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How Do You Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy

Are All Adult German Shepherds Potty Trained

How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy!

No, not all adult German Shepherds are potty trained. Just because dogs are all grown up, doesnt mean they know how to eliminate themselves the way you expect them to. It all depends on what theyve been trained to do and what theyve gotten used to.

If youre welcoming a new adult German Shepherd into your home, theres a chance youll still need to potty train them. At the very least, youll need to get them used to your own home and your own rules.

Nevertheless, the general process of training an adult is pretty much the same as potty training a puppy.

House Training A German Shepherd Puppy

Whats the right German Shepherd potty training age? Thats one of the first questions owners have when it comes to housebreaking a puppy.

Puppies can control their body functions when they are 20 days of age, so they are ready for potty training from the moment you bring them home.

As such, it should be on top of your list of things to do.

Waiting a day or two might result in the little one deciding that its all right to do their business inside.

Once a puppy forms a habit, its twice as hard to undo it. So, lets see how you housebreak a German Shepherd puppy.

What To Put In A Dog Crate: Besides Your Dog

So youve decided on where now we have to decide on what to put in a dog crate.

You didnt think your dog was going to have to sit in a barren cage, did you? I hope not!

Theres definitely a lot we can do to make his crate nice and cozy. After all, we want him to look forward to spending time in it.

Here’s what you need

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Best Age Start Potty Training A German Shepherd Puppy

As a general rule of thumb, you should start potty training your German Shepherd puppy when theyre between twelve and sixteen weeks old. By this point, theyll have enough bladder control to hold their water for a longer duration.

That being said, puppies generally dont gain full bladder control until theyre between five and six months old. Thats a lot of accidents to clean up if youre not serious about investing in an effective potty-training regime!

Between 8-12 weeks, your GS should be able to hold their bladder for approximately around two hours. And this will usually double by the time they hit 16 weeks of age.

But heres the thing

In order for you to potty train your pup successfully, you need to learn the various stages of their early development when it comes to their toilet habits.

So if youre hell-bent on getting the best out of your GS and you want a tried and tested solution to get the potty trained in the quickest time possible. Id highly recommend taking a few minutes to check out the Potty Training Made Easy Course from Dan Abdelnoor.

In a nutshell, its going to give you insider knowledge that will help guide you in the early stages of potty training and puppy life in general.

Training Your Dog To Accept Handling

How To Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy The Fastest Way ...

If you think that it is natural for a dog to accept handling, then you are wrong. Just think for a minute what is going to happen when you are trying to touch a dangerous dog that doesnt have contact with humans. He is going to defend himself and he is going to bite or become aggressive. The same can happen if you dont teach your dog to accept handling from you and other people in the family.

Puppies can be shy and really afraid of you. This is because they arent familiar with your scent. This is why you should make sure that to train your German Shepherd puppy starts with accepting handling. Not only from you, but from everyone that he is dealing with on a daily basis.

Something that you should be careful of, is to start using a clicker if he isnt comfortable with you and being handled. This can give him a fright, and he will not trust you again, easily. If he starts to trust you and you start using the clicker, do not use it to close to him. The sound will still frighten him and he might struggle with handling again.

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Crate Until Your Dog Learns To Move Into The Correct Spot

Creating is not inhumane if done correctly. Of course, dogs love their kennels and often go there on their own accord to stay away from people and other animals.

However, you should not keep your dog for more than two hours during the day and no more than six hours at night.

Every time you send them out Take them to their pottery place immediately.

Restrict Your Dogs Home Access

One of the first steps in potty training a difficult dog or puppy to be nerdy is to set up their own space in your home. Prepare an area in your home where your dog has limited access. This may include placing a toddler gate across a door or placing them in the kitchen or laundry room.

In their area should be only solid surface flooring, not carpeting. Keep their crate in the area. Your dogs crate must be large enough that they can stand comfortably, turn around and stretch while lying down. Crate training can take days or weeks do not rush into it. The goal is to keep your dog comfortable in his crate, without getting stuck or frustrated.

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Key Milestones: 6 Months And Beyond

GSPs go through fear stages at six months, 12, and 18 months, says Venner. Heres what to do.

11. Be aware of your dogs fear stages and react appropriately.

One day your outgoing dog may suddenly become shy, scared, or start hiding around strangers or at the sound of certain noises. Even if your GSP was never afraid of meeting new people or hearing unusual sounds in the past.

If this sudden onset of fear occurs, the best thing you can do for your puppy is to ignore the fear.

Dont cater to it. Dont say, Oh youre OK,’ says Venner.

However, if a stranger comes up and your dog is still afraid, its also appropriate to remove your GSP from the situation.

Fear stages wont last forever and will go away on their own.

Dont miss crucial information when it comes to raising your puppy. Get personalized training, nutritional, veterinary, and everyday advice sent straight to your inbox. , a weekly email newsletter with customized content based on your puppys breed and age.

Pee Pads Or Paper Are Not Helpful

How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy: The Most Clever Tips

Although you can easily teach your German Shepherd puppy to use pee pads or paper, it only complicates potty training.


Well, because at some point they will need to be transitioned from pee pads or paper to outside.

So essentially you’re adding an extra step to potty training. This can cause confusion and potty training accidents.

Rather go for gold and get your pup conditioned to using their toilet outside!

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Regular Vet Checks For Health Problems

It is possible your GSD is house broken/trained, and knows it needs to go to the toilet outside.

But, there are health reasons which prevent this.

Bladder problems and infections could be the issue. Urinary incontinence can be a big problem in dogs where they lose control of their bladder.

Look for symptoms like unnaturally leaky and bloody urine. Irregularities in their poop can be a sign of a bowel or digestive problem.

Its very important not to skip your GSDs regular vet checks to make sure he or she is fully healthy.

Potty Training An Adopted Dog

Congratulations, you have adopted or rescued a dog and brought it to a safe, secure, and loving environment in your home.

The stress of relocation, abandonment, and other emotional or physical issues may cause a newly adopted dog to have some housetraining accidents.

On the other hand, the dog may have never been reliably potty trained, to begin with.

Reinforce your newly adopted dogs potty training the same way you would train a new puppy.

Supervise at all times. If unable to supervise, leave your dog in a safe, secure area such as a designated room, pen, or preferably a crate.

Choose an outdoor potty area and take your new four-legged friend to it on regular intervals with a consistent command such as go potty or take a break.

On every successful trip to the potty area, be sure to reward and praise.

Be aware that a rescued dog may already have a pattern of eliminating where no one can see them.

This is why supervision is so important. Dogs that may have been punished or yelled at for eliminating in the house may seek out of the way areas, so you do not see them eliminating.

Another quirk to think about is that some dogs are sensitive to certain textures under their feet and will only eliminate on concrete, grass, bark, etc.

With patience and consistency, you can retrain your dog to go on any surface of your choosing.

While in the house, watch for signs that your dog needs to eliminate.

If accidents begin to occur, then you need to go back to the basics.

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How Do You Know When To Take Your Gsd Puppy Outside To Potty

  • Take them out after a nap. They need to relieve themselves after sleeping or napping in their crates.
  • Take them out after a play session. If youve played with your pup inside, then take them outside before placing them in their crate.
  • Take them out after theyve eaten a meal.
  • Take them out after theyve gotten overly excited about something.
  • Take them out after they drink a large amount of water.
  • Take them out first thing in the morning and the last thing before you place them in their crate or go to bed.
  • Take your dog out when their body language says they are searching for a potty spot!
  • Reading The Puppys Body Languages

    How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a German Shepherd ...

    Your GSD puppy will not always need to poop after the 30 minutes each time after meals. A time shall come when she will give signs at off times. Your potty training should factor this into consideration.

    The pup would normally growl, sniff and walk strangely in circles when she needs to pee and poop. You then have to take the pup outside.

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    How Often Should You Take Out Your German Shepherd Puppy To Potty

    You should take out your German Shepherd puppy every 2 hours for an 8-week-old pup. Add an hour for each month your pup is old. So, a 12-week-old dog needs to go out every 3 hours. And a 16-week-old German Shepherd needs to go outside to relieve themselves every 4 hours.

    Heres a visual chart to help you remember so you dont have any accidents inside your house.

    Puppy Age

    The Easy Way To Potty Train Your Pup

    Now, if youve still reading this and youre still feeling a little lost on the dos and dont of potty training your beloved GS pup. Then make sure you take a few minutes to check out the Potty Training Made Easy Course in the video link below.

    In this free video series, Dan walks you through real-life examples of how to potty train ANY puppy. And combined with the tips and tricks outlined in this post, it will prove invaluable when it comes to potty training your German Shepherd puppy with ease.

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    How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    I wont sugar coat this at all it could between 4 and 6 months for your puppy to get fully house trained. There are other factors which come into play though, such as individual temperament and environmental factors.

    However, its not unheard of for it taking up to a year until a German Shepherd puppy is properly potty trained.

    For example, you bring your German Shepherd puppy home once its over twelve weeks old, it might be the case that it hasnt been housetrained by their previous owners, and certain behaviours theyve picked up need to be unlearned.

    Be prepared for accidents, but above all, have some wipes and tissue paper on hand all the time as you will get through a lot of this stuff!

    Doberman Pinscher Protection Training

    How to Housebreak and Potty Train your German Shepherd Puppy

    Category: Dogs Here are the top 10 resources related to Doberman Pinscher Protection Training based on our research. When properly trained, these dogs make excellent hiking companions. 1. Guard Dog Training for a Doberman Guard Dog Training for a Doberman · Step 1: Safety First · Step 2: Basic Obedience

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    Tip #: Socialize Your German Shepherd Puppy

    The most important German Shepherd puppy training tip is socialization. Right after you take your puppy to the vet for his first set of shots, enroll him/her in a puppy training or puppy socialization class. Some vets will tell you to keep the pooch inside until the full set of vaccines is completed. Unfortunately, if you do keep your pooch safe inside until he is 4-6 months of age, his socialization period will have closed forever and your chance to raise a friendly and confident dog drops significantly!That said, it is ultimately your decision whether you want to take the risk to take him outside or not. Most large US cities do not have too many disease problems and taking your puppy to a class where the trainer checks that every puppy has had the first set of shots is mostly safe. However, if you leave in a rural area, make sure there is not an outbreak of a disease that can affect your pooch.

    Of all the German Shepherd puppy training tips, I suggest you really think this one through. As a dog trainer, I recommend you find a safe puppy socialization class because this developmental period is critical to prevent behavior problems in the future. Apart from that, you also need to socialize your puppy daily on your own, this link will explain the process and give you a list of things to check as you go!

    A Gsd Puppy Should Be Taken Out Immediately :

    when it wakes up first thing in the morning ,

    after each and every meal,

    after each and every nap,

    and again before he goes to bed for the night.

    Otherwise you may have to make more house breaking potty trips than usual outside to let the puppy relieve itself.

    Keep the GSD puppy on a strict house breaking schedule, both feeding and elimination, and you will have German Shepherd puppy house breaking success much sooner.

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    How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy

    German shepherd dogs are really popular and there are many people that are looking for a puppy. However, it is important that you know that to train German shepherd puppies is important. This is the only way to make sure that you are going to get a dog that is disciplined and that is listening to your commands.

    German shepherd dogs are medium to large dogs. They are strong in nature and one of the cleverest dogs that you can find. These dogs are also known as hard-working, but one of the best family dogs that you can get. But, because they are clever, active and dominant, it is important to train a German shepherd puppy as soon as possible. This is all the information that you need about training your new German shepherd puppy.

    How Do I Potty Train My Puppy On This Doggielawn Grass Potty Pad

    Potty Training your German Shepherd Puppy 6 German ...

    Training your puppy on this grass pad is not different. At first, let your dog explore the grass potty pad. Show excitement and appreciate your dog when he starts showing lots of interest.

    Later, when your dog starts showing signs of wanting to go the bathroom, dont take him out rather, take your dog to this grass potty pad that resembles the outdoors real and fresh grass. And remember to reward your dog if hes comfortable peeing there.

    Stick to this routine for maximum result till your puppy can now use the Doggielawn grass potty pad without being rewarded.

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    How To Potty Train A German Shepherd Puppy The Fastest

    Apr 3, 2021 Sticking to a Routine. The most important thing when potty training your German Shepherd puppy is consistency. Make sure you take your puppy How To Potty Train A > >

    Feed your German shepherd puppy in the morning. A few minutes after eating, take him or her outside. Puppies are predictable and will need to use the bathroom How to Potty Train a German Shepherd Puppy Within Five

    Mar 2, 2020 Learn how to potty train your puppy with these tips. These 3 tried-and-true methods will help you house train your dog. Potty Training a Puppy: How to House Train Puppies

    How To Begin German Shepherd Potty Training

    The first step you should take is to become aware of your GSD puppys eats and drinks. Keep in mind that what goes in should come out. And with a pups metabolism, this is typically a reasonably fast process!

    So ensure that you let your dog out:

    • as quickly as you wake up
    • after sleep
    • drinking
    • before bedtime

    Likewise, its essential to keep your eye on your dog at all times. Do not let the GSD puppy be alone at all! This will avoid accidents.

    A proactive method works better.

    Focus on preventing accidents rather than waiting on them to take place.

    Develop a strict bathroom and feeding schedule to see the best results. However, German Shepherd potty training isnt only about training your puppy where to go.

    Its additionally about making clear that home soiling isnt suitable.

    Make it simple for your puppy to succeed. Do this by managing your space.

    Play a useful role and make sure your puppys area is set up correctly.

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