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Are German Shepherds Considered Aggressive Breed

Dog Breeds That Are Often Labeled Aggressive

6 Dangerous Dog breeds Defeated By German Shepherd | German shepherd

It can be easy to convince yourself that the cute little fluff ball at the pet store is the right puppy for your family, or that the muscle-bound hulking dog at the shelter should be avoided, but it is important to research the breed youre considering before adopting. Some breeds may be more likely to be aggressive, and may not be the best choice for timid owners or families with young children.

A dog of any breed can have aggressive behaviors, and there are individual dogs of the following breeds that can make wonderful pets if they are owned by determined owners who are willing to invest time and effort into intensive training and establishing clear rules and boundaries. Before adopting a dog of any breed, consider whether you are able to provide the necessary discipline and training.

Here is a list of 10 dog breeds often labeled as aggressive:

The Takeaway: No Breed Is Inherently Vicious

I compiled the information in this article from a variety of sources and personal experience. Just because a certain breed has landed on this list does not mean it would not make a good family pet given the right owners and training.

Because training and how a dog was previously treated can make a huge difference in its personality, doing some type of background check on an animal before adopting it is always a good idea.

Are Aggressive Dog Breed Restrictions Legal

It’s a touchy issue to classify an entire breed of dog as aggressive and dangerous, but it happens. This means no matter how friendly your pup is, they’ll have this stigma hanging over their heads, and people may be afraid before they even meet your fur baby.

Breed-specific legislation exists for safety reasons. It looks at breeds that have a higher tendency of attacking humans or other animals and responds accordingly. Often, when an apartment community has breed restrictions, it aligns with the list within existing legislation.

Certain states are taking a different approach, though, doing things on a more individual basis. Rather than call out an entire breed, states like New York, Texas and Illinois favor laws that track and regulate specific dogs based on their actual behavior rather than a proposed threat. These states prohibit breed-specific legislation.

Since there’s no real evidence that breed restrictions make a community safer when it comes to pets, hopefully, the trend will shift away from this fully exclusionary policy when it comes to certain breeds. But for now, it’s actually legal to discriminate against pups based on their DNA.

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Landlords Insurance And Dog Breed Restrictions

  • Landlords, Insurance and Dog Breed Restrictions

Landlords must carry insurance on any property they own, and it is meant to take care of things like liability and personal injuries for tenants and guests on the premises. Attacks from dogs are just one of many things that can happen that causes landlords to file an insurance claim.According to the website, there are approximately 1,000 people in the United States that suffer from dog bites, per day. The website reports that 81% of dog attacks are on children. It also states that only about 9 percent of all dog breeds that exist today are responsible for the majority of attacks.As a result, more and more insurance companies are coming up with lists of dog breeds that are banned from coverage. In other words, the insurance coverage will not extend to incidents involving that dog. Weve got a comprehensive list of these breeds coming up, but first, what should landlords know about why insurance companies even care about dog breeds?

The Ultimate Military Dogs


Police work is one thing, but what about the military?

The Belgian Malinois is the dog of choice for deployment in the Middle East. With their short coats, they handle the heat better than German Shepherds.

This dogs lighter and more compact body also makes it better for tandem parachute jumps.

In fact, a Malinois named Cairo was part of the U.S Navy SEAL mission that killed Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Pretty impressive, huh?

Additionally, the Dogs Of Defense organization was created in the United States during World War II.

Their list of preferred breeds includes:

  • German Shepherds

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Practical Advice For The Dog Owner

Some insurers ban certain dog breeds, while others provide wiggle room for pets already in the home, and still others will simply ignore the issue for rich clients who bring good business, according to the dog advocate groups. Others, like State Farm, allow all dogs provided theres no bite history.

The APCIAs Collins advises you to contact your home insurance company before bringing a dog home. If you face a loss of coverage because of your dog choice, You can shop around for a different insurer or consider a different breed, she suggests.

Both homeowners and renters insurance policies generally cover dog-bite legal expenses, with typical liability coverage ranging from $100,000 to $300,000, according to the Worters at the Insurance Information Institute. In addition to that, she recommends purchasing a personal umbrella insurance policy, which in todays litigious society is an important thing to have. These policies provide an extra $1 million and up of protection.

PetPlace provides a state-by-state list of banned species laws. Some states do not allow insurers to ban breeds. For example, Vermont does not allow the exclusion of entire canine breeds. Many other states have introduced similar legislation and home insurers are required to obey each states laws.

Passing the Canine Good Citizen test from the American Kennel Club could also help your effort to keep you properly insured.

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Your Dog Isnt Getting Enough Exercise

German Shepherds need a lot of exercises more than 2 hours per day ideally.

If your dog isnt getting an adequate amount of exercise be it walking, running, or playing he may use other behaviors to expend his energy.

Before you adopt a German Shepherd, remember theyre one of the most active breeds they need more exercise than other dogs because of their natural physical condition.

Similar to human kids, dogs may feel cooped up or confined if they dont get enough exercise. It can impact their attention span, cause mood swings, and make them restless.

A restless German Shepherd is far more likely to be aggressive than one that regularly enjoys plenty of exercise and playtime.

Fortunately, this is one of the easiest causes of aggression to address its as easy as walking your dog more!

This is great for both the GSD and the owner as this not only get them both exercising, but helps strengthen their relationship as well.

If you dont have the time to give your dog at least 2 hours of exercise, consider hiring a dog walker.

There are many services on the internet that make hiring walkers easy and affordable.

Remember walking your German Shepherd is non-negotiable. If you plan on adopting this type of active dog, its your responsibility to help him get the exercise he needs.

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Why You Should Not Get A German Shepherd

German Shepherds, like any large breed, are prone to canine hip dysplasia, a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Good GSD rescuers will also be aware of such problems, and whether the rescued dog youre considering has shown symptoms of or has been treated for any health issues while with the rescue.

What Are Dog Breed R Estrictions


Justas the name suggests, breed restrictions place a ban on certain types of dogs.They are commonly used to ban a breed from living in certain places , but they may also apply to other places as well.

The exact definition of breed restrictions is a law or statute that equates the qualities of a dangerous dog with a certain breed and bans or restricts certain breeds based on identity, not behavior, of a specific animal.

This definition gives you a better idea of the problem with these types of restrictions they judge an entire breed of dog by the actions of only a few. Dogs are not considered on an individual basis.

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The Root Of The Behavior

It is essential for this type of breed to get enough daily exercise. Being cooped up gives them far too much pent up energy and it gives them no way to release any stress or anxiety. They can also be extremely overprotective, and it is important to remove them from any environment where they might perceive you or those close to them to be in danger. For instance, if you have children and they like to rough house with their friends, your canine might not perceive that as the fun and friendly game it is supposed to be and consider your child to be in danger. If they perceive that danger, they can be extremely overprotective and attack the other child. This is a disastrous situation. To make sure your canine is not going to attack anyone in the future, there are measures you can take and training you can do. Canines who are intended to be guard dogs need attack dog training to make sure they do not just attack for no reason.

German Shepherds Are Gentle Giants

They may look intimidating but in reality, they are quite affectionate and caring. GSDs are known for their fondness for their owner and family.

Some of them are known for becoming a little clingy and doing weird activities for gaining attention. GSDs always want the attention of their loved ones and sometimes they can become attention seekers.

Also, German shepherds are quite social by nature, they always want to be among the family members and hates to be alone.

Some of them may become little rough towards strangers but if properly socialized they can become really friendly. They can also become good with children and other pets in the family if properly socialized with them. However, they are not good for too small children as small kids dont know how to behave or act with animals.

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How The Passing Rate Is Determined

The percentage listed under each breed indicates the number of dogs that passed the temperament test divided by the total number of dogs tested for that breed. 46 Chihuahuas were tested and 14 failed, so the passing percentage for Chihuahuas is the number of dogs that passed divided by the total number tested , or 69.9 percent.

Failure is determined when a dog shows any signs of the following:

  • Unprovoked aggression
  • Strong avoidance

Myth #3 Are German Shepherds Good With Other Dogs

Dog Breeds: 6 Most Dangerous Dogs In The World, Check Them ...

A big dog, with an intense loyalty to their owner is likely the source of this myth.

Like with small children, a German Shepherd can be intimidating to other dogs, whether they are the sweetest dog or a bit on the irritable side.

Many dog owners assume that because they arelarger in stature, a German Shepherd isnt going to be a good match with othercanine members of the family or with friends pets.

Fact: German Shepherds can be testy with other dogs. And female German Shepherds seem to be more easily irritated by other dogs. That doesnt mean however that they are inherently bad with other dogs.

It just means that you will need to work a bit harder at socialization and training if you are selecting a German Shepherd. It is true that female German Shepherds seem to be a bit more feisty towards other dogs.

This may be a result of their intense loyalty and protective nature. That doesnt mean they arent good with other dogs, however.

If you are introducing your German Shepherd to a new dog, use good sense practices, like meeting in a neutral location like a dog park.

Also, make sure you keep your GSD on a leash until you are sure that they are comfortable with new dogs. This will allow you to make quick corrections to their behavior when necessary.

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What Is The Rarest Color Of German Shepherds

A panda German Shepherd is one of the rarest variations of the breed and may cost up to five times as much as traditional black and tan GSD variations.

On other dogs, the panda pattern is more commonly accepted and is also referred to as piebald.

This variety features a 30 to 40 percent white coat coverage with black patterns over a GSDs average tan and black coat.

In addition, panda German Shepherds are relatively shorter than other varieties. They also only come in short to medium thick coats.

Panda German Shepherds are the result of piebald coloring occurring in a single bloodline and a spontaneous mutation, which are unrelated to GSDs.

This is why most established kennel clubs do not acknowledge them as purebred.

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What Can I Do If My Dog Is Banned From An Apartment Complex

Breed-specific legislation has been slowly decreasing great for loving dog owners like you! However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that insurance companies or landlords are going to change their minds.

If Fido is not welcome off the bat, there are a couple of things you still might be able to do to persuade your landlord into giving your beloved fur baby a chance.

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Belgian Malinois Vs German Shepherd: Which Breed Is Right For You

With their similar European backgrounds and physical appearances, its no wonder so many people compare the Belgian Malinois to the German Shepherd.

Be careful when making assumptions, though, as you might end up bringing the wrong breed home.

In this article, Ill compare the differences and similarities between the two, as well as the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Youll learn which purebred is more aggressive, more kid-friendly, and easier to train.

At the end of this, hopefully, youll be able to decide which dog is the right choice for you!

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How Do You Discipline A German Shepherd


To discipline a German Shepherd, redirect unwanted behavior, such as destructive chewing, by distracting your dog and offer an interesting chew toy instead. Use positive reinforcement by rewarding good behavior with treats or toys. Dont use physical punishment, yell, or encourage bad behavior.

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Aggressive Dogs Could You Be At Risk

This post contains affiliate links. We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no extra cost to you!

I think its so important for any homeowner to know which breeds are on their insurance companys prohibited list.

Its not for your physical safety.

Its for your financial safety.

While some of these breeds DO have a history of being a little iffier than others, in general, they just need to be trained and socialized properly, and you should be okay.

This list of the most common blacklisted dogs is here to protect you financially.

I will lay money that most people dont check with their insurance company before getting a dog.

I know I never have.

In fact, until recently, I didnt even know that insurance companies had aggressive dogs lists.

But they do, and if something happens while you own one of these breeds, you might not be covered.

So lets take a look at which breeds made the list.

For updated lists, check with these reputable pet insurance companies

Children And Other Pets

If they’re well-trained and have had plenty of exposure to kids, especially as a puppy, a German Shepherd is a great companion for children. In fact, some say they’re a cross between a babysitter and a cop, both gentle with, and protective of, the children in their family.

This is a big dog, though, capable of mistakenly bumping a toddler or small child. True to their reserved nature, they’re not tail-wagging friendly with kids they don’t know, but they’re generally trustworthy.

The German Shepherd can also live peacefully with other dogs and pets, as long as they’re taught to do so from puppyhood. Introducing an adult German Shepherd to a household with other pets can be more difficult if the dog isn’t used to getting along with other dogs or cats. You may need to hire a professional trainer to help, or get advice from the rescue organization if that’s where you acquired the adult German Shepherd.

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What Dog Has The Strongest Bite

Dogs With The Strongest Bite ForceMastiff 552 pounds. The Mastiff takes the crown with a reported bite force of 552 pounds. Rottweiler 328 pounds. Rotties are known for being fierce and strong dogs. American Bulldog 305 pounds. American Bulldogs are fairly large, stocky and muscular dogs. German Shepherd 238 pounds. Pitbull 235 pounds.

Examples Of Breed Specific Legislation:

Dog trainer tells the history of the German Shepherd breed
  • Louisiana has 32 cities with breed bans. In fact, the Cityof Crowley includes German Shepherds on its restricted breed list.
  • Iowa has the most cities with breed specific legislation 72 cities in this state outlaw at least one breed. While the majority of thesecities go after pit bulls in their legislation, Fairfieldincludes German Shepherds on its list, as well as any dog who weighs over 100pounds.
  • In Denver, Colorado, no one is allowed to own a pit bull orany dog displaying the same physical traits as a pit bull.
  • In North Little Rock, Arkansas, the ownership ofrottweilers, pit bulls, or bull terriers is restricted, owners of these breedsmust pay a licensure fee of $500.

There are some states that have more tolerable laws in place that do not restrict specific breeds instead, these laws focus on the dogs actual conduct with dangerous dog laws. This is the case in several states, such as Nevada, Arizona, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

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