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Ipo Trained German Shepherds For Sale

Personal Protection Dogs For Sale

IPO/Schutzhund 3 Import German shepherd male for sale

We love his beautiful, dark mahogany red color, and very masculine substantial structure. Wesley is the perfect size for a family, true medium sized, weighing 84 pounds. Wesley was raised by the breeders family as one of their top German shepherd show/work prospects. Wesley has been socialized with other animals and children. He has an excellent protection work.

Wesley vom Osterberger-Tal

  • DOB May 27, 2018
  • German import from a top award-winning VA West German bloodline, Shepherd breeders and kennels in the world
  • Wesley formal titles WB, AD, BH & IGP1
  • Normal hips and elbows are equivalent to OFA excellent
  • German DNA tested proving his bloodlines
  • Sire: is VA Cyrus vom Osterberger-Land
  • Dam: is Quara vom Osterberger-LandA daughter of German world sieger Ballack von der Brucknerallee
  • Wesley has a formal Schutzhund title
  • Zank is a jet black/lacquer black pure German shepherd imported directly from Germany.
  • Zank has the highest level 3 title and level 3 personal protection training completed.

We are pleased to offer Zank as the truest, high-quality elite executive estate K9 available anywhere. He can be part of your family as your home protection dog. Serious inquiries only. Contact us for further information.

Innos: Champion Show Line German Shepherd 27 Months Old

Titled male GSD, who has Won SG2 at Slovak Sieger show 2020 by SV judge W. Nordsieck. INNOS is official hips & elbows “A normal”. He passed title SVV1 . Innos is not only very beautiful with nice boning, large type head and great pigment. Innos is also a social dog who is accustomed to children and all types of environments. He can go along with the family to the store, beach, or market – he loves to ride in the car. His Sire is VA1 Fortin z Lintichu – SVV2, KKl. Passed, HD+ED a normal. DAM is 2x VA Carrerra z Lintichu.Innos is suitable for one who desires to continue to show him, and/or a quality stud for breeding of top SL shepherds. He would also make a great companion to a couple or family. He can settle easily or be active with his family. Of course he Comes with Euro-American K9’s exclusive 5-year Health Guarantee. Click here to read about our Health Guarantee – which is one of the best guarantees available anywhere in the world!INNOS – Price available upon request. Please do not wait, we believe he will sell quite quickly!Why not fill out our online Questionnaire today? Just click the link – and one of our staff will contact you by phone or email within 48 hours.

Images of Innos

All Of Our Dogs Go Through Rigorous Genetic Testing To Ensure Healthy Litters

Along with the traditional Breed Survey, we also take extra precaution in testing all of our breeding dogs for the proper clearances. We check for issues with hips, elbows and orthopedics as well as vision. We can ensure that all of our dogs have passed these clearances allowing for the guaranteed health of our puppies.

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Ares: Dark Sable Male Gsd

Name: “Ares” od Halcianskeho JazeraiDark Sable MaleSire: Hektor od Hradcanskeho RybnikaDam: Iggy MonurTrained by professional trainers in Slovakia from 7 weeks of age. This dog will ship into the USA in August/Sept 2020. Ares has started in obedience and protection and is a perfect dog for sport, or anyone looking to move a young dog into detection or protection. He has excellent character and drives.Price: $2,800 USD plus shipping and crate. Comes with our exclusive 5-year Health Guarantee.Both Ares & Kuly must be purchased and shipped in August/September 2020 so we can accommodate our next young pups in training. Both Ares and Kuly come with pedigrees, health certifications, and export pedigrees, plus our exclusive 5-year Health Warranty. Don’t wait, fill out our questionnaire, and contact us today.

Images of Ares

Pedigree of Ares

World Class Guard Dog Training In Sydney


It is not just what the shepherd does that makes it so special, it is how they do what they do. Whatever your purpose for owning a shepherd, two things are crucial for an optimal experience. The mutual understanding between you and your shepherd, and the training it has received. Our team is highly trained and recognised globally for the quality of our guard training programs. We can train guard dogs for a range of purposes including obedience training, protection training, attack training and man-stopper training.

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Bella: 17 Month Old Female Gsd Trained Since 7 Weeks By One Of Our Top Trainers

“Bella” is a 17 month old female Dark Sable Working Line GSD. She has been trained & imprinted since 7 weeks of age. Trained by Hana K. – one of our top trainers of sport dogs in the Czech Republic. Bella would be a very nice dog for someone who is looking to compete in sport or wants a very obedient and protective GSD. Bella is ready for her BH, and if the new owner desires, we can do it in the Czech Republic at a very cost-effective price. It is very hard for us to find young females, as most of the good ones will not be sold until they are finished breeding or after their sport careers. So one should be advised that rarely are good females available for sale once they are past 4 months of age, and have been x-rayed. Don’t miss an opportunity to own a very smart young female GSD. Again – all of our Shepherds are sold with our Exclusive 5-year Health Guarantee. *** .Bella’s price will increase with her monthly professional training & board. For serious interest please contact us for price on Bella. It is best to fill out our Questionnaire and we will contact you via phone within 48hrs. We always have dogs available that are not listed on our web site. Only 40% of dogs we sell and place ever make it to our sales page.

Images of Bella

Training For Companions Family Dogs And Competition

Your dog should compliment your life… not control it.

Whether your dog needs to learn to deal with the every day stresses of life, or you want to go into the highest level of training, we can teach you the proper foundation of communicating with your dog that will last a lifetime. Your reward will be balance and harmony with your K-9 companion.Whether it’s getting started with a new dog, advanced training, behavioural problems, high level competition, or service dogs, we can help you reach your goals. All training is done one-on-one to focus on your individual needs. We do not do classes. The age of your dog is not in question… “you can teach an old dog- new tricks.”

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Aylyn Female Gsd Sable Titled: Bh Ipg1

AYLYN is a 3 year old GSD female with pedigree. Aylyn has a nice solid structure bones body. She is titled BH and IPG1 and she is ready for IPG2 directly . She has strong protection work as well and very good tracking, and she is show titled. She has excellent official x-rays . Aylyn is good with children, social dogs, perfect environment behavior. She is longer coat. She would make a great protection dog for family or single person. She is easy to handle and gets used to new environments quickly.

If desired, this dog comes with our trainer to train the new owner on how to use a true protection dog .

She comes with our 5-year guarantee on hips & elbows.

Price: $6,000 + Shipping & Crate. Please contact us for more details on Aylyn.

Images of Aylyn

Working Lines Vs Show Lines

Trained IPO Versatility German Shepherd Obedience

The German Shepherd was originally bred as a working dog. Since his original use as a shepherd dog however, he has filled many different roles from guarding properties over being used in the show ring to participating in Schutzhund and IPO trails.

Depending on which lines your German Shepherd Dog comes from, the prices can vary a lot!

Show line German Shepherds are the dogs that are bred for conformation shows. These are the type of dogs you should decide on if you would like a shepherd puppy as a pet and companion animal.

If you are interested in using your German Shepherd as a protection dog and to participate in IPO trials, you should pick one from working lines. There are a lot of highly successful working line breeders both in North America and Europe. Some of them sell so-called started dogs, which means dogs that have already received some obedience, protection and tracking training. Started dogs can be as pricey as $5,000-$7,000.

Working German Shepherds that have been fully trained can be extremely expensive, up to $20,000. For this price, you get an absolutely flawless dog with extensive skills and perfect obedience.

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Buying A Fully Trained Dog Is Easy

You don’t have to live in Sydney to take advantage of Guard Dog Training Centre’s outstanding, breeding, boarding and especially training services. Not only can your German Shepherd be delivered to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and any other place in Australia, but we can also safely and securely deliver your German Shepherd, fully custom-trained for its purpose or purposes, overseas. That is why the quality of graduates of the Guard Dog Training Centre are famous internationally. Even if you have already bought a dog, you can still take advantage of our first class boarding and training facilities and rest assured that you have a safe, reliable guard and protector. If German Shepherds aren’t suitable for your needs, see our range of puppies, trained Dobermans, Rottweilers, family dogs and more.

Vet on site daily as required

Intelligent And Capable Working Dogs

It is not surprising that German shepherds are among the most popular breeds of dog in the world. Those who have owned and employed German Shepherds, and made them a part of their extended family, can fully appreciate that ‘guard dog’ only begins the describe the range of tasks this remarkable creature, a cornucopia of canine capability, can perform.Originally bred in the early 20th century from German herding dogs, German shepherds embody all of the virtues that humans have looked for, and prized, in dogs as companions and workers: their intelligence, courage, loyalty, discipline, focus, strength and good nature.As guard dogs, guide dogs , as family protection, as military and police dogs, rescue dogs , as herding dogs and as companion dogs, the German shepherd is an incomparable all-rounder.

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Chero: Dark Sable Male Working Line Gsd Titled Ad Bh Ipg I Strong Dominant Male

CHERO is a 2.5 year old, young Dark Sable Working Line GSD. He is breed surveyed and titled BH/VT , IPG I and VD in Show. His defense drive, prey drive and ball drive are strong and correct. He has sired one promising litter already.

Chero is strong-boned, with deep pigment, and with medium large size. He is a GSD with dominant character. He is good around children and other female dogs as well. His protection, obedience and tracking are wonderful and he can be titled To IPG2 at any time, as he is also a great candidate for Sport, if his handler wants to move in that direction.His protection is pronounced, with firm and strong grips. He is extremely fast and agile, making him a great dog for family protection or advanced protection. He has many strong and famous ancestors within his pedigree, and his Sire is one of the best producers in the Czech Republic in recent years. Of course Chero comes with our Exclusive 5-year Health Guarantee , which covers hips & elbows or any congenital defects. Chero is best for the experienced handler, or a family or handler who will transition with an experienced trainer. If you have serious interest please contact us by filling out our Questionnaire and one of our staff will contact you within 48 hours. ** Chero’s price will increase with training and titles. Please inquire for his current availability and price.

Images of Chero

Trained German Shepherd Puppies For Family:

Trained Dogs for Sale â Von Buchmann

From time to time we sell trained German Shepherd puppies and young dogs for family’s arround the world. All trained dogs comes from proven purebred bloodlines. Our trained puppy program is unique in the world starting with imprinting and socialization exercises on a very young age. The puppies grow up in our house with children, dogs and cats. We take a little ride with the car on daily basis, go to the city, the wood, school, station and more.

Crate trained German Shepherds

All the puppies and young dogs are crate trained. They will love to go in there crate for taking a break or go to sleep. A crate trained German Shepherd puppie is the ideal way to avoid some of your headaches when you buy a puppy

Obedience trained German Shepherds

From a age of 15 weeks the trained puppies are ready to go to there new homes. They are not only well socialized we also did a lot of obedience training. They have learned the beginning of heel, sit, down, stay, come and place. They also know about: Walk without pulling the leash, not jump, no puppie biting etc. And if a puppie is not ready on a age of 15 weeks we always discuss that!

Beware! We have a lot of requests for trained german shepherds. If you want to be considered, it is important to reserve a trained Germand Shepherd dog in advance. When you reserve a trained german shepherd, we will keep you updated week by week on his progression through video clips

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Kronos: 14 Month Old Male Gsd Trained Since 8 Weeks Of Age By Professional Trainer In Czech Republic

Kronos is a dark sable male from proven Czech lineage. An active young GSD that has excellent X-ray results, which just came back. He would make a great family companion or dog for Family Protection, or Regional-Level Sport. He has been training with Hanka from 8 weeks of age, his price will increase with Titles and Training. If you need more information please fill out our Questionnaire and we will send you video and more info on this young and up-and-coming male GSD, Kronos.Price now is $6,000.00 USD

Images of Kronos

Incredibly Talented Male Gsd Full Brother To Drax

Drake has been trained by one of our most experienced trainers since seven weeks of age. Drake is now ready for his new Forever Home. Drake can be used as an Executive Protection Dog or Sport Dog. He could also be a very good dual-purpose Police Dog. Drake is dry bitable and has great drives for defense, detection, and also advanced protection. Drake comes with our 5-year Health Guarantee and a lifetime of support from Euro-American K9. Our team’s investment in his training and titles exceeds 20,000 Euro.

Please – serious inquiries only.Drake’s price is “upon request”. His price will increase with titles and training.

Images of Drake

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Select From Our Available German Shepherd Categories Below

We carry our beliefs into our practices there is an art and knowledge poured into each individual German shepherd we work with. The German Shepherd breed has a certain skill set and instincts and combined with our experience and expertise, we have a great responsibility to continue the best lineage of purebred German Shepherds that we bring to market in the US.

Rissa Ad Bh Zvvi Ipo3 Black Female Gsd 25 Years Young Super Drives For Sport

Chicago AKC IPO Schutzhund Purebred German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

Price upon request!! If you’re looking for a great family dog to breed or for high-level sport, Rissa is an awesome female GSD. She has had one litter and the pups are with super drives.

. An incredible pedigree with excellent drives and character. Contact us to learn more and see videos.

Please be aware some dogs posted may be sold. We often have dogs in our facilities in Slovakia and Czech Republic that can be trained to your request, or younger dogs that may be available soon.

Images of Rissa

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German Shepherds Bred For The Best

Here at Kraftwerk K9, our purebred German Shepherds function in the capacity that theyre originally bred for raising the standard in every way! Sound in mind and body, strong, functional, intelligent, trainable, courageous, and resilient. These are the natural qualities that can only be realized through the incredible genetics of purebred German Shepherds. We only import the best-the-best. Certified champions straight from Germany!

Ipo International Standards Titles

BHThe BH is a degree for traffic-safe companion dogs that tests the dogs temperament in and around people. It includes basic formal obedience heeling on and off leash, sits, downs and recalls as well as practical tests of the dogs character in everyday situations. These include reaction to normal situations involving crowds of people, strange noises, joggers, cars and other dogs. Before being allowed to enter for a IPO I title, the dog must first have successsfully completed the BH.

In addition to the IPO Titles, the GSDCA-WDA offers additional training degrees. The FH1 and FH2, are advanced tracking degrees that require the dog to follow tracks over changing terrain, discriminate between cross-tracks and is at least 3 hours old. The dog must first have the BH.

There are three levels of the IPO test for which titles can be earned.

IPO I the dog must be at least 18 months old and pass an initial temperament test by the judge. The dog must heel off the leash , demonstrate the walking sit, the walking down, and the stay tests, as well as, the send-out. It must retrieve on the flat and over a hurdle. In tracking, it must be able to follow a track laid by its handler at least 20 minutes earlier. There are also protection tests.

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