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Is Salmon Good For German Shepherds

German Shepherds Dry Skin And Coconut Oil

Impatient German Shepherd takes all the salmon

Coconut oil has many benefits for a German Shepherd with dry skin.

When coconut oil is applied to your German Shepherds dry skin its amazing qualities include:

  • antiviral
  • antimicrobial
  • antiprotozoal

This means that a German Shepherd with dry skin can use coconut to help with their skin health which means their coats will improve, too.

Its not only a natural oil, but it can reduce yeast and fungus on the skin and its therapeutic for irritated skin, hot spots, abrasions, and cracked paws. Plus, when applied to the skin it improves your German Shepherds coat.

This oil for a German Shepherds coat will infuse them with shine!

Best Dog Food For German Shepherds Reviews

#1 Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd Adult Dog Food

Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food is suitable for most large breeds, but especially designed for German shepherd dogs. The texture, shape and size of this kibble is suitable for large dogs. Your German shepherds digestive system is sensitive and thus, you need to feed him food that supports this sensitivity. The Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food is designed to be easy on your dogs digestive system. It also provides the amount of fiber that your dog needs for healthy functioning of his system and maintain the good health of his digestive system.

The coat and skin of your German shepherd is reflective of his health. A healthy skin and coat suggests that a dog is healthy and it is completely true. The Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food contains complex nutrients that support healthy coat and skin. German shepherds are very active ad this takes its toll on their joints. This Royal Canin German Shepherd Adult Dog Food formula is supportive of healthy bones and joints. It also supports healthy weight gain, so that your dog will always be at optimal weight as long as you follow the directions with regards to the amount of meal times and portions served at meal time.

#2 Eukanuba Breed Specific Adult Dry Dog Food

#3 Wilderness Blue Buffalo High Protein Adult Dog Food

#4 Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dog Food

It is also made in the USA and backed by the wellness guarantee.

German Shepherd Nutritional Needs

German Shepherds are high-energy working dogs, so the best dog food for German Shepherds is generally formulated around those breed specific energy levels. Since they are so intelligent and a large breed with a lot of muscle mass, they are often used as police and military rescue dogs, farm and ranch helpers, therapy and seeing eye dogs, and guard dogs. So they require a lot of energy from their food.

A food that is rich in protein and amino acids is required to help them maintain a healthy weight and keep their muscles strong.

A good dog food for German Shepherds should also have a balance of complex carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide them the sustained, long-term energy they need to work long hours. German Shepherds also need more calories per day than other breeds. An adult German Shepherd at a healthy weight requires between 1700-2100 calories a day so you need a food that has a high kcal amount.

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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy Food


Puppy Large Breed is one of 14 dry recipes rated in our review of the Purina Pro Plan Puppy product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, rice, corn gluten meal, whole grain corn, poultry by-product meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: All life stages
  • Best for:German shepherd puppy or adult

Pro Plan Large Breed Puppy obtains the major portion of its meat protein from chicken. Our dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 32% protein, 15% fat and 45% estimated carbs which yields a fat-to-protein ratio of about 47%.

A classic, field-tested formula with controlled calcium and phosphorus ratios making this option ideal for German shepherd puppies.

Recommended with confidence.

Sample buyer reviewMy puppy absolutely loves this food! She can never wait to get her next meal! Her coat is soft & shiny! Highly recommend this product!

Dr Garys Best Breed Holistic German Dry Dog Food

Polaris German Shepherd Puppy

Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Chicken Meal, 2. Oatmeal, 3. Brown Rice, 4. Dried Beet Pulp, 5. Chicken Fat

This nutritionally dense kibble is specially crafted for your German Shepherd and include highly digestible ingredients that support maximum nutrient absorption. This wholesome diet is not only a delicious blend that your dog will crave, but includes high-quality proteins that come from eggs, chicken, and menhaden fish to promoted health maintenance and muscle development for maximum activity.

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Merrick Real Texas Beef & Sweet Potato Recipe

Top 5 Ingredients: Deboned Beef, Lamb Meal, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Potatoes

Caloric Content: 3,641 kcal/kg

How To Redeem This Offer

There is also chondroitin and glucosamine, which assists with a German Shepherds mobility, as well as both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to help with a shiny coat and healthy skin.

There has been some suggestion however that the kibble size is too small for some dogs, however this is not necessarily a negative for all dogs.

Additionally, this dry food is gluten free and does not contain any artificial colors, preservatives or flavors, as well as being poultry-free for any dogs that may have poultry allergies.

Firstmate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Large Breed Formula

Best Food German Shepherd with Sensitive Stomach: Whether your dog has a sensitive stomach or food allergies, you need to be careful what you feed him. Our top pick for the best food for German Shepherd with sensitive stomach is FirstMate Pacific Ocean Fish Meal Large Breed Formula. This recipe is a single-source, novel-protein diet featuring Pacific Ocean fish meal. It contains grain-free carbohydrates like potato for maximum digestibility with vitamins and chelated minerals to ensure complete and balanced nutrition. It provides a blend of omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat support and contains a very limited list of main ingredients. This recipe also comes in a larger kibble size, which helps control how much your German Shepherd can eat at once, and the nutrition is specifically formulated for large breeds. Plus, it contains glucosamine and chondroitin for bone and joint support.

  • Pros: Single source of novel protein, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, chelated minerals, blend of omega fatty acids, larger kibble size, glucosamine for joint support
  • Cons: Expensive compared to most dry foods

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Australian Shepherds Caloric Needs

The caloric needs of an Aussie can range widely, depending on their age and activity level. More active dogs will require more food each day than a dog who is more docile. The dog food company Merrick has a handy calculator you can use to determine the caloric requirements of your pup based on their size, age, and activity level.

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Iams Proactive Health Large Breed

How I do Raw diet for my German Shepherds


Large Breed Chicken and Whole Grains is one of 14 dry recipes covered in our review of the Iams ProActive Health product line.

  • First 5 ingredients: Chicken, ground whole grain barley, ground whole grain corn, ground whole grain sorghum, chicken by-product meal
  • Type: Grain-inclusive
  • Profile: Maintenance
  • Best for:Adult shepherds only

Iams ProActive Health Large Breed derives the majority of its meat protein from chicken and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 25% protein, 14% fat and 53% estimated carbs producing a fat-to-protein ratio of about 56%.

This classic, grain-inclusive large breed design has been made by Iams for years and is a nutritious fit for adult German shepherds. Calcium levels are a bit high for shepherd puppies. Easily recommended.

Sample buyer reviewIAMS is a product that I have turned to for complete nutrition for my dog as well as my cats! In fact, I have been feeding IAMS to my cats for over 20 years! Sure there are higher priced pet foods, but why would you want to pay more when you get the proper nutrition and a quality product at a reasonable price!

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What To Look For In High

Before discussing the specific characteristics that are desirable in a German shepherd food, it is important to outline some of the ingredients and traits that characterize all high-quality dog foods and are desirable when selecting a food for any breed.

Select dog foods made in the USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as foods made in these countries are usually subject to stricter food safety protocols than those made in other places. By purchasing foods from these western countries, youre less likely to see it show up on a recall list or make your dog ill.

Look for a high-quality protein as the first listed ingredient. A few high-quality foods list a carbohydrate as the first ingredient, but most of the best foods feature a whole-protein source first.

Its always a good idea to avoid foods with unnecessary and potentially harmful additives, such as artificial colors and flavors, but it is especially important to avoid feeding such foods to breeds prone to food allergies and intolerances, such as German shepherds.

Meat-meals are not necessarily poor ingredients, despite the claims of some. Many of the products used to make meat-meals provide great nutrition for your dog even if some of them seem gross to humans. However, it is important to avoid foods that do not indicate the species from which the meal was obtained.

How To Make A German Shepherds Coat Shiny And Healthy

In order to improve your German Shepherds coat, stick to vet-recommended products and supplements.

If youre going to treat your German Shepherds dull coat at home, use the following:

  • German Shepherd coat supplements with Omega-3s and Omega-6s
  • Healthy oils, like flax oil, coconut oil, and salmon oil
  • Special brushes to gently distribute your GSDs natural coat oils and remove dulling dirt and loose fur
  • Supplements to decrease shedding and aid in skin health
  • Regular grooming that removes and tangles and helps keep their skin healthy
  • Quality, name-brand high-protein dog food

While these are not all the ways to improve German Shepherd coat health, they are a safe, natural start to home treatments.

A dull coat might also be a sign of an underlying health issue.

You should find out your dogs underlying health problems to solve their dull coat problem.

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Why Commercial Dog Food Is Non Okay

The thing is, German Shepherd is one of those breeds which are very prone to diseases. You need to buy a high quality dog food to keep your German Shepherd healthy.

This doest mean your dog will barf after eating the cheap food, but it greatly incleases the risk of your dog catching a disease and dying too soon even because of overall weakness. In this case, your best option is to make cheap food yourself.

The Best Food For A German Shepherds Coat

POLARIS German Shepherd Salmon &  Turkey Adult

Look for dog foods higher in protein to help them on the path to shiny fur that glows. Then choose the best name brand food for coat health.

Try this high-quality dog food that contains 32% protein and is made for the sensitive skin and stomach of your breed.

The vet-recommended food contains a special blend of ingredients that not only add shine to your German Shepherds coat but also contribute to less itching and scratching.

This formula also contains Omega-3 fatty acids which add to a beautiful, full coat.

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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food Adult Perfect Weight For Weight Management Chicken Recipe

Best dog food for german shepherds. This food is specifically for german shepherds, contains highly digestible proteins and fibers that limit gas and bloating, and has essential fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. What are the best food choices for german shepherds? 3 benefits of ollie for german shepherds.

To pick the best option from the variety available in the market, learn to read the labels. Garys best breed holistic german dry dog food is the best dog food for german shepherds. Although its top protein sources are buffalo, pork, and chicken, this variant also contains roasted venison and bison, which imparts a unique flavor that german shepherds love.

This is a nutritionally dense food that is specifically designed for large breed dogs, including german shepherds, rottweilers, and dobermans. Salmon is great for german shepherd dogs. The chicken provides a good source of protein, and the veggies offer low calories but are high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

If you are looking for the best dog food for 1 year old german shepherd, taste of the wild is a perfect choice. Read further for our guide on what to look for in a quality dog food for gsds, or check out our quick guide below on the top german shepherd dog foods! 2.1 royal canin breed health nutrition german shepherd adult dog food

Eukanuba puppy dry dog food chicken. German shepherd puppies need lots of protein to help build muscle and support their bones. 1 dietary needs of the german shepherd

German Shepherds Are Active And Require Stimulation

German Shepherds were historically bred as working dogs and are inherently high-energy. German Shepherds can become bored and potentially destructive if they do not get the amount of exercise and stimulation that they require. A characteristic that youll find frequently in German Shepherds is their need to run in circles just to get their energy out. German Shepherds at police training facilities will frequently trot along the confines of their kennels, sometimes for long periods of time. Since they are such an athletic and energetic breed,German Shepherds are great for people with active lifestyles. This doesnt require that you be a marathoner or an outdoorsmen. Spending an hour at the dog park, throwing the ball in your yard, or taking your German Shepherd out for a brisk walk are all great ways to keep your German Shepherd active and happy.

An hour a day of exercise and play is a good routine for you and your German Shepherd.

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Give Them Zinc For Healthy Skin

Zinc is a vital mineral for skin and coat health. It helps to improve a dogs coat by increasing their skin resilience and adding to healthy skin.

Dogs suffering from a zinc deficiency may exhibit poor skin and coat conditions.

Symptoms of a lack of proper zinc levels include:

  • cracked paw pads
  • excessive hair loss
  • lesions around the mouth, eyes, and ears

Zinc, besides other important minerals like copper, improves a dogs coat if they are not getting enough of these minerals in their diet.

How Should I Prepare Salmon For My Dog


Do not ever give your dog raw or undercooked salmon. It can contain the Neorickettsia helminthoeca parasite, which causes salmon poisoning disease. This disease can be fatal. In addition ,raw salmon contains lots of small bones, which are brittle and can choke your dog or lodge in his stomach or intestines.

However, well-cooked, boneless salmon is definitely on the list of people food approved for dogs. Choose fresh boneless fillets, since theyre less likely to harbor small bones. But be sure to check for tiny bones anyway before cooking. Then poach, grill, roast, steam, or bake the salmon with no oil, salt and pepper, or other seasonings, such as garlic or onions.

As with any food, portion control is important. Serve your dog an appropriate portion size, and limit his salmon intake to once a week or less. You may even feed your dog canned salmon, although its best to choose one packed with water.

So, the next time you’re putting a fresh piece of salmon on the grill or in the oven, set a small piece aside to cook for your dog. It’s good for him, and he’ll love it. And if you really want to give your dog a special treat, try this homemade vet-approved mini omelette, made with sliced cooked salmon!

Learn more about human foods dogs can and can’t eat here.

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Enough Nutrients Will Not Be Entering Your German Shepherds Body

Dog food has already been specially formulated to provide your german-shepherd with all of the nutrition he or she requires. If you solely offer raw meat to your german-shepherd, they will not get nearly sufficient nutrients. German shepherds require a range of vitamins & minerals that cant be obtained from raw meat alone.

One of the most serious issues with a raw beef diet is that it frequently lacks calcium and phosphorus. Even when their food contains enough amounts, it can be difficult for your dog to digest.

So now you must be wondering, if raw meat is so dangerous, can you feed your german-shepherd a raw meat diet?

Nomnomnow Fresh Food Delivery

Overall Best German Shepherd Dog Food: The best way to keep your German Shepherd healthy for the long term is to feed him a balanced diet made from quality ingredients. Most pet experts agree that fresh food is one of the best options, and NomNomNow is the company to trust. This company makes fresh pet food perfectly portioned according to your dogs calorie requirements and sends it to your door in automatic monthly shipments. You simply provide some information about your dogs age and breed, then NomNomNow does the work. Every recipe is made with wholesome, natural ingredients and prepared in small batches to preserve the nutritional integrity of those raw ingredients. Choose from several recipes with different protein and fat ratios according to your dogs needs.

  • Pros: Fresh food delivered to your door, made with wholesome natural ingredients, prepared in small batches, pre-portioned for your dogs needs, no artificial additives, complete and balanced
  • Cons: Expensive compared to traditional kibble, not breed size-specific

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