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How Many Fingers Does A German Shepherd Have

Ultimate Guide To Pinfish

How Hard Does A German Shepherd Bite? (Bonus: Tips For Reducing Biting!)

Pinfish are one of the most sought after bait fish, not only because of their abundance but because of their extreme hardiness when compared with other common baitfish. In this article we are going to talk about where to find pinfish, how to catch them, what fish will eat them, and how to store them for long periods of time.

Great Dane 238 Pounds

The Great Dane is also a large dog. It ranks 12th in our list of the top dog breeds with the strongest bite force at 238 PSI, the same as that of the German Shepherd. Despite of its stature and build, the Great Dane looks very elegant. However, its heart is just as big as its height.

Great Danes are sweet, patient, gentle, kind, and loving, all of which are in contrary to their huge build. They make for great family pets. But they should be well cared for. You dont want them to become aggressive and unleash that 238 PSI bite force they are keeping in their mouths.

Diet Of The Female German Shepherd Dog

A poorly fed or malnourished GSD will out-rightly produce fewer puppies. Reason being the body cant get enough energy to hold many puppies.

Whats The Best Diet for a Pregnant GSD?

Proper care and feeding are essential to a pregnant Shepherd.

Here is what you can give your hound to ensure all nutritional aspects are covered. I always recommend such a diet when your lovely hound is pregnant.

  • Chicken wings and neck.

However, as a responsible dog owner always feeds your dog irrespective of its status.

Point to note:

  • Leftovers, grapes or onions should not be a part of the menu for your German shepherd.
  • Dogs dont love canned food, as most cost a fortune, and often they cause loose stool.

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Why And When You Should Tape Your German Shepherds Ears

How Many Puppies Can a German Shepherd Have?

Lets talk about what causes German Shepherd ears to naturally stand up. Every dog has a center part of the ear structure called the Pinna. The Pinna is mostly made up of cartilage which will harden as the dog grows. In some dogs like Boston Terriers and German Shepherds, the pinna is much thicker which allows the ears to stand up naturally. In dogs like the Basset Hound, the pinna is thinner and longer which causes them to have floppy ears.

The German Shepherds pinna usually starts to harden at 6 to 7 months and completes at 9 months. From the time of 5 months, you will see their ears perk up and then go back down several times. Dont be alarmed during this period because this is usually caused by teething.

Taping is most beneficial during the 7 to 8 month time period for German Shepherds, so the recommendation is that at 7 months you can try taping their ears if they have not stood up on their own by then. I would recommend ruling out other causes before deciding to tape their ears.

Taking your dog to the Veterinarian to have a workup, because parasites such as tape or roundworms can cause your puppy to not absorb essential minerals and nutrients which can result in their ears not standing up.

Once you have had them checked by your Veterinarian, you could try adding some calcium supplement to their diet which will help the cartilage to harden. Sometimes this combined with taping will produce the best results.

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German Shepherd Puppy Teething: Age Stages And Tips

Teething can be a problematic stage to an uninformed dog parent. If you want to know when German Shepherds stop teething or how long a German Shepherd teething lasts, check this article. You will find out information about the different German Shepherd teething stages and their corresponding German Shepherd teething age. We will also tell you about the common teething signs and symptoms and tips on how to handle puppy teething.

Some Famous Types Of German Shepherd Wolf Mix

  • Saarloos Wulfhund

This type of wolfdog came from the cross breeding of a German Shepherd Dog and a timber wolf. This was the result of Leendert Saarloos experiment in dog breeding. This is a very strong and large German Shepherd wolf mix which can be 76 cm tall and weighs around 36-45 kg. Saarloos possesses a pack mentality and actually enjoys being with other group of dogs. This breed is not advisable to be a family pet due to its demanding personality and high maintenance which requires cautious and professional training. Sarloos Wulfhund puppy price ranges from $800-$1000.

  • Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

This breed of dog came from the combination of a German Shepherd and a Carpathian Wolf. It is very athletic and energetic with thick coat. It is very effective as rescue and guard dogs because of its agility. It is also usually assigned as an attack dog for special military operations. Its height is around 60-65 cm. and can weigh 25 kg. If you are planning to buy a puppy of this breed you need to prepare $800-$1500. Owners of this breed need more patience because of its stubbornness and independent personality. Remember that it is very aggressive with other pets and dogs.

  • Lupo Italiano Wolfdog

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Keep Area Warm And Separated

Once the puppies are born it is important to keep them warm as they cannot regulate their own body temperature at first.

The mother will do her best, but if it is a big litter it is much harder for her. It is extremely important that they are all kept in a warm environment, the ideal room temperature should around the 75 80 degrees Fahrenheit mark.

Keep a thermometer in the room to monitor the temperate if you do not have central heating.

It is also important to keep them separated from any other animals or pets that you may have.

Keep mother and puppies in another room, this will keep them calm and stop mom from becoming upset and nervous. It is important that this area is a place where you can keep and check on her and how she is coping with the large litter.

How Many Puppies Can German Shepherds Have Puppy Growth Stages

How Many Puppies Can A German Shepherd Have

Its important to watch for different skills and behavioral milestones that will indicate if the puppy is developing the way it should.

The neonatal period describes the first three weeks of the puppys life. It is born completely helpless and depends on its mother for everything it even needs her help to go to the bathroom.

The puppy will typically start to crawl when it is a week old, and its eyes will open a few days later. The first baby teeth emerge when the puppy is two weeks old, and it will start going to the bathroom on its own around the same time.

The socialization period lasts from the third to the twelfth week. Then, when the puppy can move, see, and hear, it needs to learn the social skills that will enable it to successfully interact with humans and other dogs.

However, it still needs to stay with its mother during this time, so she can teach it proper dog behavior and other vital life skills.

German Shepherds this age should also be introduced to humans to begin getting used to their presence. They will generally begin playing with their littermates and their humans when they are about four weeks old.

Puppies that are at least seven weeks old can then be housebroken.

The following video covers the growth and development of a German Shepherd puppy from when it is seven weeks old to six months old. The owner noted such physical changes as increasingly erect ears and darkening fur.

In this guide, we go over:

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Teething Signs And Symptoms

Its important to know how long a German Shepherd teething usually lasts. If you know the duration then you will understand your puppys behavior better. Be aware of these usual teething signs and symptoms so you dont misinterpret them as behavioral problems:

  • Increased Chewing

When a German Shepherd puppy begins to teeth, he begins to chew on anything he can get in his mouth such as chew toys. If you dont give him something to chew on, he may start chewing your expensive shoes. He does this to ease the pain associated with teething.

  • Missing teeth

For your German Shepherd puppy to grow his adult teeth, he must first lose his baby teeth. Dont be surprised when you see a tooth on the floor or gaps on your puppys gums.

  • Bleeding or swollen gums

A bit of blood can come out when a tooth is dislodged. Sometimes you will also notice blood traces on your puppys toy. Theres nothing to worry because this is normal and the gums will soon heal.

  • Excessive drooling

Frequent excessive drooling can be messy but this happens when your puppy is teething. If you notice his face or bed is usually wet or bed, its an indication of teething.

  • Physical distress

Your German Shepherd puppy might refuse to eat which results in weight loss. He may also lose interest in playing. He might have diarrhea if he chews inappropriate objects. He may even have a low-grade fever. If this happens, consult your vet so he can prescribe some medicines to relieve the pain.

How Hard Can A German Shepherd Bite

The bite force of an animal directly depends on the physiological characteristics and structure of the jaw. For a dogs bite to be really powerful, he must have a largemouth on a massive head and have strong muscles. In addition, the mouth opening radius is considered an important factor.

As a rule, smaller breeds have the ability to grasp. Due to their small stature, they cannot enter into an open struggle, therefore they firmly cling to the victim and hang on it until it is exhausted.

German Shepherds have the opposite ability. They are able to make a dash or constant grip, which will completely disarm the ill-wisher. A last warning can also be given in the form of a tooth strike. In this case, the dogs jaws do not even close. But the damage is tangible.

Important! The bite force of the German Shepherd is approximately 315 kg per cm² or 56 atmospheres. This is strong enough to break any bone or hold off an opponent for a certain amount of time until help arrives.

Thanks to their excellent security and sentry skills, as well as the ability to independently make decisions in emergency situations, German shepherds are often used in operational work in the police and army. They lend themselves well to training and quickly learn commands, obey the owner unquestioningly.

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Socialization Period: 3 Weeks 12 Weeks

The period between 3 weeks of age and 12 weeks of age is known as the socialization period. During this phase of development, puppies will begin to interact with humans and the other dogs around them. It is important to their overall demeanor to get them accustomed to human interaction at this stage of life.

From weeks 3 to 8, the puppies should still be with their mother. They will become more coordinated and develop the skill of play. They can be weaned and housebroken at this time as well as developing the ability to bark when startled. Physically, you will see their ears now stand up.

Do German Shepherds Need Coats

      German Shepherd

Most dogs dont.Pets with a heavy coat of hair should always be protected from the cold by a jacket, jumper, or coat made especially for animal weather. This includes toy breeds and all cats. However, most dogs dont require special winter wear any more than humans do because their coats are thinner and tend to not be as long or soft as other large-breed dogs such as German shepherds. In other words, the answer is no. Now add to this information that pet owners may put stress on their animals immune system by dressing them in clothes when theyre not truly required and youll find that your pet really would prefer you didnt dress them up unless it was just too hot to.

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Do German Shepherds Have Hair Or Fur

They do have hair, not fur.Some dogs are hairy-coated because theres less of a connection between the follicle and the skin. They still have hair, but it lays on top of their skin rather than being deeply embedded in it. This makes their coat less water-resistant and also means that theyre susceptible to shearing problems like bald spots where the clippings dont sink down into the undercoat. The German Shepherd is an example of this type of pet..

Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap

The Easy Big Portable Bait Pinfish Trap by EASY BIG is an efficient and stylish device with lots of innovative features. You can use this bait for fishes, minnow, shrimp, crawdad, crab, and crayfish.

This trap is mostly used for shrimps. Since it is portable, you can easily carry it around with you. You dont have to install or set it up as it comes pre-installed. The trap has a 360-degree design, which is excellent for catching lobsters, crabs, etc.

However, one thing you should be aware of is that the mesh surrounding the fish cage is only used for catching crabs and fishes. The mesh might get lacerated or torn by sharp rocks and branches of trees.

So, you need to be careful and keep the cage in a flat area at the bottom of the water. There are three different sizes available in this trap. The small size has six entrances, the medium size has 12 entrances, and the largest size has 16 entrances.

Each of the entrances can skillfully trap the fish inside and prevent them from leaving.


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How Often Should German Shepherds Be Bathed

# this is mainly up to you, but they should at least be bathed in spring and winter! # the dogs haircoat is naturally oily so bathing too often can remove natural oils and cause dryness. # however, bathing also prevents things like skin disease or infections. # most breeders recommend that German Shepherds are bathed at least once every 6 months I know that doesnt sound like much but its actually pretty long if not longer than many other breeds . # still think your dog needs more? Consider using a natural shampoo which will use all natural ingredients to cleanse the coat.

Measures Of Dog Bite Force

German Shepherd Everything You Need to Know

The most common measurement of dog bite force is psi or in kg . The use of psi is for the calculation of the pressure exerted upon a given point. It is the method used to determine the force that a dog can put forth through its bites and it is a measured outcome of all the pressure released over a square inch of a pound. The next topic of this article will particularly discuss the bite force of German Shepherd in psi or in kg.

A dog bite force can be classified into 6 levels which are:

  • First Level, where the dogs teeth penetrate not on the skin and just to frighten
  • Second Level is when the dogs teeth penetrate on the skin but did not cause any puncture on it
  • Third Level: There are approximately 1-4 tooth punctures from just a different bite
  • Fourth Level, where there is at least 1 puncture where half of the teeth thrusted. It possibly will leave bruises around wounds caused by the wagging of dogs head during encounter
  • Fifth Level, consists of diverse 4 bites and incursions and Sixth Level which is very uncommon but it can cause the death of its victim.
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    What Is The Rarest Color Of German Shepherd

    The rarest color of German Shepherd is probably white. The only dogs that are completely white are albino, which have problems of their own. Usually they cannot see very well and may have other health issues because producing enough pigments to be able to survive can sometimes place an extreme strain on organs. There are likely not many of these dogs in the world, so its hard to get a good estimate of how many there are or might be.If you want something nearly as unusual but without some of the possible serious health risks, then it would be cream colored German Shepherds insteadthe next most common color after black/sable, which probably make up about 95%+ across all breeds at this.


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