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When Will German Shepherd Puppy Calm Down

Transition To Adult Period: 16 Months 36 Months

How to have a CALM German Shepherd with Reign, Maverick and GSM

Between 16 and 36 months, your puppy will be transitioning to adulthood. Some puppy behaviours should have calmed down, making way for more mature behaviours. Some German Shepherds continue to grow until 36 months, though most are done by 24 months.

While you will take them off of puppy food at this point, switching to adult food, you must continue to monitor their nutrition well to ensure that they are developing normally and are at a healthy puppy weight.

While they should still have a lot of energy, they also should have stopped chewing random items and calmed down slightly.

How To Calm Down Your German Shepherd So You Can Live With Him

You cant expect to neuter your dog to change him from a wild child into a canine good citizen all by itself.

Your dog is smart, and hes learned over his life how to act, and hes likely to continue to keep acting the same way whether you want him to or not.

You can help him by training him to behave, and insisting that he acts the way you want him to at all times.

How effective your training is will depend in part on how old your German shepherd is when you start training him.

It is possible to use positive training methods to get excellent results from very young puppies, as is demonstrated by the video by the trainers at Assertive K-9 Training.

Find a good puppy training class to get involved in. If hes older, look for something suited to his age.

Training your dog young to behave will go a long way toward giving you a dog you can live with, but if hes not neutered you may still find that he is overly active.

It may take a combination of neutering and training to give you the results you seek. You need to be consistent in your training so your dog will understand your expectations of him.

How Do You Calm A Hyper German Shepherd Puppy

How to Calm a Hyper German Shepard

  • Exhaust your German shepherds energy in a constructive way by engaging it in regular exercise.
  • Speak or issue commands in a slow, low-pitched, authoritative and controlled manner.
  • Use scents to calm your German shepherd by placing aromatherapy diffusers throughout your home.
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    Physical Activity & Health

    Since German Shepherds are active dogs, they need plenty of exercise to stay active and healthy. A German Shepherd puppy needs 5 minutes of exercise every month old they are twice per day.

    For example, if your puppy is 4 months old, they need 20 minutes of exercise two times a day.

    Since German Shepherd puppies have a fast growth rate, overexercising them can lead to ligament and joint problems.

    If your puppy is less than 5 months old, slow walks for the appropriate times are enough. You can introduce trekking and jogging after the age of 5 months.

    Teach Them Some Manners

    When Do German Shepherds Calm Down, Stop Chewing & Biting ...

    No dog owner wants a hyper dog jumping all over them. Or barking right in their face.

    One way to prevent this is to instill some manners in them. How? Teach them impulse control.

    Impulse control teaches your dog how to engage with you. That is, without lunging, nipping or excessive barking.

    Start by teaching them to say please by sitting.;

    Make them sit before you open the door or clipping the leash. Before you give them dinner, wait for them to sit.

    And when they do just that, reward them with what they want. They will associate sitting with getting what they want.;

    In a big way, this teaches them to calm down before they can have the good stuff.

    Remember to be consistent on your part. Soon theyll sit without waiting for you to ask them to.

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    From A Newborn To 10 Weeks Of Age

    After a puppy is born, you’ll experience the most dramatic change in behavior. When they first come out of the womb, puppies are helpless creatures that rely on their mothers for everything. They can’t even see! Your puppy’s eyes won’t open until about the two-week mark.

    Even after their eyes open up, puppies are still going to be relatively shy and reserved. They will need to rely on their mother’s milk for sustenance. Thus, they tend to stay pretty close by.

    As they start to move a little farther from the nest, the mother will usually bring them right back until she feels that they are ready.

    When that time comes, be prepared for a big bundle of energy! Once puppies are able to walk and run on their own, they will take full advantage of it! They will start to learn social cues and play with others in the litter.

    If they’re alone, you might see them biting at your fingers to play fight! It’s an adorable stage, so cherish it!

    When Do Beagles Calm Down

    Beagles are great dogs that make awesome pets. They are incredibly smart and completely loyal. These are dogs that make for great family members because they play well with children. They are naturally curious and friendly. The one attribute of a beagle, which can be considered either a positive or a negative, is they are active dogs. They will want to run, jump, and play all the time.

    This leads to the inevitable conclusion that these dogs, especially young beagles, tend to be hyperactive.

  • Recap
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    Provide Adequate Daily Exercise

    In AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy, STAR is an acronym that stands for Socialization, Training, Activity, and a Responsible owner. Activity means exercise and in STAR classes, instructors talk to dog owners about their daily exercise plans for their puppies. CGC Evaluator Karen Vance described in the book,; AKC STAR Puppy: A Positive Behavioral Approach to Puppy Training, how she had her students bring an exercise plan for their dogs to class. When Karen looked at the plan for a German Shepherd Dog who was jittery and could not focus, she said a light bulb went off. She worked with the dog owners to modify the exercise plan and within two weeks, the puppy was a different dog.

    Training Your German Shepherd

    German Shepherd Music! Music to Relax and Calm Down Hyper or Stressed German Shepherds or Alsatians!

    A little while ago I stated that these are among the smartest breed of dogs out there and its true. Theyre also strong and have excellent stamina. In addition to physical exercise as stated above, they also need mental exercise to challenge them.

    For the most part they are extremely easy to train because they are so smart. We taught our 10 year old girl how to sit and stay in an afternoon and it stuck all these years later. Basic commands are incredibly simple once they reach a certain age.

    A young puppy like our 8 week old is still learning her name but as I condition her to hearing her name so she knows herself when I call, I can see the gears turning.

    Once your dog has mastered sit,stay, and the other basic commands, start training in a new language to keep her mentally stimulated.

    We adopted an adult male German Shepherd who came to use trained in English and German. Of course, because the pound found him in a dumpster, we had no background info on him other than he was a stray with a tattoo in his ear.

    One day I was looking at a paper and muttered setzen and the dog sat down. My mind was blown. I eagerly looked up other commands, plotz Id say, and he laid down.


    There are a lot of other things you can do with your dog to keep him mentally stimulated. There are certain toys designed to make your dog think that do well. Other dog owners will hide something in the yard and have their dog seek it out.

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    When Do German Shepherds Puppies Calm Down

    If you have ever met a German Shepherd puppy, then you know how crazy they can be. German Shepherds are actually working dogs, so naturally they have a lot of energy to expel, and can be very high functioning and active.

    These types of dogs love having something to do, whether it is chasing a ball, running around, finding new smells, or generally just exercising, so a German Shepherd is not really a calm breed.

    The clue is in the name, German Shepherds were bred to herd sheep, and so they have a natural instinct to run around, chase, and be athletic.

    This can mean that the German Shepherd as a breed is very hyperactive, and not naturally calm. However, this does vary by age and by the individual dog itself.

    As you can imagine, such a highly active dog will be even more excitable, bubbly, fun and energetic as a puppy, and so you may be wondering when German Shepherd puppies calm down a little.

    We are here to tell you when you can expect your German Shepherd puppy to chill out a little, why it may not calm down, and how to calm your energetic doggie!

    When Do German Shepherds Calm Down

    If you have a young German Shepherd, Im sure youve thought when do German Shepherds calm down?; I know that was something I thought all the time when Allie was a young pup.;

    Unfortunately, every German Shepherd is different so there is no exact answer that will work for every GSD but this article can give you a guide.

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    Your Dog Is Not A Person Your Dog Is A Reflection Of You

    Your Dog is a Reflection of You!

    As humans, we personify everything we love including our beloved dogs. ;And in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.

    As long as we remember that our dogs operate on instincts. ;And our emotions affect those instincts.

    For example

    There’s this Staffie names Apollo that has hydrotherapy on the same day as Charley.

    Now, Apollo and Charley hate each other. ;None of us are sure why though!

    So, a few weeks ago Charley was at her weekly hydrotherapy session when Apollo strolled past her massage mat.

    The moment I saw him I tensed up. ;And within a split second Charley, who has just had hip surgery, jumped up on all fours and started barking madly.

    She’s never had a problem with any of;the other dogs around there. ;Even the owners 2 Jack Russell’s hang around her with no problems.

    Both myself and the therapist never saw it coming. ;But looking back now, I should have known

    Charley was reacting to her instincts.


    My emotions played a big role in her final reaction. ;Charley was responding to me, but the results were not positive. Because I was tense and worried.

    You may be wondering what you can do to encourage your GSD to respond to you in a positive way.

    This brings us to the next golden rule

    Redirect Bad German Shepherd Puppy Behavior

    Will My German Shepherd Calm Down?

    Does your puppy jump, nip, chew, bite, or dig and you want to know the right discipline?

    When your pup is taking part in bad behavior, get your puppys attention by making a distracting noise.

    Try clapping your hands, making a clicking sound with your tongue, or smacking your lips to get your pups attention to turn on something you DO want them to try like a squeaky toy.

    The noise and disapproving tone distract your dog from bad behavior .

    Now, redirect their attention to a more desirable behavior you want, for example:

    • Coming to you and leaving what theyre doing by offering them a tasty treat and praise.
    • Showing them a favorite toy.
    • Offering them another option you would like that is more constructive.

    Dont scold them when they come to you or youll make your dog scared of you later on.

    Pay attention to your dogs behaviors when they are near known distractions so you can prevent the bad, unwanted action before it even happens.

    You want to remember to watch out for:

    • If your dog chews inappropriately on a pair of expensive shoes, get their attention by making noises or calling them to you and immediately offer the correct approved chew item.
    • If you know your dog tends to bite you during play, have a toy nearby you can show them that you want them to bite instead of your arms.
    • If you know they get wild and crazy in the evenings, have a list of these German Shepherd games to distract them and funnel their energy.

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    When To Neuter Agerman Shepherd Male

    German Shepherd males can be neutered as early as eight weeks with the common practice being around 6 months old.

    For most, the decision to neuter at around 6 months is because this is typically the time they reach sexual maturity. Theyre able to reproduce and hormonal changes begin to occur.

    However, a study by University of California-Davis researchers showed that only 8.62% of German Shepherd males neutered at 1 year old suffered from joint disorders versus 20.83% of those neutered at less than 6 months old.

    The researchers suggest that the best time to neuter a male German Shepherd is around 16-18 months, or at least 12 months old.

    Neutering of German Shepherd Dogs and Associated Joint Disorders ;

    The table above breaks down the results of their study byage and associated cancers. Types of canine cancer included in the study werethe following:

    • Lymphosarcoma ; Cancer of lymphocytes and lymphoid tissues,commonly affecting lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract, bone marrow, spleen, orliver.
    • Mast Cell Tumor Tumors commonlyaffecting the skin.
    • Hemangiosarcoma Tumors commonlyaffecting the liver and spleen.
    • Osteosarcoma Tumors affecting the bone.

    Results of the study suggest that neutering between 6 and 11 months is most ideal to prevent canine cancer. Neutering at 1 year old comes at a close second.

    Given the combined results, around 1 year old should be the best age to neuter your German Shepherd to minimize the risk of both cancer and joint disorders.

    Some Final Thoughts On Calming A Hyper Dog

    I am taking my own advice and using one treatment plan at a time with this hyper dog. I am now trying customized homeopathic remedies with an expert in the field, all while using massage and one-on-one quiet training time. She suggested we try iodine in teensy amounts to begin with. She interviewed me for more than an hour! I stopped the oils while this dog was;taking a homeopathic remedy. My next step will be to give a calming mist a try, coupled with the Eye Contact Game.

    I am grateful to the many positive reinforcement dog trainers who helped me. I need my village of support from other trainers as much as this dog;does, so we have a standing appointment with a colleague so that I can see progress being made and to give myself a break each week.

    This GSD puppy;challenges me on all levels, especially my patience, but I like a good challenge. She will make me grow as a human and as a trainer. Ill give her;the time and space she needs. As a famous horse trainer likes to say: It takes the time it takes. If you have a dog like this, please reach out to qualified and empathetic trainers, because we can definitely relate to your struggles!

    Tell us: Have you ever tried to calm a hyper dog or an anxious dog? Tell us what worked for you in the comments!

    This piece was originally published in 2013.

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    Teach Them Obedience Training

    Your German Shepherd puppy is an intelligent dog. That will get them through obedience training.

    Obedience training should be taken early in a puppys life. That way, it can prevent behavioral problems later on.

    This was exactly what this;research;found out. It studied 142 dogs divided into 4 groups: puppy class, puppy party, adult class and no class.

    The puppy and adult classes underwent an hour of training each week for 6 weeks. The other 2 groups did not undergo formal training.

    The findings showed that the groups that attended training responded well to commands. The puppy class group also showed positive responses to strangers.

    The study concluded that this could prevent behavioral problems such as disobedience or fear of strangers.

    In training, its important to consider the short attention spans of puppies. That being said, spend at least 30 minutes each day for their training.

    Train them young starting with basic commands. These are useful commands that you can use at home or when outside.

    Also, get them busy with leash and off-leash training. This is particularly useful for when you are taking walks or running.

    Since obedience training uses focus, its a perfect way to tire them out mentally.

    What Age Are Puppies Most Hyper And Crazy

    Calm your German Shepherd with GSM & Rachel

    Puppies are most hyper during their first year. Their first six months will be their most active as they learn and test their boundaries. After six months they will continue to show bouts of hyperactivity and boundary testing, however, they may also show periods of calmness.

    Your puppy will be prone to bouts of hyperactivity all the way through until after their first year of life. Even then, your puppy wont settle down until theyre approaching their second year.

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    German Shepherd Body Condition Score

    Body Condition Score is the equivalent of Body Mass Index in humans. It is a subjective rating that standardizes the weight level of animals to help create an exercise plan and diet that suits your puppys activity level, body, and lifestyle.

    Body Condition Scale range from 1-9 or 1-5. The ideal BCS for your German Shepherd puppy should be 3/5 or 5/9. This is where the ribs, pelvic bones, and backbone have a very thin layer of fat and is easily palpable.

    The tummy tuck should be seen from the side and the waistline should also be visible behind the ribs when seen from above.


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