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How To Build A Lego German Shepherd

The Box And Packaging

LEGO Instructions – German Shepherd Alternative Build – Snake – 30578 (LEGO CREATOR)

The box front features the two dogs looking super-cute. Along with a logo for the Pets sub-theme, which suggests that LEGO plans to release more sets of adorable parent and child sets in the future. The back of the box shows the pair in their dog bed, as well as an image of the other first-wave Pets set, 40441, a shorthair cat and kitten in their bed.

The box includes 4 un-numbered bags of various sizes, an instruction booklet, a single plate loose in the box, and a sticker sheet with two alternates for the front of the pet bed.

Now You Can Build Your Own Favorite Dog Buddy From Scratch

This might take you several hours to build, but we guarantee is will be super fun to build.

This German Shepherd doggo will be your best friend and is easy to build.

This comes with 1962 bricks and simple, easy-to-follow instructions ,

Show your Dog pride and let everyone know how much you love them with this beautiful Dog Blocks.

Have fun building your dog. Bring life to this great toy by building it yourself from bricks.

Here’s why you will love this

  • You can expect high-definition and authentic colors with this dog.
  • Not only will your pet be cute, but it will also be realistic due to its 3D texture.
  • Comes with 1962 bricks and an easy-to-follow instructions
  • Your adorable and super-realistic beagle dog measures 22 cm tall
  • This product conforms with all safety standards.

Organizing The Lego Palette

2016 LEGO color palette plotted by Saturation vs. Luminance.

  • Bright LEGO consistently labels many common colors as Bright Red or Bright Blue that most LEGO enthusiasts describe simply as Red or Blue. Bright colors have almost 100% saturation and around 50% luminance.
  • Light There are a number of colors with high luminance such as: Light Flesh , Bright Light Blue , Bright Light Yellow , Yellowish Green, Tan , and Light Aqua . The naming isnt very consistent, but light is the most common description.
  • Dark / Earth We also have a variety of dark colors with around 25% luminance including: Dark Green , and Dark Blue which both have high saturation, as well as Dark Brown which has low saturation.
  • Sand Colors such as Sand Green, Sand Blue, and Dark Tan are very useful to LEGO builders even though they arent very common. Sand colors have around 50% luminance and below 50% saturation.
  • White, Light Bluish Gray , Dark Bluish Gray , and Black have very low saturation, and around 100%, 85%, 50% and 0% luminance respectively. If these colors had 0% saturation, they would be true neutral gray colors. They arent quite neutral, which is why we call the current colors bluish gray instead of just gray.

2016 LEGO color palette plotted by Hue vs. Luminance.

Colors with an orange hue organized by Saturation vs. Luminance.

Blue hues organized by Saturation vs. Luminance.

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Lego German Shepherd Dog

Help your fellow builder by leaving your feedback based on these three criteria:

  • Originality: How original is this – never seen before?
  • Building Techniques: How much skill do you think the creator of this MOC has, in terms of building technique?
  • Details: Express how much you like the details of the build.

Your feedback is only shown to the creator as well as yourself. It is not available for other users to see. The creator won’t see your user name.

  • Statistics
  • Lego German shepered dog.

    This is a lego german shepherd dog face its an actual size model, it has some functions like mouth opening and moving ears it is a great colection set.

    I built this dog because I own two german shepherd dog´s that are absolutely amazing, in both their complections, as in their capabilities.

    Before I started building this set, I recieved a lego set that included a 2×2 slope tile, I wondered how could I use them in a next set, I realized that they could be for a Lego Train, or for a dog mouth, I started building a train but then realized the lack of some pieces so I opt to build a dog face, and what a better dog than a German shepherd, I started building the set, guiding me in pictures, and in two realy amazing dogs . I built it, and used it as a colection model in my room, and some friends and family were impresed for all the detail that it was on the dog, so I realized it was time to upload it to Lego Ideas.

    Lego Brickheadz Pets 40440 German Shepherd And Puppy

    LEGO German Shepherd Building Instructions

    If you are a pet owner and a LEGO fan, you might have attempted to build a BrickHeadz style version of your pet using parts from the LEGO Go Brick Me set, hoping that one day, LEGO might come out with official sets. Well, your wait is over especially if you happen to be the owner of a German Shepherd. LEGO recently released a new sub-theme of BrickHeadz called Pets, and LEGO BrickHeadz Pets 40440 German Shepherd and puppy is the first in the series, with the adult dog being number 118 in the BrickHeadz lineup and the puppy being number 119. With 247 pieces, the set retails for US $14.99 | CAN $19.99 | UK £13.49 and is available now.

    The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

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    Lego Creator 30578 3 In 1 German Shepherd Polybag Review

    With 2020 being a solid Year for the humble LEGO polybag, 2021 has got its work cutout. Having been lucky enough to grab a few already we are slowly but surely working through reviews and short speed builds on .

    We have already posted a review for LEGO Ninjago Lloyds Quad Bike 30539, with another one to follow after todays review of LEGO Creator 30578 3 in 1 German Shepherd Polybag!

    I personally really like these 3 in 1 Creator Polybags, having previous ones in my collection I often go back to them and construct the alternate builds.

    This one caught my eye as the main build is based on a German Shepherd Dog. Being a Dog person its great to get sets that allow you to build mans best friend, in my opinion there should be more. Of course there have been others, but the one that springs to mind is the LEGO Creator 3 in 1 Pug polybag from a couple of Years ago.

    This review also comes as a 3 in 1 as Ill be building and reviewing all three animals, German Shepherd, Spider, and Snake!

    How To Make A Lego Dog

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 64,553 times.Learn more…

    Have you ever wanted to build a LEGO dog, but didnt know where to start? LEGOs are a fantastic toy theyre fun to play with as well as being a great outlet for creative expression. Once you learn what the different blocks are and all the different ways you can use them, theres no limit to what you can build.

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    Shorthair Cats Set Details

    Name: Shorthair CatsPrice: AU$24.99 | US$14.99 | £13.49 Buy from Exclusive to:, LEGO Brand Retail StoresTheme: Brickheadz / PetsRelease Date: 1 January 2021

    Are you a cat person? LEGO has you covered as well this pair of Shorthair cats! Personally, Im a cat person, so I was drawn to these when I first built them.

    You get 2 plaque options paw prints with those adorable toe beans, or fish.

    The adult Shorthair Cat is so damn adorable, with the use of 2 different shades of grey to give the fur some contrast and texture.

    The use of a quarter tile in pink for its nose, Wolverine claws for whiskers and the very smart yellow bowtie collar is a whole bundle of cuteness.

    And the paws! Oh dear lord the white little paws just tie it all together, although I do wish we had printed paws to give us some much-needed toe beans.

    Like the adult German Shepherd, the adult cats hind legs can also swivel outwards.

    Heres how the cats look from behind, and the indent in the cat beds that allow their tails to be fully outstretched.

    The kitten is just a tinier version of the adult cat, with less grey in the phase, but the smaller overall size just makes the pink nose and whiskers look larger, which really just ups the cuteness level.

    Rating: 4/5

    Thoughts: I think LEGO struck the balance just right with the designs of the shorthair cats and I dont say that as a cat person!

    Understanding The Lego Color Palette

    Build LEGO German Shepherd Puppy.

    By Tom Alphin, author of The LEGO Architect, a book that explores how to build 7 styles of architecture using LEGO. A shorter version of this article was published in issue #14 of Bricks Magazine.

    50 years ago, LEGO builders were limited to just 7 colors: White, Gray, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, and occasionally Green. By the early 1980s there were 16 colors, and by the late 1990s grew to around the same number we have today. The 39 colors havent changed much since 2005 Thats the year that LEGO made several changes to the color palette

    Official 2016 LEGO Color Palette includes 39 solid colors, 3 metallic colors, 1 glowing color, and 14 translucent colors.

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    Lego Animal German Shepherd Police Dog W Black Eyes

    Lowest Price
    Ships FREE with $25+ order
    Gift wrap is available
    • Recreate fun scenes from the LEGO City with the minifigure. Comes disassembled ready to build! From LEGO City Set Sets V..

    Recreate fun scenes from the LEGO City with the minifigure. Comes disassembled ready to build! From LEGO City Set Sets VERY SMALL Measures 1 Inch tall Authentic LEGO Product Comes as one piece Comes disassembled ready to build.

    Lego Creator 30578 3 In 1 German Shepherd Polybag

    All three builds are fun and feature different techniques but ultimately the German Shepherd wins. It resembles the animal in question extremely well and looks great on display, even sat next to the older 3in1 Pug build.Both the Spider and Snake have a substantial pile of spares left over and this is great for MOC builders.For me itll be the German Shepherd build that sits proud iny collection and the top dog of this Polybag!

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    Building The Modern Family

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    Review: Lego Brickheadz Pets German Shepherd Shorthair Cats Goldfish & Budgie

    3D Lego BrickHeadz

    February 22, 2021 By Jay

    Pandas arent the only animal getting the Brickheadz treatment this year LEGO have also released a new Brickheadz subtheme called Pets which as the name suggests is a blocky-headed take on some of the most popular domesticated animals of the world.

    There are 2 waves so far, with 40440 German Shepherd and 40441 Shorthair Cats released in January 2021, and 40442 Goldfish and 40442 Budgie coming in 1 March 2021.

    Its a really interesting direction that LEGO have taken with Brickheadz, breaking away from humanoids to explore animals, and Pets suggests that were going to get a whole menagerie of critters!

    LEGO were gracious enough to send over all 4 Pets Brickheadz released so far, so lets take a quick look at each of them!

    Special thanks to the LEGO Group for providing these sets for review

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    Lego German Shepherd A Complete Guide

    From our childhood, so many of us have spent time playing with Legos. Legos made and continue to make our lives a hundred times more enjoyable. The time spent over building a Lego figurine is frustrating at times and enjoyable at other times. Once you complete your Lego figurine, the satisfaction that you get is like no other.

    The wide array of shapes that you can mold your Lego pieces into are a delight for someone who is a Lego enthusiast. One such shape into which you can mold your figurine into is a Lego German shepherd.

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    German Shepherd Building Kit

    Yes, you can make your own Lego German shepherd for your Lego world, or just as a small showpiece at your home or as a gift for your loved one.

    The problem with building such a detailed sculpture from scratch with no manual or special blocks catered towards it, might make it too big of a challenge for even a skilled hobbyist.

    Weve got a solution though! The United-Doggos German Shepherd Building Kit.

    You can build a German Shepherd easily with a German Shepherd Building kit.

    The perfect German Shepherd building kit will consist of the following:

  • Building Bricks
  • An instruction manual
  • Other accessories
  • A good German Shepherd kit can make all the difference. You may think playing with Legos and building Lego figurines is a childs play. But a good German Shepherd Building kit can lure even an adult into spending an enjoyable time building. Make sure that the kit you end up buying boasts of a locking system. A locking system can help you build sturdy figurines. Furthermore, when you tighten the various parts of the dog with screws, you will build a strong and sturdy figure.

    You will not have to worry about it toppling over because of sudden movement and then breaking into multiple pieces. If you end up reassembling a broken Lego dog, you may feel irritated and frustrated.

    German Shepherd Set Details

    LEGO CLASSIC 11005 How to build a German Shepherd Dog Instructions Creative Fun

    Name: German ShepherdPrice: AU$24.99 | US$14.99 | £13.49 Buy from Exclusive to:, LEGO Brand Retail StoresTheme: Brickheadz / PetsRelease Date: 1 January 2021

    First up we have a pair of German Shepherds, an adult doggo, and a pupper.

    I did a bit of research, and apparently German Shepherds are really popular in the US, in fact theyre the second most popular dog breed in 2019, just behind Labradors.

    Id imagine German Shepherds were the choice as they have more distinctive colours and features compared to Labs, which fits the Brickheadz aesthetic better.

    Both dogs sit in a cute little bed, which has a small recess in the back for their tails to lay flat. On the base of the bed, is the classic Brickheadz face used as a stand to affix the dogs to.

    On the front of the bed is an interchangeable plaque with 2 pattern options bones or paws to allow you to customise the look of the beds.

    The adult German Shepherd has some cute features, especially the sand green dog bandana, making him look particularly smart and well-dressed.

    On the back and sides of his head are cheese slopes to give his head a bit of furry texture, and at the back his tail can be positioned in a variety of angles.

    His hind legs can also swivel out which was a nice surprise.

    The German Shepherd puppy is even cuter, with a matching sand green collar around his head, and a bright red tongue sticking out. Or is it a dog tag? Ill go with tongue because its cuter.

    Rating: 3/5

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    Lego 40440 German Shepherd

    Kids who love pets will adore this BrickHeadz dog and puppy, build-and-display set. The German shepherd wears a bandanna and has a movable tail, and the puppy looks very cute with his little red tongue sticking out. The dogs sit together on a sturdy baseplate in a decorated basket, making this buildable pet set a great gift for all kids, BrickHeadz collectors and pet lovers.- Collectible construction set featuring fun LEGO BrickHeadz models of a German shepherd dog and a puppy sitting together in a basket.- Standing over 3 tall, this 247-piece model features a bandanna, movable tail and a decorated dog basket.- A great gift for LEGO fans, BrickHeadz collectors and pet lovers aged 8 and up.


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