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How Much Is A White German Shepherd

What Factors Determine The Price Of A German Shepherd Dog

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The cost of a German Shepherd puppy does vary, depending upon her age, color, bloodline, litter size, location, as well as the amount the breeder has invested into health tests.

German Shepherds obtained from animal shelters and rescue organizations are relatively inexpensive because they charge only enough to cover their costs.

Here are the 5 most prominent factors that will affect the price of a German Shepherd:

When Do White German Shepherds Stop Growing

We spoke about German Shepherd puppy and adult growth rates at in How Big Will My German Shepherd Get.

A GSD puppy will usually double its birth weight in the first week.

When you get a GSD puppy at the standard age of 8 weeks or 2 months old, your puppy will be around 16-19 lb .

A GSD will increase in size 5-10% monthly up until the age of about 1 year or 12 months. At this age, your GSDs growth rate will slow rapidly until the age of about 18 to 24 months old when they reach physical maturity.

Eastern German Shepherd lines reach maturity later.

Adult or full grown White German Shepherd dogs will end up around 70 times the size of its original birth height and weight.

Males average 60-65 cms , and 30-40 kg . Females average 55-60 cms , and 22-32 kg .

You can check out a German Shepherd Growth Chart .

The American Kennel Clubs breed standard in regards to color reads:

Color: The German Shepherd Dog varies in color, and most colors are permissible. Strong rich colors are preferred. Pale, washed-out colors and blues or livers are serious faults. A white dog must be disqualified

So, White German Shepherds can enter American shows, but it is the breed standard written by the club that disqualifies them immediately.

Why Are German Shepherd Puppies So Expensive

After reading a bit on how much German Shepherds cost, youre probably thinking why they are so expensive, especially since they are by no means rare dogs.

Despite GSDs being widespread, they are not easy dogs to breed. They require a lot of dedication and care, and all of this costs money.

A reputable breeder who is looking to breed and sell their pups needs to train and show their mating dogs, then they need to do all the health screening and pay for all the licenses and paperwork.

None of this comes at a cheap price.

Here is a brief overview of all the costs that await a professional German Shepherd Breeder:


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White German Shepherd Behavior And Temperament

There seems to be some confusion over the behavior and temperament of this color of GSD.

Some sources have claimed some independent data has emerged which suggests White German Shepherds are slightly more placid and dont have as much of a drive or edge as their black and tan counterparts.

Other sources say the White German Shepherd in particular can turn on its owner or attack strangers.

There is no scientific data supporting any of these notions that we could find.

As with other German Shepherds, the White German Shepherd is an intelligent dog. It is not readily trusting of strangers though very loyal to its family.

When given early socialisation and obedience training, they will give their owners and other people few issues, especially on the aggression side of things.

Ultimately, as we have said before, GSD behavior and temperament is best predicted by tracing the lines of the parents and ancestor of the dog in question.

DNA has a huge part to do with it.

Hip Dysplasia Nd Lbow Dysplasia

How Much Is A White German Shepherd

When it comes to hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia, there is a big variety of treatment options depending on your desires, finances, and the dogs condition itself.

The cheapest alternative is simply giving your dog pain medicine and physical therapy. This can cost you anywhere between $500 and $2,500 per year.

However, if you want a more durable solution that could truly help the condition of your pup, then you should attempt to get a total hip replacement for your pup but this procedure can cost you thousands.

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White German Shepherd Dogs Cant Give Birth To Non

There are many misconceptions with how white German shepherds are bred.

Some say that the white gene can make the coat color of a puppy lighter. Others say the product of two white GSDs will always be white German shepherd puppies.

There are many other issues with white German shepherd dogs in terms of breeding.

What Is The Most Expensive Type Of German Shepherd

Like in many dog breeds, certain rare German Shepherd colors are much more expensive than the most common colors and patterns. Special colorings such as the Panda Shepherd, Isabella German Shepherd, black German Shepherd, dogs with one or two blue eyes or the extremely rare Albino German Shepherd can be as expensive as $5,000.

While it is tempting to get a color that nobody else has dont let looks alone guide your decision on your future puppy. It is much more important that your puppy has a sound temperament and fits in well with your family and lifestyle than that he has a certain rare look.

In recent years, a few breeders have produced so-called Miniature German Shepherds. Breeders of Miniature German Shepherds charge extremely high prices for their puppies, starting at $2,000 and ranging up to $4,500 for the smallest dogs. It is important to note that there is no such breed as a Miniature German Shepherd registered with the AKC. These dogs are mutts . Once more, be certain to not decide on your future dog based on looks alone. A stable temperament and good health is much more integral than a certain size or weight.

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Alleles Where Silver Can Occur In German Shepherds

I locus

Geneticists have not yet confirmed but believe there is a switch that determines the intensity of reds and yellows in canids. If the gene fails to turn on or only has a partial effect, dogs will be very light or have a washed-out appearance.

The recessive intensity suppression gene is similar to the dilution gene that acts on black pigment. The lighter a Shepherds tan points are, the more silvery she looks.

D locus

Silver German Shepherds are not blue dogs. The dilution gene affects black hair or eumelanin. It also affects red hair but makes them muddy rather than pale.

Diluted dogs are d/d while normal dogs are D/D or D/d. The Dilution gene is recessive. You can refer to a blue German Shepherd as a steel blue or mouse gray.

KIT gene

A recently-discovered KIT gene is responsible for the piebald German Shepherd. Panda German Shepherds can be silver, albeit rare. Silver will show up as cream or pale beige where the tan or red would be.

E locus

The E locus is mostly relevant in German Shepherds as the dominant black facial mask. Silver German Shepherds still usually have a black mask and are Em/e, Em/Em, or Em/E. E/E and E/e dogs do not have a mask but have the dominant gene that allows black expression in the coat.

Recessive e/e dogs cannot produce eumelanin in their fur and are white, yellow, or red depending on the breed. Dutch Shepherds that are e/e are yellow to tan. German Shepherds with the e/e gene are usually white.

B locus

The White German Shepherd All The Facts About This Magnificent Breed

Day In The Life Of A White German Shepherd – #2

The White German Shepherd is known for its plush white coat, its athletic body and its high intelligence. This unique dog is bred from German Shepherds and carries many of the same characteristics, yet it also carries the recessive white furred coat gene. So, as long as you dont mind a bit of extra time spent on grooming, youll still get a loving and loyal German Shepherd as your trusty companion.

Read on below to find out more about this special breed of dog and whether they could be the right pup for you.

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Genetic Structure Of Albinism

But even all-white German shepherds show no trace of albinism in their genes.

The gene responsible for the white color is the same gene that makes Labradors yellow, or have fading colors.

There are many issues regarding albinism as well, but you wont find any of them in white German shepherd dogs.

West German Show Line

The West German Show Line is bred strictly according to the German Shepherd Breed Standard. There are certain measurement minimums for their hips and elbows. This results in a stunning, very specific, and uniform appearance. These dogs have a very strong, pronounced build with a black and tan saddle, and solid back.

They make good house protectors and need a lot of exercise and to be trained frequently. These dogs are very social. So they are perfect for families with kids.

Price Range: A West German Show Line puppy may cost $5,000 to $8,000.

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Food And Dietary Requirements

1,500 calories
Cups of Kibble

The white German shepherd is a large dog and therefore their diet should be equally large.

This large dog has high energy and exercise needs, which in order for them to be met, we recommend a diet formulated specifically for large dog breeds.

These diets are specifically made to incorporate all proteins, fats and carbohydrates which your big dog will need.

High quality dry kibble diets are a great option. However, a lot of German Shepherd owners opt for a raw diet.

As a puppy, your dog should be fed three times a day.

As they mature, you should decrease daily feedings to two times a day.

West German Working Line

How Much Is A White German Shepherd

The West German Working Line is primarily bred to be working dogs, especially in law enforcement and military functions. The breeding process is aimed to develop the dogs endurance for adverse situations.

This is the line of GSD you would normally see in movies. They are also closest to the original breed that was bred and developed by Max von Stephanitz, who is acknowledged as the father of German Shepherd Dogs.

With a stable temperament, they excel in working jobs, and also make awesome family pets.

Price range: A West German Working Line puppy can cost anywhere from $1500 to $3000.

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How Do They Communicate

Dogs in general have a way of communicating through their body language, which should be known by every owner of every dog. If a dog lowers the front of their body in a stretching manner raising their bottoms with wagging tails, ears are in their natural position, and occasionally barks, it usually means that they are happy and inviting you to play. If their body is in a lowered position, ears are in an unnatural position and if you see them yawning or licking their lips, that basically means that they are worried or uncomfortable. There are many more signs like these that should be known by every owner to understand their dog better. White German shepherds are a very vocal bunch. They bark a lot but try to understand and differentiate the barks as these dogs will also alert you if they sense any danger or they might bark if they feel alone.

What Vaccines Do White German Shepherds Need

Vaccines protect dogs from lethal and contagious diseases. For a long and healthy life, it is best for a dog to stick to a schedule of vaccines. Talk with your vet about a recommended vaccine schedule.

Flea and tick treatment isnt technically a vaccine but it is something that keeps your dog safe from bug bites and Lymes Disease. You have the choice of oils, collars, or pills to prevent fleas and ticks from attaching to your shepherd.

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Do Black German Shepherds Change Color Or Have White Markings

If you notice your dog turning brown or getting white hair, he or she is not a Black Shepherd but a regular one. Black German Shepherd puppies usually come out grey, black, or white and then get their adult color at eight weeks of age. Take them home at nine to ten-weeks-old to be safe.

Some Black Shepherds can have patches of white or brown on their paws, legs, or chest. There are cases it darkens as they grow older, but it could also stay.

White spots doesnt mean this dog is not a purebred since its common for some Black German Shepherds to have them.

If youre worried that the markings might mean they are a mix, ask the breeder for papers to be sure youre bringing home a pure Black German Shepherd.

Is A White German Shepherd The Right Dog For You

White German Shepherd Puppy Training Clemmons NC | Freya

If you are active and love the outdoors, you might be a good fit for a White German Shepherd. If you walk or run every day, youll be great friends.

Kids? No problem. Shepherds are gentle, loving, and protective of kids. Theyre affectionate and personable.

White German Shepherds are not meant to be tied outside all day. They stick with their people and want to be with them at all times.

This breed may not be suitable for people without experience owning a large, strong dog. They may also not be suitable for people with allergies to dander.

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The White German Shepherds Origin

The White German Shepherd was an important European farm animal because of its obedience and loyalty and its excellence as a herding dog.

Most early herdsmen preferred these canines because their pristine white coats blended into flocks of sheep and livestock, making it easier to spot black wolves among the flock.

White Shepherds are the direct descendants of the GSD, a purebred developed by a German army captain named Max von Stephanitz. Von Stephanitz first GSD, named Horand von Grafrath, is the genetic basis for the German Shepherd breed we know today.

Horand had a maternal grandfather named Greif von Sparwasser, a white-coated German Shepherd. Greifs white fur is caused by a recessive gene that has always been present in the genetic pool of all German Shepherds.

White GSDs today come from a line of white-coat German Shepherds that were initially from Europe and were later brought to Canada and the US. These dogs eventually spread out through the rest of the world.

East Working Line German Shepherd

You can recognize an East Working line German Shepherd from his color easily because they come in dark tan and black color. And some of them also come in pure black color which is rare also.

And breeding an East Working line German Shepherd is not easy the requirements are very high and strict also.

Because the East Working Line GSD faces issues of hip dysplasia.

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West Working Line German Shepherd

West Working Line German Shepherd

The West Working Line German Shepherd is a very calm and subtle GSD.

They are also great working dogs. And They come in different beautiful colors like yellow, bi-color, black, tan, and sable.

GSDs are less prone to disease than the East line GSDs.

West Working like GSDs is a great family pet and they are also great at sports and training.

They are also one of the best guard dogs. And they are very protective towards his family and owner so if you are a stranger then keep your distance from them otherwise they can be very aggressive.

Introduction Of White Coat Recessive Gene

White German Shepherd: A Complete Guide To Fluffy White ...

Since the 1930s, its been a common misconception that white GSDs are a breed defect in line with German shepherds.

Thankfully, it did not take long for the kennel club to find out the reason behind their color.

In 1999, the recessive gene responsible for their white color was finally recognized as a member of the breed gene pool.

Eventually, white German shepherd dogs were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club as a separate breed.

It was also then that the repopulation of white GSDs started.

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Finding A Reputable White German Shepherd Breeder

Unfortunately, not unlike the case with the Black German Shepherd, some breeders are just in it for the money. As these dogs are relatively rare, breeders can charge more for a White German Shepherd puppy. While the average puppy price for a standard German Shepherd starts at about $300 and goes up to $900, White German Shepherd puppies cost between $750 1000.

It is very important to search for a responsible breeder and know how to recognize one. They should be able to provide you with full details on the puppys parentage, any health issues and details of the puppys vaccinations. They should want to meet with you to ask you questions about your experience as a dog owner and why you think youd be a good match for the White German Shepherd puppy.

To find a trustworthy breeder, check out The American White Shepherd Association, the largest White Shepherd dog club in the US. They provide links to White German Shepherd breeders all over the US and Canada, all of whom are members of the club.

German Shepherd Puppy Price In India In Himachal Pradesh

The German Shepherds price in Himachal Pradesh is between 15,000 to 35,000.

And as usual, the double coat German shepherd puppy price in Himachal is 5,000 to 10,000 more than the base price.

And if you go for the show quality breed them the price will be around 70,000.

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