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Are German Shepherds More Aggressive Than Rottweilers

Whats The Life Expectancy Of A Mastiff Shepherd

German Shepherd VS Rottweiler VS Pitbull – What dog is more dangerous? Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

Their typical life expectancy is six to 12 years. The Mastiff Shepherd is a crossbred dog with one German Shepherd parent and one Mastiff parent. The Mastiff Shepherd weighs 50 to 120 pounds. The GSD has more natural reserve and a more serious nature, while the Mastiff is more affectionate and loving.

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So What Is The Most Dangerous Dog Breed In The World

Heres the surprising answer: none.

Dangerous breeds like pit bulls are not actually more aggressive towards people than any other dog breed on their own, as we saw in the dog aggression study. The fact that they do cause most deaths does point to a larger problem: dog owners.

Its actually a complex interplay between genetics that give dogs the tools to be dangerous, and people who actively nurture those qualities where they might not otherwise have developed.

What the real question should be is, How can we train people to be better dog owners?

How Does A Rottweiler Dog Look Like

Their colors are Black and Mahogany, Black and Rust, Black and Tan. Although, this dog will bark and alert its owners when an intruder is present and he exhibits very protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and will do what it takes to guard and protect its family. Although, Rottweiler consider a medium to large breed of dog.

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German Shepherd Vs Rottweiler Size: Which One Is Bigger

German Shepherds are a large dog with the male averaging 24-26 inches and the female averaging 22-24 inches .

Rottweilers are even bigger than German Shepherds when it comes to average weight.

Their lengths are pretty comparable with the male averaging 24-27 inches and the female averaging 22-25 inches, but a Rottweilers weight can be between 110-130lbs as a male and 77-110lbs as a female.

Size is a good thing to keep in mind with these dogs. Even though they are similar in inches, they vary greatly in weight.

This will mean they require more food and larger dogs are often more likely to develop health problems in their joints.

Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix Facts

Read More About The Smart German Shepherd Puppy ...

The German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix is a designer breed, also known in its slangs Shepweiler, Rottweiler Shepherd, Rottie Shepherd, and Shottie. Its parent breeds are purebred German Shepherd and a purebred Rottweiler.

These two parent breeds are also some of the most popular and recognized breeds around the world. With its parent breeds having different structures and temperament, the resulting puppys personality is also not guaranteed. According to dog surveys, the German Shepherd has placed second as the most popular breed of dog while the Rottweiler took the ninth spot.

The mixed breed is usually used for protection and guard work but ultimately makes for a good companion. People tend to assume that the resulting race would become a highly aggressive dog, but that is not the case. Most of the documented Rottweiler German Shepherd hybrids turn out to be wonderful dogs with proper training, but that is the typical case with any dog anyway.

Naturally, the mixing of two breeds of large dogs will result in another big dog. The German Shepherd Rottweiler Cross is a big dog that most people find to be intimidating because they come across as strong and powerful.


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How I Determined Which Dog Breeds Are The Most Dangerous

The 10 breeds listed below had some of the lowest overall passing rates in the temperament test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society and are sorted in order from lowest to the highest percentage of individual dogs that passed. Breeds with the lowest passing percentages frequently showed signs of aggression, panic, or extreme shyness during the test.

While there are breeds with even lower passing percentages than those mentioned in this article, I’ve decided to limit this list to the 10 breeds that are most frequently ranked as highly aggressive . Each breed on the list is discussed in greater detail in the sections below, and overall passing rates are included for each.

Why Do Police Use German Shepherds And Not Pitbulls

Now to further answer your question the main reason departments use German Shepherds and specifically Belgian Malinois is because they are a dog with features that are very efficient in all features and not just one instinct. Bloodhounds for instance are used to track but dont necessarily have a fierce temperament.

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Rottweiler Vs German Shepherd: Which Attacks More

Without successful socialization, Rottweilers may have an unfortunate tendency to display indiscriminate suspicion, and subsequently unwarranted aggression. In a similar way, German Shepherds will seek negative attention if not socialized and trained properly.

In this unfortunate category, the statistics imply the Rottweiler Scores a Negative 1.

Is this because the Breed packs a bigger bite and their attacks attract more attention? Are attacks reported with a slant? Rottie Resource cant say, for sure.

After sifting through extensive research, this researcher concludes that Biting Behaviors are influenced by several factors which include:

  • the training of the dog
  • the dog owners treatment of his dog
  • childrens behavior around dogs, particularly Large Breeds
  • Its been suggested the most important thing you can do if you own a Rottweiler or German Shepherd is to have him professionally trained with you participating in the training.

    Did You Know? The German Shepherd named Strongheart is one of two German Shepherds with a paw-print on Hollywoods Walk of Fame.

    What Is A Blue German Shepherd

    Aggressive one year old rottweiler challenges alpha German Shepherd

    The Blue German Shepherd is not a mixed breed and is simply a variation of the standard GSD. Therefore, these dogs carry the same characteristics and temperament. However, they are much more rare and are therefore a lot more expensive. For a standard GSD you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $700 for a puppy.

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    Four: Differences In Head Shapes

    People new to the world of dogs often think GSD and Rottie heads are shaped the same. You get to know enough dogs and you quickly see the many differences between the heads of the two breeds.

    German shepherd dogs sport longer noses than do Rottweilers. When looking at the dogs head in profile, you see right away that the Rottie nose is much blunter.

    Its not as short as a Boxers but is midway in the length between a GSD and a Boxer.

    Lets pretend that a GSD and a Rottie are standing next to each other. Look at the dogs from head-on

    Youll see right away that the GSD has a narrower head than the Rottie.

    Are German Shepherds Better Than Rottweilers

    German Shepherd Good with kids. German Shepherds have softer temperament and are less dominant than Rottweilers. German Shepherds make good family dogs and are easier to manage for less experienced owners. Dominant Rottweiler needs an experienced owner who is able to manage a more stubborn Rottweiler.

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    Which Dog Would Be A Better Guard Dog

    It kind of depends on why you need a guard dog To protect your property, to protect you and your family? And when do you need to be alerted? Also, how much can you care for them?

    German Shepherds are very active and playful and they bark even when they suspect someone is in their territory. They make you alert in time. Since they dont hide their presence, they can keep the potential thieves and trespassers away.

    GSDs are herders and require a lot of exercise. You have to play with them for at least 2.5 hours to 3 hours a day, otherwise, they become destructive.

    On the other hand, Rottweilers are sneaky, and you wont hear their infamous growl unless someone is very close. They are fiercely obsessive to protect their owners.

    An adult Rottweiler will be sitting on a couch, asking you for scratches. Even though they are also an active breed of dog, they do not ask for exercise.

    However, Rottweilers are stubborn and only follow your commands if they find you stronger than themselves. From time to time you should play with them using tug toys to prove your strength.

    Rottweiler German Shepherd Hybrid Exercise Requirements

    Is German Shepherd more a Hero or Aggressive Dog? What you ...

    The German Shepherd Rottweiler hybrid is not recommended for owners who have small homes or apartments not only because of their size but also because of their exercise requirements which will include outdoor activities that are best conducted in a spacious backyard.

    The pet will need large spaces to roam around, and even better if its a good garden. They can spend plenty of time enjoying the outdoors in fine weathers. They also tend to become destructive and chew a lot of things if cooped up for too long. If you are going to leave for a dog for longer than a few hours, it is better to leave them at a dog daycare so they can enjoy and socialize with other dogs.

    The dog is also fine with any kind of weather since they harbor a decent tolerance of heat and cold.

    Your dogs will need to have a good exercise regimen especially outdoors. They need to have high physical exercise if you want them to stay fit, healthy, and mentally stimulated. You can start by walking them at least twice a day for at least an hour. You can also opt to jog with your Shottie because experts also recommended that they are involved in high impact and fast-paced exercises.

    Like most dogs, they also enjoy playing games like balls and fetch at public parks. This can help their mind active and their muscles lean. Always remember that your pet is prone to obesity so satisfying their exercise regimen is important.

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    Nineteen: Differences In Being Prone To Weight Gain

    Because Rottweilers love their food so much, they are in danger of getting and staying overweight faster than German shepherds.

    Overweight dogs are more prone to health problems like heart disease and arthritis. Get your Rottie weighed at least once a year to check the weight.

    Love to train your Rottie using food rewards? Youre Rottie loves it, too, but too much.

    Use lower-calorie treats such as fresh broccoli, baby carrots, or smaller pieces of your usual treat.

    Its not the amount of food that rewards the dog, but that he or she is getting a treat in the first place.

    Another tip is that you do not have to reward your Rottie with food every single time the desired behavior is performed, like a sit.

    Alternate food rewards with affection and verbal praise. Some Rotties will be just as motivated for affection as for food.

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    German Shepherd Vs Rottweiler Running Costs: Are They Expensive To Look After

    They both will require regular vet check-ups like every other dog. With their increased size they may need extra care when it comes to their health.

    This can be costly, and you will need to make sure you can afford vet care if you get any type of dog breed.

    A Rottweiler will eat more than a German Shepherd and that can add up over time when it comes to food costs.

    Both the German Shepherd and Rottweiler will eat more food than a smaller dog making them more expensive over their lifetime.

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    Reason : They May Not Be As Accurate When It Comes To Sniffing Out Danger

    Although Rotties definitely have decent noses and can be trained to search for specific smells, they may not be as accurate. When it comes to sniffing out things like drugs, bombs, or even people German Shepherds hold the record for MVP.

    Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They have on average over 300 million receptors for smell , which makes them a valuable asset for their noses. Since noses are probably the number one sense most used by police dogs, a weaker sense of smell could potentially be a problem for our Rotts in training.

    So Have Rottweilers Ever Served In Police Forces

    Rottweiler Bite Force: How Strong Is the Rottweiler’s Jaw?

    Yes! Theyve actually served in police forces around the world for over a century.

    When World War I hit, Rottweilers served with German police officers, becoming the fourth dog breed to be officially recognized as a police dog.

    Around this same time, Rotts came to be recognized as official military dogs. This opened up other doors for Rotties in working positions. They even became one of the first dog breeds to be trained as guide dogs for blind people.

    Although most Rotts today live their lives as pets, we do still occasionally see Rotties as police dogs. They can serve in any capacity, including search and rescue, military, guard dogs, border patrol, and in K-9 units.

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    Training Approach For German Shepherds

    You should start training German Shepherds from the very beginning. Try to keep them away from strangers. German Shepherds are a bit friendly and anyone can pet them if they are not trained properly.

    Hierarchy doesnt matter as much to them as Rottweilers. Be assertive, not rude, and they will follow all your commands. Give them dog treats for following the command so that they stay motivated.

    Since they are intelligent, they learn new commands quickly. You dont have to use force to train them.

    Are They Good Around Other Pets

    While a dogs breed can determine its behavioral tendencies, the way a dog responds towards other animals is still dependent on many factors, including its upbringing and past experiences with other animals.

    Below, well briefly explore how the German Shepherd and the Rottweiler react towards other pets. This information might be useful if you have other dogs or cats in the house or are planning to bring home a new one.

    German Shepherds Can Coexist with Other Dogs

    Generally, German Shepherds can live peacefully with other dogs in the house provided that they have been socialized early.

    Socialization means exposing your GSD to other dogs, animals, people, places, and senses. This helps your dog adjust his behavior towards creatures other than him and teaches him the idea that not everything that moves is a prey.

    Socialization also reduces anxiety in your GSD, which can sometimes manifest as aggression. It helps your dog stay calm and confident in most situations.

    The key to a successful socialization that yields the best results is timing and consistency.

    Ideally, you should start socializing your dog at 3 to 12 weeks of age, when hes still a blank canvas for absorbing new behavior.

    This doesnt mean that it would be impossible to socialize an adult GSD.

    While it is possible, it can be more challenging as youre trying to break old habits in a dog that has already learned his ways. Patience and consistency are key to making this successful.

    German Shepherds and Cats

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    Why Do The Police Use German Shepherds As Police Dogs

    The German Shepherd is renowned for its strength, trainability, obedience, and high intelligence. This makes the breed ideal for several lines of work. These dogs are also highly active and confident with a keen willingness to learn. Furthermore, German Shepherds have no inclination to become friends with strangers immediately, which makes them ideal for protective roles. Also, German Shepherds have greater restraint over their prey drive in comparison to other breeds. As a herding breed, the German Shepherd has good impulse control and analyzes the best approach to a situation. Lastly, German Shepherd dogs are lighter than other breeds that have a history of working as police dogs. This is important, as police dog handlers must be able to lift and maneuver their canine partners in the field.

    German Shepherd Vs Rottweiler Appearance: What Do They Look Like

    10 simple ways to make your German Shepherd less ...

    The German Shepherd is a large dog that is usually tan and black in color. They can also be red and black or less commonly all black, all white, or a more blue color.

    The German Shepherds coat is a double coat which causes them to have very dense hair that can be either straight or wavy.

    This is a breed that will shed all year long which is something to consider if you want to have one in your home.

    The Rottweiler is a very large dog that is usually black with rust colored markings above their eyes as well as on their face, muzzle, and legs.

    The Rottweiler has a robust and broad build. They have a dense coat that is straight and course.

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    Myth #4 Will German Shepherd Dogs Become Aggressive

    Like the first few myths, this one has a lot to do with popular culture, poorly trained dogs, and a misunderstanding of German Shepherds.

    German Shepherds have been frequently used for jobs that require them to be aggressive, and perhaps this leads to a judgement that they can or will become aggressive.

    We see police dogs, military dogs and guard dogs on television and movies, and they are more often than not, German Shepherds.

    German Shepherds can be trained to strong, protective dogs, but does that mean they are inherently aggressive?

    Fact: This is not necessarily true. Yes, German Shepherds can be aggressive,but they arent any more aggressive than some other breeds of dogs. In reality,a GSD can be very relaxed and calm.

    As is the case with other aggressive dogs, the dog is not the driving factor for behavior. Training is key with German Shepherds, in managing aggressive behavior.

    And like with any other breed of dog, a GSD that feels threatened, no matter how sweet they normally are, can become aggressive.

    German Shepherds have a tendency to do well in jobs that require them to become aggressive at a moments notice, but that doesnt mean that your family dog will all of a sudden flip out and be mean.

    Training and socialization are key to keeping everyone calm and happy in your home.


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