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Can White German Shepherds Be Akc Registered

Is A White German Shepherd Right For You

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If you are thinking about getting a German Shepherd, your dogs color boils down to personal preference.

Some people seek out White German Shepherds just as others prefer all black German Shepherds, sable, black and red, black and tan, silver, etc.

There are many colors of the German Shepherd Dog. Regardless of the color you choose, it is essential to research all aspects of the breed to ensure you will be a good fit for this intelligent, loyal, and active dog.

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How Easy Are White Shepherds To Train

White Shepherds and white German Shepherds are both exceptionally intelligent. German Shepherd Dogs are rated as the third most intelligent breed of dog, behind Border Collies and Poodles. They are very easy to train if you are consistent in your commands and train regularly each day.

The German Shepherd Dog Club of America has some excellent short articles on training a German Shepherd puppy. Their advice can easily be applied to a White Shepherd puppy. Using consistency and practice in your training works for any dog. Rewarding positive behaviors is always good advice. And so on.

Things that White Shepherd puppies need to learn at home include:

  • House training
  • Bite inhibition
  • Rules of the home/manners
  • Basic obedience including walking on a leash, coming when called, etc.
  • Grooming

These are all important things for a puppy to learn. House training is huge. Soiling in the house is one of the biggest reasons why dogs are dumped at shelters. This is the very most basic thing that a dog needs to learn if he wants to keep his home.

Dont forget to clean your puppys ears or at least check them regularly. Shepherds can have some ear problems occasionally.

What Is A Blue German Shepherd

The Blue German Shepherd is not a mixed breed and is simply a variation of the standard GSD. Therefore, these dogs carry the same characteristics and temperament. However, they are much more rare and are therefore a lot more expensive. For a standard GSD you can expect to pay anywhere between $300 and $700 for a puppy.

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What Is The Rarest Color Of German Shepherd

You might be surprised to hear that white is not the rarest color of German Shepherd. That individual is brown.Australian Shepherds are naturally born with red, blue, cream, chocolate and black coat colors. The chocolate variation most closely resembles the traditional German Shepherd breed, although they are smaller in size like most herding breeds. Aussies can often be confused for this same reason however they do carry the recessive gene that will produce a snow white coat when bred with another blanketback ..

Places To Find Blue German Shepherd Puppies For Sale And Adoption

AKC Registered German Shepherd For Sale Baltic, OH Female ...

Finding blue German Shepherd pups for sale could prove to be a challenging task. These blue dogs are indeed rare! Also, there are only a few reputable breeders dedicated to developing blue GSDs.

In purchasing a puppy, watch out for puppy mills and backyard breeders! You can check out our puppy buying guide to know what you should consider in choosing a breeder.

Meanwhile, here are some of the reputable breeders where you can buy blue German Shepherd puppies:

  • K9 Pines This breeding facility boasts itself as the true home of blue German Shepherds. All of their puppies are AKC registered and come with health guarantees. Aside from blue GSDs, they also have other diluted colors, such as liver and isabella.
  • Spragues German Shepherd Located in South Carolina, this breeder produces blue GSDs that are fit for companionship, sporting, and therapy services. They follow a rigorous breeding and rearing process to ensure that their puppies are of top quality in health and behavior.
  • Mittelwest German Shepherds Mittelwest has GSDs that come from champion bloodlines. They currently import top-quality GSD puppies around the globe, and they breed other German Shepherd colors aside from blue. You should visit their page as they regularly post available puppies, which might include a blue German Shepherd.

Fret not if you still havent found a blue German Shepherd pup from the listed breeder above! You can check our guide for the best German Shepherd breeders in the United States.

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Facts You Should Know Before Getting A White Shepherd Puppy

  • White Shepherds are not albinos and they do not have red eyes. Their eyes are brown, the darker the better. Occasionally, very rarely, a White Shepherd or white German Shepherd is born with blue eyes but its unusual. The ideal coat color for the breed is pure white but the coat can actually range from very light cream to a light biscuit tan. Their skin color ranges between pink and gray gray is preferred. Their nose, lips, eye rims, and pads are all fully-pigmented and are black in color.
  • White Shepherds do not look exactly the same as German Shepherds in white. They are a slightly square-built dog without as much slope to the topline.
  • White Shepherds tend to have a longer coat than German Shepherds.
  • White Shepherds are good watch dogs but they are more likely to alert you when someone is approaching instead of acting aggressively though this will depend on training and socialization.
  • White Shepherd puppies can be very boisterous. If you have small children or seniors in your home, these big, rollicking puppies can accidentally knock someone over. They do calm down as they get older.
  • White Shepherds are barkers! They are vocal, whether they are barking, whining, or howling to let you know what they think. This is something to consider if you have neighbors who live close to you.
  • The White German Shepherd: Is It A Recognized Breed

    Have you ever heard of a White German Shepherd? If you have, you are among a lesser population of people, as the majority are more familiar with its counterpart, the colored German Shepherd breed. In fact, several countries do not even recognize the White German Shepherd a part of the German Shepherd breed, nor does the AKC. The main reason for the AKC not considering the White version of the German Shepherd a true breed is simply because they wouldnt make good sheep herding dogs , which is what the German Shepherds were bred for.

    Apart from the obvious difference in color, the White German Shepherds are basically the same as their counterparts they have the same build, form, and personality. They are generally just as loving, protective, and loyal as the others. They possess an athletic build that makes them excellent sport dogs, and they are very easy to train, which is why they are used as military and disability dogs. Contrary to other breeds, these dogs exhibit a pleasant temperament, which makes them a great addition to a family or a friend for the disabled. Many White German Shepherd owners state that their dogs tend to be more mellow than other German Shepherds.

    Overall, the White German Shepherds are not different from their colored counterparts except for the fact that they are white. They are just as good at search and rescue, being guide dogs, and tracking.

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    White German Shepherd Health Issues

    Like other German Shepherds, some white German Shepherds can develop problems with hip dysplasia and shoulder dysplasia. In addition, the genes that contribute to the white coloring are sometimes associated with deafness. A good breeder will be able to certify that your dog has been checked for these problems.

    Characteristics Of The White German Shepherd

    All You Need To Know About The White German Shepherd

    White German Shepherds have many of the same characteristics as other German Shepherds. As puppies, they are born in litters of around five to ten puppies and can cost anywhere between $750 to $1000.


    White German Shepherd puppies look like little balls of fluff and are extremely cute! However, they grow very quickly and reach 50% of their adult size normally by around 4 months. By 1 year of age, they should be at their adult height. You should always buy from a reputable breeder because sometimes breeders try pass off German Shepherd mixes for pure white German Shepherds.

    The White German Shepherd can weigh anywhere between 50 to 85 pounds with a male weighing more than a female. They are classified as a large dog breed and stand tall at 22 to 26 inches at the shoulder. Again, females are normally shorter than the males.

    They are a very muscular and athletic breed, which is no surprise because they were bred for their working capabilities. They are very strong and wear a proud posture and have erect ears. Their feet are big too, even when they are puppies!


    The White German Shepherd has two different types of coat short coat and long coat. If your White German Shepherd has a long coat, it will typically be much longer than other German Shepherds in the breed. The fur is thick and straight and does require quite a bit of grooming, although we will go into more detail about that below.




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    White German Shepherds In Canada

    Following the American decision, in 1980, the German Shepherd Dog Club of Canada requested that the Canadian Kennel Club disqualify white dogs from conformation shows. However, the Canadian Kennel Club refused to do this, and for years, white German Shepherds were shown in conformation rings. In 1998, however, the Canadian Kennel Club finally banned white German Shepherds from conformation shows altogether.

    In both America and Canada, the white-coated shepherds began highly valued, even as they were dismissed as being of a color that was unacceptable as part of the breed standard. Over time, breeders began to breed for the white coat, but they never used dogs other than German Shepherds since their arrival in North America.These animals were often less aggressive than their traditionally colored counterparts, making them highly esteemed as a family companion dog. They continued to exhibit all the intelligence, trainability, and strength of the traditional breed standard. They have a slightly less angulated line from shoulder to hip and a gentler nature. They are significantly different from the standard GS breed.

    In other areas of the world, they are recognized as a separate breed of dog. These white-coated animals are registered with a separate agency that ensures the line purity in America and Canada.

    How Can I Tell If My White German Shepherd Is Purebred

    The German Shepherd Dog Club of America celebrates the blond and bi-colored variety in its written standards. Brindling in whites has historically been a deterrent to german shepherd breeders however, many individuals do not take this into consideration and find the brindled, imperfectly colored dog prettier than unquestionably perfect. For confident owners loving their animal this uncertainty brings amusing unpredictability in litters when two black coated animals mate for example.Fans of the white German Shepherd typically choose to see them as an extension of their faith or belief system such as Purity, Sameness, Virtue and Innocence. These animals often make great therapy dogs which is attributed to their often less turbulent emotions because.

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    Have Any Questions About Health In Your Breed

    If you have any concerns about a particular health condition in your breed then you may wish to speak to your vet or you could contact your breed health co-ordinator.Breed health co-ordinators are individuals working on behalf of breed clubs and councils who are advocates for the health and welfare of their chosen breed. They acts as a spokesperson on matters of health and will collaborate with The Kennel Club on any health concerns the breed may have.To contact your breed health co-ordinator please email

    How Expensive Are White Shepherds

    AKC Registered German Shepherd For Sale Baltic, OH Female ...

    If youre wondering is a White Shepherd rare, the answer is not particularly. You can easily find them from respected breeders online. As for price, one site we checked stated that the current median price for a White Shepherd puppy in the U.S. was $900. For one breeder we checked, the price for a pet puppy on a non-breeding contract was $2000. According to one site, puppies were available for $3200 and up.

    For these prices, you need to make sure breeders have health-tested the parents of the puppies for at least hip and elbow dysplasia and that they offer a reasonable guarantee for the puppys health.

    If you want a pure white German Shepherd and youre wondering how much it costs, we found breeders selling AKC white German Shepherd puppies from $500-1000. They are not rare either.

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    Solid White German Shepherds

    Not to be confused with the White Swiss Shepherd, White German Shepherds are caused by a masking gene that suppresses any dark pigment.

    As a result of recessive genes, they can still be produced from breeding two normal-colored GSDs. This also means you can get a litter of puppies from White Shepherds without any white.

    White GSDs can be AKC-registered and compete in agility or obedience trials, but they cant participate as show dogs. You may want to try with the UKC as they accept these beauties in show lines.

    This solid color is completely banned in Germany that it got to the point where they cull white German Shepherd puppies. They believe that white causes hereditary issues and washes out the breeds rich colors.

    Despite being disproved with modern science, this rule stayed.

    What Is The Akc Registration

    The AKC has the largest registry of purebred dogs in the United States. For a dog to be registered with the AKC, its parents and littermates must also be registered with the AKC. This helps breeders track canine bloodlines, genealogy, and more.

    AKC breed registration lets you know where your dog came from, who its ancestors are, and more. Plus, it ensures that your dog can compete in big-name dog shows.

    This is one reason that many people choose to purchase AKC registered puppies. But does AKC registration matter?

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    Arewhite German Shepherds Aggressive

    White Shepherds often have a softer, gentler, and more sensitive personalities. Due to this luscious nature, white shepherds are rarely used as police dogs, guard dogs, or defense dogs.

    The fact is that not just from their inner temperament but also by the looks they dont carry that aggressive nature by their coat color and hence they tend to be a little softer than the standard GSDs.

    White German Shepherds Aggressive?

    So, it is going to be a good choice for someone who wants to exploremore options other than Labrador retriever and also Golden Retriever.

    The White Shepherd can certainly be a very good watchdog, buttheir watching is usually limited to warning you that someone hadentered the premises.

    White Shepherds are usually not aggressive.

    In fact, if a white shepherd has any character defect, it ismore likely to be vulnerable or obscure. White Shepherds need earlysocialization to cultivate a loyal attitude toward strangers and strangesituations.

    White shepherds need plenty of physical and mental exercise.This smart breed should not be sent to a home where a normal pet wants to walkaround the block.

    The white shepherds are very vocal, crying, wailing, and wailing.

    Although they rarely have a dominant personality, the WhiteShepherds still need a loyal, stable owner, who sets and enforces the rules.

    Why Doesnt Akc Recognize White German Shepherds

    German Shepherd Types – 5 Types of German Shepherds

    The AKC does not recognize purebred white German shepherds because they are known to be at greater risk of coats turning gray and black, due to their lack of pigmentation. Their hair can also clump together, making it difficult to groom them.The American Kennel Club s official stance on this matter is that White may occur in any breed or variety of dog however, the breed standard for some breeds prohibits the color while others specifically allow for it.? There is no definite answer as to why white GSDs are disqualified from being considered a purebred by the AKC, but one idea is that they are not recognized because many people believe they signify less purity in breeding.

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    What Is The Rarest Color Of The German Shepherd

    Among all of the German Shepherd variants, the panda German Shepherd is considered to be the rarest!

    This bizarre yet stunning coat color usually features black and white symmetrical patterns across the body, especially around the eyes.

    Panda German Shepherds were discovered just recently. The panda GSDs exotic-looking pattern is caused by a mutation in the KIT gene, which is said to be a dominant gene.

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    Do White Swiss Shepherds Bark A Lot

    YesWhite Swiss shepherds need to be socialized with other dogs and people all their lives so they can easily manage the demands of work. As such, when confronted by strangers or at unfamiliar places, white Swiss shepherds may tend to bark more than some breeds might. They are living in a world that is different from ours and find themselves sharing space with strange things they may not ordinarily encounter in their home environment. Preferring rural life open spaces and populated by livestock, wild animals and plants in natural surroundings-these characteristics all contribute to their nature..

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    Are White German Shepherds Protective

    White German Shepherds are generally well-trained and make excellent watchdogs.German shepherds are bred to be even-tempered, but they are usually not as easy going as other breeds. As a result, they can be mistaken for being aggressive or too protective when in reality that is not the dogs nature at all. However, this will vary from dog to dog. If youre considering getting a white German shepherd then it would be wise to talk with the breeder about temperament before making your final decision of if either is right for you and your family. This includes meeting any previous owners of the puppies s s well as seeing more than one of their dogs if possible so that you can form an opinion of.


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