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What Type Of Dog Is German Shepherd

Courageous Fearless And Focused

German Shepherd Types – 5 Types of German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is known for its courage. Originally, its job was to defend sheep against wolves and those genes are still alive and well. German Shepherds make excellent watchdogs. They are also a favorite with the United States military and law enforcement.

It may come as a surprise, but German Shepherds also excel at jobs at the other extreme for example, as guide dogs for the visually impaired.

Because they have a very well developed sense of smell and tend to stay focused on the task at hand, they are also widely used in search and rescue missions as well as narcotics and explosives detection.

Is A German Shepherd A Good Family Dog

“German Shepherd dogs are a good choice for a variety of owners due to their intelligence and well-balanced character,” Bill explains.

“They can be a good addition to a family but can also be a great four-legged companion for a single owner or a couple. However, they are large and very active dogs that require more than a two hours exercise every day, which means they are better suited for owners with a larger house with a garden, and someone who enjoys exercise and spending time outdoors.”

East German Ddr Working Lines

This type of German Shepherd has continued to be developed and maintained after the end of WWII.

The establishment of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik meant strict government-controlled pedigree registration.

And 40 years of closed breeding.

From this developed a distinctive looking dog. With dark pigment, a big head, deep chest, athletic body, supreme intellect, and stamina to boot.

This type of German Shepherd has a sound temperament and a high work drive .

They must have plenty of mental and physical stimulation and an experienced handler.

Check out this infographic and learn some fun facts about the German Shepherd Breed!

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The History Of German Shepherds

As his name suggests, the German Shepherd originated in Germany, where he was created in the nineteenth century primarily by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who wanted to develop a dog that could be used for military and police work. The result was a dog that encompassed striking good looks, intelligence and versatility.

The adaptable and attractive dogs soon drew the attention of dog lovers in other countries. While Rin Tin Tin is the most famous of the early German Shepherds, he was not the first to come to the United States. One is known to have been brought to the U.S. in 1906, and the American Kennel Club registered a German Shepherd in 1912. The following year, people interested in the breed formed the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

World War I put a dent in the breeds burgeoning popularity because the dogs were associated with the enemy. German Shepherds braved artillery fire, land mines and tanks to supply German soldiers in the trenches with deliveries of food and other necessities.

After the war, movies featuring Rin Tin Tin and fellow German Shepherd Strongheart brought the breed back into favor. American audiences loved them. For a time, the German Shepherd was the most popular breed in the United States.

These days, the breeds star is rising again. Current AKC rankings place him second only to the Labrador Retriever.

Are There Different Types Of German Shepherds

Types of German Shepherds: A Guide to Dog Breed Variations ...

Officially there’s only the one breed. But I explained in the Temperament section that there are different lines of German Shepherds with different temperaments. Those lines can also LOOK very different from each other.

Show lines

Those of us who admired the strong, noble look of German Shepherds from decades ago are saddened at what has been done to the appearance of modern show dogs.

If you go to a German Shepherd specialty show in the United States or Canada, you’ll see tall narrow bodies, long narrow heads, and such excessive curvature of the rear legs that the dog’s back slopes downward from shoulders to tail. You could roll a ball down that back.

In my opinion, these are misshapen caricatures of a German Shepherd. To make matters worse, show lines produce more than their share of spooky and low-intelligence dogs, which is what happens when you over-focus on appearance rather than temperament and trainability.

In contrast, the West German show line has a more normal shape. Best of all, German Shepherds in West Germany cannot win show ring ribbons or be bred without passing a temperament/trainability test.

There are many West German bloodlines in the United States. So if you’re interested, you can look for show breeders who emphasize West German lines instead of American/Canadian.

Just be aware that these dogs aren’t couch potatoes: they do have plenty of energy and some working drives that will need to be exercised.

Working/protection lines

Pet lines?

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Is There A Dwarf German Shepherd

There is no recognized Dwarf German Shepherd breed. As with humans, German Shepherds can have genetic mutations which lead to conditions such as dwarfism. Unfortunately, dwarfism in German Shepherds negatively affects their heath in a very serious way, causing many problems and even resulting in pain. They have a much lower life expectancy and are not believed to live past 5 years. For this reason, breeding of these dogs is discouraged, being considered cruel.

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The Phylax Society Gets Started

In 1891, a group of German dog fanciers got together with the intent of developing a distinct and uniquely German breed of shepherds. They called themselves the Phylax Society, a Greek word meaning guardian or guardsman, and they set about searching for dogs to fit their idea of the perfect canine. Unfortunately, they had only a vague idea of what they thought the perfect canine should be.

The biggest challenge faced by the Phylax Society was not a lack of quality dogs upon which to build a new, spectacular breed of dogs, but an inability to agree upon the traits that the perfect canine should possess. Some members felt that the dogs physical appearance mattered little as long as it could perform the tasks set to it with great agility and endurance. Others held that a conformation standard was most important, stressing beauty, or at least consistency of type, over ability. A few believed it was possible to have both beauty and physical talent and asserted that they would settle for nothing less.

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Types Of German Shepherds

German Shepherds have working lines and show lines, totaling five different types. The breed has changed drastically throughout its ancestry in various countries. Max von Stephanitz was the creator of the German Shepherd, aiming for a perfect personality, workability, and stunning appearance. His goal was to create a masterpiece: the ideal working dog reigning supreme above the rest.

We like to think that his expectations for the breed have been fulfilled, as German Shepherds are one of the most beloved breeds across the globe as both service dogs and companions. Learning about their unique history will make you appreciate the breed even more.

Red Sable German Shepherd

Different Types of German Shepherds Dogs | Types of german shepherd

The red sable German Shepherd color is another variation on their sable coat which is due to the dominant agouti gene.

These genes however are not diluted like in the gray Shepherd, in this coat, a deep reddish-brown replaces the usual tan in the sable pattern.

This coat coloration has intermingling of red and black over most areas of their body.

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Black German Shepherd For Sale Near Me

If you are interested in buying a black german shepherd for sale near me your local vicinity, make sure that you check their background first before committing to one. Sometimes, people offer cheaper options but this doesnt mean that you are getting the best of the litter.

Before you actually buy, visit their facility and inspect how they take care of their dogs first before making any decisions.

German Shepherd Corgi Mix Appearance

Your Corgi German Shepherd mix will have a bright and intelligent expression.

German Shepherds and Corgis have similar heads.

A German Shepherd has a characteristic slightly domed forehead with a long and somewhat narrow snout, although they lack the fine-boned structure of some other breeds.

The Shepherds ears are large and open with definite points at the tips.

A Corgi has a more definite slope to his forehead. He, like the Shepherd, has rather large ears, but they are rounder. His eyes are also rounder and larger, and his snout shorter relative to his size.

Where the German Shepherd looks like a wolf in the face, the Welsh Corgi resembles a fox.

Your German Shepherd Corgi mix may look like one or the other breed in the head, but a balanced blend will create a dog with a muzzle medium in length with tight lips, rather round dark eyes, a moderately domed forehead, and large erect ears that may be rounder than a Shepherds.

Her gaze will be steady but open and curious.

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A Service And War Dog

Not surprisingly, Von Stephanitz used Horand extensively at stud, linebreeding intensely on him to fix the traits that he found so valuable. Thanks to the success of some of those offspring in particular his three grandsons Heinz von Starkenburg, Beowolf and Pilot Horands blood flows through the veins of virtually every German Shepherd alive today.

Though the German Shepherd was being developed just as the storm clouds of the Great War were gathering, the German military hadnt yet fully appreciated the value of war dogs. Von Stephanitz relentlessly and successfully promoted his nascent breed as a peerless service dog, and mourned the fact that Horand had never had the opportunity to prove himself in that respect.

What could not have become of such a dog, he asked rhetorically, if we only had at that time military or police service training?

American fanciers met Von Stephanitz in person in 1930, when he was invited to judge at the famous Morris & Essex Kennel Club Show by the impossibly wealthy Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge, the shows benefactress and a German Shepherd breeder herself. So many Shepherds were entered that Von Stephanitz was forced to judge both sexes over two days and, in the European tradition, wrote a critique on each.

1949 Ch. Nyx of Longworth, dam of the famed D litter of six champions.

American Show Line German Shepherds

Different Types of German Shepherds

American German Shepherds are the most seen Shepherds in the U.S. and Canada. These lines are the most different of all the Shepherd variations. Since they are a combination of many bloodlines, you may notice that an American Shepherd is more substantial in build and their heads and muzzles are shorter.

American show line German Shepherds are most generally black and tan, though with specific breeding, they can be a variety of colors. They are generally lighter and have more of a sloping gait and longer hocks than their European relatives. Their underbellies are thicker, as are their chest portions.

Because of the backyard breeding problem among Shepherds in America, many of these dogs are passed off as champions but are muddied down. So, if you want a show-quality Shepherd, be sure to do your homework. Proven bloodlines are a must to ensure good temperament and quality.

Backyard breeding has led to these guys getting quite a bad rap. You may see people selling shepherds claiming strong champion bloodlines, but these may not be authentic. While people may not breed these dogs to be irresponsible, it leads to many undesirable traits, such as nervousness, aggression, and various health issues.

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German Shepherd Dog Clubs In America

The American German shepherd dog clubs first show was held at Greenwich, Connecticut, in 1915. The club name was changed to the Shepherd Dog Club of America due to Americas entering the war and distancing itself from all things related to Germany. England opted for the breed name Alsatian. However, due to Germanys success with the breed in the war, American veterans found favor with the dogs intelligence and attractive appearance, bringing some of the dogs back with them.

/east German Ddr Working Line German Shepherds

What is a DDR German Shepherd?

A DDR German Shepherd, also known as an East German Shepherd, is from lines of guard dogs, bred in Germany after World War II. This types of Shepherd Dogs is known for excelling in police and other protective work.

What Are the Origins and Characteristics of the DDR German Shepherd?

The DDR type of German Shepherd is also known by the name Deutsches Demokratische Republik German Shepherds. During the Cold War era, the East German Communist Party established a breeding program for the German Shepherd Dogs used in the military.

At the time, the East German government was trying to keep pace with the changing demands of their country, including dealing with desertion attempts from the military. Both of the countries saw the advantages that superior dogs would provide for the police and military so they tried to breed a type of german shepherd dogs that have all the Specifications they need

According to Shipped, these Type Of German Shepherd Dogs were bred with traits like withstanding harsh winter weather and climbing six-foot walls in mind. These traits help the dogs excel in police and military work.

Like all types of German Shepherds, DDR German Shepherds are descended from the same dogs that formed the foundations for the German Shepherd as we know it today. The dogs that would form the basis of the East German Shepherd type originated from working lines.

East German ShepherdsWorking Line

East German Shepherd price

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When Do German Shepherds’ Ears Stand Up

When do German Shepherd ears do stand up? It is one of the most commonly searched German Shepherd puppy facts. As a puppy, every German Shepherd dog has floppy and soft ears. As the dog matures, the cartilage in the ears becomes hard and strong. Then the German Shepherd ears stand permanently. The ear tapering process happens between three months to eight months.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including Utonagan, or Brazilian terrier.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our German Shepherd coloring pages.

What Are German Shepherd Dogs Like To Live With

5 German Shepherd Types

German Shepherd Dogs are fierce but friendly, and have a calm confidence that may seem kind of aloof. When in need, however, a GSD is instantly ready to protect, play a game or perform a task in some cases as a guard dog, police dog, herder, seeing eye dog or other service dog. With a strong work ethic and an eager intelligence, they crave challenges.

Not to be left alone in the house too long, German Shepherd Dogs crave interaction and involvement. They are fiercely protective of their homes and families sometimes known to herd children and they get along with other pets. Standoffish and detached with strangers or those outside the family unit, they have been known to over-guard or bark protectively.

German Shepherd Dogs have great instincts and fertile minds. Lots of activity and exercise will make them happy, but tracking, obedience and agility games or any task-oriented activity will make them even happier. A bored or neglected German Shepherd Dog may resort to chewing furniture, digging up flowers and other mischief.

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Proper Breed Of German Shepherd

To make sure that you are getting the proper breed of german shepherds, it is best if you get one from a local breeder in Victoria, otherwise it can come with health issues like hip dysplasia which may be hard to treat.

However, there will be times that the black German shepherd for sale in Victoria might happen to have some health issues just like other purebred dogs. To ensure that you are getting the best quality product from your local breeder, ask for proof of certification before you buy one. Make sure that it has been vaccinated, taken care of and tested for health to ensure that you will be getting a healthy pup.

Ideal Human For A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are active dogs. Think: running at full speed across a field as much as youll let them. They prefer space to exercise at peak capacity and plenty of outdoor time. The ideal home for a German Shepherd would be a home with a large backyard for running around, and thats not counting all of the walks, runs, and adventures theyd like to go on with you.

German Shepherds can also make great family dogs and do fine with children as long as they are properly socialized.

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White Swiss Shepherd Dog

The White Swiss Shepherd Dog is a variety of the German Shepherd bred in Switzerland. It descends from the American White Shepherds the first stud dog of what became the breed was an American dog born in 1966 and imported to Switzerland. The variety was recognised by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale as a separate breed in 2003, and it is now recognised by a number of national kennel clubs.

Different Types Of German Shepherds

German Shepherd Dog Breed » Information, Pictures, &  More

August 28, 2020Lifestyle141028

If you were looking to adopt an intelligent and cute puppy that you could play with, go on walks together, and who would also protect you & your home by being the most vigilant guard, then you must look no further than the German Shepherd.

German Shepherd is perhaps the most widely recognized and loved dog breeds in the world. They are one of the best guard dogs that are so good at it that almost all of the police dogs in the USA are German Shepherds.

German Shepherd Dog Price: German Shepherd cost around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 20,000 in India. On average, the cost of a German Shepherd ranges from $500-$1,500 in the USA.

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