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Are German Shepherds Good Running Dogs

German Shepherd Speed Compared To Other Breeds

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Theres no doubting the speedy nature of German Shepherds, but are they the quickest dog around? Surprisingly, no!

Greyhounds take the cake with an astounding 45-mph pace. Theyre the fastest dogs in the world. That being said, German Shepherds lead most of the pack. Below, well use a table to show you how they stack up against the rest of the group.

Top Speed
Malamute 36 miles per hour

Its important to note that many dogs rarely run at their top speed. For example, Alaskan Malamutes typically reach an average pace of 5.3 miles per hour, as stated by Inupiat.

This speed allows them to compete in long-distance races and journeys. Theyre not supposed to exhaust themselves by maxing out as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, chihuahuas and basset hounds are a bit too small and clumsy to keep up with the pack. Theyre not known for high speeds, but thats not their purpose.

Every breed has a unique talent. German Shepherds have impeccable focus, loyalty, and speed. This is what makes them the ideal dog for many different applications.

Needless to say, German Shepherds are near the top percentage of dogs in terms of speed and acceleration. There are many reasons why German Shepherds are so quick.

For example, theyre naturally built to chase their prey as a food source. This trait stems from many years ago, but it continues to play a significant role in their performance.

Read on to discover more details about why GSDs can run so fast.

Important Tips Before And When Training Your Dog To Run

Before and when training your German shepherd to run with you, there are a few things that you need to take in mind. They will make the training more comfortable for both of you.

For instance, if you are a marathoner, it may be hard to adjust to the pace of your dog. However, dont get discouraged, you also began at some point before you slowly developed to become the great runner you are. Therefore, be patient with your furry friend, and with time he will hit your level.

On the other side, if the dog seems to be running faster than you, being patient with yourself is key. Understand that they are naturally faster than humans, probably because they have four legs, while we only have two :-).

Also, its important to understand the importance of warming up before every run. It helps stretch the muscles and prepare them for something tougher. A few stretches for you will be good. However, for your German shepherd, a simple walk will be fine. Its also a nice way of cooling down after running a long distance.

Are German Shepherds Good Running Dogs

German shepherd dogs are known for having many talents, and running is one of them. Strong and durably built, this breed can keep pace with the best of them. Even better, German shepherds are good with kids, protective and eager to pleasesure to become much more than a running companion.

Are German Shepherds good pets? German Shepherds are amazing dogs but they get a bad rap. Because of their large stature, many people instantly become afraid when they encounter dogs of this breed. Even though these dogs have a reputation for being tough, theyre just big softies. Here are just a few reasons of why German Shepherds are a great pet for any home. 1.

Can you run with a German Shepherd? This breed of dog has lots of energy and would love to go on a run or nice evening stroll with you. Not only is outdoor activity fun for your dog but it is also very beneficial for your dogs overall health. An added bonus to running with your German Shepherd is no one will mess with you as you run. 4. Theyre great guard dogs

Do German Shepherds need exercise? Once the dog is mature, the amount of exercise needed will vary according to the dogs energy level. But all German Shepherds, to maintain fitness, need brisk walking every day and all-out running in a safe, enclosed area as often as possible. Dogs from working lines typically want a lot more exercise.

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How To Train Your German Shepherd To Run With You

Ok, so you believe you and your German Shepherd are ready to start running but where do you start? Luckily, youve chosen a great breed as German Shepherds are very intelligent and obedient, which makes them easier to train that a lot of other breeds.

Before you start running with your German Shepherd its good to make sure they know basic commands such as stop and sit.

This will come in useful when you have to cross road or give way to other pedestrians.

Despite the fact that German Shepherds generally have plenty of energy and are capable of exercising for 2+ hours a day, they will still require endurance training in order to be able to run for an extended period at speed.

Step 1:Leash training: It is important your German Shepherd is able to walk well on a leash before you pick up the speed.

Leash training is good for numerous reasons when running, it helps to keep your shepherd with you, preventing them from getting lost and also helps your German Shepherd to maintain a similar speed to yourself.

The average healthy German Shepherd adult can run around 30-32mph, whereas the average healthy human can run around 25-28 miles per hour.

So, to be able to keep your German Shepherd at a speed you are both comfortable with a leash plays an important role.

Later on, once you German Shepherd gets used to your average pace you may feel comfortable to ditch the leash when its safe to do so.

Step 3:

Raising distance:

Raising A German Shepherd Correctly

10 Reasons Why German Shepherd is a Good Family Dog

So an important thing to know is that without a proper upbringing and strict training from a young age, your German Shepherd wont turn out the way you might want him to.

They can quite easily develop aggression towards other animals and people if theyre not raised right, so a weak upbringing is the biggest reason as to why these dogs can often come across as aggressive.

As you should now know, the German Shepherd is a dog that requires a lot of attention and you really cant slack on this or things could take a turn for the worse as time goes on.

With a great upbringing that has plenty of love, socialization, and training your German Shepherd will end up being a brilliant companion and friend for a very long time.

So you can make sure that your German Shepherd is getting the best upbringing he possibly can, you should be doing a few things with him from a young age. As a first-time dog owner, its going to be pretty difficult to know exactly what to do with them, so here are a few things you should be doing when theyre very young.

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Training Your Dog For Running

So weve covered in great detail about how many miles can a dog run for specific dog breeds. The training of your dog to run with you will also impact your running experience.

When you first start on a running regiment with your dog, make sure to begin with slow, short jogs.

Then, as your dog becomes accustomed to these runs, you can gradually increase the distance.;

Its also important to vary your training schedule. For example, if you and your dog run a brisk eight miles one day, you should follow that up the next day with a slow three-mile jog or walk. And always keep an eye on your canine for signs of injury or distress while you are running. Dogs have been known to run with injuries, just because they wanted to keep up with their beloved partners.;

For a detailed guide on training your dog for running, read our article here.

How Does The Double

One reason German Shepherd would never be able to race as effectively as Greyhounds is because of the double-suspended gallop.

Despite assertions to the contrary, all dogs perform a double-suspended gallop at full speed. Double suspension simply refers to the way the dogs body is suspended during both phases of gathering his limbs underneath himself and phase II of extending front legs well forward and rear limbs all the way to the back.

This shows a working type of black GSD running at speed. Notice the two suspended periods over the duration of each stride.

Sighthounds like Greyhounds and Salukis have remarkable spinal flexibility compared to other breeds, making their double-suspended gallop dramatic and more effective. It enables these dogs to reach phenomenal speeds.

For example, a Whippet can run 35 miles per hour, a Scottish Deerhound 40 miles per hour, and a Greyhound a blistering 45 miles per hour. Retrievers only run 20 to 25 miles per hour.

The flexibility of the spine enhances the double-suspended gallop because the back is able to contract and extend like a coil.

Comparatively, a horse has a rigid spine and usually a single-suspension gallop. Think of how much bigger a horse is than a dog. It is fascinating that racehorses run a mere 44 miles per hour top speeds.

Although the record fastest equine clocked 55 miles per hour, dogs are not as far behind as you might expect.

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Tips Before You Start Running With Your Dog

Ease any dog into a running program. You will want to start off at a comfortable pace where you can communicate clearly with your dog. And start out by doing 2-3 miles during your 3-4 runs per week.

Once you have a week or so of running down at that easy pace, try adding 0.5 mile or 10 minutes to your original 2-3 mile runs during the week. If your dog tolerates the 0.5 mile increase easily, try and pick up the pace or add an extra run on the weekends. After a month of prep work and seeing that your dog can easily handle the base mileage, start trying for a 4-5 mile/day regime.

Keep in mind, most dog trainers strongly recommend at least oneif not twodays of rest for both you and your dog.

Our Picks For The Best Dog Breeds For Running

German Shepherd running | Best running dog | Big Bolt

These are the best dog breeds for the marathon and ultra marathon runners. I ran up to 20 miles with Sora many times and I believe that she could have gone farther. I have friends who have logged 40+ mile trail runs with their dogs.

Ill say it again. You have to train your dog to run. Dont head out for a jaunt around Mt. Hood and expect your dog to join you if theyve only run a handful of miles.

This will risk injury and can contribute to long term damage.

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The Beginning Of The German Shepherd

A good number of changes have been made to this breed, both in physique and personality. Identifying these alterations can help pinpoint how a German Shepherd will act when out on a walk with other dogs nearby.

According to German Shepherd Rescue Elite, the first version of this dog originated in the 1850s in Europe.

These canines were bred solely to provide safety for the shepherds and their flocks. The goal for these dogs was to be intelligent, swift, and strong.

Thinking about the requirements of these shepherds, there was a good amount of difference. They might have similar personality traits yet differ completely in appearance.

Given the purpose, these dogs most likely were relatively polite with other dogs belonging to the shepherd though showed aggressive qualities towards any outsiders.

For quite a while, the German Shepherd shifted in morphology until the desire of a standardized breed came about.

This phenomenon started taking place for several breeds around 1891 from the Phylax Society. These members were unsuccessful though sparked the pioneers for a standardized German Shepherd Dog.

Documented by the as the first to create a unique vision for this breed, Captain Max von Stephanitz began this process in 1889.

Unfortunately, von Stephanitz heavily inbred this dog, thus leading to several health issues. What remained intact was a dog that had to get along with other dogs when presented alongside each other in shows.

Is Too Much Running Bad For Dogs

Dogs carry about 60 percent of their weight on their front limbs, which puts quite a bit of stress on those joints. In dogs with very straight rear legs, excessive exercise can lead to problems in the stifle joints, including strain, sprain, meniscal tears, and tears in the cranial cruciate ligament.

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How Much Is Too Much For Your German Shepherd

Dogs will need an exercise of between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the breed, age, size, and overall health. Some kinds such as German shepherds, collies, Labrador retrievers, hounds, and other high-energy breeds require more exercise to keep them fit than other breeds. Therefore, a 2-hour run with a strong and middle-aged GSD should be perfect.

However, just as you always have to consult your doctor before you adopt a new exercise plan, its good to hear from your dogs veterinarian before you take them out for a walk. The vet will examine their health condition and suggest the maximum pace and distance for their level.

Is German Shepherd A Good Dog For A First

German shepherd dog running on the field #germanshepherd ...

On the other hand, a German breeder is bred for working ability, as well as to fit the breeds traditional appearance.

Before you can breed a German Shepherd in Germany, they must pass several tests to prove that they measure up to the physical and mental benchmarks for which the breed is known. German Shepherds tend to have a more energetic and driven personality.

But the only way to guarantee what kind of dog youll get as a first-time owner is to spend time with them. So go to the shelter and meet your new best friend before you even take them home!

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Get Your Vets Ok First

The first step is to get your vets approval.;

Your dog should be healthy before embarking on any exercise plan. Have some tests done to ensure your dog is 100% ready for some running.

For German Shepherds that are still puppies:

Take them running only if they have reached the right age, which is 15 months. .

If they are adults, get them a clean bill of health.

For senior dogs, strenuous running is not a good idea.;

Note:;You should also be healthy to pull off any exercise plan with your dog. Its helpful that your energy levels match to get the best out of running.

Is Basset Shepherd Rather Stubborn Or Easy To Handle And Train

A Basset Shepherd is the mix of a hound dog and a German shepherd dog. Because of its parent breeds, it is a loyal and obedient dog, which shows devotion towards its master.

But on the same side, to control its aggression and temperament, proper training from its puppyhood is crucial. While training it, initially, you may find it a little stubborn. But with little strictness and formal obedience training, it will become easier to train it.

Under its training and socialization training, which is the core training every domestic dog should take, you can also train him to be obedient. Apart from this, focus on teaching you basset shepherd puppy the commands to make them a great family dog.

Also, dont forget their physical training as well. Ensure your German Shepherd basset hound a regular exercise session and took them to walk to keep them fit and active.

Because they have some characteristics of German Shepherd, they are great learners and grasps everything quickly. So, it will become easier for you to train basset shepherd dogs right after you control their temperament.

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The Gallop Is Not The Gsds Best Gait

Although German Shepherds are fleet of foot and among the quicker dogs, they were not originally intended to be runners.

The German Shepherd is a working dog whose most efficient gait is the trot. German Shepherd show dogs exaggerate the beauty and flashiness of the breeds trot, but the primary goal was utility.

Herding Shepherds were perimeter dogs who established boundaries for sheep where there were no fences. Rather than drive or gather sheep, they monitored the perimeter of a herd to prevent strays.

They also kept the entire herd from venturing onto forbidden crops or dangerous roads. A shepherds job involved sustained trotting most of the day with periodic bursts of short sprints.

What Are The Common Diseases Of Basset Shepherd

German Shepherd dog running and playing at Lullingstone country park #shorts

Being a part of designer breeds, a Basset Shepherd has a better immune system and is lesser prone to suffer from any disease. Yet they are prone to more number of conditions. It is one of the healthiest breeds ever. However, a German Shepherd Basset hound can still suffer from health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems, heart problems, pancreatic diseases bloating, and even cancer.

To avoid a maximum of health issues, it is necessary to feed your basset Shepherd with the best food quality. Also, take this mixed breed to the veteran for regular check-ups as well.

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German Shepherds Are Highly Adaptable

Part of the reasons why German Shepherds are popular is because they are adaptable to any kind of lifestyle and living situation. Homes with a large yard is ideal for German Shepherds, but they can easily adapt to apartment living as long as they get enough exercise. If you are planning to get a German Shepherd, you dont have to adjust your current lifestyle, it can easily adjust itself and suit your lifestyle.


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