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How Long Is A German Shepherd In Season For

What Do I Do When My German Shepherd Is In Heat

Frequently Asked Friday – German Shepherd Shedding!

What Should I Do if My Dog Is in Heat?

  • Never let your dog out in the yard alone.
  • Never let your dog off her leash when shes in heat.
  • Ensure your dogs ID tags and microchip information are up-to-date.
  • Consult your veterinarian if you notice signs of illness.
  • Consider spaying your dog after her heat cycle is over.
  • Can I Just Shave My German Shepherd

    Some owners mistakenly believe that shaving their dog will not only help them feel more comfortable in heat, but will also help with shedding and human allergies.

    The truth is shaving a German Shepherd can be detrimental to their health and overall comfort.

    Double-coated breeds use their coat to regulate their body temperature as it keeps them warm in the winter, but also cool in the summer. It also protects your dogs skin from moisture, abrasions, and harmful UV rays. By removing their natural barrier you’re exposing them to many potential health problems.

    Also, some allergy sufferers believe shaving your dog will reduce allergic reactions. Also not true. Allergies are triggered from pet dander, which are particles of skin that shed all year. In fact, shaving them will make it worse, as you expose their skin even further.

    And as a final warning, once you shave a double-coated dog, their hair never grows back the same. So that beautiful, silky coat will be gone forever.

    If this all sounds like a lot of work, there’s a great selection of non shedding dogs out there as well!

    Bathing With Deshedding Treatment

    Ideally, bathe your dog once every 6 – 10 weeks. Again, this process helps remove a lot of loose and dead hair, along with keeping their coat smelling great.

    But we can take it one step further by applying deshedding shampoos and conditioners that slick hair down and allow for easier removal.

    Simply bathe your dog like you normally would, but apply a deshedding treatment and allow it work it’s magic for 5 minutes before rinsing.

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    German Shepherd Shedding: Do They Ever Stop

    Find out everything you need to know about German Shepherd shedding, including how long it lasts, how bad is it, and know what you can do to keep it under control.

    The German Shepherd is one of the mostpopular dog breeds for many reasons. And lets face it, who wouldnt want suchan intelligent, courageous, and loyal canine companion!

    But before you bring a German Shepherdhome, you should know that their thick and plush double coat sheds, a lot!While having a dog that sheds might not be a deal-breaker, you should find outwhat exactly youre getting yourself into.

    How bad is German Shepherd shedding? German Shepherds shed all year long, which has earned them the nickname German shedders. They also go through seasonal shedding twice a year, when they shed their undercoat, losing a huge amount of hair. Shedding cant be stopped, but it can be reduced with regular brushing and a high-quality diet.

    To keep the shedding under control you will have to brush your German Shepherd at least three times a week and daily during the shedding season. However, excessive shedding can also be a sign of an underlying health condition so read on to find out more!

    A Secure The Property

    How Long Do German Shepherds Live?

    When a GSD female is in heat, she can run away from your home to find a dog for mating. So you need to be careful and watch for your dog when she is in the yard. In the same way, you have to look for the male dogs in the vicinity; if there is a neighboring male dog, he will sense that your GSD is in heat and can do anything to reach her, such as digging below your fence or climbing from it. Make sure to keep your property safe during these days.

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    Training To Take The Plunge

    The best way to bathe your dog is to start them young. Let them get used to the warm water. The water level should not be more than elbow high for them.

    Work from their bottom and move forward, saving their head for last. They are very sensitive to having their faces handled.

    When scrubbing them, use circular motions with your fingers to get through the undercoat. You can also use long strokes in a massage-like way. These two methods can calm them down. Who does not like a massage?

    Make sure you rinse often and repeatedly to make sure that all of the soap has been cleaned off. Dried residue can create irritation on their skin.

    Have at least 3-4 towels ready to dry them off. If you are going to use a hairdryer, do not focus on one spot for too long, to avoid making one spot too hot for them.

    Signs That Indicate Your Gsd Is In The Heat

    All the dogs are different individuals. Their heat cycles may be different, and they may last for different durations. You know your dog better than anyone else and you will get to know her heat cycle and behavior when she is on heat.;

    After proper research and based on my experience, I have organized a list of some common signs that indicate the German shepherd is on heat. So you can be prepared to take care of her during her heat cycle to prevent or prepare for pregnancy.

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    Changes In The Behavior

    You will notice some changes in the behavior of the German Shepherd. It is prevalent when a dog is in heat.

    Due to the hormonal changes, her behavior can drastically change. So if your dogs behavior has changed recently, she can be in heat.

    Your dog can be more active, jump, and run. Every dogs behavior changes in a different way.

    A German Shepherds Running History

    Our German Shepherd Dog Luna Is In Season!

    German Shepherds originated as herd dogs in the late 19th century. Like many herd dogs, German Shepherds had to be able to pull in long hours in the fields herding the farm animals, whether it was sheep, cows, or something else.

    German Shepherds are extremely intelligent, as they had to be alert and able to see if anything was going wrong. They were also bred to be obedient, protective, and loyal, perfect for someone who wants to keep their livestock safe. A herd dog needs to be able to obey commands and keep up with the animals that it is meant to shepherd.

    German Shepherds are a medium to large breed of dog that is energetic thanks to its herding past. Being able to keep up with a bunch of animals is a big job, and the German Shepherd was and is always eager to please, and so it always does its best.

    With all of the energy a German Shepherd had to have in its herding days, and with its larger, more lean and muscular build, they are quite capable dogs when it comes to many forms of exercise. Back in the day, however, German Shepherds werent expected to be running for hours on end, or for extreme distances, but just enough of the field and in the speed needed to gather the herd.

    Still, the traits of a German Shepherd that give it its energy and athletic ability have carried over, and they make it a great dog for people who love to exercise today.

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    When Do German Shepherds Shed

    Being a double-coated dog breed, GermanShepherds shed all year long, but are regardless classified as seasonal shedders.

    This means that besides losing a steadyamount of hair each day, your German shedder will also blow out his coattwice a year during the shedding season .

    Even if you think that your German Shepherdcant possibly lose more hair without getting bald, youll be shocked to learnthat he can and will shed even more.

    During the shedding season, GermanShepherds will shed a tremendous amount of hair within a very short period and theircoat will look no worse for wear.

    What Is The Heat Cycle

    The heat cycle, also called the estrus cycle, indicates that the female dog has reached sexual maturity. The dogs heat cycle may be confusing for some people. It is sometimes referred to as dogs menstrual cycle, similar to the females in humans.

    When a dog comes in heat, she has elevated hormone estrogen levels, which drop off quickly, producing signals for ovaries to release eggs. While you see some obvious signs indicating heat in your shepherd, your dog will be ready for breeding to produce litter during that period. But for that, you have to be well aware of the signs of heat in GSD.

    Interesting fact: A shepherd produces pheromones in heat, which have a specific smell that attracts the males for mating! Woah, the male can sense this smell from miles to MEET AND GREET the female!

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    How Do I Get My German Shepherd To Stop Shedding

    There is no way of stopping your German Shepherd from shedding because it’s the natural cycle of renewing their coat to keep it healthy. However, regular brushing, deshedding, and bathing your German Shepherd during their shedding seasons will help. Also, providing your German Shepherd with nutritious food will help prevent excessive shedding.

    Why Should I Spay My Dog

    German Shepherd Lifespan: How Long Can A GSD Live ...

    Leaving the toll aside, giving your dog litter and raising children, and allowing the number of homeless animals to be euthanized each year, will allow your dog to coexist irresponsibly.

    Although many people have heard, there are health benefits to allowing litter in front of the dog. Spade, this belief has not been proven. In fact, the difficulty of giving birth and raising children can lead to premature aging and in some cases death.

    It has also been shown that dogs exposed before the first heat cycle have a much lower risk of developing mammary gland tumors.

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    Which Coat Is Best For German Shepherd

    German Shepherds Dogs are undoubtedly the best and most loyal dogs in the world. One of these dogs solid and recognizable characteristics is their long, shiny coat, the so-called double-coated German Shepherd dogs.

    German Shepherds are famous all over the world for their beautiful thick coats.

    These beautiful coats are easily recognizable and have gained increased attention in the dog world. The most well-known and trendy color in German Shepherds is black and tan. Still, there are several different other coat colors you can find in the German Shepherd dog breeds.

    German Shepherds Dogs can be thick, sable, saddleback, or two-tone. Coat colors extend from black, white, red, tan, blue, cream, liver, and silver.

    You may have heard of some German Shepherd double coats when adopting a dog. Still, you need to know precisely double coats and single coats in the German Shepherd because its all associated with maintenance, temperament, shedding, and supplements you need to give for your dog.

    So how do you tell the contrast or difference between a single coat and a double coat German Shepherd?

    How Long Do German Shepherds Bleed When In Heat

    Estrus: The female GSD will be susceptive to mating at this stage and it can last anywhere from 4 to 21 days. This can be called the flagging stage. During the flagging stage, the dark red vaginal discharge will turn lighter. You may also notice your pet rubbing their rear end against furniture or other objects.

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    Why Wait To Breed A New Gsd

    The reason breeders are given certain guidelines for breeding their GSD stems from a need to protect the dogs health in every way. Breeding too early can cause confusion in some dogs, as well as affect the puppies because a parent is not quite sexually mature enough to be bred.

    For Female German Shepherds

    Female German Shepherds are a bit more complicated than Males as it is with a majority of dogs.

    Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred .

    For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

    Breeding as early as a dogs first or even second heat cycle may cause confusion for the mother, and cause serious mental drawbacks as she could neglect her pups.

    However, breeding her for too long or without ceasing for even one season can cause serious damage to your GSD and her pups.

    When she begins to age, the quality of your female German Shepherds eggs will begin to deteriorate, making it harder for her to carry out her pregnancies to full term or even causing stillborn puppies.

    Failure to follow these rules could bring serious harm to her and her pups if one is not careful.

    For Male German Shepherds

    Male German Shepherds are much less complicated than their female counterparts but this in no way implies that their health is less important.

    How Often Should You Bathe Your Dogs

    Dutch Shepherd Vs German Shepherd – The difference between the two dog breeds

    Bathing your German Shepherd can or may remove 20% more hair. If you only brush when your dog is slightly damp, it will help remove more hair. Dont usually bathe your dog too often, as this will remove the natural oils, making your coat duller and less shiny. It is best not to bathe your German Shepherd every 4-5 months.

    German Shepherds that do not have an undercoat require less care during the spring and fall months, but this does not make any big difference in appearance.

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    What Are The Best Grooming Tools For German Shepherds

    Double-coated dogs like the German Shepherd will need an undercoat rake to remove unwanted and loose hair from its undercoat especially during shedding season. Deshedding shampoo and conditioner is also a good thing to have on hand. If you are looking for easier loose hair removal, high-velocity dryers such as those from K9 Dryers have become an essential grooming tool.

    When My German Shepherd Is In Heat How Do I Console Her

    When a female German shepherd is in heat, she is likely to change her personality. As a result, we should always be aware of our pets movements.

    For your girl, while in the heat for the very first instance can be a frightening experience. Shell need more time and support.

    Set down some additional space for loads of snuggles because puppies appear to get very cuddly throughout that period.

    • Try getting a lap desk because then you can function and cuddle at the same time.
    • Provide a healthy, chew-resistant toy for her to nudge. This, too, will give you a sense of safety.
    • When your dog makes a bloody mess, never scold her; instead, gently comfort her as you clean this up.
    • Make sure shes getting more than enough food and water.
    • Prepare yourself for more potty trips because a bunch is happening down there now, and she will need to release herself very often.

    If shes agitated, you can get her calm by playing with her, brushing her hair, or the fun things she usually enjoys that involve movement.

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    How Many Times A Year Can A German Shepherd Have Puppies

    A German Shepherd can have puppies twice a year. ;Large dogs like German Shepherds go into heat around every 6 months.; During their heat is when they are capable of becoming pregnant.;

    A normal heat cycle lasts between two and four weeks long.; Thus, if you breeders or individuals who are looking to breed their GSD track their heat timing and plan to have them mate during their heat.

    How Long Does A Dog Stay In The Heat

    German Shepherd Grooming

    The time at which male dogs are attracted to the female is variable, about 18 days. However, females receive only half as much as males at this time.

    Female German Shepherds, also known as bitches, usually have their first heat cycle at 6 to 12 months of age.

    Sometimes, females may not have their first seasonal estrous cycle until they are 12 months old or older, depending on the particular dog.

    However, keep in mind that this information is very general and not all female dogs follow these exact patterns.

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    Overall, the heat cycle pattern of each female female dog is relatively average, length-wise, but the length of the heat cycle may vary from female to female when the female German Shepherd goes into the heat.

    In most cases, the average female German Shepherd Dogs heat cycle lasts 3 to 4 weeks. Some female German Shepherds may enter the estrus as early as every 4 months, while others may only do so once a year.

    Some dogs heat cycles, similar to those of human females, maybe shorter than average, while other dogs may have longer .

    Keep these important points in mind regarding your female GSD heat and her annual heat cycles and prepare accordingly.

    First, suppose your dog stays in the season for at least 21 days, perhaps longer, which changes due to your own female heat cycle.

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    Bathe Your German Shepherd Regularly

    Brushing and deshedding your German Shepherd will reduce shedding considerably, but regularly bathing him will give you even better results.

    When you bathe your dog, the massaging movement on the skin will help loosen up all the dead fur. This means that after a bath, you will see more loose fur being shed, and deshedding your GSD is recommended to keep that dog hair from being wafted around your home.

    Regular baths combined with deshedding will definitely help you deal with pet hair and keep your home clean.

    Bathe your dog once a month and use a mild dog shampoo that won’t strip the coat from the natural oils that protect it. If bathing once a month will give your dog dry and itchy skin, try to use an even milder shampoo and bathe your pet less frequently.


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