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How Much Food Does A German Shepherd Eat A Day

What Is The Best Diet For A German Shepherd Puppy

How Much do German Shepherds Eat?

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When such an endearing pet like a German Shepherd puppy arrives home, it’s hard not to fall in love immediately. As a particularly affectionate breed, the German Shepherd will reciprocate this love in abundance. Since they will grow up to be a medium to large dog breed and their diet is an essential way to ensure they develop properly. Common mistakes when feeding a German Shepherd puppy include giving too much or too little food and giving them food of inferior quality. For this reason, many dog guardians ask what is the best diet for a German Shepherd puppy?

AnimalWised answers this by providing information on how much to feed a German Shepherd puppy, what type of food is best and how does this change as they grow. To do this we also provide a helpful German shepherd puppy food chart for when and how to feed these puppies properly.

  • German Shepherd care
  • Arden Grange Puppy Junior Large Breed

    Just like us, German Shepherd puppies may have allergies and are sensitive to certain ingredients. The Arden Grange Puppy Junior Large Breed is from a renowned brand that produces hypoallergenic products. No allergy breakout means unhindered growth! Besides, your pup will love its chicken flavor while the additional glucosamine and chondroitin protect him from hip dysplasiaa condition when a dogs hip joints dont develop properly.

    German Shepherd Food Amount And Schedule

    These dogs are required Best German Shepherd food but in a limited quantity but not in such a low amount that its ribs are not visible and not in such a large amount that it leaves its bowl half-filled.

    The food provided must be of high nutritional value with meat like chicken or beef as the first ingredient on the dog food packet.

    It must also contain 30% of protein and 16% of fat along with a wide spectrum range of other essential nutrients such as omega fatty acids, minerals, vitamins. German Shepherd puppies should be fed 1-2 cups of dog food a day whereas the German Shepherd dog must be fed 3-5 cups of dog food a day

    German Shepherd puppies need to be to gain 1-2 pounds a day. An adult dog requires approximately 1300 to 1600 calories per day of good quality food for aged dogs whereas 1700 to 2400 calories per day for quite active dogs.

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    Expenses You Will Incur While Living With Your German Shepherd Dog Food

    GSD is a high energy dog. Thus it needs lots of quality food to be energized.

    First, puppies at their young age eat more than adults. The reason being they are super active and require lots of energy to explore their world.

    On average, you may spend 45$ a month or $540 a year to feed your GSD. Also, remember you will be feeding your dog treats, which can cost 5-10 $ a month. However, for treats, ensure they dont exceed 10 % of recommended calorie levels.

    The above-stated price can either shoot up or go down.

    How Big Does A Chow Shepherd Mix Get

    Ideally, how much food should Duke eat per day?

    As the Chow Shepherd is a relatively new mixed breed, there are few standards when it comes to size. That said, as a mix between German Shepherd Dog and Chow Chow parents, you can expect the Chow Shepherd to be in the medium to large category. Most weigh in at 45 to 90 pounds and range in height from 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder.

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    How Much Food Should I Give My German Shepherd Puppy How Often Should I Feed My Puppy

    Young puppies need to eat 3-4 times a day in small amounts.

    If necessary, you can divide the food into two larger meals, but make sure you are not feeding them so much that they start to vomit. The puppies will not necessarily be regulated, so it is easy for them to eat ad nauseam and then vomit, you have to regulate the amounts for them.

    The food for German shepherd puppies is very different from the adult dog food

    How Much Does A German Shepherd Cost

    On average, a German shepherd costs between $500 and $2000. However, the price can shoot up for puppies whose parents have exemplary or proven abilities.

    German shepherd dogs of top breed lines can have a starting fee of $2000 onwards. On the other hand, you can pay between $50 and $300 if you decide to get your German shepherd from a rescue center.

    Often, these rescue centers charge you a minimal adoption fee.

    Consequently, dogs from these rescue centers are spayed/neutered, dewormed, and micro-chippedquite a bargain.

    Also, you can adopt a free German Shepherd as explained in this article How to find a free German Shepherd puppy for adoption.

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    Orijen Puppy Large Breed

    You will question less on How much should I feed my German shepherd puppy? with the calorie-limiting property from Orijen Puppy Large Breed. This dog food will make sure your little fur babys weight is on the right track. Its doing in while also fulfilling a pups need of protein to go by the day, resulting in an active and lively puppy. You dont need to worry if your pups a picky eater, the turkey liver will make any pup eager to devour it.

    There Are Two Ways To Determine How To Feed Your Puppy

    German Shepherds Eat TOO MUCH!

    The most pressing questions you probably have about your new puppy are how much to feed them and how often lets go over a few things to consider.

    Many people use the food bag as a starting point to decide how much to feed their dogs. However, a label on commercial food is one of the easiest ways to overfeed your growing puppy.

    Dog food labels may raise feeding guidelines by up to 25% to ensure the diet meets or exceeds NRC requirements. Its more accurate and healthier for your puppy if you calculate and measure meals yourself.

    Feeding your puppy involves regularly evaluating and tracking their weight. You should be able to assess how close your pup is to their ideal weight just by looking at them.

    Weight charts are useful guides, but they dont account for an individuals variations from the norms. Also, dont forget to include treats in your calculations for daily food allowances!

    If you give a lot of treats during training, for example, you need to account for it by decreasing meal sizes according to your pups weight or body condition.

    Assessing Body Condition

    Drake Center for Veterinary Care uses a body scoring system modified from Purinas charts and other sources.

    Puppies will vary in their body scores and may change rapidly within a few days. Pups often lose their abdominal tuck right after a meal.

    Puppies under 16 weeks old commonly have a pot-bellied appearance without much abdominal tuck.



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    Is It Ok To Feed My Dog Once A Day

    The number of meals a dog eats per day depends completely on the family schedule. Dogs should eat at least two meals each day, about 12 hours apart. But a breakfast, lunch, and dinner schedule is an equally great option. If more than 12 hours elapses between meals, the stomach can become hyperacidic causing nausea.

    How Much To Feed A German Shepherd

    There is no definite answer to how many cups of dog food should I feed my German shepherd? as it would depend on many factors. Nonetheless, here are some simple guidelines to help you get started.

    • A 60-pound German shepherd should eat 3 cups of kibble per day.
    • A 70-pound German shepherd should eat 3 1/2 cups of kibble per day.
    • An 80-pound German shepherd should eat 3 3/4 cups of kibble per day.
    • A 90-pound German shepherd should eat 4 1/4 cups of kibble per day.

    Even though these numbers serve as a good starting point, you might still need to make an adjustment based on how active and how obese your dog is. Please also note that these are generic recommendations only make sure to check the food bag for specific feeding instructions.

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    How Much Should I Feed My German Shepherd Puppy

    To begin with follow the guidelines provided by the feeder, the feed manufacturer, or by your veterinarian.

    For example, you could expect to start feeding your puppy a total of around 3 cups a day of a high-quality kibble.

    However this will vary depending on how calorie dense the food is and how it is formulated.

    Puppies will quickly develop individual needs for food types and amounts based on their size, activity level, and other factors.

    Purina One Smartblend Natural Puppy Dog Food

    What Do German Shepherds Like To Eat?

    Crafted with love and care, Purina ONE SmartBlend is an epic meal for your dog. The yummy chicken flavor satisfies your poochs taste buds, and the nutrient-rich formula will keep you happy, too. Purina believes that your canine deserves only the best. So, they give you dry dog food for large breed puppies that is free from preservatives. There are no artificial colors, fillers, or flavors.Purina simply does not do meal fillers.

    Vets across the globe recommend Purina, and they are so sure of their high-quality that Purina offers you to take the 28-day Challenge. If you dont see a visible improvement in your dogs coat, skin, energy levels, and well-being, they are satisfied to give you your money back.

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    Get Back To The Roots With Herding Trials

    German Shepherds were originally herding dogs, and if you have the means, you can engage in old traditions. Herding is an excellent exercise for the GSD. Moreover, herding will engage your dogs intellect.

    You and your dog can take herding lessons and participate in various competitions. Some Shepherds compete for simple titles such as Excellent, while others compete against various herding dogs for trophies. Alsatians can participate in breed-specific trials or classes against other herders like Australian Shepherds.

    This is an example of a German Shepherd performing a herding trial. You can observe how alert and mentally engaged the dog must be and how attuned to the handler. Note how much speed and endurance the Shepherd possesses.

    Instinct Raw Boost With Real Duck


    Real Duck is one of 14 dry recipes analyzed in our review of the Instinct Raw Boost product line.

    • First 5 ingredients: Duck, chicken meal, peas, egg product, turkey meal
    • Type: Grain-free
    • Profile: All life stages
    • Best for:Adult shepherds and puppies

    Instinct Raw Boost with Real Duck obtains the bulk of its animal protein from fresh duck and chicken meal. Dry matter label analysis reveals the recipe contains 38% protein, 23% fat and 31% estimated carbs creating a fat-to-protein ratio of about 61%.

    This formula also gets its antioxidants from natural fruits and veggies for healthy immunity and thus, greater resistance to disease. A top pick for German shepherds and other large breeds.

    Sample buyer reviewI recently switched from a dehydrated raw product to Instinct Raw Boost. This is a great quality grain- free food and my guys are loving it. I have a multi dog house hold and most of them have allergies of one kind or another. This food is working well for all..

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    How Much Should A German Shepherd Puppy Eat

    You need to be careful when feeding your German Shepherd puppy. They should not be left to their own devices when it comes to food. Instead, feed your puppy 3 meals a day.

    The amount of food your puppy needs depends on your puppys hunger, weight, and the type of food that you are feeding him. Stick to the German Shepherd puppy feeding chart below.

    Watch your puppys waistline to see if there seems to be any excess weight hanging out that will be hard to lose later.

    A puppy that is too thin will have visible ribs. If that is the case, monitor how much your puppy eats and, if concerning, call your veterinarian.

    German Shepherd Homemade Food

    How much Should you Feed a German Shepherd Puppy in a day? | GSD Diet Plan |

    Providing German Shepherd dog homemade food may result in a better digestive system and prevent many diseases indeed. Feeding German Shepherd pup or homemade dog food may even increase the odds of staying healthy. But the most important trick is to balance all the ingredients, also if we feed fresh and high-quality product, an unbalanced diet can ruin the dogs health by giving it specific allergies.

    You must consult a veterinarian before for a proper diet chart for a German Shepherd dog and even for a puppy food chart.

    For proteins meat, poultry, fish, plain yogurt, cottage cheese or eggs

    Vegetables and fruits fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, carrots, cooked sweet potatoes.

    But there are certain foods that you must take care of and avoid feeding your dog like tomatoes, avocado, garlic, onion, grapes, raisins, chocolates as this food can result in toxic results for your dog and even be dangerous to eat.

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    The Best Dog Food For German Shepherds

    When looking for the best dog food for a German shepherd its important to choose a food thats safe for your pets age.

    Thats because German shepherds are considered large breed dogs.

    Which is not a problem for adult shepherds.


    German shepherd puppies have a higher risk of developing a crippling form of canine hip dysplasia if theyre fed a dog food that contains too much calcium for their larger breed type.1

    To help you make a safe choice

    The Dog Food Advisor has selected the 12 brands below because they meet safe calcium levels and other nutritional needs of adult German shepherds and where notedshepherd puppies, too.2

    Keep in mind, German shepherd puppies dont stop growing and arent ready to eat adult dog food until they reach 12 to 24 months of age.3

    Enroll Your Dog In Any Health Insurance Plan

    A responsible owner always cares for his GSDs needs. Its good to plan for the future. A complicated health issue like elbow dysplasia can turn out to be a financial burden to any owner. However, dog health insurance can help relieve that burden.

    Additionally, you can consult your vet on the best insurance coverage plans for your dog. However, my take is that any n pet insurance plan can save you in times of need.

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    Feeding Length Of Your German Shepherd Puppy

    You need to observe your German shepherd in order to determine his mealtime lengths. Take note of how long he takes to finish a normal portion of food.

    You also need to observe how long he takes to be full and pay careful attention to if he is still hungry after eating his portion.

    Usually, German shepherds will take around 10 to 15 minutes to complete a meal, providing that you adhered to the customary feeding instructions. If you notice that your dog is displaying signs of eating slowly, you should pay a visit to your vet.

    On the other hand, if you notice that your German Shepherd is still hungry after completing a meal, you should also pay a visit to your vet.

    What Human Foods Can German Shepherds Eat

    Ideally, how much food should Duke eat per day?

    While German Shepherds can eat human food not all human foods are safe for your GSD. They like chewing on the occasional raw bone, but should not be fed cooked chicken bones.

    Avoid anything spicy or with sugar, and NEVER give your dog chocolate it can be fatal. In addition, steer clear of foods like grapes, raisins, and garlic.

    Here are examples of some human foods German Shepherds like to eat:

    • Cooked chicken breast
    • Apples

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    German Shepherd Feeding Guide For Seniors

    You will need to modify your German Shepherds diet when he changes from adult life stage to senior. Older German Shepherds have lower energy needs.

    They will begin to have less physical activity and move slower, and so they will require fewer calories each day. You should increase in fiber amount in their diet because digestion tends to slow down in seniors

    There are some commercially sold dog foods that are already adjusted for seniors. If you prepare your own dog food, you will need to reduce the calories primarily through the carbs.

    Senior German Shepherds still require proper nutrition, especially for their bones and joints.

    When it comes to treats, senior dogs should have healthy ones like whole-food treats such as apple slices or carrots.

    German Shepherd Feeding Guide: Adult Years

    Once your German Shepherd has ended his puppy stage and transitioned into adulthood, hes ready to eat a balanced adult diet.

    Adult dog food will have a different ratio of calcium, protein, phosphorus, and other nutrients than puppy food does.

    Feeding an adult dog a puppy formula can cause obesity as well as put too much strain on kidneys and other vital organs. Long term use of inappropriate food for an adult dog can have catastrophic consequences.

    That said, there is no need to panic if your adult GSD eats a bowl of puppy food now and then.

    Adult German Shepherds should be fed twice a day. They can get by on once per day, but its always better to split daily caloric intake between smaller meals instead of feeding it all at once.

    Again, bloat is a real problem for large breed dogs, and large meals seem to be a big cause of this.

    If youre not home for twice-daily feedings, you can use an automatic feeder. These will dispense the proper amount of food at set times each day so your dog isnt left waiting for meals.

    Throughout the years, Ive fed a number of different high-quality dog foods to my German Shepherds.

    One of my consistent go-tos is Royal Canin Adult Breed German Shepherd dry dog food. I feed my adult dogs this particular blend for a number of reasons.

    In addition, this blend also uses optimal levels of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids to make a GSDs coat pop, so to speak. You really can see the difference.

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