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How Often Should You Walk A German Shepherd Puppy

What Type Of German Shepherd Do Police Use

That’s why you should have a GERMAN SHEPHERD, Dog walk in a rainy day | Oscar German Shepherd VLOG 1

German Shepherds have been used for a variety of public service tasks. In the United States, German Shepherds are most often utilized by law enforcement agencies either as sentinel dogs to patrol boundaries, tactical intervention dogs to track and chase armed suspects, or patrol dogs for traffic stops and boating activity. In Europe, theyre more often seen in police work than in the US because crime rates tend to be higher there.Examples:-K9 Borek worked with NYPDs Emergency Services Unit and was responsible for saving many lives even capturing a suspect who had violently stabbed two people during transit . He also helped locate another seriously injured person trapped in rubble after September 11th attacks.-.

How To Get The Best Temperament

So, whilst the physical appearance of a Husky German Shepherd is relatively predictable, their temperament can be far more variable.

Since the grown up temperament is hard to judge in a German Shepherd Husky mix puppy, its especially important to meet both of your puppys parents before you commit.

Remind yourself that your puppy could inherit any of the personality traits of either parent. Then ask yourself if youd be happy having either of the parents at home.

Can I Take My 3 Month Old Puppy To The Dog Park

Its safe to take your puppy to the dog park when shes had all her vaccinationsusually around 16 weeks of age. Any earlier, and shes still vulnerable to picking up a disease from the other dogs. Dog parks are a great way to socialize your pup to other dogs, which you want to start as early in puppyhood as possible.

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Note On German Shepherd Colors

German Shepherd puppies come in many colors:

  • black and tan,
  • black and brown,
  • and sable.

Some color patterns are not accepted as standard by the AKC: for example, a completely white German Shepherd. A puppy with tufts of hair in his ears and between his toes is considered a “long-coated black” German Shepherd. Although he is not a standard German Shepherd type, the long-coated black will make an excellent family pet.

How To Train German Shepherd Not To Pull On The Leash

How Often Should I Wash My German Shepherd?

Leash training a three-year-old white female German Shepherd for the first time. A professional dog trainer is demonstrating for the owner, how to leash train her dog to stop pulling. This dog has never been leash trained at all until now. This is her first lesson.

Why Im using a six-foot leash in this video.

If you have seen any of my other training videos. you know I like to use a long line for all my leash training. But, sometimes we need to do things differently, to help solve a behavior problem.

Because the owner is not physically fit to learn how to use a long line, to leash train her dog. I have to teach her with a 6-foot leash. As a dog trainer, we have to be able to help people without getting hurt, do whats safe for the dog, and the owner.

In this video, The owner is learning what she needs to practice, so she can enjoy walking with her dog. Dog owners need to learn how to applied what they have learned if they want to have a trained dog.

Additional information that can help!

Here are 7 things you should know about giving your GSD dog the proper exercise.

7 Tips for German Shepherd Exercise:

1.What Age to StartIts never too early or too late to start an exercise program with your dog. All ages of dogs benefit from a proper exercise program starting a fitness regime with your dog as soon as it enters your house will ensure its physical health. Whether youve purchased a puppy or adopted an adult dog, establish an exercise program immediately.

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Training Goal #: Crate Training

This is also a good time for crate training, which Adams recommends as well. GSD trainer and dog sports enthusiast Alexa Hagood, LVMT, agrees: Crate breaks, even when brief, can help the puppy become acclimated to going in the crate and having some alone time. She notes that this can help reduce the risk of a puppy developing separation anxiety, and recommends beginning with using the crate for feeding times , and at times when the owner needs to do daily chores.

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How Much To Exercise Your German Shepherd

If you have a German Shepherd or you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd then youre probably wondering how much exercise it should be getting.

So, how much exercise do German Shepherds need? German Shepherds are a breed that require s a lot of exercise . Vets will typically recommend that you give your German Shepherd at least one hour of exercise per day and the American Kennel Club actually recommends that they get at least 2 hours of exercise.

German Shepherds are a breed that was bred to do energy-intensive tasks for hours daily. With that being the case, they require a lot of exercise to be properly stimulated. Youll often find that your German Shepherd will be able to handle all the exercise that you can throw at it and still have energy to spare.

Despite that, its very important that you make sure that your German Shepherd gets lots of exercise on a daily basis. Maybe you wont be able to get rid of all of its energy but you will still be able to wear it out a bit. And that will go a long way in reducing hyperactive behavior that is caused by not getting enough exercise.

The exact amount of exercise that your German Shepherd needs will depend a lot on your German Shepherd. Some German Shepherds are less energetic and will only need an hour a day of exercise to be properly stimulated. While others will require a lot more than that and youll need to find ways to wear it out quickly.

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Do German Shepherds Like To Cuddle

Its a no. German Shepherds dont like to cuddle, but theyre very good at pretending youve lost them if you try to make them! It becomes an instinctive defense mechanism for them, because of their history as sheep dogs. The German Shepherd is supposed to be working at all times even when they dont need to work anymore. In Germany, shepherds use their dogs not only for herding and guarding the flock from predators, but also as guards against poachers. Professionally it would really not be a good idea if your shepherd ever let its guard down too often! Consistency is very important with this breed of dog. At home its different though, and inter-.

German Shepherds As Working Dogs


Since the origin of the German Shepherd breed, these dogs have been trained as working dogs. They have herded livestock, but they have also been guardian dogs and assistants to police forces, firefighters and rescue teams. Nowadays, German Shepherds are also considered excellent service and therapy dogs. The excellent disposition of this large and beautiful breed has led it to play a key role in all of these professions for many years. Of course, they can also be excellent companions for any type of family.

If you want to train your German Shepherd as a working dog, you should go to a professional dog trainer. However, remember that this breed is sensitive, and may become aggressive or suffer serious behavioral problems if you let it be trained by someone who uses punishment techniques.

Finally, we must stress that dogs shouldn’t be trained to attack, unless in extremely specific circumstances and in controlled environments – certainly not in our daily lives. Training a dog to attack will make it stressed, frightened, and likely to develop behavioral issues. If that is your intent and you don’t have professional extended experience, it’s best not to adopt a dog at all.

These are our tips to train a German Shepherd. If you want to learn more about this breed, don’t miss the following articles:

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Ways To Give Your German Shepherd Attention

Walk it

If youre thinking of getting a German Shepherd then be aware you will have to walk it on a daily basis. Its important to give your German Shepherd constant aerobic activity that makes it use up a lot of its energy.

You should plan to have to walk your German Shepherd for an hour per day but you might find that it isnt enough.

If its not enough then there are some things that you can do to wear it out more while youre walking it.

You can teach it to come to you on command so that you can walk it without the lead around the dog park so that it will wear itself out more by running around. You can take it on a walk where there are more hills and you could even make it wear a dog weight vest that is more than 10% of its body weight.

Play fetch

Another good way to give your German Shepherd a lot of attention while also giving it a lot of exercise is to teach it to play fetch.

Teaching your German Shepherd to play fetch is good because it will wear your German Shepherd out quickly since it will get it to do a lot of sprinting without much rest causing it to lose a lot of energy quickly.

It will also improve your relationship with your German Shepherd since it will get it used to interacting with you in a positive way and it will associate listening to you with positive things.

Train it

Another way to give your German Shepherd lots of attention is to spend lots of time training it.

Teach it to swim
Play tug of war
Have it pull you

Things to consider

If its a puppy

Positive Reinforcement Produces Positive Results

Your German Shepherd will respond best to training with positive reinforcement. Yelling or physical punishment will cause this intelligent breed to mistrust you.

Reward good behavior with treats or praise or both. Its the best way to show your German Shepherd that hes doing it right and its a motivator for him to continue with this behavior.

Remember earlier when I said that your German Shepherd actually wants to please you?

Well, once your dog has mastered the behavior, you can remove the treats and reward only with praise hell relish in it all the same.

You know by now that there are heaps of different training programs. Each program has a specific focus, function, and outcome.

Well take a closer look at some of these in future posts. So, for now, lets look at two basic programs

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German Shepherd Husky Mix Appearance

When two different pedigrees are mated, their puppies can inherit the physical traits of either breed. And theyre most likely to get a mix of both.

Sometimes this means puppies from litter to litter, or even within a litter, have very different looks.

Is that the case for Husky and German Shepherd pups?

German Shepherd Husky Mix Color

Leash Training Your German Shepherd The Easy Way

The outlines of a German Shepherd and Husky might be pretty similar. But the real variety lies in their coloring.

The most striking Husky German Shepherd mix dogs inherit the dark coat of their German Shepherd parent, and the bright blue eyes of their Husky parent.

But German Shepherds actually come in a range of colors, from Sable to Silver and even White.

Siberian Huskies can be red, or even white too.

The most surefire way to get white German Shepherd Husky mix puppies is by picking white-coated parents.

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Provide A Digging Area Or Pit

Many dogs love to dig including many German Shepherds. Provide an area or digging box for them so they can dig to their hearts content. Just be aware that if the weather is warm and you use sand, it may get hot. You can wet it down with the hose if it is. See Dog Toys for Diggers for more ideas on catering to a dogs natural digging instinct.

For more information on strength and muscles conditioning activities check out Muscle building and Strength exercises for dogs and How to make your dog gain muscle

What Should I Do If My Dog Is Pacing All The Time

Do what it takes for your dog to always have a safe, static environment. This includes making sure they have a regular daily routine and schedule. Changes to a dogs routine or environment should be done gradually, if possible. Taking a dog to a new place, meeting new people, or new animals every day can provoke anxiety.

Recent Posts

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Note On Skin Elasticity

According to dr. Jerry Klein, the chief veterinarian for the AKC, skin elasticity is probably the easiest way to check if your dog is dehydrated.

Dr. Klein suggests that you gently hold some of the dogs skin near his shoulder blades, raise it up, and then let it go. Watch carefully as it falls back into place. In well-hydrated dogs, the skin instantly will spring back to its original position. The skin of dehydrated dogs, on the other hand, will take longer to fall back into place.

However, the best way to keep your dog from being dehydrated is simply to avoid dehydration in the first place. Always make sure that your dog has a clean supply of fresh water at all times.

Because dogs have individual requirements, its a good idea to ask your veterinarian how much water at a minimum that your dog should be drinking.

Though as a general rule, dogs should drink about an ounce of water per pound of their body weight per day. This will, of course, be dependent on your dogs activity level and how hot the weather is outside.

Additionally, make sure that your dog always has access to shade. Just like you seek out shade on a hot day, so does your dog. A dog kept in the hot sun without access to shade can quickly overheat and begin to dehydrate.

Points To Be Understood By Master And Owner Of The German Shepherd

How Far Should I Walk My 4 1/2 Month Old German Shepherd – ask me anything – Dog Training Videos

Always buy or bring a perfect size of leash or harness because it directly impacts on the walking style of your German shepherd. Check the perfect size of your dog and then purchase the leash.

A better option is to buy a short leash instead of a long leash but also make sure that your leash is not tight enough for the dogs neck.

When your dog is trying to pull the leash then you do not pull the leash. If you pull the leash at that time then it will harm your dog on his neck.

Always make or train your dog to walk by your side. If your dog is walking by your side then it is very easy for you to maintain is walking and running.

So, before taking your German shepherd for the walk then please go through the above tips because they are very useful for you. A German shepherd is an energetic protection dog and he always tries to walk and run in the open area. So, its your duty to ensure that he will not face any inconvenience in walking and running.

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What Is The Five

You cannot place your puppys exercise requirements in a box that fits all situations. However, one rule that makes sense as a loose guideline, posted by, is to exercise your pup for five minutes per month of age. You can do an exercise session twice a day.

If you bring a GSD puppy home at ten weeks old, your exercise guideline would tell you to work with her about 12.5 minutes twice a day.

A six-month-old puppy, which you may be tempted to treat as a miniature adult, should still only get about half an hour of exercise twice a day.

How Long Can You Leave German Shepherds Alone By Age

Leaving a newborn German Shepherd puppy alone for too long is not only dangerous but immoral and cruel. If youre worried about being away for several hours per day, you should definitely find someone who can come and watch them. Their natural curiosity can lead to all sorts of hazardous problems, especially if their mother isnt around to protect them.

On the other hand, its not so bad with older well trained and socialized German Shepherds . Senior GSDs shouldnt be left alone for too long as they may need more toilet breaks or if they suddenly become sick as serious problems can develop very quickly without the help of anyone around.

Lets review how long you can leave German Shepherds alone during their different life stages.

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How Much Should A German Shepherd Puppy Weigh

German ShepherdDog breedThe German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. According to the FCI, the breeds English language name is German Shepherd Dog. Wikipedia

Male: 6065 cm, Female: 5560 cmWeight:Male: 3040 kg, Female: 2232 kgTemperament:Obedient, Intelligent, Curious, Alert, Loyal, Confident, Courageous, WatchfulColors:Black, Black & Tan, Sable, Grey, Red & Black, Black & SilverView 15+ more

Sometimes It Pays To Wait A While

Sierra, 8 week old German Shepherd puppy

Their friendly dispositions and unswerving loyalty are likely to make German Shepherd Husky mix dogs a happy fit with older children and teens.

But they will need lots of socialization when young to avoid the potential guarding issues German Shepherds can have.

Can you make the commitment to raising a Husky German Shepherd?

To put in the time and effort needed? If so, your reward will be a truly great friend.

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