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When Do Female German Shepherds Start Their Period

Do Dogs Have Periods And Go Through Menopause

5 things to know before getting a female German Shepherd

Do dogs have periods? Noat least not like humans do. Dogs do not menstruate and are only receptive to mating when actively in heat. Do dogs go through menopause? No dogs can become pregnant throughout their entire lives.

Theres no short answer to explain the reproductive cycle of a female dog, especially in comparison to the human menstrual cycle. Heres a guide to help you better understand dog heat cycles and all the changes that come with them.

At What Age Do Female German Shepherds Get Their Period

The normal age at which a physiologically normal female German Shepherd gets its periods are 6 to 10 months of age. The age at which a bitch gets its first period is called the age of puberty. The first heat or the first bleeding of proestrus is called puberty.

It is a stage at which a female German Shepherd is able to reproduce and give birth to new offspring. This age or time of puberty may vary between 4 months to 2 years. Any bitch above 24 months is considered abnormal if she does not show any signs of heat.

Stage : Socialization Period

After all milestones in stage one have been accomplished, the puppy moves on to stage two which takes place between the third and twelfth weeks of their life. At this stage, they begin to discover the world around them and become fascinated with what lies beyond their comfortable home.

To ensure the puppies become sociable in the future, make sure they are introduced to humans and other pets at this stage of their growth. Also, make sure that they are still being weaned by their mother. If they are separated at such an early age, they may have problems socializing with other dogs in the future.

What do you expect the puppies will achieve at this stage?

  • Important!!!! Between the 6th and 8th week, they may have a period where they fear everything, do not be alarmed. Try to keep children away from the puppies during this period.

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German Shepherd Body Types

Just like with humans, there are various body types for German Shepherds. The ideal type is based on what humans decide is preferred and healthier for a German Shepherds needs.

To begin with, it is important to remember that German Shepherds are considered working breeds and need bodies that can perform their jobs well. A balanced frame will have a straight, flat spine with bones that are balanced between the front and back of the dog.

Dogs should be able to run and jump without any issue, which is true of most dog breeds.

For a German Shepherd, they need to be ready to hunt, guard, herd, and track. Their bodies need to help them complete their jobs without any physical limitations.

Show dogs will not be looked at for their work capabilities but based on the show standards. Unfortunately, often these standards of body types will not help your dog as active and healthy as he needs to be.

German Shepherds are prone to hip dysplasia as well as a roached back, which means a curved spine. Both of these conditions will affect the movement of your dog as he ages, making it difficult to run and walk well, let alone completing a job that they might attempt to do.

How Long Do German Shepherds Bleed When In Heat

How much did your male/female GSD grow between 1 year and ...

Estrus: The female GSD will be susceptive to mating at this stage and it can last anywhere from 4 to 21 days. This can be called the flagging stage. During the flagging stage, the dark red vaginal discharge will turn lighter. You may also notice your pet rubbing their rear end against furniture or other objects.

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Difference Between Male And Female German Shepherds

Just like humans, there is a degree of sexual dimorphism in German Shepherds which makes them a little different depending on if it is a male or a female. They also develop a little differently. The females of this breed tend to reach sexual maturity faster than the males. On the other hand, males tend to be larger and weigh more than their female counterparts. With regards to their nature, the females are more affectionate, easy to train, and obedient. The males are physically and emotionally resilient relative to the females. It is because of these characteristics that males are kept for personal protection and females are regarded as more suitable for family protection.

German Shepherd Stages Of Labor

The labor of a German Shepherd is divided into 3 stages.

Stage 1

The first stage of labor starts around 24 hours before delivery. During this stage, the dog refuses to eat or drink, starts vomiting or panting, and becomes extremely restless as the contractions begin at this stage.

Stage 2

Stage 2 starts when the dog starts giving birth to the puppies. This stage can last up to 24 hours. A dog delivers puppies with a gap of 1 and a half hours. This gap must not exceed 2 hours as it can indicate some complications.

It is better to know with the help of an x-ray or ultrasound that how many puppies are there inside the dog. So that you may know when stage 2 completes.

Stage 3

Stage 3 starts almost at the same time as stage 2. This stage starts when the placenta, the newborn puppy, appears and completes when the last placenta is delivered.

Stage 3 ends as soon as the stage 2 completes.

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What Is The Heat Cycle

The heat cycle, also called the estrus cycle, indicates that the female dog has reached sexual maturity. The dogs heat cycle may be confusing for some people. It is sometimes referred to as dogs menstrual cycle, similar to the females in humans.

When a dog comes in heat, she has elevated hormone estrogen levels, which drop off quickly, producing signals for ovaries to release eggs. While you see some obvious signs indicating heat in your shepherd, your dog will be ready for breeding to produce litter during that period. But for that, you have to be well aware of the signs of heat in GSD.

Interesting fact: A shepherd produces pheromones in heat, which have a specific smell that attracts the males for mating! Woah, the male can sense this smell from miles to MEET AND GREET the female!

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Why Wait To Breed A New Gsd

German Shepherd Pregnancy: Gestation Period Period, Signs and Stages ! Dog Health Tips

The reason breeders are given certain guidelines for breeding their GSD stems from a need to protect the dogs health in every way. Breeding too early can cause confusion in some dogs, as well as affect the puppies because a parent is not quite sexually mature enough to be bred.

For Female German Shepherds

Female German Shepherds are a bit more complicated than Males as it is with a majority of dogs.

Your female GSD may start experiencing what is referred to as her Heat Cycle at as early as six months old. Although, this in no way implies that she is ready to be bred .

For the safest results, one should begin to breed their female GSD at about two years of age and stop once she reaches eight years of age.

Breeding as early as a dogs first or even second heat cycle may cause confusion for the mother, and cause serious mental drawbacks as she could neglect her pups.

However, breeding her for too long or without ceasing for even one season can cause serious damage to your GSD and her pups.

When she begins to age, the quality of your female German Shepherds eggs will begin to deteriorate, making it harder for her to carry out her pregnancies to full term or even causing stillborn puppies.

Failure to follow these rules could bring serious harm to her and her pups if one is not careful.

For Male German Shepherds

Male German Shepherds are much less complicated than their female counterparts but this in no way implies that their health is less important.

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Dangers Of Stunted Or Accelerated Growth

New dog owners might be concerned about whether their dog is growing too quickly or too slowly, especially when you are comparing your pup to the German Shepherd growth chart. The danger of stunted growth only arises in the case of malnutrition or extreme disease.

If your puppy has not had proper nutrition or is having another affliction, there is a risk that he will not grow properly. Likewise, diet can cause your pup to grow too quickly.

In this case, the growth is not related to their bones, but their weight. Excess weight can harm a puppys growth and cause other health issues.

What If My German Shepherd Is Growing Too Fast

The most common cause of a puppy growing too fast is his diet. If you overfeed your puppy, your puppy will gain too much weight, but there is a bigger problem. Puppy food is so high in nutrition, that when you give a puppy too much, he will suffer from over-nutrition.

The puppies will take in too much protein, calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus and grow too quickly as a result. Since German Shepherds are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, growing too quickly is dangerous for them. Talk to your vet about getting your puppy back on track.

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How Many Times A Year Will My German Shepherd Come Into Heat

As German Shepherd is also a large breed, they will exhibit only one heat during a year. This interval can be even longer, showing one heat every eighteen months.

It is something that cannot be claimed with surety, but you can only guess. There is a considerable variation to answer this question, despite the perfectly normal dogs physiology.

If we generally talk about dogs, they exhibit heat twice per year, but with the larger breeds such as Great Danes, there are more extended periods between the heat cycles.

Helpful fact: It is okay to try predicting and planning for a heat cycle, but dont always write it in stone. It can fluctuate from the expected occurrence time. Relax!

Do Female Dogs Cry When They Are In Heat

How much did your male/female GSD grow between 1 year and ...

As our female dogs hit the estrus phase of their period, vocalizing increases even more, especially if you have an active male dog in the household.

Male dogs in the neighborhood respond to moaning, whining, weeping, and even screams as a sort of call to come and mate.

We may struggle at times watching them in pain but be reminded that it is a normal process. If you cant bear it, find ways to keep them active and distracted, which has been proven to help and recommended by all pet experts.

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Do Dogs Bleed The Whole Time During The Heat

No, all the female German Shepherds do not bleed the whole time when they are in heat. The bleeding starts at the start of the cycle during proestrus. During the whole proestrus, the bleeding continues.

It ends near the time of mating. After mating, there is no discharge of blood seen in bitches. This lasts for 7 to 10 days only.

The bleeding in bigger dogs is higher while in smaller dogs it is less. All the females do not bleed equally. Some bleed heavily while some do not.

It is not a sign to get nervous and panic. It is a normal physiological response of a bitch towards its estrus cycle. It does not cause any kind of pain to your bitch during this type of bleeding. If you observe that your female German Shepherd is showing obvious signs of pain, take her to the nearest veterinary clinic.

When Does A Female Dog Have Her First Estrous Cycle

Dogs will have their first estrous cycle when they reach puberty. Each cycle consists of several stages the stage called estrus refers to when the female can become pregnant. Often a dog that is in the estrus stage is said to be in heat or in season.

“A dog that is in the estrus stage is said to be in heat or in season.”

On average, puberty is reached at about six months of age, but this can vary by breed. Smaller breeds tend to have their first estrous cycle at an earlier age, while large and giant breeds may not come into heat for the first time until they reach eighteen months to two years of age.

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Does A Dog Bleed The Whole Time In Heat

However, the most obvious recognizable sign of heat in dogs is vaginal bleeding. This may not become apparent until a few days after the female has come into estrus. Some female dogs experience heavy vaginal bleeding during estrus, while other dogs have minimal bleeding. If you are concerned, consult your veterinarian.

Taking Care Of A Pregnant Dog

Is my female German Shepherd in heat?

Your German Shepherd needs a lot of care and attention during its pregnancy. You can do several things to make the pregnancy comfortable and less painful.

  • Quality dog food is essential for the good health of a pregnant dog.
  • As the appetite of the dog increases, the quantity of dog food should also be increased but gradually.
  • Give it more food at different times of the day and in small portions. Feeding a female dog with a big quantity can be dangerous for the dog and the puppies.
  • Take your dog to a vet for regular checkups. You must take it to the vet at least 3 to 4 times during the 60 to 65 days of pregnancy.

Final Verdict

Taking care of a pregnant dog is a great responsibility and you have to be very alert and conscious about every movement of the dog. You have to take care of the dog more than a human being during pregnancy. If you love little puppies and want to play with them, then these efforts will be worth it.

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How Long Does A German Shepherd Bleed During The Heat

I have been through the heat cycle for many years with my German shepherd and learned a lot on this journey. German Shepherd is a beauty, and anyone can desire to have puppies from this beautiful dog that are adorable like their mother.

If you are looking forward to this, there might be several questions in your mind like, what is the length of a heat cycle of German Shepherds? What happens to a German shepherd female in heat?

So, I thought to educate people based on my experience and knowledge, which I gained by keeping shepherds.


Parasites Or Worm Infection

Some GSD dogs may experience stunted growth due to parasites. For example, dogs with hookworms or roundworms will have a poor coat or diarrhea, but once you get them on a dewormer, they should perk right up.

The dangers lie in accelerated growth caused by overfeeding and spaying or neutering at an early age.

Growing too quickly can put pressure on your GSD dogs joints and increase the risk of hip dysplasia, especially in breeds with a predisposition to weak joints.

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Signs Of Heat In German Shepherds

More frequent urination often signals the start of the heat cycle in GSDs.

There are many physiological changes taking place inside her, so her systems may seem out of whack.

But frequent urination is also Mother Natures way of ensuring your female dogs scent is spread around, announcing her receptiveness to breeding.

A blood-tinged discharge may be present during estrus, and it happens to be the sign that most people notice first.

Many dogs clean themselves very well during this time so there is nothing to worry about, but not all are able to keep up with this.

Its best to provide protective garments to keep this discharge off your furniture.

A swollen vulva is a frequent occurrence during heat. Your dog may spend more time licking herself and cleaning this area. Its best not to disturb her she wont hurt herself, and the swelling is not from irritation.

Nervousness or distraction are two behavioral signs of heat in German Shepherds. This is due to the surge in hormones.

She may be confused about whats happening during her first heat cycle, which can increase nervousness. However, not all dogs go through this phase. Many simply take it in stride.

Flagging is the act of flipping her tail to one side and presenting her vulva to male dogs in the vicinity. While generally harmless, some dogs even flag their owners.

It may become a bit annoying if your dog is particularly insistent about it, but try not to punish her for this behavior. She honestly cant help herself.

Why Should I Stop Breeding My Gsd

Beagle vs German Shepherd

There are many factors that go into making the decision to stop breeding your German Shepherd. But foremost and most importantly among those reasons is your German Shepherds health.

No matter the gender of your dog, health becomes a huge risk factor for your dog and for their puppies the longer you breed them.

As your dog matures, he or she will reach a point where their sperm and ovum are no longer viable.

This means that they have stopped producing each of these as much, and the quality deteriorates over time just as it does in humans.

This means that your dogs chances of having another litter become slimmer and slimmer the more the older they become.

There are also several risk factors involved as your German Shepherd gets older.

In some cases, a mother may have a complicated pregnancy. Age factor falls under this. Meaning, as a female German Shepherd ages, she has a higher chance of having stillborn puppies and other complications of the sort.

Over time you may notice your German Shepherd developing health problems as well. Before this even begins to occur, you should be checking on the health of each litter. As your German Shepherds health deteriorates, it can affect how the puppies are carried.

If your German Shepherd has a litter on the way and is exhibiting any health problems. talk with your vet. Try to understand that this can affect not only your dog but the puppies as well.

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