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Are Czech German Shepherds Good Family Dogs

Choosing Good Breeders Of Czech German Shepherd Puppies

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

Czech shepherd puppies may cost around $500 to $1500 each. This will be the standard rate for this breed although other prices may differ, but not that much. Regardless, they have the same price as standard German shepherds.

Also, I recommend finding one that is not bred in puppy mills. After all, those who belong in puppy mills tend to have a higher susceptibility to diseases, injuries, and a few of them are even at risk of death in their early days with you.

We also looking for Czech shepherd puppies for sale overseas as it may lead to injuries, death. They may even get lost and become unreported and youll end up wasting your money.

You can also opt for those found in rescue shelters. They tend to cost significantly less ranging from $50 to $500 just to cover the adoption fees. There is, however, a chance that they were sickly or injured when adopted by the rescue center.

However, if you insist, you can always prepare a place for them to rest in the meantime and prepare the necessary medications in advance.

How Rare Are The Czech German Shepherds

Czech German Shepherds are the rarest among the working lines. This is because they are best suited for highly specialized work. There are, however, many breeders around the world that are dedicated to maintaining the Czech working line.

Breeders of Czech German Shepherds are often those who produce and possibly even train specialized working dogs. So, although you are not likely to find these dogs being sold in pet stores, you should be able to find reputable breeders if youre keen on getting one.

First A Disclaimer About The Gsd Lines & Breeding Over The Years

Before we jump into this guide on the Czech Working line GSD, we need to explain something first.

When we describe any line of German Shepherd in a specific guide or across the website, it is a description/profile of the the original dogs in that line.

The reality is that breeding is not as heavily regulated or strict in most parts of the world now, so its becoming increasingly possible you can be sold a particular line of GSD with diluted and different characteristics to the original line.

Some programs in modern times are even breeding to produce lines with new or different characteristics.

Its also very possible to have an Czech Working line GSD from strong working line bloodlines who doesnt have a strong drive to work, but thrives around people and is extremely sociable and loveable.

Different dogs can have different individual personalities and traits/features.

We explained how and why this is possible in our guide on East German working line German Shepherds.

But essentially, it comes down to genetics, and what genes your particular dog inherits from the full range of DNA in its family tree.

The best chance of having a Czech GSD that closely matches the physical and mental profile of the original Czechs, is to have a very strong bloodline from a strictly regulated Czech German Shepherd breeding program.

The track record, testimonials, history, and thoroughness of the program says a lot about the quality of dogs they produce.

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What Is The Average Life Expectancy Of Czech German Shepherds And What Health Issues Does It Suffer

The average life expectancy of a Czech German Shepherd lies between 12 to 15 years. They pass a long and healthy life, but there are a few things that you should follow to avoid any health problems within Czech German Shepherds.

Proper visits to the veteran are very crucial while raising a Czech German Shepherd. Not just will it provide you an appropriate track of the health of the Czech German Shepherd, but it will also avoid the situation to worsen.

The common problems that this dog and all other German Shepherd mixes suffer from are hip dysplasia. It is also prone to disease like cataract, fungus in ears, cloudy eyes, bloating, and other stomach and digestion related health issues. As they start growing old, almost all dog breeds are prone to suffer from hip dysplasia, keeping track of the same before worsening the situation.

Apart from this, to provide a longer life to your German Shepherd Czech dog, it is crucial to provide them nutritious food and take them out for exercising sessions to keep them fit. As obesity also brings various other health problems with it. Thus, it is better to stay fit than to suffer from health issues.

Why Is My Dog Being Aggressive All Of A Sudden


1 Your suddenly aggressive dog may have an injury or an illness thats causing major discomfort and stress. Some possible causes of pain include arthritis, bone fractures, internal injuries, various tumors, and lacerations. Other illnesses may affect your dogs brain, leading to seemingly unreasonable aggression.

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Do German Shepherds Get Aggressive With Age

Many dogs do not come into their full personality until they end puberty and develop aggression at this age. However, German Shepherds commonly receive training early and develop aggression concurrently. The ages between six months and a year can be almost as critical for a GSDs socialization as the early puppy weeks.

Czech German Shepherd Temperament

Czech German Shepherds display all the same high energy, drive, endurance, athleticism, and exercise/training requirements of East German Working Line/ DDR German Shepherds.

When thinking about the long, hard days of patrolling work, and intense military protection work they were bred for, these dogs had to have extreme focus, dedication, awareness and an edge or hardness to their temperament to fulfil their working duties.

They had the same hard edge working ability the East German GSDs had to have.

Not all Czechs in modern times are like this though. Some are quite laid back and more friendly than focussed.

They might enjoy playing with their favorite dog toy or laying around the house with you as opposed to being a high drive dog.

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Are Czech German Shepherds Good Household Pets

Because of their harsher temperament and intense work drive, Czech German Shepherds are not typically kept as household pets.

Their intense loyalty to their hander can lead to over-protectiveness, which can lead to aggression towards other people and pets in the household. Their strong prey drive is especially dangerous in homes with small children and animals.

Additionally, their bullheadedness can also cause many problems in an unstructured home.

Despite all these issues, they could still serve as excellent companion animals for someone that can offer firm leadership and proper socialization.

Giving them a job or participating in Schutzhund and other canine sports will also help these dogs fulfill their potential.

Are German Shepherds Aggressive

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

German Shepherds have been known for some of their aggressive behaviors and tendencies. However, it is these personality traits that make them a good guard dog for a family.

Therefore, it really comes down to their training. If they are not trained as a guard dog, you will need to learn how to curb any aggressive tendencies they may have.

The temperament and behavior of a German Shepherd rarely make them an aggressive dog breed, even with their intense loyalty and protective tendencies.

As long as your German Shepherd is properly trained and socialized, they should be good around kids.

However, it is also important to train your young children on what the right and wrong thing is to do around the family dog.

For example, children should be taught that there are right and wrong ways to engage with the dog, and they also need to learn to respect the dogs space.

As a child and pet parent, you will find training is a top priority to ensure that your German Shepherd and young children get along well.

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Czech Working Line German Shepherd: 12 Facts You Must Know

Weve already put together a guide outlining the different types of German Shepherds.

The Czech Working Line German Shepherd is one of the 5 lines of the German Shepherd breed.

What weve done in this particular guide is listed some important history and features about the Czech Working Line that you might find interesting.

Without further ado, lets check out this GSD line in more detail!

Brief History Of The Czech German Shepherd Line

All German Shepherds can be traced back to Horand von Grafrath, the breeds founding stud. By setting and maintaining breed standards, the subsequent offspring displayed the temperament, intelligence, and athleticism GSDs became loved for. Because of this, the breed proliferated in many parts of the world.

In communist Czechoslovakiabefore the early 90s when the country was separated into the modern-day Czech Republic and Slovakiaworking line GSDs were bred from neighboring East Germany and were, therefore, originally DDR German Shepherds.

The Czechoslovakian military selectively bred DDR German Shepherds and made an already impressive courageous pedigree into one that was even more fearless and formidable. This was necessary for their work as border patrol dogs.

Modern Czech working lines are no longer as tenacious as they were once bred to be. This makes them more manageable. Nevertheless, they are still known as dogs with nerves of steel and will require an experienced and authoritative handler in order to thrive.

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Finding A Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Puppy

As of early 2018, approximately 200 Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs live in the United States. Naturally, such a small population makes avoiding inbreeding a challenge.

The Czechoslovakian Vlcak Club of America lists only three recognized breeders in the US: one each in California, Texas, and Michigan. In fairness, very few homes are suitable for this unique mix.

The rarity of Czech Wolfdogs and the shortage of breeders make finding a Vlcak puppy a waiting game.

Actually, breeders of Czechoslovakian Wolfdog puppies vet prospective owners long before the puppies are even conceived. Indeed, all you can do is show interest and be willing to travel not just to pick up your pup, but for an interview beforehand.

They Are Friendly With Other Pets

Great German Shepherds for families

Its a major headache if your pets do not get along well.

Some dogs are always fighting. Or a dog and a cat have issues they cant settle.

Thankfully, German Shepherds are friendly with other animals. In fact, some German Shepherds can become caring toward other pets, such as kittens.

Brooke the German Shepherd is proof of that. Here she is helping her mom take care of orphaned kittens:

This is possible if they have been exposed to other animals from when they were puppies. They learn early on how to get along with everybody.

See? This is the reason why your German Shepherd needs early socialization.

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Are German Shepherds Easy To Train

Some are easy to train, while others are more moderate.

As we’ve seen, different lines have different temperaments. German Shepherds from working lines are typically more assertive and stronger-willed. A “tougher” German Shepherd will be more challenging to train unless you pay closer attention to building the right Leader-Follower relationship with the dog.

That doesn’t mean “softer” German Shepherds are automatically easy to train. Some dogs with soft temperaments are skittish or shy, making them just as challenging as a strong-tempered dog.

In general, though, a sound-tempered German Shepherd who is a good fit for family life should be easy to train. Just establish the right Leader-Follower relationship and the dog will be happy to work with you.

This is taught in my puppy training book, Respect Training For Puppies .

Or see my advice on dog training

History Of The Czech Shepherd

All German Shepherd dogs can trace their lineage back to the very first dog ever registered as a German Shepherd dog. This dog, Horand von Grafrath, was used in a breeding program by Captain Max von Stephanitz, the founder of the German Shepherd Dog breed. Throughout its 100-plus year history, the German Shepherd Dog been popular in many different parts of the world, and various breeders have leaned toward different breed preferences.

Czech Shepherd dogs are similar to another line of working German Shepherd dogs that hail from East Germany and are known as East German Working Line of German Shepherds. This is not surprising since the former Czechoslovakia shared a border with East Germany. Czech Shepherd dogs were used by Czechoslovakia’s border patrol army, so breeding programs emphasized protection and defense.

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There Are A Few Notable Differences Though:

1. First and foremost, the DDR/East German GSDs were bred in East Germany while the Czech GSD was originally developed on the German/Czech border.

2. The DDR/East German Alsatians are normally darker than their Czech counterparts and their dark pigmentation is generally more pronounced compared to the GSDs of Czechoslovakian origin.

3. The Czech Shepherd dogs have a relatively larger and stronger body, and are generally heavier compared to the DDR Alsatians.

4. Czech Alsatians were initially developed for protecting the national borders whereas the East German/DDR Shepherd dogs were developed at a time when East Germany was a communist state and they were nearly overlooked as a bloodline following the fall of the inner German border in 1989.

Adopting A German Shepherd

Protection Dogs CCPD German Shepherd Family Protection Dog Harry.

The German Shepherd has always been widely used by police and the military throughout the world. When bred by reputable breeders, and positively trained with active outdoor lifestyles, there is no other breed like the German Shepherd, regardless of which country they come from.

When adopting a German Shepherd, its important to spend time with this breed to find out more about all behavioral issues. Some Shepherd adolescents may be more energetic or playful than others. This breed does best with expert pet parents that have an active lifestyle, and a large backyard or farm. As with any dog adoption, make sure that you have the time and resources to take good care of your German ShepherdThis is such a wonderful breed to adopt but will need plenty of one-on-one time with regular positive dog training classes and socialization starting day one.

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Whats The Price Of Czech German Shepherd Puppies

Czech German Shepherds may not be exactly the same as other German Shepherds, but on average, theyll cost about the same. The only difficulty is tracking down a breeder who specializes in this particular bloodline.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $500 and $1,500 for a Czech German Shepherd puppy, but that number can skyrocket if the dog in question comes from premium bloodlines. However, unless you plan on showing or breeding your dog, theres no need to pay top-dollar for one.

You can find German Shepherds through rescue groups or even your local pound, but its unlikely that you can be certain that theyll be a Czech German Shepherd unless you know exactly what to look for. As a result, if you have your heart set on this particular bloodline, youll likely need to go through a breeder.

Dont just buy from the first one you come across, though. Do your research first and check their references thoroughly. If you can, visit their facilities in person to see what conditions the animals are kept. Make sure that everything is clean and that the animals seem well-fed.

Czech German Shepherd puppies should be inquisitive and outgoing, so if the breeders dogs seem sullen and withdrawn, its a red flag.

How Much Do Czech German Shepherds Cost

Depending on where you procure your puppy from, the costs can really vary.

Sourcing your Czech GSD locally in the United States would be much cheaper, and youre looking at anywhere between $500 to $1,800, depending on their working titles or stud dogs used.

Since breeding is extremely regulated in Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Germany, Czech German Shepherd puppies from Europe will be much pricier, and thats not including shipping costs.

If you are able to afford it, its definitely worth getting a puppy from Europe because they are guaranteed to be free from common health problems such as hip dysplasia.

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History And Original Purpose Of The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs began by crossing German Shepherd dogs and Carpathian wolves.

In the 1950s, Ing. Karel Hartl led a Czech military breeding program. The project tried to cross the trainability of German Shepherds with the strength of wolves.

The project spanned several years. This is because it took three years to find a male German Shepherd that could mate with a wolf!

Researchers documented the project, even photographing the first successful mating!

The first and second generations of this hybrid could not be effectively trained. However, their offspring were trained for various military tasks.

The American Kennel Club lists the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog as a working dog.

Major Bloodlines Of The German Shepherd Dog

Are German Shepherds Good Family Dogs?

There is probably more variety among the various bloodlines of the German Shepherd Dog than any other breed. There are obvious differences in body structure and aesthetics. But the largest difference is the temperament.

Some will disagree with the following statements and thats ok. The article is an attempt to give insight for those who are seriously interested in the German Shepherd. It is written by a 30-year student of the breed who has bred and trained GSDs for nearly that long as well. As with most any breed, breeding is everything. The dogs pedigree shapes the dog. So heres a frank look at some bloodlines within the breed. Yes, there are good breeders and good dogs within each bloodline.


Shepherds from Americanbreeding are typically taller and longer than those from Germany. Although there is a breed standard from theparent club, there is little-to-no oversight as what dogs can be bred. As long as they are fully registered, theycan breed. Few American GSDs meet theAmerican standard, especially the temperament section. As a result, the almighty dollar and the showring has created a German Shepherd that is different from those in the restof the world . Health problems plaque these bloodlines aswell, more so than quality European lines. The American shepherd is not required to pass a temperament test, anykind of endurance testing, and is not required to be free of dysplasia.

WestGerman Show Line

WestGerman Working Line

EastGerman DDR

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