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How Often Do German Shepherds Pee

How Long Can A German Shepherd Puppy Hold It At Night

Excited Puppy Peeing…what to do with German Shepherd Man and Layla The Lovely

A German Shepherd puppy of eight weeks cant hold his pee for seven or eight hours. His bladder is not big enough yet. However, it is possible that the puppy is so amazingly tired of all the new impressions that he sleeps throughout the first night.

However, this does not mean that this will also be the case all the following nights. It is most satisfying to place the puppy next to your bed in a crate that is not too big or box for the first few nights.

That way, youll be at a hearing distance of the pup, and you will hopefully wake up when he starts to toss and turn. This is the time to take the GSD puppy out to do his business.

If youre usually vast asleep and youre afraid you wont wake up in time, you can always set your alarm accordingly and wake your puppy up to pee. For example, get up at 4 oclock the first night and allow the German Shepherd puppy to do his or her needs.

If your puppy is still calm and did not have to go, you can set the alarm half an hour later the next day. Keep doing this until it is no longer necessary to let your puppy pee at night. You should expect to make a midnight potty run for at least a few weeks until hes able to hold it long enough.

To make the German Shepherd puppy housebroken as quickly as possible, it is up to you to prevent accidents. As soon as your puppy goes to lie in his crate during the day when he wants to go to sleep, you can leave him alone in the living room at night.

What Happens If A Dog Holds His Pee Too Long

Theres potential health risks associated with forcing your dog to hold its pee for too long. Although he physically might be able to do so, extended periods of holding it in can lead to urinary tract infections or urinary crystals and stones. The inability to urine can also lead to behavioral issues.

Tip : Make Crate Training A Priority

Crate training offers plenty of critical benefits, especially to puppies. Apart from providing a private space where they can feel safe, the right crate can be an excellent housebreaking tool.

Since dogs are naturally averse to soiling their own den, theyre likely to bark, wail, or give you other signals that they need to go out for potty. Just make sure you crate train properly and use it as a positive tool for your dogs physical and mental wellbeing.

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Do German Shepherds Calm Down

So, will your German Shepherd calm down? German Shepherds will generally calm down a bit as they get older. The amount that it calms down might not necessarily be as much as you want. To calm it down more you will need to make sure to give it lots of exercise and training so that it is properly stimulated.

Your German Shepherd Has Developed Fear

Why Does My German shepherd Pee When I Pet Him?

Often known as submissive urination- these dogs will do this to recognize you as their leader. And most dogs will outgrow such behavior. However, some dogs still grow with such behavior to their adulthood.

While at that, you should avoid punishing your German shepherd when it pees as it can aggravate this behavior. Also, you need to check why your German shepherd fears you a lot. Check whether you or other family members have been beating or threatening your German shepherd dog.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Pee When I Pet Him

Dogs like German shepherds will love when you pet them every time.

If only you had time, these dogs would like it when you pet them the whole day. And I know you have seen such behavior on your dog severally.

Away from that, has it been a concern that your German shepherd always pees when you pet him? And its becoming a concern for you as your dog is through with puppyhood?

Well, you are not alone most German shepherd owners have also faced such a scenario. Most probably, your German shepherd is excited, sick, or probably your German shepherd is still young.

With that said, lets check why your German shepherd wont stop peeing when you pet him.


Assess Their Laying Spot

It seems that your German Shepherd doesnt trust the safety of his bed or lying spot. It will also circle the spot to ensure there are no vermin or harmful objects that will make your pets rest uncomfortable.

There is little scientific data to prove the above 3 examples except for the idea that dogs circle before lying down to make a nest. This small study of 62 dogs implied that dogs are more likely to circle before lying down when given a soft, uneven surface to make a temporary nest to sleep in.

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Teach Them To Love Their Crate

This training starts with teaching your pup to not just like their crate, but to LOVE it!

Housebreaking with the use of a crate speeds up your success rate incredibly!

Puppies dont like to use the bathroom where they sleep or eat, and the use of the crate takes advantage of this instinct. But you want to use the crate positively so they learn to love their little den.

Make their crate an enjoyable and inviting place to go. Keep the crate in a warm, draft-free area and place their favorite toys inside .

What Makes A German Shepherd A Bad Dog

How Often Do German Shepherd Puppies Poop

To those of you that are wary of German shepherds, I understand where you are coming from, too! First off, they are very large dogs and can come off very intimidating. Second, their instinct to protect their family or property is strong and can lead untrained German shepherds to becoming very protective, aggressive, and scary dogs.

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Adolescent Dogs 6 18 Months

Once their bladders have developed and theyve matured a bit, its okay to leave your German Shepherd alone for longer however this should be a gradual build-up. That being said, the limit should still never exceed four hours per day. German Shepherds do not respond well to being left alone for long periods. They are high-energy dogs that thrive on companionship and affection.

When Should You Start Potty Training A German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherds become aware of their ability to control their bodily functions at around 3 weeks old. However, it is best to start potty training as soon as you bring your puppy home, usually, this is around 8 weeks of age.

If you bring your puppy home a little earlier, like a 6 or 7 weeks old, you should still start potty training immediately, just know that your pup wont be able to hold their bladder long at that age.

As a general rule, puppies can hold their pee for a maximum of one hour for every month theyve been alive. So, a 2-month old can hold their pee for about 2 hours.

To avoid accidents, take them for potty breaks once every hour. Thats something you need to do throughout the day, including sleeping hours.

Dont worry! This stage doesnt last long and you can add another hour for every month they age. Soon enough, theyll be sleeping through the night without waking you up every few hours.

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Why Do German Shepherds Howl

Most people will associate howling with the wolf-like Siberian Husky. You may realize that German Shepherds look like wolves but did you know your German Shepherd also manifests this wolf-ancestry behavior once in a while?

Usually, howling is a form of communication that dogs will use with you and other dogs outside their usual barking, groaning, or whining. And unless it is incessant, you have a normal dog, and you need not be worried.

Here are some reasons your German Shepherd will howl:

  • You have not had time for him all day, and hes looking for attention.
  • Hes sensing some danger, and he wants to warn you about it.
  • Another dog in the neighborhood is howling, and he is responding as the pack dog that he is.
  • Hes reacting to high-pitched sounds like an ambulance siren.
  • Hes alone and lonely at home and suffering from separation anxiety.
  • He has medical issues that are causing him pain or itching, and he wants you to know and do something about it.

My Dog Does Not Urinate Enough


My Australian Shepherd is a wonderful girl . My only problem is on long drives she will go 12 15 hours without urinating. When I stop for gas, I walk her. I walk her in the morning outside the hotel and again before we leave as well as soon as we stop prior to checking in and again before bedtime. Often she usually goes without urinating for twelve or more hours. How do I ensure she relieves herself? She is always well hydrated.

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Is It Dangerous To Let My German Shepherd Sniff Other Dogs Poop

As a dog owner, there are steps you can take to prevent the risk of a viral infection. Commonly, viral infections are passed on through the poop of another dog. Therefore, although he might want to, dont let your Shepherd go around sniffing other dogs poop. Its not just a little gross, its dangerous.

Prominent Signs To Note

Urinary infections in German Shepherds are common, but there are certain signs that will help you identify the problem at an earlier stage.

  • If your GS is urinating inside your house or in inappropriate places.
  • If your GS has a fever.
  • If your GS passes blood with urine.
  • If your GS doesnt eat properly.
  • If your GS starts to consume a lot of water.
  • If your GS is feeling pain during urination.
  • If your GS is urinating in small amounts.
  • If your GS is urinating in high amounts.
  • If your GS is lethargic or lazy.
  • If your GSs urine smells bad.
  • If your GSs lower stomach feels tender.

If you notice several of the above signs in your dog, take it to the vet. Your vet will conduct urine tests to confirm whether it is a urinary infection or not.

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Use Waterproof Bed Blankets For Bed Wetting

You may not use or want a crate, and you may have a bed or mattress you want to use for your German Shepherd to sleep on.

You may even place a mattress inside the crate .

On the same principle, while your German Shepherd puppy is being potty trained, you may want to minimise the damage to the dog bed or mattress especially if it is an expensive orthopedic foam type.

In this instance where you want to protect bedding, waterproof dog bed sheets, liners or covers may be an option for you and your GSD.

The Best German Shepherd Waterproof Bed Sheets/Liners are:

Soft and comfortable for your GSD

Stand up to a range of stains, liquids and allergens

Come in a range of sizes to fit different sized and shaped beds and mattresses

Easy to put on and take off the bed

Easy to wash and clean

Come with a warranty or satisfaction guarantee

One example of a popular line is the 4nines Waterproof Bed Sheets/Liners

Training Them To Go Outside After Using Pads Indoors

How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy: The Most Clever Tips
  • If you set up your pads near the door you use to take them outside to their elimination area, then you can transition them to go outside more easily.
  • So, place or move your puppy pads closer to the door from their original spot to begin the transition to outdoors.
  • Move the pads over a period of two weeks so that your pup learns the new spots to use the bathroom and doesnt experience stress or confusion. Its better to go slowly than rush them to figure out an entirely new routine.
  • When your pads are close to the door, watch them for their elimination signs and get them to the outside as swiftly as you can.
  • You can either encourage them to go outside instead of to their pad by calling them with the door open, or you can scoop them up if you think they wont hold their bladder and take them outside yourself until they learn the potty routine you want.
  • While I generally use a crate to house train my German Shepherd puppy I also totally understand that you might prefer to learn how to potty train a German Shepherd puppy using a puppy pad .

    Im not here to judge and I love that you want to help your pup learn his potty routine quickly by reading up on this training!

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    Things That Can Cause It To Pee Inside

    There are a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might pee inside and Ill mention a number of them below. You should make sure to take the time to consider why your German Shepherd might be peeing inside since it can make it easier to get it to stop.


    It could be that there is something that is causing your German Shepherd to become nervous that is causing it to pee. It could be that there is an abusive member of the family causing it or, if its still young, then it might just be frightened of noises going on around you.


    Excitement can cause young dogs to pee. When they get excited they can lose control of their bladder which causes them to pee a little bit when this happens. If this is whats happening with yours then dont get frustrated as this is something that commonly happens and they learn to control their bladder when they excited as they get older.

    A lack of training

    If you havent trained your German Shepherd to pee or poop outside then it wont necessarily know that its what you want it to do. That is why it is important to take the time to make sure that it gets trained to do so.

    German Shepherds are not a breed that is suited to being left alone often. They were bred to work with humans and because of this, they can become anxious when you are not around which is known as . One of the things that can come with it is that it can cause it to pee when youre not around.


    How Do You Know When To Take Your Gsd Puppy Outside To Potty

  • Take them out after a nap. They need to relieve themselves after sleeping or napping in their crates.
  • Take them out after a play session. If youve played with your pup inside, then take them outside before placing them in their crate.
  • Take them out after theyve eaten a meal.
  • Take them out after theyve gotten overly excited about something.
  • Take them out after they drink a large amount of water.
  • Take them out first thing in the morning and the last thing before you place them in their crate or go to bed.
  • Take your dog out when their body language says they are searching for a potty spot!
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    What To Watch For

    Any abnormal symptom could be a sign of serious disease, or it could just be a minor or temporary problem. The important thing is to be able to tell when to seek veterinary help, and how urgently. Many diseases cause dogs to have a characteristic combination of symptoms, which together can be a clear signal that your German Shepherd Dog needs help.

    Why Your German Shepherd Pees Inside

    Why does my German Shepherd pee when I pet it? in 2020 ...

    If your German Shepherd has been peeing inside then it can be a frustrating experience and one that youll want to put an end to quickly. This post will try to help you to figure out why it is happening and how to stop it.

    So, why does your German Shepherd pee in the house? There are a number of reasons that it might be doing it. Possible reasons include your German Shepherds age, stress a change in its schedule, health problems, excitement, a lack of training and separation anxiety.

    And what can you do to stop it? The best method will depend on why it is doing it. Possible solutions include training it not to by rewarding it when it pees outside, letting it go outside regularly, taking it to the vet, limiting where it can go in the house and crate training.

    It can actually help a lot to take the time to consider why your German Shepherd might be peeing inside. By figuring out the cause it will help you a lot in treating it.

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    How Old Is My 9 Month Old Gsd

    My GSD is a male pure breed 9 months old and all he does is chases his tail, only when hes is running with me, or eating, or sleeping, or inside the house Is our Sachmet a REAL German Shepherd? Hi there, my wife and I adopted a 3 month old puppy last week and she and her brother were identified as German Shepherds.

    Tip : Listen And Observe

    Dogs have their own way of communicating and will be especially communicative when they need to go potty.

    If you observe them carefully, youll notice certain signals they give you to signal their need to go out. Some dogs might whine while others paw at the door.

    Listen to your dogs signals and youll have a better chance at potty training successfully.

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