due to their steady personalities.

Lets take a look at each parent in a little more detail.

German Shepherd Golden Retriever Mix Health Problems

Golden retriever cross german shepherd

With any dog breed comes health conditions that your dog could possibly inherit. One way to help combat these health issues is by purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder.

These dogs can inherit conditions such as hip or elbow dysplasia, eye issues, obesity, and sometimes even cancer.

hip and elbow dysplasia are a condition that can affect the dogâs joints as it grows, making them be sore and pop out of place.

Obesity is another condition these dog breeds can develop, and that is due to owners overfeeding their dogs. This condition is really easy to achieve in certain dog breeds that is why it is very important to only feed your dog the correct amount of food.

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The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush

The FURminator is one of our favorite tools for dogs with double coats like the German shepherd golden retriever mix. This is a premium grooming tool which can help alleviate shedding and matting and will help remove loose hair that gets stuck under the thick coat of your dog.

It can also reduce odor, prevent skin infections, and help control the amount of loose hair around your home, on your furniture and on your clothing.

Golden Retriever German Shepherd Mix: Characteristics At A Glance

Also known as the Golden Shepherd, the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix can range between 21 inches and 26 inches in height, and can weigh between 50 lbs and 70 lbs. The average lifespan ranges between 10 years and 14 years.

As the appearance of these two different breeds is so strikingly different, there are many different color variations that can result.

Some of the most common color variations of the German Shepherd Golden Retriever mix include black, white, black and tan, golden, dark golden, and brown.

Since their parent breeds are both active, affectionate, and playful, a new owner can expect these hybrids to be loving, doting, and eager to please.

They are best suited as companion dogs, and are ideal for families who have large homes and yards.

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