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Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

Are German Shepherds Aggressive With Kids

Are German Shepherds good with Kids?

On the whole, your German shepherd wont be aggressive towards you or your kids. However, its worth bearing in mind that because they are very loyal, they may appear to get aggressive with people or kids they dont know all that well.

Another factor to consider is how young your kids are. If they are very young, they might not understand when the German shepherd doesnt want to play. Dogs use their body language to show us when theyve had enough and would like some quiet time. For some dogs, this behavior can step up if you dont back down.

So if a young toddler for example kept hounding the German shepherd to play with them, the dog may start to get aggressive as a warning sign to tell them to back off. To be on the safe side, its best not to leave any young babies or kids with any dog unattended.

A properly trained and socialized German shepherd shouldnt be aggressive towards you or your kids.

Theyre Excellent Guard Dogs

All dogs are natural watch dogs.

They bark to deter the intruder and to alert the owner. But a dog doesnt have to be aggressive to come to their owners defense.

Being a guard dog comes naturally for German Shepherds. Because of their loyalty and protective instinct, they make good guard dogs.

The good news is, you can train your German Shepherd to be a guard dog. This is doable by putting in time, patience and understanding.

That being said, there is no shortcut around training. Dont assume that by making your dog aggressive, youre teaching them to be a good guard dog. Quite the opposite.

Plus, their aggression could turn toward you. The training will backfire because your dog wont be loyal to an abusive owner.

And what if they wrongly bite someone because of poor training? The blame will fall on you as the owner. And the poor dog will get euthanized as a result of that.

As such, do not train a dog that is fearful and out of control. Thats because they wont know how to respond in non-threatening situations.

So train your German Shepherd only if they are friendly, stable and well-socialized. Believe me. It is worth the time and effort if they end up being excellent guard dogs.

The Importance Of Puppy Training

To give your German Shepherd the best chance of being a well-behaved, obedient member of the family, you need to ensure they begin training as a puppy, once theyve reached an appropriate age of course.

Whether you feel confident to take that on yourself or believe youd benefit from the assistance of a training school is up to you.

This primarily involves socializing your pup with both other humans and fellow canines, so they get the right amount of exposure to and interaction with strangers.

As weve already explained, a German Shepherd will likely bond with you and your family very quickly, but because of their instinctual need to protect you, may also then be wary of humans or animals theyre not familiar with.

Some dogs will demonstrate this apprehension by merely acting aloof to those they perceive as a potential threat, whereas others might become aggressive or try to bite and snap.

This demonstrates the importance of early training: the quicker you intervene and put a stop to any signs of these behaviors, the more likely you are to succeed at ensuring your dog behaves appropriately around other dogs and new humans.

The best time to begin training your puppy is as soon as you bring them home, though if youre lucky enough to have one from birth, between four and twelve weeks is the optimum point at which to begin socializing, though remember your pups cant go out for a walk until they have had all of their vaccines!

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Why They Could Be Good With Kids

I know a family that has fairly young kids and a year-old German Shepherd, and it works really well with them. There are several possible reasons for this, as German Shepherds can bring a lot to a family with kids. Also, its important to note that German Shepherds are considered puppies within the first three years of their life, which is good to remember when considering one for your family.

Some reasons a German Shepherd puppy could be good with kids are:

This all may be dependent on your families lifestyle and the age of your kids, however. German Shepherds can be great with older kids, but there are still potential risks, especially when it comes to younger kids.

Why German Shepherds Make A Great Family Pet

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids? (Your Worries Solved ...

German Shepherds, also known as GSDs, are highly intelligent and are known to have been loyal protectors to families for generations. Theyre extremely high-energy dogs that make great playmates for children.

Although GSDs live up to the phrase mans best friend, theyll typically be skeptical of strangers. For many families, this is a sought-after trait when looking for a dog to protect their homes and families.

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The Importance Of Socializing Your German Shepherd

For you to truly have a German Shepherd that is well-adjusted, calm, good with people and other animals, and able to be around kids, proper socialization is a must. Socializing means introducing your dog to new people, places, things, and experiences.

This socialization needs to happen as early as possible while the dog is still young. If your dog safely enters into new situations with you and knows from a young age that it will always be okay, youll have a dog with a great temperament who trusts you to keep him safe. Showing your dog the world and making new experiences a regular part of his life will also help him gain confidence.

When dogs act shy or aggressive, its usually out of fear. Improper socialization creates scared and insecure dogs who hide behind aggression as a way to keep themselves safe. They dont know the world doesnt have to be a scary place.

They Are Tremendously Courageous

You can say that German Shepherds are canine heroes. Their courage is one of the reasons why they are preferred for police work.

Being courageous works well for German Shepherds. Its what makes them the ideal watchdog or guardian.

They are not afraid of anything. Thats why they excel in being police or service dogs.

At home, your dog would protect you against any threat. They would even put their life at risk to get rid of any perceived danger.

Thats exactly what this German Shepherd in Russia did to protect their 13-year-old owner. The child was playing when two large Central Asian Shepherd dogs tried to attack her.

The German Shepherd ran to the girls defense and fought with the dogs. The girls father couldnt help, seeing how the larger dogs attacked their pet.

Unfortunately, the German Shepherd later died from the injuries.

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Temperament And Personality Of A German Shepherd Dog

You may be thinking this highly intelligent and trainable dog would not want to waste time playing with kids.

While a GSD can often be aloof or threatening to strangers, they usually bond well with all members of your family. German shepherds enjoy a playful side to their nature and love to play with kids if trained to do so.

Patience is another virtue, with German shepherds unlikely to snap or become upset when poked by little fingers. Because of their sharp minds, GSDs learn quickly and can be trained to be a well-mannered and gentle dog. Ive often seen kids giving a bear hug to a German shepherd and the dog-loving it just as much.

German shepherds are normally a healthy breed of dog if kept on a good diet and groomed properly. The dog will have higher energy levels than many other breeds and wont tire too quickly. Your children will probably tire of playing before the dog does!

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The German Shepherd With Kids That Arent In The Family

Are working line German Shepherd good with kids???

German Shepherds who are properly socialized tend to bond quickly with their family, and this includes children.

In fact, many German Shepherds will treat your children with as much love and care as they would their own puppies.

But how do they feel about your childrens friends and kids who live in the neighborhood?

Like other breeds who work as guard dogs, their protective instincts can make them wary of strangers.

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How To Stop A Shepherd From Being Jealous Of Your Kids

You should know that it can be challenging to stop him from being jealous. First of all, you need to show him that his jealousy is separating you two even more physically. Further, you should teach him to go to his place and enjoy some time alone.

Also, you should keep your dog away when you are with your baby or other pets and animals. Because, if you let him witness your love and affection for others, it may worsen the condition. So, allow him to be in his personal space while you are with your baby or other pets.

Well, every German shepherd has a personal temperament and that is largely affected by the training they go through. If you pay attention and socialize your German shepherd properly, he will never be jealous of anyone. Basically, the problems arise due to the poor treatment of the dog.

Many owners dont take proper care of their German shepherd and then complain about his abnormal behavior. If you take care of your dog with affection, there will be no problem with jealousy.

Use Playtime To Help Bonding With Your Family

Play interactively with your dog frequently to burn energy. This also helps them to stay fit, toned, and healthy.

If youre an active family willing to devote time to your dog, then they are a perfect match!

Interactive games with your children, like fetch, help your GSD to bond withthem. But teach your child how to end the game on his or her terms to maintaincontrol over your dog.

The German Shepherd is good with kids and families who are active and enjoy fun activities with their pets! If youre looking to get a German Shepherd, then read up on how to buy a German Shepherd puppy first.

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They Are Sweet And Friendly

So German Shepherds are known to be police dogs. It doesnt mean they dont know how to have fun though.

That fierce look aside, German Shepherds are sweet and friendly. Theyre the perfect fun-loving companion to you and your kids.

Thats because theyre capable of being silly and playful at the same time. Spending time with them can remove daily stresses from work.

Note: German Shepherds can be unfriendly toward unfamiliar faces.

Training Your German Shepherd Isnt Optional

Are German Shepherds Good with Kids?

When you train your German Shepherd, he will be fun to live with. You wont have to worry about walks or short trips in the car.

You and your kids and the dog can enjoy the hike and bike trail, or the camp round, or a day on the lake.

The more time you and your kids spend training your German Shepherd, the deeper the bonds you will form.

You will recognize problems before they start and you will avoid problems insuring your home.

Rightly or wrongly, many insurance companies rate German Shepherds as a high-bite risk. Sometimes German Shepherd owners cant get homeowners insurance.

Sometimes renters lose their apartments because they cant get renters insurance.

Some military bases ban military families that have German Shepherds from on-base housing.

There is a solution to this problem. Make sure your German Shepherd passes the American Kennel Clubs Canine Good Citizen test.

If your dog can pass this nice dog test, you can get a waiver to live in military housing, you almost certainly wont have a problem renting an apartment, and you will be able to get homeowners insurance without an expensive rider.

Theres no doubt that German Shepherds are trainable.

There are German Shepherds that are therapy dogs, service dogs, hearing alert dogs, seizure alert dogs, mobility dogs, autism companion dogs, improvised explosive device detection dogs, sentry dogs, and guide dogs for the blind.

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The Benefits Of Owning A German Shepherd When You Have Kids

There are plenty of outstanding benefits of owning a German Shepherd when you have kids. Your children will love spending time with them and form a bond over their lifetime that will give them memories that last forever. There is nothing that compares to seeing a childs face when you surprise them with a new dog.

The Friendship Between A Shepherd Dog And A Child 5

Whether a German Shepherd dog and child will get along at this age depends mainly on the child. The parent should independently assess whether the younger members of the family are ready for such a neighborhood.

The German Shepherd will be happy to actively spend time with the child: running, jumping and playing.

Children should understand that:

  • a dog has daily needs and needs to be cared for
  • a pet is not a toy. It has its own desires and plans that must be respected
  • animals can be hurt and must be handled with care
  • a dogs role in society and danger to others

A child can and should be entrusted with part of the daily care for the pet. A German Shepherd would enjoy spending time with children in active games. If the child is respectful towards the dog, they can be left alone without fear.

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Are German Shepherds Good With Infants

During the first few months of their life, infants arent able to do a whole lot aside from eating, sleeping, crying, and requiring multiple diaper changes . With a gigantic breed like German Shepherds, would they be a good fit? Would your infant be safe around them?

The answer is another yes! With the tips that I provide below, your German Shepherd will still be obedient and kind to your infant. With that, there are some extra steps that you should take to ensure your dog is responsible with your baby.

If you are expecting a baby, you should start training your German Shepherd before they are born. Wrap a doll in a blanket and teach your dog how they should act around it.

You should also train your dog how to act around your baby when it is in a stroller, a cradle, or on the floor, since they will probably be encountering these scenarios. Use this time to train them to not jump or play around.

Its not a good idea to surprise your dog with a new baby. You also dont want them to show any signs of jealousy because youre spending more time caring for your newborn. Because German Shepherds require a lot of attention, they wouldnt like to go from a lot of attention to significantly less attention.

Take the time before the baby comes to adjust your dog to having a baby in the house. Introduce them to the sounds, smells, and sights of a baby. Gradually adjust the time you spend with your dog so there wont be a huge change for them when you bring home your newborn.

Owners Of German Shepherds Have A Lot To Say

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids?

Most owners characterize their German Shepherd Dog by saying they purchased it because the dog was vibrant, irrepressible, high-energy, and strong. Alertness and attentiveness are often offered as some of the most popular reasons to own one.

Lets hear what GSD owners have to say:

Early history of the breed also helped shape the image and desire to own one. It began with the German army in WWI when the country saw the need for a German military dog. Because the German Shepherd Dog showed no fear on the battlefield, it was used to carry medical supplies and bullets and serve as a sentry. This made it especially effective during day and night time battles.

It wasnt long before the German army and others came to appreciate the value of this war dog. Other countries also noticed its value which successfully helped to promote the breed and its value worldwide. Unfortunately, sentiment about the Germans in the United States and elsewhere turned, and in 1918, the German Shepherd Dog was renamed the Shepherd Dog in the U.S. The British responded in kind, renaming the breed the Alsatian.

Things changed again, and after the war, the breeds reputation as a war dog spread. The entertainment industry joined in and created canine film stars such as Rin-Tin-Tin and Strong Heart. The breed suddenly enjoyed skyrocketing popularity.

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What Is The Personality Of A German Shepherd Like

The personality of a German Shepherd can vary.

Firstly, you will find this breed of dogs to have guardian instincts. How these instincts reflect on her character matters on how you train her.

On the one hand, if you train her well, you’ll have an intelligent canine that’s full of energy and stamina.

Conversely, if you don’t trainher well, you’ll find a nervous and aggressive dog who may be ready to pounce if she feels a stranger is doing anything that she could deem dangerous.

Fortunately, you won’t have difficulty training German shepherds, especially if you train her from when she’s a puppy.

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Is A German Shepherd A Good Familydog

Yes, the German Shepherd is generally known as a gentle family pet and steadfast guardian. This breed has a history of patience and tolerance, both qualities that are sought after for families.

While the GSD takes to its family, the GSD is still aloof with strangers and is usually not outwardly friendly to those outside the family unit. For some families, this is a highly desired trait.

In general, large dogs are often a better choice than little dogs when your family includes small children and toddlers. Large breeds, like the GSD, are less likely to get hurt when accidentally stepped on or tripped over.

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