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Purina Dog Food German Shepherd

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food

The Pioneer Woman Dog Treats by Purina

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food is specially designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred adult German Shepherds aged 15 months and older.

It offers a unique kibble shape which is particularly designed for a German Shepherds long, strong mouth and teeth to encourage chewing.

Moreover, it also includes highly digestible proteins and specific fibers that promote healthy digestive performance and optimal stool consistency, as this breed is inclined to have poor stool quality.

The healthy nutrients, such as EPA and DHA, from fish oil, reinforce the skin barrier and help to maintain skin and coat health. This adult German Shepherds dog food contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support big dogs healthy bones, joints, and cartilages.


  • Formulas are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Kibble is designed with a specific shape, size, and texture for the dogs facial and jaw structures.
  • Added glucosamine and chondroitin maintain bone and joint health and support large breed bodies


  • It promotes a healthy heart due to the addition of fish oil.
  • It is great in taste.


  • Not suitable for dogs with allergies

Our Verdict

This dog food for German Shepherd is applauded for its nutrient-rich formula that supports bone and joint health, maintains healthy skin and coat, and supports digestive health. However, few buyers criticized it for its inflated price.

Royal Canin Specialized Dog Food

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

Because German Shepherd Dogs can weigh more than 50 pounds at maturity, opt for a large-breed dog food to support joint health and mobility and maintain their ideal body condition. You may also want to consider foods formulated for active and energetic dogs, which offer an ideal protein-to-fat ratio to maintain lean muscles.

These foods include:

Orijen Large Breed Puppy Food

Image courtesy Orijen

The Orijen Puppy Large contains the most animal protein from chicken, which is fresh. The label analysis revealed that the recipe has 43% protein, 18% fat, and 31% carbohydrates resulting in a fat-to-protein ratio of around 42 percent.

Champion Petfoods, the well-known maker of Orijen, has long promoted a meat-based biologically appropriate diet. This is a tried and true design that makes this particular dish an excellent choice for developing Shepherd pups.

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Ingredients To Look For In A Healthy Dog Food For German Shepherds

When picking out the best dog food for German Shepherds, look for these ingredients on the ingredients panel:

  • Unprocessed protein sources like deboned chicken, beef, or fish
  • Fish oil and flaxseed oil for omega fatty acids
  • Grain-free or whole grain
  • Blueberries, kale, spinach, broccoli, and beets for antioxidants
  • Easily digestible carbohydrates like barley, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes

You should also read the guaranteed analysis panel for a crude protein content of 30% or higher, a crude fiber content of 6% or higher, a crude fat content of 20% or higher, and amino acids like arginine, leucine, and carnitine.

Check Out This Dog Food Finder!

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dry & Wet Dog Food

Best Dog Food for German Shepherds with Skin Allergies (2022)

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach is excellent for German Shepherds sensitive stomach and skin. Real meat, salmon, is the primary source of protein and #1 ingredient in the list. It is available in a variety of options including dry and wet dog food.

German Shepherds are predisposed to developing food allergies. Their skin can show the signs of inflammation and turns itchy and red. Its important that the dog food is highly digestible and contains nutrients that improve the health of German Shepherds skin and coat.

Purina Focus has a highly digestible formula with prebiotic fiber that nourishes the beneficial bacteria in the dogs intestine to promote his digestive health. The ingredients also contain carbohydrates like Rice that are gentle on the stomach and easy to digest for German Shepherds.

While Linoleic acid and zinc, in nutrient-rich Purina, nourishes the skin and coat of German Shepherds. You will observe, after a few weeks on Purina Focus dog food, your German Shepherd has shiny and healthy skin.

  • Best for German Shepherds with sensitive skin
  • Prebiotics for digestive health and immune system boost
  • Linoleic acid and zinc for healthy skin and coat


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Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Recipe Dry Food

When it comes to quality nutrition, raw food is at the top of the spectrum with fresh food close behind. Unfortunately, raw food can be very expensive, and it is more difficult to store than dry food. Thats why we love this Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Large Breed Recipe Dry Food it provides the ideal blend of high-protein kibble and freeze-dried raw bites to give your dog a boost of nutrition without compromising on convenience. This recipe features fresh chicken as the first ingredient with freeze-dried chicken bites for taste, texture, and nutrition. It contains digestible grain-free carbohydrates like peas and potatoes with fresh fruits and vegetables for supplemental fiber as well as natural sources for key nutrients. This recipe provides a full 38% protein with 17% fat and 389 calories per cup. It is balanced with vitamins and chelated mineral supplements as well.

  • Pros: High-protein kibble with freeze-dried raw bites, real chicken first ingredient, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics for digestion, chelated minerals
  • Cons: Contains some plant protein , not grain-free

Purina Proplanlarge Puppy Has:

  • Colostrum, rich in natural antibodies, proven to enhance immune response
  • DHA from omega-rich fish oil helps nourish brain and vision development
  • Colostrum proven to balance intestinal micro flora, helps protect your puppy from common intestinal upsets
  • Natural glucosamine and minerals to support healthy joint skeletal and teeth development
  • Highly digestible quality ingredients for superior nutrient absorption
  • Scientifically proven antioxidants to boost immune defence
  • No added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • HealthDuring this time you should provide your puppy with a small, shallow bowl of clean water and refresh the contents frequently. If your GSD is a long-haired variant you should make them familiar with brushing early as this will become a daily necessity for their entire life. You must be careful to monitor play and not allow your puppy to play too rough or they may irreversibly damage their sensitive back legs and shoulders.

    BehaviourDue to the changes in their environment, your GSD will likely be under a significant amount of stress. It’s important that you provide lots of attention and build your relationship early, but be careful not to allow your puppy to become dependent on your attention and presence. GSDs are often described as aloof since they are shy with strangers it is important to socialise them with strangers early so that they do not become aggressive towards people and dogs they are unfamiliar with.

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    Taste Of The Wild Sierra Mountain

    Formulated with novel proteins, Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain nourishes your canine companion with the perfectly balanced diet nature has intended. This grain-free dog food is a perfect lamb meal with peas and sweet potatoes that deliver your dogs highly-digestible energy.

    After the cooking process, it contains specific K9 strain probiotics added to the recipe to retain their efficacy. It also includes antioxidants and prebiotics to help support a healthy metabolic function, immune system, optimal growth of bones, joints, lean muscles, and overall health and wellness.

    This high-quality dog food only uses quality ingredients from trusted and sustainable local and global sources. The essential minerals are effectively combined with amino acids to augment their absorption in the body and ensure maximum benefit with a delicious taste of the wild your dog will surely love.


    • Recommended for dogs with chicken intolerance, sensitive stomachs, and also for picky eaters


    • Few buyers complained of its strong smell.

    Our Verdict

    Our team gladly gives a thumbs up to this grain-free lamb meal recipe that combines premium natural animal protein, vegetables, legumes, and fruits to complement your pets healthy digestive system, strong bones, and shiny skin especially recommended for German Shepherd with delicate guts. However, few buyers commented on its strong smell.

    Taste of the Wild Sierra Mountain

    What Is The Life Expectancy Of A German Shepherd

    Purina Pro Plan Puppy Food Review

    The life expectancy of a German Shepherd is between nine and thirteen years. This breed of dog is known for being a healthy and hardy breed, but there are some health problems that can shorten their lifespan.

    It is important to feed your German Shepherd a diet that will help them maintain their health and keep them at a healthy weight to help ensure a long and happy life.

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    Is Pedigree Good For German Shepherd

    If your pet German Shepherd is an active one, you can go for this pack of dog food by Pedigree that is meant for active large dog breeds. Being apt for active dogs, this food can be used to feed most of the German Shepherds that are kept for security purposes and undergo training sessions regularly.

    Eagle Pack Power Adult Dog Food

    Image courtesy Eagle Pack

    The majority of the animal protein in Adult takes the form of fresh chicken and pork meal, as confirmed by the nutritional label. The recipe contains 33% protein, 21% fat, and 38% estimated carbohydrates, which translates to a fat-to-protein ratio of 63 percent.

    The all-time classic, fully grain-inclusive design that is free of legume concentrates. Antioxidant preservatives are used in a safe and natural manner. There’s no BHT or ethoxyquin.

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    Tuscan Natural Simply Pure Lamb Meal Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

    Tuscan Natural Simply Pure Lamb Meal Dry Dog Food is a hypoallergenic formula thats made with humanely-raised grass-fed lamb meal as the first ingredient.

    This single protein source helps dogs with allergies and sensitivities who are unable to tolerate more commonly used proteins. Crafted with antioxidant-rich extra virgin olive oil for healthy skin and coat, this grain-inclusive formula is sustainably-farmed.

    Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food

    Best Dog Food for a German Shepherd Lab Mix! (2022)

    Image courtesy Purina

    Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Ground Wet Dog Food is a delicious and nutritious wet dog food. It’s made with real meat, vegetables, and fruit.

    This recipe is grain-free and free of artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It’s also high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

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    Best Food Brand For Large Dogs

    Drools Focus Adult Super Dog Food, 12 Kg is one of the best dog food brands for large dogs such as German Shepherd and Pitbulls. The company makes its product with the right combination of vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and several other nutrients, making it very healthy for dogs.

    Expert Comment- Drools dog food is a value-for-money product. It is pretty popular in the dog community due to its amazing taste. Besides, it can help your dog gain weight easily and maintain good health.

    Best Dog Food For German Shepherds With Sensitive Stomachs

    German Shepherds can suffer from a variety of digestive issues, and many will experience diarrhea, constipation, and other problems when provided with normal dog foods. Fortunately, there is at least one great recipe designed to address these problems and help your German Shepherd digest his food properly.

    Purina is one of the oldest food manufacturers in the business, and theyve only managed to stay competitive for so long by producing very high-quality, yet supremely affordable dog foods.

    This particular recipe is designed to be easy to digest, yet still, provides all of the nutrition your GSD needs. It will also help to eliminate many of the skin problems that some German Shepherds experience.

    Noteworthy Features and Characteristics:

    • Salmon is the first listed ingredient
    • Made with glucosamine-rich ingredients to protect your dogs joints
    • Made in the USA

    Top Ingredients: Salmon, Barley, Ground Rice, Canola Meal, Oat Meal, Fish Meal , Animal Fat Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols, Brewers Dried Yeast, Salmon Meal , Natural Flavor, Sunflower Oil, Chicory Root Inulin, Salt, Fish Oil.

    User Reviews: Most owners whove tried Purinas Sensitive Skin and Stomach Formula reported that it helped to eliminate their dogs digestive issues, and many also explained that it improved their coat and skin condition too. Most dogs appear to find it tasty, and owners love the foods very reasonable price tag.

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    The Honest Kitchen Grain

    • Use code VETERINARIANS30 for 30% off
    • PREMIUM NUTRITION: Clusters are thoughtfully prepared using human-grade muscle meat & liver, low glycemic carbs, beneficial fats & live probiotics cold pressed into delicious, bite-size, ready-to-eat pieces.
    • MINIMALLY PROCESSED: Clusters are made by mixing small batches of fresh ingredients.
    • WE SAY NO TO: This recipe contains no feed-grade ingredients, meat meals, fillers, GMO ingredients, artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.

    What Is The Best Food For German Shepherd Puppies

    What Should German Shepherds Eat? 34 Things to Enrich Their Diet

    The best food for a young GSD is one that supports healthy development, and tastes great too. Fortunately, there are lots of good options on the market right now that will give your dog a great start in life.

    German Shepherd Puppy Nutritional Needs

    Dogs are carnivores. Although they will eat vegetables and fruits, their natural diet is meat based. This means that their food should contain high protein and fat levels. German Shepherds also have thick fur, and tend to shed continually throughout the year. The fat content in your dogs diet helps to keep his skin and coat in good condition.

    Best Food for German Shepherd Puppy Energy Levels

    In general, German Shepherd puppies eat more food than adult dogs. They are curious, extremely busy little creatures who spend much of their day exploring their environment and playing. Such high activity levels coupled with rapid growth demand plenty of fuel to keep them going! As a large breed of dog, your pups growing body needs a particular blend of nutrients in order to reach their full size properly and remain healthy.

    The Best German Shepherd Puppy Food for Health

    German Shepherds are especially prone to certain health problems, including skin conditions, hip dysplasia, and bloat. These conditions are common to a lot of large breeds of dog, and many manufacturers take them into account. Look for puppy food designed for large, active breeds. The right food might help to prevent these conditions from affecting your pup in later life.

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    Best Foods For German Shepherd Dogs

    Looking for the best food for your German Shepherd Dog? German Shepherds are large breed dogs known for their loyalty, confidence, and ability to be trained. Keep in mind that German Shepherd Dogs usually arent ready for an adult food until around 12 to 14 months. Here are the top-rated foods for German Shepherd Dogs based on owner reviews.

    Iams Proactive Health Large Breed

    Image courtesy Iams

    Iams ProActive Health Large Breed is a complete and balanced diet dog food for German Shepherds, made with real ingredients like chicken and egg.

    This formula has DHA to support cognitive development, as well as calcium for strong bones and teeth. Iams ProActive Health also has 22 essential vitamins and minerals to keep your puppy healthy and strong.

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    Hypoallergenic Diets For German Shepherd Allergies

    Allergies develop through exposure and can appear at any time.

    Most hypoallergenic diets include proteins and carbohydrates that your dog hasnt had before to reduce possible allergens. As beef, dairy, and wheat are responsible for 80% of food allergies in dogs, you should avoid feeding these products .

    Although the least inexpensive way to determine which foods your German Shepherd may or may not be allergic to is through affordable at-home allergy testing, in many circumstances your GSD may suffer from a food sensitivity as opposed to a true allergy.

    In these cases, commercial hypoallergenic diets may resolve or lessen skin allergies in German Shepherds .

    Eukanuba Breed Specific German Shepherd Dog Food

    Best Dog Food for a German Shepherd Lab Mix! (2022)

    Eukanuba German Shepherd Dog Food has high quality animal based protein, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate, which helps to build lean muscles and keep the joints agile. Eukanuba is best for German Shepherds to gain weight and develop strong and lean muscles. It has optimum protein to fat ratio that wouldnt allow an active German Shepherd to become overweight and bloat. The high quality Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates in this dog food would promote healthy weight gain and provide enough energy to support German Shepherds active lifestyle.

    EUKANUBA also includes a specialized fiber system to promote healthy digestion. It is excellent for German Shepherds with sensitive stomach, gas and diarrhea issues.

    Eukanuba dog food would clear up gastrointestinal issues after a few weeks of usage. Your German Shepherds diarrhea would be eliminated and the stool quality will be consistent. Their skin and fur would also be radiant and shiny.

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    Hills Science Diet Large Breed Puppy Food

    Image courtesy Hills Science Diet

    Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Large Breeds dry food is made with high-quality ingredients like chicken meal, whole grains, and vegetables.

    This recipe is designed to support the health of large breed puppies with an optimal balance of calcium and phosphorus for bone growth. It also includes DHA from fish oil for healthy brain development.

    Purina Proplan Large Puppy Has:

  • Colostrum, rich in natural antibodies, proven to enhance immune response
  • DHA from omega-rich fish oil helps nourish brain and vision development
  • Colostrum proven to balance intestinal micro flora, helps protect your puppy from common intestinal upsets
  • Natural glucosamine and minerals to support healthy joint skeletal and teeth development
  • Highly digestible quality ingredients for superior nutrient absorption
  • Scientifically proven antioxidants to boost immune defence
  • No added artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
  • HealthGerman Shepherds are full of energy and require a large amount of stimulation as puppies you should play with them frequently, but avoid excessive roughhousing which can damage fragile joints. Your GSD has a double coat which changes with the seasons: the bottom layer sheds in the warmer weather, but will need daily or weekly brushing to help it along. After around 8 weeks your puppy will be due for some vaccinations, so they will need a checkup at the vet and to arrange for boosters after that.

    PURINA® PROPLAN® Puppy contains natural bovine colostrum, which is proven to boost the immune system.

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