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How To Stop A German Shepherd From Pulling

Dont Grab Your Dog By The Jowls And Shake Them


Although you might have heard someone say to you to grab your German Shepherd by the jowls to discipline them for biting, this will only instill fear and anxiety in your dog.

Furthermore, this study showed that a whopping 25% of dogs grabbed by the jowls and shaken became aggressive. This percentage also includes dogs whose owners forcefully grabbed an item and removed it from their mouths.

Learn To Love Dog Walks

The only fail-safe way to prevent fence jumping is to never leave your dog in your yard to escape. So, you need to learn to love walking your dog.

Not only will you both get more physical activity together, but youre guaranteed since theyre not outside in your yard they wont attempt to jump the fence.

I know this idea isnt ideal for many owners, but it is the safest option since your dog is always under your watch.

Plus, its great for bonding with your dog and working on their obedience skills!

Worried about your dog pulling you along the street wildly? Then use a head collar to regain control of your walks.

Tips To Prevent Your German Shepherd From Pulling On A Leash

German Shepherd Dogs are known for being excellent at obedience and training its one of the reasons they are used for police, military and service work! But, this doesnt happen by itself. A German Shepherd that has not had the right training can just as easily pull you down the sidewalk and be very pleased about it. The following are tried and true tips to help make sure that your German Shepherd doesnt pull on the leash.

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How To Proof No Jumping

Proofing in different areas is pretty simple. Basically, all you need to do is rinse and repeat the steps you originally followed.

This part goes pretty quickly because all you’re doing is showing your dog what you want in different places.

Proofing with more challenging criteria takes a little more work and creativity on your part.

You can work on your own, or you can work with someone.

To begin with, you’ll click and reward as you’re doing the jump provoking behavior.

And once your dog is successfully staying calm and not jumping you’ll start clicking and rewarding after the distraction.

Remember the golden rule of dog training is to set your dog up for success. If your pooch is getting too excited and failing go back a step to less distractions.

Here’s a quick example of proofing at the front door

Greet your dog in an excited, happy voice and you can even add some physical touch here. All these things excite dogs and that’s what you want so you can proof the behavior.

Remember to click and reward. So it’ll look something like this

Jump provoking behavior / no jumping / click / reward.

If your dog is doing well, raise the criteria even more by moving excitedly to and from the door. Remember a happy voice!

If your dog does jump, just move to the side and ignore them. And then take a step back to calmer movements and voice.

You can even pretend that you’re scared of your dog. So try using body movements that a person who’s afraid of dogs would do.

The Best Time To Train

Within Hours, Stop Barking, Growling, Pulling on the Leash ...

When is the best time to leash train your GSD? Knowing that your GSD is a high energy dog, you should make sure to give it some exercise and some active playtime before you both go out for a walk.

The more excited your GSD is to walk the more likely leash pulling will happen. Before taking a walk you should spend around 10 minutes of leash training in the house to remind your dog of the rules.

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Training A Soft Mouth With Your German Shepherd

  • When feeding your dog a treat, keep the treat pinches between your fingers slightly. This is so your puppy has to lick or nibble at the treat to get it.
  • If your puppy is biting or chomping at your hand dont release the treat. Instead, pull your hand back slowly.
  • Now, offer your puppy the treat again. When he switches to just licking or using a soft mouth to nibble the treat out release the treat.
  • If your puppy is too excited you can choose another time to train them or say ouch! when they bite too hard. Withdraw your hand.
  • Wait a few seconds before offering your hand with the treat again.

Practice teaching a gentle mouth at least 3 to 5 times daily in short sessions only about 2 to 3 minutes long. You want to keep the sessions short so you dont wind up your puppy with long, stressful training.

Once your German Shepherd is using their mouth more gently, you can move on to teaching the drop or leave it command.

Pet Safe Premier Gentle Leader: Strong Enough For Large Breeds & Gentle Enough For Puppies

If youve just gotten a German Shepherd puppy, then nows the time to take control of your pack walks using a head collar thats safe for puppies as young as 8-weeks-old .

The Pet Safe Premier Gentle Leader Halter has been around for a long time for good reason.

With dogs of all sizes, shapes, and ages, the product has a long history of proven success. If youve never tried a head halter, then this brand is for you to start your halti training with.

Theres an instructional DVD to get you started on the correct way to introduce your dog to wearing a halter included for free.


  • The collar sits high on your dogs neck and doesnt put pressure on the throat which prevents choking and coughing.
  • Safe to use on puppies as young as 8 weeks old.
  • Converts to a regular collar if needed.
  • The reinforced padded nose strap offers less fur wear and skin irritations for your German Shepherds sensitive skin.

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When Should You Begin Leash Training

It is important to start leash training a GSD when its young. While it is still possible to leash train a GSD when its a full-grown adult, there will be more challenges in part because of how much heavier and stronger it is.

Challenges may also arise because older dogs tend to be set in their ways. Old habits can be broken, but often take a considerable amount of effort.

So it is ideal to begin leash training your GSD when it is a puppy, because when you train it at a young age it will take what it learns and apply it as it grows up.

You should already have a plan to introduce leash training before you take your GSD puppy home.

Remove Their Escape Aids

How to Stop a German Shepherd from pulling on the leash – Stop leash pulling now

Check your yard for anything that may aid your dog at escaping your fencing. Look for objects that could help your dog to scale the fence. Walk the perimeter of your yard to inspect for objects used for escape.

  • Are there any storage boxes, bushes, or trees that may allow your GSD to get a boost in their jump to scale high?
  • Are they sneaking into a corner and using something to help them over?
  • Do you have a shed, chairs or other items near the fence that make escape easier?

Remove or block off any of these escape aids to prevent jumping. These objects only encourage your German Shepherd to use them for scaling the fence. Your dog sees any object as a way to get a boost for their jumping habits.

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When Will My German Shepherd Stop Biting And Nipping Me

Your German Shepherd will generally stop biting when theyre around 6 to 8-months old.

German Shepherds generally stop biting around 6 to 8-months old. This is after all 42 of their adult teeth have grown in and they begin to learn bite inhibition while managing a soft mouth. You can speed up this learning process by keeping everyone in your family on the same track, using consistent discipline, and understanding that stopping your GSD from biting doesnt happen overnight. Your German Shepherd bites generally to initiate play and doesnt think its wrong.

Teach them to not bite you by sticking with positive training and avoid scaring or intimidating them. A German Shepherd that is fearful of you not only takes longer to train but wont bond with you.

Redirect Biting Ankles And Legs By Using A Food Lure

A tasty treat comes in handy when your GSD bites at your legs and ankles.

German Shepherd puppies are notorious for biting ankles and legs, as its in their nature to herd.

Your legs and feet are also enticing since they move and change directions frequently. If your dog nips and bites your ankles, theres a way to get them to stop that doesnt take hardly any effort or punishment.

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Problems With German Shepherd Dogs

Sometimes it can be tough to deal with some dogs. If your dog is not paying attention to you and keep doing what he wants, you stop and wait.

Take the leash tightly and weight, after sometime when your German Shepherd Dog will turn to see you or come back in the position give him a big smile and praise him.

But there are some situations when the Dog can lie down and refuse to walk. In this situation, you have to figure out what is the problem of the German Shepherd. Do not push for training in this situation.

In these conditions, it is better first to found the cause of the problem and solve it before start training again.

Your German Shepherds Natural Herding Instinct

Within Hours, Stop Barking, Growling, Pulling on the Leash ...

Your dog still has its herding history and the urge to nip at ankles.

Your German Shepherd comes from a long line of working dogs that were originally bred to herd sheep. These instincts still remain with your dog to this day.

Youve probably already experienced the biting and nipping at your ankles and legs. German Shepherds bite and nip your ankles due to this natural herding ability and powerful prey drive. This need to herd is in their genes and, unfortunately, your ankles will have to do when there are no sheep to round up!

While you might think this ankle-biting is cute or funny, imagine what damage this will do to your skin when your puppy grows into a strong adult.

Its best to learn the skill of disciplining your GSD for biting behavior instead of laughing and encouraging it unintentionally.

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Take Advantage Of Treats

Positive reinforcement for desired behavior works a treat for most kinds of dog training. No matter if your dog corrects its pace itself or due to the canny collar kicking in, wait until it matches your pace for a few seconds without trying to pull and then offer it a treat.

We always recommend that you used stewart pro freeze dried treats as your dog treats. They are excellent quality, delicious and 100% meat. For example, the chicken liver flavored ones pictured right contain nothing other than 100% freeze-dried chicken liver.

Stop German Shepherd Chasing

Fed up with your German Shepherd bolting after whatever moves? Its important to stop German Shepherd chasing for a number of reasons, starting with the very real danger to the dog. A moving car, a squirrel, or a cat can all lead a dog to situations that can be dangerous for their health. Not only that, but if you do not stop your dog from chasing things, it can be very difficult to have a nice, calm walk. So, instead of simply keeping them tied up continuously, you should learn how to stop dog chasing before it will become a major issue.

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Train Them By Zig Zagging

While all methods of training are good, this one has to be my favorite. Its a lot more hands-on, however, if youre willing to put in the time then its going to yield great results.

To start youre going to need to find a nice, big open area that doesnt have any distractions . If you have a good-sized garden that will do fine.

Once youve found one put your german shepherd on the leash and begin walking them. However, instead of walking them directly forward, walk diagonally. Just as your german shepherd gets used to walking in one direction suddenly zig-zag in another direction while telling them to come.

At first they may restrain slightly, however, when they start to come naturally without struggling then you can begin giving them lots of treats and attention.

Once your german shepherd is good at following you, then theyre ready for the next step. Begin letting them lead you on your walks. When something catches their attention and they begin to pull, simply turn in another direction and start walking.

If they follow without pulling then make sure you reward them with a treat and lots of affection. However, if they pull, keep walking in the other direction, but no longer reward them.

Eventually, theyll come to realize that when they listen to you they get the reward, however, when they dont, they get nothing.

Make Sure Youre Using Rewards

The Best Training For German Shepherds

The training program I love and highly recommend is Brain Training For Dogs.

How To Stop A German Shepherd From Jumping Over Fences

How to stop dog from pulling | Leash Walking German Shepherd training train

Imagine you knew how to stop your German Shepherd from jumping over the fence to keep them safe.

How much better would your life look?

But right now, youre stressed and worried and dont know what to do.

There is only one solution: read on to learn the exact tips I used to prevent my German Shepherd from jumping over the fence that you can easily use today.

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Give Your German Shepherd The Right Things To Chew

Help your German Shepherd stop biting you by giving them something else to chew on.

Your German Shepherd will most likely chew on everything you dont want

Unless you show him what you DO want him to put his teeth on.

You already know your German Shepherd is biting you, so anticipate the biting behavior and substitute a toy for your hand or ankles. Instead of just telling your puppy no let them know whats OK to bite and chew if they start nibbling at your fingers or toes.

Even better

Keep a few small toys in your pocket to offer them as they race around the house.

Make The Yard A Pleasing Retreat

It helps to keep your dog in your yard when they feel comfortable, happy, and satisfied with their outdoor living space. Create a space that your dog loves to be in!

Here are some fun yard ideas:

  • Offer them a kiddie pool in the summer to cool off.
  • Provide toys that keep your dog busy and use treats to entice them to stay inside the yard.
  • Hide some tasty treats or toys in the backyard so your dog must hunt for them.
  • Give them a fun food dispensing toy with special, flavorful smelling treats in it.

Play with them in the backyard often. Dont simply let them outside unsupervised for hours at a time or they become inclined to make their own fun by escaping.

Use the backyard to practice your necessary GSD obedience training commands and other fun activities. Create a positive association with the yard, and your dog is more likely to stay.

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The Most Common Reasons That German Shepherds Bite And Nip Are:

  • Developing social behavior skills
  • Going through the puppy biting phase while teething
  • Expressing their natural herding instincts
  • Lack of mental stimulation
  • Tired, cranky, and needs a nap

Nearly all German Shepherds bite while puppies as they develop and mature socially, experience growing pains as they teethe, and still hold onto their natural herding instinct and prey drive.

However, there are positive steps you can take to stop your German Shepherd puppys aggressive biting thats wreaking havoc on your hands and life.

Lets cover the primary reasons your puppy bites and nips your arms and ankles so that you can understand how discipline works to correct your GSDs out-of-control mouth.

Dont Let Pulling Be Reinforced

How to Stop Dog from pulling Part 2 Response Video German ...

As mentioned above, dogs do what gets reinforced. If your German Shepherd Dog pulls on the leash and gets what he wants then he will continue to do it and it will get worse. Instead, if you feel your dog start to pull you in one direction, you can plant your feet and stop moving until he comes back and gives you attention . Or, turn and walk the opposite way. Once he is walking next to you nicely, you can turn back and go the way he wanted to. This teaches your German Shepherd Dog that if he wants to go somewhere, he has to keep that leash loose.

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Teach Them The Leave It Command

Training your German Shepherd to leave it can avoid problems with biting.

Sometimes its better to train your German Shepherd to the leave it command so they learn early they cant always get everything they want in their mouth.

You can begin training this cue by doing the following:

  • When your GSD has a tight hold of something you dont want them to chew, simply show them a tasty treat near their face.
  • When he drops the item, give him the treat and say good.
  • Now, replace whatever was in his mouth with a toy youd rather him chew and bite.

Pay attention to the types of items your German Shepherd prefers to pick up and chew.

Is it something hard?

Then, replace it with a hard, tough chew toy.

Is the item soft?

Try replacing the item with a furry toy instead.

Get to know your German Shepherds unique chewing preferences. Youll be able to stop their biting of unwanted items more quickly with less damage to yourself or your belongings.


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