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Are White German Shepherds Albino

White German Shepherd Health Problems

All You Need To Know About The White German Shepherd

Generally speaking, white German Shepherd Dogs have the same health problems as all other GSDs.

However, there is one condition that white German Shepherds might be more predisposed to.

This study proposes a link between the white coat of the GSD and spontaneous laryngeal paralysis a condition where the airway doesnt open properly to let a dog inhale.

But further research is needed to see if this is correct.

White German Shepherd History And Origin

As the breed name implies, German shepherds were originally developed in Germany. First developed in 1899 by Captain Max von Stephanitz, German shepherds were initially created to be an unmatched herding breed.

In part, von Stephanitz sought to create a dog who was simultaneously athletic, capable and intelligent a collection of traits that no single breed embodied at the time. By most measures, von Stephanitz succeeded.

By the time World War I rolled around, the dogs have begun working in a variety of police and military contexts. Many American soldiers brought German shepherds back home after the war, which helped to establish the dogs in the U.S.

The breed soon became very popular, although the German portion of their name was removed at one point, in response to the generally poor view most had about anything of German origin during the early- to mid-20th century.

Note that while white German shepherds have occurred in litters for most of the breeds history, theyve often been shunned by some breed enthusiasts. Some have even advanced myths about the inferiority of white-coated German shepherds.

However, such attitudes are largely mistaken, and white German shepherds are just as intelligent, athletic and capable as their brown or black counterparts.

Nevertheless, while the AKC recognizes white German shepherds and allows them to compete in sporting events, white coat color is seen as a disqualifying fault in the conformation ring.

How Much Will It Cost To Own A White German Shepherd

Breeders may charge anywhere from $700 to $1500 for each White Shepherd puppy. Of course, the expense doesnt stop there.

Initial costs for accessories and neutering would be around $400 to $500. Annual medical expenses are may reach up to $600, while yearly non-medical costs like training, food, professional grooming can be as high as $1000.

Here are a few reputable White German Shepherd breeders to consider:

Rescuing or adopting a white GSD is a more affordable option, with adoption fees ranging from $175 to $200.

If you want to adopt a White German Shepherd puppy instead, check out rescues and shelters in your area. Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue , Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue , and White Paws German Shepherd Rescue are great places to start your search for an adult White GSD to take home.

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Where Panda Gsd Originated

On October 4, 2000, Cindy Whitaker of the United States unknowingly became the breeder of the first panda shepherd.

She bred the sire and dam purebred German shepherds.

Franka or Frankie was the only pup to have symmetrical white spots. However, she couldnt get the same results when she tried to breed the dogs again.

The White German Shepherd Dog History

All White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale #Petdogs ...

The first white German Shepherd to appear on the show circuit was a dog named Greif, who was shown at two shows in Hanover in 1882 and 1887. Years later, Max von Stephanitz, the father of the German Shepherd Dog as a recognized breed, saw and fell in love with a German Shepherd named Hektor Linksrhein. Von Stephanitz purchased him immediately. This dog, which von Stephanitz then gave the name Horand, became the first dog registered in Germanys German Shepherd Dog Registry. This dog was also the grandson of Greif, carrying the white recessive gene. White German Shepherds appeared in subsequent litters, with Horands grandson Berno v.d.Seeweise registered as the first white Shepherd in the German national registry. Von Stephanitz, in his well-known book on German Shepherds, decisively concluded:

The coloring of the dog has no significance whatsoever for service.

Max von Stephanitz

In later years the Nazi party took over leadership of the German Shepherd registry, quickly moving to discourage all efforts to breed white German Shepherds. They believed there were two major problems that resulted from continuing to breed white German Shepherds. First, they thought that the white gene was responsible for causing genetic issues within the breed. Second, they also believed that the white gene was responsible for causing a general lack of dark pigmentation in the breed, thus fading the coat colors of the tan and black shepherds.

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The White German Shepherd All The Facts About This Magnificent Breed

The White German Shepherd is known for its plush white coat, its athletic body and its high intelligence. This unique dog is bred from German Shepherds and carries many of the same characteristics, yet it also carries the recessive white furred coat gene. So, as long as you dont mind a bit of extra time spent on grooming, youll still get a loving and loyal German Shepherd as your trusty companion.

Read on below to find out more about this special breed of dog and whether they could be the right pup for you.

How Long Do White German Shepherds Live

White German Shepherds tend to live on average between 9-13 years old. This is the typical living age for all German Shepherds, regardless of their color.

To ensure your white German Shepherd lives a long and healthy life, choose a reputable breeder who takes the time the screen the health of the sire and dam.

Its also important to feed your dog high-quality food. I truly believe that the nutrition you provide for your GSD will keep him fit and healthy. My German Shepherd has been fed a special type of food from being 8-weeks old, and she still thrives on it to this day. To learn more about this food, head over to this page.

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Where Did The White German Shepherd Color Came From

Horands grandfather, the founding dog, was completely white. This is nothing unusual as many sheepdogs were white. Many pastors preferred them white because they could distinguish them better in fields, especially at night.

The white coat is a recessive gene in the standard GSD, and both parents must carry it so it shows in the litter.

The white German shepherd began to be disqualified by 1930 in Europe because people mistakenly believed they were an albino German shepherd and had some genetic defect dangerous to their health. So the white GSD became practically extinct in Europe.

Fortunately, and by 1970, white german shepherds came back again, to Switzerland, thanks to Agatha Burch who brought a GSD named wolf who can be considered the progenitor of the race. The reproduction of white GSDs began again in Europe and reached the US & Canada where American lines were bred as well.

Other names:

  • White shepherd

Do White German Shepherds Make Good Pets

white albino german shepherd digs for?

White German Shepherds make wonderful pets as long as you can provide for their basic needs. You will need to have a suitable lifestyle to exercise and care for them properly.

A question often asked is whether German Shepherds are good first dogs. Let me offer my experience here as my first dog was and is a female GSD. They do make excellent first dogs, but you need to have lots of time and energy to socialize and train them.

If you are looking for a dog that needs hardly any exercise, grooming, or training, then a white German Shepherd is definitely not for you!

From a young pup, your GSD will need lots of attention and interaction from you. The white German Shepherd is good with children and other family pets, more so if raised with them.

All German Shepherd types require a home where someone is around during the day as they cannot tolerate being left alone for hours and hours on end. If you are out at work, you will need to plan and have a routine. You can enlist the help of friends, relatives, dog-sitters/walkers, or take your pup to doggy daycare.

German Shepherds are medium-large breed dogs, but exactly how much space do they need? Even though they are high-energy dogs, with lots of planning and hard work, theycan thrive in smaller homes even in apartments as long as their needs are met. You will be required to put in more work and dedication, but it can be achieved if you are determined to make it work.

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Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

Like all German Shepherds, White German Shepherds are typically fine around other large dogs. Still, unless they spend time with and around a variety of other animals when young, they may not be accepting of your other pets, though this can typically be overcome with effort and training. That said, this is something that needs to be managed carefully, as these dogs can easily injure or kill other small animals if they respond aggressively toward them.

Are White German Shepherd Dogs Albinos

No, White German Shepherd Dogs arent albinos. Interestingly, the White German Shepherd Dog recessive gene doesnt cause albinism. White GSDs have dark mouth pigment, dark-colored eyes and normal health issues associated within the German Shepherd Dog breed.

Even though White German Shepherd Dogs continue to pop up within a litter, responsible dog breeders remove them from their breeding population by placing them in pet homes that will spay and neuter them. Its understandable that breeders arent willing to take the chance, so white GSDs are disqualified from the show ring.

However, things have changed a bit, and it seems an entire breed club was created entirely for White German Shepherd Dogs. After researching several of these white GSD breed clubs, Ive discovered that their by-laws are very loosebuyer beware.

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The Spotting Mutations Are So Rare In Dogs That Its Not Possible To Count How Many Of Them Exist On A Dog

Although spotting in German Shepherd dogs is common, the genetic cause of this problem is still unknown. Therefore, veterinarians do not know why the spotting occurs and what makes this specific breed susceptible to it.

The Albino German Shepherd with blue eyes is a very popular coloration in dog shows. Many people have tried to make a comparison between the color of a dog with white markings and that of a dog with the same markings but with blue eyes and no white markings. Its difficult to make a direct conclusion but many veterinarians and dog show owners have found that the eye coloration in German Shepherds tends to stand out more when theyre seen from a distance. That said, many breeders believe that this visual difference in coloration does not contribute to an actual higher aggression level in these dogs because these dogs tend to display low levels of aggression.

So why should you buy an Albino German Shepherd with blue eyes? Well, most of these dogs were not raised in labs. The recessive spotting gene was introduced into the breed at some point during the German Shepherds breeding history and that is the reason for their blue eye color.

Do They Have A Good Temperament

All White German Shepherd

A White German Shepherd can be a very loving companion. In particular, they are loyal and will do anything for their owner. Most of the time, they are happy and cheerful, being confident and fun in their everyday life.

One thing to realize about the White German Shepherd is that they are protective. Of course, this is a good thing if you are in a bad situation. But this can make them wary of strangers. Give them some time to open up and with some training, this can make sure that bad behaviors do not develop.

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Caring For A White German Shepherd

When caring for one of these white wonders, it helps if you have had some experience with a German Shepherd before.

They can be a little high strung, but are slightly more manageable than typical GSDs.

The elderly and sedentary will have trouble keeping up with a puppy as they need somebody to run and play along with.

How Much Is A German Shepherd With Blue Eyes

As German Shepherds with blue eyes, or blue Shepherds as they are otherwise known, are relatively rare, you can expect to pay more for them than a regular German Shepherd.

On average, a German Shepherd with brown eyes will cost you between $500-1,500. But a Blue Shepherd will usually cost you a minimum of $1,500.

This is because blue Shepherds are viewed as a premium dog breed. They are very rare, so when a breeder manages to breed this type of German Shepherd successfully, they will want premium prices for the puppies.

Additionally, you should expect to pay higher prices for a German Shepherd that has a single blue eye, as this is also considered premium.

So, you should expect to spend anywhere above $1,500 for a pedigree German Shepherd with blue eyes that will last into adulthood.

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Do White German Shepherds Have Increased Risk Of Health Problems

Generally speaking, White German Shepherds do not have any proven increased risk of health problems related to their coloring.

This might be surprising if, for example, you compared them to Dalmatians, whose susceptibility to deafness is said to be associated with their coloration.

However, the white fur of Dalmatians is linked to a white piebald gene that also impacts inner ear structure, unlike the White GSD.

Do White German Shepherds Experience Any Health Issues

12 Things You Didnt Know about the White German Shepherd

Like most medium- to large-sized dogs, all-white German Shepherds are more susceptible to health issues like hip and elbow dysplasia. However, this doesnt usually become apparent until later on in the white GSDs life.

While hip and elbow dysplasia are the most common health concerns for a German Shepherd, you should keep an eye out for:

  • Skin problems
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Epilepsy

Whether you have a colored or white German Shepherd, ensure youre taking your dog to the vet for regular checkups. Seeing a veterinarian regularly will help you catch any issues early on and treat them before becoming an uncomfortable problem for your German Shepherd. You can learn more about their health concerns in this article: The Common Health Issues With White German Shepherds.

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The Origins Of White German Shepherd Dogs

White German shepherd dogs are known to be descendants of the traditional German shepherds.

They surfaced from German shepherd dogs in the United States and Canada belonging to the white-coat line.

Due to the unusual color of their coat, white GSDs are often disqualified in dog competitions and shows.

Can A German Shepherds Eyes Turn Blue

Yes and this usually isnt a good sign.

There are several conditions that cause a dogs eyes to appear bluish. Cataracts, for example, cause the lens of the eye to become cloudy and appear to be a hazy blue.

Glaucoma can also make eyes appear cloudy blue. Both of these conditions can cause blindness if they arent treated.

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Long Haired White German Shepherd

Do you think a white German Shepherd is a rare sight? A long haired white German Shepherd Dog is even rarer!

Long haired German Shepherds of every color owe their coats to a recessive gene for long hair.

Historically, long haired GSDs were considered a genetic fault. Long haired dogs lack a waterproof, insulating undercoat, so they were unsuitable for working.

But they are famously good-tempered and devoted, so modern long haired German Shepherds of every color are gaining popularity as pets and companion dogs.

Why Are Some German Shepherds White All White Pure White Snow White Albino Or Cream In Color

Albino German Shepherd

When people refer to any of the above names or terms , they are referring to a GSD that is white in appearance, or as some people call it, a polar bear German Shepherd.

This articles explains how different GSDs with different color and patterns/marking combinations are created.

A White GSD puppy is born when double recessive white color genes are passed down from the parents to the puppy.

When both parents are white, the puppy will be white, but the parents can be different colors as long as one has the recessive white gene.

Whether the puppy is solid white depends on if the parents also pass the solid white pattern gene to the White German Shepherd Puppy.

While white GSDs can be all white, some have patterns or marking distributions which cause them to be predominantly white, and black in some parts like the back/saddle for example.

Silver and white German Shepherds, and tan/black and white German Shepherds are other more common white variations.

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Are White German Shepherds Recognized By The Akc

The main purpose of the American Kennel Club is to maintain a pedigree registry of purebred dogs. However, there is often confusion around the white German Shepherd, albeit purebred.

The American Kennel Club recognizes a white German Shepherd as long as both parents are also registered no matter their color. The confusion is that white dogs are disqualified from the conformation ring, but they can still participate in herding, tracking, and obedience.

In the late 1960s, the American Kennel Club banned the white German Shepherd from the show ring. The official breed standard prefers strong, rich colors. Although the UK Kennel Club recognizes the white German Shepherd, they state they are highly undesirable for conformation.

This is where things start to get a little complicated! Allow me to elaborate

Advances in science proved that the white recessive gene did not cause albinoism. Scientists also proved that the white German Shepherd was not accountable for any other health issues or the paling of color-coated dogs.

In the late 1960s and 1970s, supporters of the white German Shepherd Dog began to form their own breed clubs and registries. They pledged to defend the breed and changed the dogs name to White Shepherd.

This led to the United Kennel Club recognizing the White Shepherd as a separate breed in 1999 portraying it as a direct progeny of the German Shepherd Dog.


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