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Do Black German Shepherds Change Color

Is It Time To Bring Home A Black German Shepherd

Do German Shepherd Puppies Change Color?

Before getting a dog, you have to make sure its the right breed for you and if youre ready to take on the responsibility.

The Black Shepherd is easy-to-train and a low-maintenance pet, great for first-time dog owners. If you decided on this beautiful and rare canine youd be getting a combination of courageous, intelligent, and loyal.

But this breed is not only all about the cunning looks; they can take on different types of jobs. They can be a fearless police dog or a reliable service dog.

They will also be happy as a family pet. But youll need to make time for them since this breed doesnt like being alone and will require an hour of daily exercise.

Getting a German Shepherd with a rare black color may be pricey, but its worth it.

Do you already own a Black German Shepherd? We would love to hear about your experience with this amazing creature. Share them with everyone in the comment section below.

Not All German Shepherd Puppies Will Change Colors

Completely black puppies will likely stay that way as adults. For this to happen, they must have other colors in their fur besides black. Puppies that have been born all-white or liver will also usually follow this rule.

Whatever color a German Shepherd puppys socks are will be the color to spread. Keep that in mind as you try and guess what your puppy will look like when fully grown.

You can check out this YouTube video as well. It talks about the changing coat of a German Shepherd puppy and how to care for your puppy properly.

A Great Addition To The Family

Black German Shepherds may look aggressive, but they are very loving and friendly. These loyal hounds are great family dogs and will fit in with different types of household.

They are known to be funny, which is a trait that helps them get along with children or teenagers. The Black Shepherd can also have a soft spot for cats or other pets when provided with socialization training during their puppyhood.

Look at this amusing YouTube video of a Black German Shepherd doing a head tilt at the sound of a crying baby:

However, these dogs are aloof, and because of their watchdog nature, they will be wary of people they dont know.

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Do Black German Shepherds Shed

Black German Shepherds, as well as every other kind of GSDs, are heavy year-round shedders. In particular, you have to be more mindful during spring and fall since they tend to blow their undercoats.

These pooches also have non-hypoallergenic hair. So if you or a member of your household suffer from allergies, then the black German Shepherd is not the pet for you.

If youre seriously invested in getting one, however, just keep a vacuum on hand to help clean up the shedding.

German Shepherd Puppys Coat Change

Do Black German Shepherds Change Color? Everything You ...

If you are new to learning all about German Shepherd dogs, you may not yet know that the classic black and tan isnt the only coat color a puppy can have! Black sable is just one of several adult coat colors that a GSD dog can display.

There are a few desired colors of the German Shepherd Puppys Coat, which include: black, tan, and red. According to the German Shepherd Dog Club of America, the coat color may vary although strong rich colors are preferred. Pale, washed-out off-colors, and blues or livers are serious faults.;

A white dog must be disqualified. Most often, Black and Red colors are seen in Showline, while Back and Tan are seen in Working Lines. All our saddle dogs are RED & BLACK, with their red being very bright and shiny in the sun.

Many times when we are in public we are asked what breed our dogs are and when we say that they are German Shepherd Dogs, people are surprised and say, Wow! But they are so red! We thought that German Shepherds are more pale/cream/tan We then smile and say, Yes, many are.. but we like ours better.

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The German Shepherd Breed Comes In Many Different Coat Color Combinations

Interestingly enough, the German Shepherd dog has many coat color variations. German Shepherds can be found in many different coat colors and lengths!

Below, we will go over what these are and what they look like. This way, youll know what to expect your full-grown dog to look like!

The American Kennel Club recognizes that there are various coat colors within the German Shepherd breed. However, they have strict specifications when it comes to which markings are needed for a dog to qualify or rank well in a dog show ring.

However, this does not mean that a dog with markings outside of the AKC standard is not a German Shepherd. It simply means that the dog will not place well in AKC dog shows. German Shepherds are known to come in thirteen different coat colors.

This in-depth article from AnimalCorner;explains each coat color in detail. The most common coat color for a German Shepherd is black and tan, while the rarest coat color is a red variant, known as liver.

Most Common German Shepherd Coat Colors:

  • Black and tan
  • Blue
  • White
  • Liver

While some liver patterned, blue flecked, and solid black coated German Shepherds are accepted by the American Kennel Club as purebred dogs, others are not. Completely white, solid blue, and spotted German Shepherds, can not usually compete in AKC dog show rings.

Remember, just because the AKC doesnt count certain colors as with the breeds standard, this doesnt mean theres a problem with the dog.

Are Black German Shepherds A Different Breed

Since black German Shepherds are very rare and make up only 6.8% of all German Shepherds, some might think that they are a different breed than other German Shepherds.

Although they are the same species, there are a few differences between the black German Shepherd and other dogs of the same species.

Lets take a look at a few of these differences.

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Red German Shepherd Puppies Price

Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $2000 US dollars.;

Below are some of the main factors to keep in mind that can influence the Red German Shepherd puppies price.

  • Age As with most dogs, the younger the dog is, the more expensive the cost will be. Puppies between the age of 8-12 weeks will cost the most because theyre able to be more easily trained.
  • Bloodline Purebred puppies are more costly, so unless you plan on entering your puppy in a show, this extra cost may not be worth it for you.
  • Location Shopping for puppies in smaller cities can save you some money. Also, take a look at the breeding regulations in the area, which could affect the cost.
  • Certifications While it seems reasonable that breeders with certifications should cost more, this isnt always the case. Be sure to do your research to make sure the breeder is actually qualified.
  • Warranties though this will likely factor into the cost, this is something to look out for. If any issues come up, you want to know you chose a breeder that allows you to return the puppy.;

Akc German Shepherd Colors

Sable German Shepherd Color changes

The AKC is the oldest and largest purebred breed registry in the United States. It maintains a copy of the most current breed standard for all recognized and registered purebred dog breeds in the country.

The AKC German Shepherd colors listed on the breed standard include:

  • black
  • sable
  • white.

Then the breed standard fine print goes into further detail. It specifies that pale coat colors, washed-out coat colors, blue, and liver are each considered to be serious faults in the show ring.

Presentation of white in the show ring means automatic disqualification for that dog.

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Red German Shepherd Puppies Breeders

When purchasing a German Shepherd puppy, you will want to avoid shopping at a puppy mill. Purchasing a sick puppy or puppy with behavioral issues is somewhat common with puppy mills. This results in extra expense and hardship down the line.

To prevent potential problems, pay attention to any red flags that may come up. For example, if the breeders dont seem to care much about your lifestyle or how well you will be able to care for the dog, its probably a puppy mill.;

Reputable red German Shepherd breeders take good care of their puppies, and in return, want to find good homes for them.

Black Sable German Shepherd Color Changes

Any sable German Shepherd puppy will naturally grow in a darker coat as the puppy grows up. This sometimes continues throughout life.

This is especially true for black sable German Shepherd color changes. The sable coloration may shift and change periodically.

The overall coat color will darken as your puppy becomes an adult.

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How Can You Tell What Color A German Shepherd Puppy Will Be

Is there a way to tell if your German Shepherds color will change? GSD pups are born the colors they will be as adults. Their color doesnt really change, but the small patches may become more prominent as they age. Example: If they are not born tan with a black saddle, they are not going to get a saddle later.

German Shepherd Puppyhood Last Longer Than You Think

Color changes

First-time German Shepherd owners are often stunned to learn that a large breed dog like the German Shepherd can continue growing for 24 to 36 months. An adult German Shepherd dog may weigh anywhere from 50 to 90 pounds and stand anywhere from 22 to 26 inches tall . That is a lot of growth that needs to get done.

Growing too fast can put pressure on a GSD puppys growth plates, bones, muscles, and ligaments, causing a painful condition called panosteitis . For this reason, genetically speaking, it is advantageous for a large GSD breed puppy to grow in spurts, spacing it out over time.

German Shepherds that will be in the lower weight/height range as adults often, these are female GSDs but not always may finish all their growing by 18 to 24 months.

But the most prominent German Shepherds that will grow to 90+ pounds and stand to the full height of 26+ inches may continue growing for up to 36 months.

This is important to know because you may see your dogs coat color, texture, and consistency changing quite a bit throughout the whole growth cycle.

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German Shepherd Colors: All 13 Shades Of Shepherds

Many dog lovers know the black and tan German Shepherd. It is easy to spot one of these dogs. Sometimes they are faithfully standing by police officers sides. Other times they are on the big screen in Hollywood movies.

We see these black and tan Shepherds everywhere! Many people are surprised to discover that this is not the only color of German Shepherd.

More experienced owners may know about white, sable, and even black German Shepherds. But have they heard of liver or panda Shepherds?

German Shepherd colors are not limited to four or five shades. They can have 13 different coat colors! In this article, we discuss each color and give you a few fun facts about what makes that color so unique.

Article Contents

  • Summary
  • Personality And Temperament Of The Black German Shepherd

    Though the Black German Shepherd can have a daunting appearance, they have the ability to be loyal and loving companions.

    The German Shepherd certainly carries protective qualities, but these behaviors can be easily controlled when socialized at a young age.

    The German Shepherd is a respected breed in the dog world for a reason. They are dignified, loyal, territorial, and take their profession seriously.

    Whether they spend their days working alongside police or playing with their human siblings in the backyard, they put their heart into what they do.

    Due to how loyal the GSD is, they are often seen in prestigious positions. They are quick to learn new commands, and their intelligence makes them the perfect breed for several working dog positions.

    Though the GSD is known for being a guard dog, you can easily decrease the chance of aggression by training and socializing them at a young age.

    When properly socialized, Black German Shepherds can be welcoming to other humans and dogs.

    When it comes down to their personality, this breed can be downright goofy. They absolutely love to play with their favorite humans, and often carry a puppy like attitude throughout their lives.

    Their happy go lucky personality is just one of the many reasons why the German Shepherd is so well loved.

    If you are looking for a loyal, outgoing, goofy, and protective furry friend to bring into your family, the Black German Shepherd is the one for you.

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    The Black Color Has No Negative Effect On The Dog

    Heres where that negative stigma comes in; people can sometimes fear this dog due to its striking black color. The color of this dog does not affect its temperament. The Black German Shepherd is just as loyal, alert, activeand intelligent as the standard variety and is not predisposed to aggression. She is often aloof at first, but once you bond with her, she will be your companion for life.

    Black German Shepherds are also incredibly trainable and are used as police and military dogs, disability aid dogs, and obedience dogs.

    Look how obedient this 11-month old Black Shepherd puppy is:

    Just like any German Shepherd, their protective instinct can be strong. These are dogs that were used to herd and protect livestock, and they will do the same with their human pack! In the case of your family coming into danger, have no doubt this dog will defend you.

    As a companion dog, however, you want her to recognize that not all people are a threat. Make sure you socialize her from a young age so that she gets on well with people in adulthood.

    The Disqualified German Shepherd Colors

    Black Sable Shepherd 8 weeks to 3 years color changes

    As mentioned above, white, liver, blue, fawn, pure red, and spotted black and white are considered disqualified and the results of faulty genes. However, these coat colors are not related to any health or behavioral issues.

    So, you can get a German Shepherd in any of these colors if you dont plan to take your dog to showings. They look as beautiful as other German Shepherd varieties.

    White German Shepherds were previously considered to be suffering from albinism .

    However, research has long confirmed that white German Shepherds are not albinos they only have a significantly lower melanin level than other varieties.

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    How Is The Gsds Puppy Coat Different From The Adult Coat

    The most apparent difference between the GSDs puppy coat and adult coat is the color. Although you can generally tell early on whether a puppy will be black & tan,;sable,;liver, or another GSD color, the change is quite dramatic from puppyhood to adulthood.

    The texture is also drastically different between the German Shepherds adult and puppy coat.

    Puppies are single-coated and their fur is generally soft and fluffy. Over time, they will shed that coat and develop a double-coat composed of dense fur and coarse outer hairs.

    One Dog Different Jobs

    Black Shepherds have traits that would make them fit;to do work for the police, military, and search & rescue teams. Today, they are ranked the second most popular dog in the US.

    In fact, you would often see German Shepherds being used by the army and the police as their K9 unit. These dogs are fearless, intelligent, and obedient, which makes them great candidates for these positions.;

    Even if this canine fits in the guns and the criminal world, they can also be trained to become a service dog.

    The Black German Shepherd has a stable temperament, which means they can stand intense situations without panicking. It allows them to become a guardian, a blind leader, and a companion who assists people who have disabilities.

    With their wolf-like appearance and protective nature, this is a breed you can rely on to be amazing guard dogs. Their courage and alertness allow them to look after their loved ones while being an excellent family companion.

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    How Often Do German Shepherd Dogs Change Their Coat

    German Shepherd dogs will change their coat color fairly consistently from the time they are born until they are about 2 years old.

    This change in color is the most dramatic during the first 8 weeks of life.

    During this time German Shepherd puppies will change from their birth color to the young coat that will resemble their coat as an adult.

    This means that their soft puppy fluff will change color for some breeds, and will also start to change in texture.

    Over the first two years of life, your German Shepherd puppy will change its coat frequently.

    These changes will alter the coat color, growing in the color and pattern that your dog will possess for the bulk of its adult life.

    During this time your German Shepherd will also lose the soft coat of a puppy, and grow a more dense, coarse coat of an adult.

    You will also start to see your puppys coat develop the distinct traits of the short, medium or long coat.

    Changesin coat length, coarseness and color will progress during the normal pattern ofmolt. You will notice obvious patterns of shedding or molting in your GermanShepherd, generally, two times per year.

    Mostdogs, molt during the fall and during the spring. Your German Shepherd puppywill also molt during these times, and until it is around 2 years old, you willnotice changes in your dogs coat color and texture.

    It is important that you are diligent during these times of molt with grooming your German Shepherd dog, especially if your dog is long coated.


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