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What To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Puppy

Theyre Extremely Loyal And Protective

Things to know before getting a German Shepherd puppy

German Shepherds have a great personality, especially when it comes to their loyalty and protective nature. Once you build that initial loving relationship with your new German Shepherd, you can be sure that hell always have your back and protect you in the case of an intruder or an approaching stranger.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that German Shepherds are good family dogs.

If you are wondering why the German Shepherd is so loyal and protective, you only need to remember that he was originally bred for herding sheep and livestock. Its in his genes to serve and obey, hence another reason why he is used as a police dog.

Make Sure The Puppy Is Active

You want to make sure that the puppy that you are considering is as active as his or her siblings and seems physically up to speed with them. Also, make sure that the puppy seems to play well with you. If the puppy distances himself and tries to avoid affection or being held, you may want to consider another puppy because a puppy that doesn’t like affection is likely to grow into an adult that doesn’t like affection.

Are Your Living Conditions Suitable For Your Gsd

I am sure you will treat your GSD like your own kids. Your dog will be living with you, sleep by your side, and most likely follow wherever you go around your home .

Your GSD will be spending a lot of time with you and your family, and alone in your dwelling.

Please be reminded that GSDs are large dogs. An adult male GSD can weight over 100 Ibs and needs sufficient of space to move around.

So it is very important that your home, as well as your neighborhood, has the orientation to cater to your GSDs size.

Ask yourself these questions before getting a GSD:

  • Have you talked to your spouse, your kids, your parents about getting a dog?
  • Are they willing to share the dog walks, feeding, cleaning, and most importantly their care and love to a new family member?
  • If you have young kids at home, will you involve them in dog training so they can learn how to deal with your dogs behavior?
  • If you live in an apartment, are there any restrictions on dogs or dog breed?
  • How will you envisage your neighbors reaction to your dogs noise if you are not home?
  • Will they tolerate or complain about your dogs behavior?
  • Does your neighborhood have enough area and facilities to let your dog exercise daily?

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German Shepherds Are Natural Guard Dogs

Without proper socialization, this can sometimes turn into territorial behavior and even aggression toward strangers and other dogs. Adopting an older German shepherd means you dont know if their previous owner took the time to socialize them. This is a risk potential GSD adopters need to be aware of so they can take the necessary precautions when bringing guests and other dogs onto their property.

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Does Location Make A Difference When It Comes To Price

5 Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd ...

The location in which you live will most definitely make a difference when it comes to the price you can expect to pay for your German Shepherd puppy. Areas of the country where the breed is not commonly seen will likely sell their puppies for less than in other states where the breed is in high demand.

Another thing that often has an impact on the final cost for a puppy is the financial investment the breeder had to make for the breeding to occur. It is expensive to breed, whelp, and raise a litter properly. When these expenses rise, an increase in price is often necessary. However, a breeders expenses will vary from state to state, meaning a breeder that lives in Utah may pay more money for standard expenses such as vaccinations, microchips, puppy food, veterinary care, health certificates, whelping expenses, and prenatal care than a breeder that lives in Michigan.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Getting A German Shepherd

Hands down, German shepherds are the best dogs. Theres just no other dog so loving, loyal, and fun to own. Its hard to imagine life without sharing it with one of these wonderful canines. Despite how great they are, they take time and commitment. Probably more so than most other breeds. It doesnt matter if youre a first-time German shepherd owner or have owned numerous shepherds, they are all unique. However, even the best dogs come with their own set of challenges. Some traits are very similar, and some vary greatly between dogs, but most share typical traits of the German shepherd breed. Heres some things I wish I knew before getting a German shepherd:1. Puppies are hard workDespite their irresistible cuteness, German shepherd puppies are hard work. Along with their need for lots of training, they are curious, bold, and into everything that captures their attention. They also love to puppy bite and chew everything that moves, including hands, feet, furniture, personal belongings, and small children. Puppy proofing the house and teaching them what is and is not okay to play bite is not optional when one of these tiny land sharks moves in.

German Shepherds Are Actually Made Of Velcro

It is a little-known fact about German shepherds that they are actually made of Velcro . While not all shepherds are clingy, you can be sure your GSD will never be too far from you, whether you are going to the bathroom, taking a shower, gardening, watching TV, cooking or taking a nap. GSDs take loyalty very seriously.

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You Need To Help Them Socialize

German Shepherds need early socialization not because it is a breed requirement but because we need powerful dogs to like humans. A major part of the domestication of dogs from wolves was through incentivizing social behavior and discouraging asocial behavior.

When we stray from this principle, we turn perfectly domesticated dogs into potential threats as they dont know how to behave around people, other animals, or when experiencing a new environment.

If you fail to socialize him and do not arrange playdates with other doggos or invite people over, your GSD will become a partially functional canine and show fear aggression.

He will treat guests and intruders the same and will start overriding your commands out of fear and insecurity. My article on socializing a German Shepherd covers the steps to properly orient your pooch in our social norms.

Is A German Shepherd Puppy Right For You

5 things to know before getting a German Shepherd

German Shepherd puppies make very loyal, protective, and loving pets. Many vets, trainers, and owners who share their lives with German Shepherd puppies feel blessed. If you can accept the responsibility for training them and caring for them, you will be rewarded.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the authorâs knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.

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When To Seek Professional Help

Seek the help of a professional trainer the moment you begin to notice problems with biting or barking. You want to make sure any sign of aggression towards the dog’s family is stopped right away. Dogs are pack animals by nature, and you must make sure your dog knows its place in the pack and sees you as the pack leader. If the dog sees himself as the pack leader, behavior problems such as violence can come into play.

Get Ready For Negative Public Perceptions

Thanks to the media, history, popular culture, and surely many mishandled dogs, German Shepherd dont exactly have the best public image. If it hurts your feelings that some people are automatically scared of your dog, a German Shepherd may not be right for you. If you have a German Shepherd, let this motivate you to make your dog a great breed ambassador and help change negative stereotypes.

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Expect A Dog Who Wants To Know Your Business All The Time

If you dont like having a dog follow you everywhere, even into the bathroom, perhaps reconsider getting a German Shepherd. These dogs are busybodies, and they want to know where you are and what you are doing at ALL times in the event that your actions could compromise the security of the house and the family. Theyre just doing their jobs, you know. ?

Things To Know Before Buying A German Shepherd Puppy

What to know before getting a German Shepherd Dog #dogs # ...

The moment you see that adorable German Shepherd puppy for the first time, the feeling will last with you forever. It certainly did with me when we first met our own dog. Youre bound to find it hard not to completely fall head over heels for them.

But. Just take a step back for a second.

Yes, you might see one puppy in the litter that you have a particular affinity for, but how do you know its the right one for you to take home?

Its easy to simply say yes, pay your money, and take a German Shepherd puppy home, but in hindsight theres always thing you should look into.

We didnt do this when we bought our first ever puppy many years ago. I wish we had, but luckily, our dog ended up being ok, but it could have been very different: German Shepherds and any puppies can have health problems be sold by unscrupulous breeders.

With their long noses, furry bodies, and sparkling eyes, they will tug at your heart strings. You will be tempted to just take that German Shepherd puppy and go. But please, please, please before you do that, here are some important things you should check before you pay your money.

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What To Know Before You Buy Or Rehome A German Shepherd

Considering buying or rehoming a German Shepherd? Before you find a puppy or adopt a GSD, here are a few important things to remember.

  • German Shepherds are loving, loyal and extremely active in body and mind. They need to be well-socialised as puppies and need lots of training, plus at least two hours of exercise per day.
  • German Shepherds have thick coats that shed all year round and may not be the best choice for people with allergies.
  • Its important to get your GSD puppy from a reputable German Shepherd breeder so you can meet the puppys mum and check she has the temperament youre looking for. dictates that new puppies or kittens must be bought directly from a breeder or adopted from rescue. Third party sellers are now illegal.
  • Like all dogs, German Shepherds can suffer from a range of health conditions, and hip and elbow dysplasia are particularly common in the breed. A reputable GSD breeder will be able to provide proof of genetic testing, like hip and elbow scores, for both parents to help you choose a healthy dog.

Be Prepared For A Potentially Vocal Dog

GSDs also have a tendency to be vocal. Weve had some dogs who were just whiners they whined for a variety of reasons . Other dogs were more barky, especially at strangers walking past our fence or at other dogs. Pyrrha is an uncharacteristically quiet German Shepherd but our little Eden loves barking, barking just for the fun of it! Barking can be a very difficult behavior to curb, especially if its woven into a dogs lineage, as it has been with shepherds for a while now. Be aware of this issue, and be prepared to start training your dog when and how to be quiet.

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How Much Do German Shepherd Husky Puppies Cost

Mixed breed dogs tend to be sold for less than purebred dogs. However, the minimum price for a German Shepherd Husky mix is $500 $1,000.

Would I advise you to buy a mixed breed from a breeder? Definitely not.

There are far too many mixed breeds sitting in shelters and waiting to be chosen.

If you do decide to go with a breeder nonetheless, make sure youre in for a behavioral surprise and only buy from breeders that test their dogs for health.

As long as there are no other breeds or disease in their ancestry, you should be fine.

Beware of breeders that charge a premium for the popular two-colored eyes that come from the Husky.

Make sure to check out my breeder questions before you fall victim to scammers or backyard breeders.

You Will Need To Brush Your German Shepherd

6 Things to Know Before Getting a German Shepherd Dog Or Puppy

German Shepherds are not hypoallergenic. In fact, they are notorious shedders. They shed sporadically so that you cannot truly prevent the resultant mess. Nothing will stop a German Shepherds hair fall because the fur is supposed to be constantly renewed.

However, there are some steps you can take to reduce German Shepherd shedding that you can learn in this article.

This includes brushing your doggo a couple of times per week and more during the heavy shedding seasons of fall and spring when they shed their undercoat. Its wise to invest in a de-shedding brush such as the FURminator undercoat de-shedding tool from Amazon.

This is the grooming tool that I use, as it does a great job of removing all the loose undercoat without damaging the dogs guard coat hairs. Ive tried many other brushes over the years but havent experienced any as good as the FURminator.

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German Shepherds Can Also Be Costly To Take Care Of Not Just To Purchase

The regular vet visits, the high need for exercise, and the extra-space requirements all make the GSD a relatively expensive dog to take care of in terms of money as well.

Add all the other expenses that come with a dog of that large size such as food, toys, and pet insurance, and you can easily reach $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

Your Landlord And Neighbors May Not Be Happy With You Getting A German Shepherd

As much as GSD owners love their dogs, their neighbors and landlords arent usually as thrilled. There are several reasons for this:

  • The frequent barking we mentioned above. Yes, you can train that behavior away but your landlord may still forbid you from getting a GSD.
  • The fact that GSDs are often used by the military and the police has made the breed appear scary in the eyes of many people.
  • If you have downstairs neighbors they likely wont enjoy the noise of a 90-pound dog jumping on the floor all day long. Getting a carpet or another type of floor insulation will help here. Giving your dog enough playtime outside will also alleviate this problem. But you may still get in trouble with your neighbors.
  • They are just a large breed and many people, including parents of small children, are afraid of large dogs.

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Training Goal #: Socialization

Puppies of all breeds have a critical socialization window that closes at 12 to 16 weeks of life, and your GSD puppy is no exception. In fact, for GSDs, who by nature are protective guardians, socialization is extra important so that your puppy learns which strangers are friendly and not a threat.

GSDs are very observant, and your puppy will pick up on your cues and reactions around new people and new situations. During this critical period, having exposure to many different kinds of people in non-threatening situations will help your puppy be confident among friendly strangers rather than fearful or aggressive. And even during times of social and physical distancing, you can still socialize your puppy safely.

Proper socialization cannot be overemphasized for this breed as Adams notes, The foundation for most training is confidence. It is critical that the GSD puppy is well socialized from an early age onward. Safely exposing the puppy to new sights, sounds, and smells is absolutely critical for development. Good socialization translates to confidence.

Certified dog trainer and CGC evaluator Jacqui Foster, CPDT-KA, echoes this sentiment: I tend to lean more towards developing self-confidence in the puppy. For this I recommend short, fun, three-minute games that engage the puppy with the owner as well as in noises, weird and uneven surfaces, family members, etc., throughout the day. A confident puppy is a happy puppy.

They Require A Lot Of Mental Stimulation

15 Things To Know Before Getting A German Shepherd Puppy

Simply put, German Shepherds get bored easily. They like to figure things out, and they love to learn. This is where you come in. Its beneficial for a GSD if you take the time and put forth the effort to teach it some skills beyond basic obedience.

If you have the time and you are the ambitious type, GSDs are very well suited for dog competitions. They excel in agility training, which requires tremendous intellectual focus from a dog.

But you need not aspire to compete professionally. Check around and you will find a number of often free or reasonably priced agility training courses for you and your dog. These not only mentally stimulate your GSD, but they strengthen the bond and communication between the two of you.

The point to understand here is is that if a GSD is not mentally stimulated, it will begin to get bored. And a bored GSD will turn its mental focus on destructive activities. The last thing that you want is a GSD intent on destroying things.

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