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How To Pet A German Shepherd

How Big Are German Shepherds

How to Train a German Shepherd Puppy – A Detailed Video on GS Training Tips

Males stand about 24-26 inches at the shoulder and weigh 75-110 pounds.

Females stand about 22-24 inches and weigh 65-90 pounds.

Some German Shepherds are considerably larger than that, but shouldn’t be. This breed is supposed to be athletic and agile, not giant-sized and ponderous. Larger dogs can have more joint problems and a shorter lifespan.

How To Train A German Shepherd Not To Go After Cats

First of all, with young GSDs, things are pretty easy! That means owners can effortlessly train them without the need for expert guidance.

On the other hand, the adult German shepherd isnt easy to train not to go after cats as already mentioned above, they require a lot of time and training.

But still, lets take a quick look into it

Remove chances for your German Shepherd to go after cats, which you can do by keeping your GSD on a leash when outside. And if he still tries to chase the cat, then use commands like leave it. Because this is a general command, that means leave ANYTHING in which they are interested.

This basic command is a core to help your German Shepherds understand that cats arent something that he can go after.

But this is not fix-all because GSDs have an extreme prey drive.

Keep your GSD on a leash inside the house in a place where he can watch you hanging out with the cat this will tell him that cats are also family, not a toy to catch.

Once you have done this many times, GSD will learn that you do not wish for him to chase down the cat.

Sometimes German Shepherds eventually learn that cats are off-limit. While sometimes, it takes a month or months.

So be patient, and dont keep your GSDs always on a leash!

German Shepherds And Barking

As with any dog, German Shepherds are likely to bark. Their main purpose was for herding and guarding so they can be quite vocal when people walk past or enter or exit the house, but how much noise they make will vary from dog to dog. If youre having problems with excessive noise or barking, we recommend seeking the advice of an accredited behaviourist.

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Places To Find German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The following German Shepherd breeders are the best in the market which were handpicked through a set of criteria and considerations.

I can affirm that the breeders on this list are accredited and recognized by kennel organizations in the United States to ensure that puppies are bred according to the prescribed standards.

In this list, the professional background of the breeders and trainers, their facilities, and the credibility of the breeders are taken into consideration in recommending German Shepherd breeders to ensure that you will only meet puppies that are healthy and stable.

Rescuing A German Shepherd: An Overview

35 Fun German Shepherd Facts to Amaze Your Friends

Bringing a new pet home is both exciting and stressful. On the one hand, you are excited to have a new dog. Think of all the great memories you will make together! You cant wait to get home and really get to know your new fuzzy buddy.

But on the other hand, youre nervous. Maybe you have never owned a German shepherd before and arent quite sure what it will be like. You are probably wondering how your German shepherd will get along with your other pets or kids.

These feelings are common and anyone who has ever rescued an animal felt the same way at some point. With a little foreknowledge of what it will be like rescue a German shepherd, you will bring your dog home with confidence.

So, what will rescuing a German Shepherd be like, from start to finish?

I think that my summarization succintly describes the experience. It goes as follows:

  • Adjusting with your new German shepherd.
  • It doesnt seem so daunting a task when you look at it from this angle.

    Lets take a closer look at each step so you have a more detailed idea of what the experience will be like.

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    What Should I Do If My Gsd Continuously Sprays

    If you have found the problem, eliminated the problem, but your pet is still struggling with territorial marking, no worries! You can train your pet not to spray just like you house trained them.

    While its no fun re-training your pet, German Shepherds make it easy as its never too late to train them. They are smart dogs, so training goes smoothly the majority of the time. Here are a few tips to speed up the process, so you are not cleaning up the mess for longer than you have to:

    • Constructive Discipline When you do catch your dog in the act, stop them by making a loud noise and then get them outside to finish their business. This is how you want to housetrain your pet as well.
    • Positive reinforcement Positive reinforcement is proven to work wonders with dogs. Rubbing your pets nose in their accidents works only by instilling fear in your furry friend, and German Shepherds are not dogs you want to ever train through fear. Instead, try giving them treats when you get them outside.
    • Never resort to hitting your dog This only confuses them, and instead of learning that the correct thing is good, they learn that the wrong thing is bad. This only causes your German Shepherd to be scared and can make them anxious. Heres how to discipline a GSD and what not to do!
    • Try using belly bands for male dogs or diapers around the house This is nota solution, but it may help you keep calm while you are trying to train your dog !

    Do German Shepherds Spray At All Ages

    Your German Shepherd can spray at any age, whether they are a puppy, an adult, or a mature dog. Since spraying is primarily caused by territorial natures derived from the reproductive drive, it is most common in puppies that have not been spayed or neutered.

    If youve got a German Shepherd thats been spraying for a long time, spaying or neutering may not solve the problem. Older dogs who spray are more likely to do it because it has become a learned behavior. Outside stressors can also cause spraying.

    If you have a German Shepherd puppy who is starting to spray, try to train this behavior out of them as quickly as possible. Some puppies may start to mark from as young as three months old. Even though spraying is an instinctual action, it can also become a learned behavior so its best to nip it in the bud.

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    Average German Shepherd Puppy Prices

    There are several different average ranges for German Shepherd puppies, depending on which type of German Shepherd you are looking for.

    Of course, this will all vary by location, where you live and how many German Shepherd breeders you have locally, and in your area.

    That being said, Average prices for German Shepherd puppies usually range between $500 and $1500. This is what you can expect to pay if you just want a German Shepherd puppy for a family pet.

    If you purchase a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder who produces show dogs, you can expect to pay on average between $1500 and $5000. The more well-known the German Shepherd parents are in the show community, the more you will end up paying.

    For a service dog, or police K-9, German Shepherd puppy, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8,000 to $20,00.

    To be fair, a lot of time this will include the training that is required to perform which ever job that you have in mind for the puppy.

    These service dogs are also the exception rather than the norm. Breeders will often have direct relationships with different authorities regarding their sale.

    So, if you are looking for a German Shepherd as a family pet, you shouldnt have to worry about paying this rather large sum unless you had the monies and wanted to of course.

    The Importance Of Diet

    How To Paint A GERMAN SHEPHERD Dog

    When it comes to German Shepherd coat care, diet and nutrition are extremely important. Make sure youre feeding your pet a high-quality, nutritious, Animal-based diet. Avoid anything that includes more plant-based products, such as corn, wheat, or grains, than animal meat. The correct type of protein for carbohydrates is integral for a fit and healthy dog, mostly low carb and high protein.

    On the flip side, its important to offer a wide mixture of macro and micro nutrients. Try to avoid some grain-free diets, as these have been linked to cardiomyopathy due to nutrient deficiency, there are gluten-free and allergic foods that do have all the necessary ingredients, but be vigilant, talk to a vet and look at how your dog responds to food. Organ meats are highly nutritious, and most would agree cooking any meat is important. Look for the nutrients listed below:

    • Omega-6
    • Vitamin E
    • Vitamin C

    Ensure your German Shepherd is treated regularly with anti-parasitic , as well as yearly worm medication or more regularly when there has been an infestation, consult your vet when necessary.

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    Let Your German Shepherd Know You Are In Charge

    Older German Shepherds that bite will often do it to try to exert dominance over their owner. They can also bite due to jealousy, or when you tell them to do something like get off your chair or bed.

    Handy Hint: Ive written an in-depth explanation to why dogs like to steal your seat when you get up.

    You need to train your German Shepherd to realize you are the pack leader and the dominant one. Alphas like us owners, should not be bitten by pack members lower down the chain.

    Being assertive will help, but often simply rewarding good behavior is enough to get a dog to bend to your will.

    Where To Adopt Of Buy A German Shepherd

    If you think you’d like to adopt a German shepherd, start by contacting one of the following organizations:

    These groups will be able to provide guidance and next steps for adoption. If you aren’t certain the breed is right for you, you may be able to try foster care to test if a GSD is a good fit for your home.

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    Train Your German Shepherd Puppy To Not Bite Over Food

    One of the most common times a German Shepherd puppy will bite is when food is in the equation. Puppies tend to be very overprotective of food, which they learned when in the litter as they had to fight for nutrition.

    Unfortunately, it will be behavior that can extend to occur over their food bowl.

    If your German Shepherd is showing food aggression, then you need to train the puppy to learn you are in charge and can pick their bowl up and put it back down at any time with no aggression from the dog.

    Handy Hint: Here are some ways you can teach your dog to not steal from the table or start begging you for food.

    What you do is put a bowl in front of your German Shepherd then quickly remove it again. If your German Shepherd doesnt react with a bite attempt, praise them vocally and reward with a treat.

    If you do get a growl and bite, give them a firm no command and keep hold of the bowl.

    Repeat the process until you get the response that you want the end game is your German Shepherd viewing you as the dominant alpha who controls the food source and doesnt get bitten.

    What To Expect When You Bring A Rescue Home

    Alabama Rot

    Many German Shepherds have been through traumatic circumstances before arriving in a shelter or foster home. If they have been in a shelter for a long time, theyve been among a lot of other dogs and may not have received much individual attention. They may still feel stressed, so theyll need some time to adjust. But theyll also be overjoyed to be part of a family again and receiving individualized love.

    A rescue dog will love you and bond with you quickly. Especially if you are rescuing a young dog, be prepared for lots of energyyoull want to plan multiple rounds of exercise each day. You should also prepare for lots of shedding! Make sure youre equipped with a good vacuum cleaner and a lint roller.

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    Use Chew Toys Instead Of Your Hands

    When puppies are young, it can be fun to use your hands when playing with them, and a little nip here and there probably wont hurt you. But you are training them into thinking your hands are fair game.

    Instead you should use chew toys for this type of play. If you can focus their attention onto a toy and not your hands, they will learn that fingers and hands are not there to be bitten.

    Its all about positive association.

    Theres a I let my puppy play with when we started training him not to bite. You can also see the prices by clicking the photo below.

    Put A Thumb Under The Puppys Tongue And A Finger Under The Chin

    With persistent biting you could try this tip. It seems to be quite cruel, and admittedly Ive never tried it, but it is used by some dog trainers so could be a fall-back tactic.

    Dog trainers tell you to do the loud squeal when the German Shepherd puppy bites you then quickly place your thumb in their mouth, pressing it underneath their tongue. You can then put a finger under the chin.

    Hold this position for 10 seconds if you can, but not hard enough to hurt the puppy.

    The German Shepherd will not like it, and it could mean they stop biting you and will learn for next time.

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    A German Shepherd Is First Dog In The Us To Test Positive For The Coronavirus

    Three cats have previously tested positive in the U.S., but experts say the risk to pets remains low.

    A German shepherd in New York has tested positive for the coronavirus that causes COVID-19the first confirmed case of a dog contracting the virus in the United States, the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced on June 2.

    The dog is believed to have been infected by its owner, who also tested positive for the virus, and is expected to make a full recovery. There is no evidence to date that pets can spread the virus to people.

    This case further highlights the importance of pet owners with COVID-19 avoiding contact with pets and other animals during their illness to prevent spreading the virus to them, says Kate Grusich, a spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control .

    The dog had been showing signs of respiratory illness after his owner tested positive for the virus. A private veterinary laboratory initially tested the dog and got a presumptive positive result. Additional testing by the National Veterinary Services Laboratories of the United States Department of Agriculture confirmed the labs resultthe standard procedure to officially ascertain a positive case of COVID-19 in an animal.

    A second dog in the same home tested negative for the virus but did have antibodies in its system, indicating that it may have been exposed, according to the USDA.

    Interesting German Shepherd Facts: One Of The Most Popular Dog Breeds

    How to Make a German Shepherd Dog Calm : Dog Care 101

    The German Shepherd dog is one type of dog that is active and has a proportional body. This dog has a head that is wide and perfectly pointed so that it forms like a sharp muzzle. The shape of the ears is large and stands upright.

    And the most striking thing is that this dog has a character that tends to be suspicious of strangers. But this dog will be very useful for its owner if it has been trained since childhood. In addition to his nature, he has courage, loyalty, and instinct to guard. His posture is very suitable as a police dog, military dog, bloodhound, guard and rescue dog.

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    What Are The Signs That A Dog Doesnt Like Being Petted

    Body stiffness is huge, Newells says. If your dog holds his breath or his whole body goes stiff, thats your first clue that its time to stop. If your dogs ears go down, or his tail tucks under him, are other important signs.

    Tell us: Where does your dog like to be pet? Where does he hate getting petted? What advice do you have for others on how to pet a dog?

    Jessica Pineda is a freelance writer who lives in Northern California with her two German Shepherds, Forest and River. Check out her dogs Instagram page at .

    Read more about training your dog on

    Will My German Shepherd Find A New Home

    Maybe. Once you leave your dog, what happens next is out of your hands. While shelters work hard to find homes for all the dogs in their care, sometimes its just not possible. Its also important to note that some shelters are forced to put down more animals than others, so you should do a little research about the shelter to which youre thinking about surrendering your dog.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that some dogs become fearful and anxious in a shelter. This could manifest as aggression, which can greatly reduce your German Shepherds chances of being adopted.

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