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Science Diet Dog Food For German Shepherds

Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food

Best Dog Food for German Shepherd puppies ð?

Best For Seniors

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Meal, 3. Whole Grain Sorghum, 4. Whole Grain Oats, 5. Whole Grain Brown Rice

  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable for: Small, medium, large breeds
  • Caloric content : 3,385 kcal

Nutro Ultra Senior Dog Food keeps your aging dog nourished and active with a blend of natural ingredients and an irresistible taste. The formula is designed from 15 superfoods that include chicken, lamb, salmon, blueberries, and kale, to name a few. All of them work together to maintain muscle mass, improve coat health, support joints, and keep your dog active all day long.

The food also tastes delicious and is readily accepted by even the pickiest German shepherds. It also caters to sensitive dogs and eliminates all preservatives, wheat, corn, or soy ingredients that might cause digestive problems.

Analysis: Protein min. 26% | Fat min. 13%, | Fiber max. 4% | Moisture max. 10%

German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

The German Shepherd dog, like many pure-bred dogs, can be predisposed to certain diseases. Some of these diseases may require a special diet for the GSD. Specifically, if you have concerns about his digestive health, work closely with your veterinarian to make sure your dog gets what he needs and hopefully, a proper diagnosis.

Notable diseases that are prevalent in this breed and which may affect the type of best dog food for German Shepherds you choose include:

  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
  • antibiotic-responsive diarrhea )

These diseases tend to cause GSDs to lose weight or not be able to gain weight effectively. In general, small, frequent meals are best for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Ask your veterinarian about diets like Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy Dog Food, as it may help your GSD gain weight if he has those problems.

There’s also an article listing 15 best sensitive stomach dog foods, and a lot of these can be applicable for GSDs with a stomach upset or diseases. Bring those names up with your vet. I recommend you also read this article on upset stomachs from Dana Brown, DVM.

German Shepherd Puppy Feeding Schedule

Like humans, German Shepherds need to eat consistently, and they have a specific feeding amount and nutrient requirement. Therefore, it is important to find the appropriate feeding schedule to help your puppy establish a routine and improve consistency in their potty time.

Below is a German Shepherd puppy feeding schedule:

  • 6-12 weeks Puppies should be given a diet formulated specially to meet the nutritional needs for their development. Giving four feedings a day is adequate for a puppy at this age with ½ cup of food for each meal.
  • 3-6 Months Decrease the number of feedings to three times a day with ½ cups of food for each meal.
  • 6-12 months At this age, begin feeding your dog twice daily with about 2 cups of food. You can start switching to adult maintenance food.
  • After 1 year Most adult dogs are given two and a half portions a day with approximately 3cups of food for each meal.

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Exercise Requirements For German Shepherds

Before we get into the best German Shepherd dog food reviews, one thing I must mention, as it’s common for pet owners to ignore. While food is one of the keys to a healthy GSD, play time and exercise are especially important for this dog breed.

Dog owners looking to adopt a GSD should know is that a German Shepherd is a very high energy animal that requires daily exercise it’s non-negotiable if you want to have a healthy dog. Because GSDs are a smart breed, like other herding breeds, they require a job to live life to the fullest, which provides them with sufficient mental stimulation.

The GSD will keep you on your toes, ready for anything. Playing dog Frisbee, fetching balls, performing in obedience training and agility trials, or even just playing on the beach if youre game, theyre game. And you better be game!

With this out of the way, let’s talk about how to feed a German Shepherd for health, what is the best dog food for a German Shepherd dog, and what are their nutritional needs.

Whats The Meat Content

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds: 8 Vet Recommended Brands

The ideal diet is one that has high protein content. but not any old crappy protein! Its not just about the food being grain-free, you want something thats packed with real meat ingredients.

So for example, Orijens Tundra is made with 85 percent real meat thats super high. And Acanas Grass-Fed Lamb is made with 50 percent meaty ingredients. And like I said, this is not some crappy rendered mix from low-quality proteins its real meat!

Some manufacturers dont say how much meat they use, so youll only be able to go off the guaranteed analysis.

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Managing Their Feeding And Switching Their Food

First thing first, fast them for 12 to 24 hours to allow for their digestive system to rest and reset then:

  • Switch to a limited-ingredient diet that contains very few ingredients and a single protein or
  • Introduce bland food to minimize gastrointestinal distress. Bland foods are easy to digest and soothing to the stomach. They include boiled lean meat such as chicken breast, hamburger, or ground turkey and starch such as white rice or sweet potato.
  • Divide their meals into small portions that wont overwhelm their digestion

The Best German Shepherd Puppy Food For Healthy Growth And Weight Gain

The following dog foods are all recommended for large breed puppies and meet and exceed regulated nutritional standards. Feeding a high-quality kibble from a name-brand company that uses feeding trials ensures the best quality and nutrition.

Here are some of the best German Shepherd puppy foods that are research-backed.

  • Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy Formula Great for Picky Eaters! Packed with nutrients to help limit inflammation of the joints and uses fresh ingredients.
  • Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Formula Perfect for Sensitive Stomachs! Easily digestible formula for puppies prone to allergies and sensitive stomachs.
  • Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy- Terrific for Coat and Skin Health! Rich aroma with DHA fish oil to entice puppies to finish every last bite while giving shine to their coats.
  • The better the food, the healthier your pup will be inside and out. Dont feed your German Shepherd puppy the cheapest food you can buy. Cheaper GSD puppy food lacks quality proteins that are essential for your working breed dog.

    These premium foods cost more initially, but because theyre calorie and nutrient dense they feed your puppy for longer than cheaper foods. They can also help your German Shepherd puppy gain weight in a healthy way, so they dont bulk-up too quickly.

    Adding too much weight to your German Shepherd too soon can cause lifelong joint issues that are painful to your pet and expensive on your wallet.

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    Best Brands For Prescription German Shepherd Food

    If you want to choose the best prescription dog food brand, you have a few to choose from. Your options will depend on your dogs individual needs, but typically youll only find a small group of brands that are veterinarian-approved.

    We hope that this guide will help you to understand your dogs nutritional needs and choose a diet that fits their individual needs. Remember: when in doubt, ask your veterinarian.

    Science Diet Sensitive Stomach Formula

    Best Dog Foods For German Shepherds
    • Made specifically for sensitive stomachs.
    • Veterinarian endorsed brand.

    Does your German Shepherd suffer from sensitive skin or a sensitive stomach? Hills kibble for sensitive skin and sensitive stomachs is the perfect recipe for both problems. As the German Shepherd has a sensitive gut and digestive system this offers a gentle recipe of probiotic fibers.

    It is also grain free which often is the best recipe for dogs with allergies, and it is packed full of omega-6 fatty acids and vitamins that nourish his skin and fur for a healthy coat. It is voted by Veterinarians across America as the best kibble for dogs with specific needs, as the recipe really is based on science. When you start feeding your pup food formulas specifically for sensitive skin, youll have a quick fix for many skin-related issues.

    We love that Science Diets sensitive stomach formulas are well-liked by dog owners of many different breeds. If your pup has a sensitive stomach, its hard to go wrong with this formula in their golden years.

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    Can I Feed Treats To My German Shepherd Puppy

    Yes, treats are acceptable, provided they are healthy, rich in protein and nutrients, with no added sugar or preservatives. Many store-bought snacks for dogs, including puppies, are not as natural or high-quality as claimed. Naturally dried meats with low sodium, or dehydrated vegetables and meats, are the best choice to avoid any additives commonly found in treats.

    If youre training your puppy, treats are a great reward. Treats should be given in small portions, and only on a limited to occasional, until your dog reaches six months. You can gradually increase treats from six to twelve months, provided they are consistently small in portion.

    Its essential to ensure that these tasty rewards dont interfere with your puppys natural eating habits, as this can cause overeating or skipping meals if excessive treats are consumed.

    Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Large Breed Chicken Canned Food

    Best Wet Meal

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken, 2. Chicken Broth, 3. Carrots, 4. Brown Rice, 5. Peas

    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Suitable for: Large, Giant breeds
    • Caloric content : 493 kcal

    German Shepherds can become really fussy at times. But thats what we Blue Buffalos Chicken Dinner Canned Food for. This protein-packed pate food is filled with tender pieces of chicken and tasty veggies that can make any dog drool. The formula is made for muscle nourishment and fuels your dogs body so they can stay energetic throughout the day.

    Another common issue that German Shepherds suffer from are joint problems. For that, the recipe is enriched with glucosamine and chondroitin so they can remain active well into their senior years. You also dont have to worry about allergies or digestive upsets as the recipe is free from artificial flavors, preservatives, wheat, corn, and soy.

    Analysis: Protein min. 10% | Fat min. 1.5%, | Fiber max. 7.5% | Moisture max. 78%

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    Why Do German Shepherds Need Different Food

    German shepherds are large dogs that usually weigh 60 to 90 pounds. According to the National Research Council of the National Academies, if you have an inactive or older dog, they require between 1,272 and 1,540 calories per day.

    Furthermore, active dogs need between 1,740 and 2,100 calories per day. This type of nutrition can only be provided by food specific to this breed.

    Also, unlike other dog breeds, German Shepherd pups are given a puppy-specific diet for only six months . This is done so that rapid growth in the pup is limited as it can cause problems in their bones and joints.

    What Should I Look For In A German Shepherd Dog Food

    Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

    When looking for the best dog food for German Shepherds, you should consider several factors:

    • Ingredients. Make sure that the constituent ingredients are obtained from a reliable source. Additionally, there should not be any fillers, additives, dyes, and flavors that have been added artificially. The food can also contain beneficial ingredients, including sweet potatoes, blueberries, and carrots, among others.
    • Nutritional Needs. German Shepherds are large dogs that have specific nutritional needs. Make sure that the food you opt for offers these dietary supplements. You can also consult a vet for the best results.
    • Shelf Life. Make sure that the brand you opt for has a decent shelf life. Otherwise, your food might expire early, and you will be left buying it over and over again. It should, however, be kept in mind that too much of a shelf life could indicate the presence of preservatives that are not considered healthy.
    • Cost. Since food is a lifelong commitment, make sure that the product is cost-effective and easy on your pocket. Most premium brands will have cheaper counterparts that you can opt for.

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    Causes Of Sensitive Stomach In German Shepherds

    Some GSDs are just born with a sensitive stomach, while for some, it is due to food allergies. However, most of them are centered around the dogs digestive system. Some of the common causes include:

    • Changes in food and feeding patterns
    • Changes in weather
    • Accidental poisoning
    • Ingredients such as corn, and wheat gluten, among others.

    Also, conditions such as stomach tumors, obstruction, gastrointestinal ulcers, intestinal bowel disorder, and bloat cause GSDs to have a sensitive stomach.

    GDV is a condition where the stomach twists and then fills with gas. Or the other way aroundno one is sure whether it bloats then twists, or twists then bloats. Dr. Katie Grzybi, Pet MD

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection

    In order for your German Shepherd to lose weight, or simply maintain it if he is less active, then feeding him a natural dry dog kibble with less fat content than normal kibbles is your best bet, and Blue Buffalo offers the perfect solution. Follow the package guidelines closely and be sure to continue his exercise as directed by the Veterinarian, as he still needs to be active to lose that extra fat.

    Weight control will not only help to reduce the risk of heart disease, but it will also decrease the pressure on his hip and elbow joints. So, if he is a bit on the chunky side feeding him a less calorific diet will benefit his health significantly.

    We love most of Blue Buffalos offerings. They are synonymous with high quality, while not taking up half your paycheck.

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    Nomnomnow Fresh Food Delivery

    Overall Best German Shepherd Dog Food: The best way to keep your German Shepherd healthy for the long term is to feed him a balanced diet made from quality ingredients. Most pet experts agree that fresh food is one of the best options, and NomNomNow is the company to trust. This company makes fresh pet food perfectly portioned according to your dogs calorie requirements and sends it to your door in automatic monthly shipments. You simply provide some information about your dogs age and breed, then NomNomNow does the work. Every recipe is made with wholesome, natural ingredients and prepared in small batches to preserve the nutritional integrity of those raw ingredients. Choose from several recipes with different protein and fat ratios according to your dogs needs.

    • Pros: Fresh food delivered to your door, made with wholesome natural ingredients, prepared in small batches, pre-portioned for your dogs needs, no artificial additives, complete and balanced
    • Cons: Expensive compared to traditional kibble, not breed size-specific

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    Seinor German Shepherd Foods


    Large breeds typically start to show symptoms of aging at five years or older. Whether your dog is losing muscle strength or experiencing joint pain, the right formula can help keep an aging German Shepherd active and healthy.

    Nutro Ultra Senior Dry Dog Food

    Nutro calls this formula a nutritional powerhouse, and wed have to agree. Containing premium-quality protein, fruits, and vegetables, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health, this dog food has everything an aging German Shepherd needs to remain healthy.

    Main Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken Meal, Whole Brown Rice, Brewers Rice, Rice Bran, Lamb Meal, Salmon Meal

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    What Food Do German Shepherds Need

    The German Shepherd is an Olympic athlete at heart!

    They love to exercise, play, run, and generally stay in motion most of the time. Giving them the best food is essential to their natural drive.

    Due to its convenience and ease of feeding, dry kibble is the most common way to give a German Shepherd her dietary requirements. Common commercial foods are made with chicken, beef, lamb, or fish products and by-products, grains such as corn, wheat, rice, barley, or oats. They contain added vitamins and minerals to ensure that the final diet is balanced.

    These foods may be formulated for specific life stages such as puppy, adult, senior, or for all life stages.

    Some owners prefer to mix dry kibble with wet food, make their own homemade food, and only serve a raw diet, or any combination they feel is the right fit for their dog and lifestyle.

    Any mixture of food you feed your GSD must meet their dietary requirements.

    Its vital to understand your German Shepherds diet, as this is the main fuel for your dog and the foundation of her health.

    Taste Of The Wild Grain

    Taste of the Wild offers a unique pet experience by offering dry foods based on your dogs ancestral diet. I have chosen the venison variety as the first ingredient, although there is a range of other flavors to choose from such as wild boar, salmon, trout, beef, turkey, or lamb.

    This company is family-owned and operated, and they follow the most advanced food safety protocols at all times.

    • Venison as a first ingredient 28% protein
    • Gluten-free recipe
    • Added fruits, vegetables, vitamins, and minerals
    • No artificial flavors
    • Probiotic blends included for optimal digestive health
    • Made in the USA

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    Best Dog Food For German Shepherd Puppy: Buyers Guide

    German Shepherd puppies are very active and overgrow in size, making quality-sourced nutrients a priority when choosing the right formula and best dog food for German Shepherd Puppy for your pet. Youll need to adjust the serving portions for every stage of the first year of your puppys life, starting with one cup up to two months, to 1.5 or two cups at three months, then increasing as needed, to three cups at six months, and three or 3.5 cups per day at one year.

    Protein is one of the essential nutrients for dogs, especially as a puppy, as its instrumental in supporting the development of bones, tissue, and muscles. Whole grains are included in some formulas, and you may prefer to choose a dog food product thats low-grain or specifically whole grain to avoid allergic reactions.


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