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How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need

Whether youre lucky enough to own a German Shepherd already or thinking about having one join your family, knowing just how much exercise these handsome dogs need is a must.

Making sure your German Shepherd gets plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for that matter is really important for keeping them healthy and happy. Regular exercise can not only keep them in good shape, but it can also help improve their behaviour and wellbeing.

In Conclusion How Much Exercise Does A German Shepherd Need

The German Shepherd is high energy, strong and has good levels of stamina. They are also very smart and need to have their minds occupied as well. It is crucial to provide adequate physical and mental exercise and activity to release pent-up energy and prevent boredom. A minimum of 45 to 60 minutes a day of exercise plus purposeful activity including muscle strengthening and activities that provide mental stimulation is recommended. The cost of not doing so can be an unhappy and frustrated dog. This can lead to behavior issues such as barking, digging, escaping and destructive behavior.

German Shepherds And Other Pets

To help them be calm and patient, it’s best to socialise your German Shepherd with other dogs and pets from a young age. Some can be a bit bossy with other dogs as they get older but with proper care, training and socialisation this is unlikely to become a problem. If youre having issues with your German Shepherd around other pets, the best thing to do is get advice from a trainer or behaviourist.

German Shepherds are usually fine with other family pets they have grown up with. If they havent grown up with a cat or other smaller pets, though, they may have the urge to chase them so any introductions later in life should be done very carefully.

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How Much Exercise Does A Senior German Shepherd Need

As your German Shepherd ages, they wont need as much exercise as they once did. Its important to monitor how much they are getting and to make sure they arent overdoing it.

If you use the PitPat app, well set an age appropriate exercise goal for your dog that decreases as they age. You can also set your own goals manually in case they have higher or lower exercise needs.

Best Exercise For German Shepherds

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need?

Every dog including the German Shepherd needs proper exercise to stay healthy. A German shepherd’s energy level is pretty high. They are also very smart, so you can easily teach them new tricks and exercises. Keeping them indoors all the time can be detrimental to a German Shepherd’s health.

If you own or are planning to get a German shepherd, be sure they are getting the proper exercise on a regular basis. Here are some great German Shepherd activities that your pup would love!

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What Exercises Do German Shepherd Puppies Like

German Shepherd puppies usually like fun outdoor and indoor exercises.

Managing the exercise sessions of a young puppy can be quite easy if you have the proper knowledge.

If your pet is small, that is 8 to 12 weeks old, no extra exercise is needed except a daily walk.

Taking your pet out for a puppy play is enough as over-exercise can cause various health problems.

Puppy exercises are usually different from the adult dog exercises.

How To Exercise Your German Shepherd Puppy

The right amount of exercise will keep your puppy fit. You can exercise your puppy by taking it on walks, teaching it tricks, swimming, or playing fetch. It is also recommended that you take your puppy to obedience school.

This way not only will your puppy learn good behavior, but you will even understand how you can promote discipline with your pet.

Remember, we guaranteed you some pointers about the best types of exercise for your German Shepherd puppy? Well, its about that time. Heres a list of exercises, just like we promised.

Take Your Puppy On A Walk

Puns aside, a walk in the park is just the type of exercise a German Shepherd puppy requires. It not only allows your pup to get its exercise, but it also helps them adapt to new surroundings and strangers. Plus, walking is gentle on the pups joints and ligaments. This form of exercise is more suitable for puppies less than 5 months in age.

Take Your Puppy to Obedience School

Teaching Your Puppy Tricks

Another right way to exercise your puppy is to teach it tricks. You can start with simple tricks like sit and stay.

Slowly, when your German Shepherd puppy gets the hang of things, move on to another, more difficult trick like play dead. It might seem like an easy option, but trust us, itll be an excellent way to expend the pups energy and yours.

Run with Your Puppy

When your pup is disciplined enough to walk on its own, slowly introduce it to running. Remember the guideline though you dont want to rush it.

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Last Thoughts About How Much Exercise Does Your German Shepherd Need

Finally, anywhere between 1 and 2 hours of walking, purposeful activity, and mental stimulation per day is ideal to keep your dog in good shape.

This general guideline relates to a healthy adult German Shepherd. Each dog will have different exercise requirements according to his age, physical conditions, and energy level.

I hope my article has helped you to find out what your GSD needs to stay healthy and happy. Now its time for you to unleash him, go out there, and spend your energy together.

Good Workout & Dont Forget To Have Fun!

How Can I Stop My Puppy From Biting


It’s important for puppies to learn to control their bites. This is best taught at a young age.Carefully watch your puppy for signs that he is about to grab your hand. Before he can do that, give him a soft toy or a Kong as an alternative.

If puppy bites you before you can give him a toy, make the squealing sound a littermate would make when it is bitten by another pup “eek” or “ouch”. Then quickly redirect the puppy to an appropriate toy that is “chew safe”.

When a puppy can’t be supervised he should be safely in his crate or an exercise pen with Kongs or other dog-safe toys that can’t be chewed up and swallowed. DO NOT LEAVE STUFFED TOYS IN A CRATE WITH A PUPPY. Talk with your breeder and/or vet about safe toys for puppies.Also, a tired puppy is a good puppy. Be sure your puppy gets plenty of exercise for his body and his brain . Exercise for 10 minutes every hour or so is better than 2 hours at a time. Puppies need naps just like babies.

Start training at an early age in a good puppy class in your area. Puppies of all breeds get your puppy used to other types of dogs.– Cheryl May

For more information: Use Google to search for ‘puppy training’ in your area. Look for local classes that are affiliated with the AKC’s S.T.A.R. puppy training. Also look at our Regional Club listings to see if there is a club that offers puppy classes in your area especially for German Shepherd puppies.

Consider why puppies pull when they are walking:

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How Important Is Sleep For German Shepherds

Sleep is as important as food for GSDs. According to dictionaries, sleep means to rest by being in the state of inactivity physically and mentally. But how important is sleep for GSDs?

  • Being in the state of physical and mental inactivity for certain periods of time each day, helps GSDs to develop their brain function. A GSDs brain processes and organizes data during their sleep.
  • Sleep is also crucial for GSDs memory retention and can increase learning capabilities. This proves true, especially when they are in training. They will be able to perform new tricks and tasks better when they are well rested.
  • It strengthens GSDs immune system. GSDs can be more prone to sickness and infections when they are sleep-deprived.
  • It can also help GSDs bodies to recover from physical exhaustion.
  • Sleep aids in GSD puppy growth.

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My Puppy Barks At People Who Come To My House

I really dont want him to do that. How do I stop him from barking at strangers?

Barking is natural for dogs. They are doing their job by alerting their family that someone is coming. Its unreasonable to expect that a puppy will never bark. The key is that he should learn to stop barking once you have identified the issue and taken charge.

Acknowledge that theyve done something wonderful and then take a leadership role so the puppy can relax. Here are some specific steps you should take:

  • As soon as puppy starts to bark, approach him to investigate what he sees.
  • Tell him hes a good boy and ask him to sit.
  • Praise him for the sit and answer the door.
  • If puppy continues to bark, say all done and give him work to do and reward him for the work.
  • In the future, the all done will come in handy to stop barking in many situations.

No matter where you live, owning a dog is a long-term emotional and financial commitment and it’s important to take your neighbors into consideration.

The AKC offers owners the following tips:

  • Train Your Dog – Puppies need to be properly socialized and trained.
  • Pick Up After Your Puppy – ALWAYS carry a plastic “baggy” to pick up any waste, then dispose of it properly.
  • Exercise – Puppies need regular exercise or they may become destructive. Take your puppy for walks or throw a ball in the back yard for a few minutes.
  • Prevent Nuisance Barking – Don’t let your puppy annoy your neighbors. Training and exercise can reduce barking.

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Get Back To The Roots With Herding Trials

German Shepherds were originally herding dogs, and if you have the means, you can engage in old traditions. Herding is an excellent exercise for the GSD. Moreover, herding will engage your dogs intellect.

You and your dog can take herding lessons and participate in various competitions. Some Shepherds compete for simple titles such as Excellent, while others compete against various herding dogs for trophies. Alsatians can participate in breed-specific trials or classes against other herders like Australian Shepherds.

This is an example of a German Shepherd performing a herding trial. You can observe how alert and mentally engaged the dog must be and how attuned to the handler. Note how much speed and endurance the Shepherd possesses.

Over Exercised Dog Symptoms

How Long Does It Take to Potty Train a German Shepherd ...

German Shepherds can go hard and keep going, often not knowing when to stop. With any dog, it is possible to over-exercise them, especially in hot weather. It is important to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a dog that has overdone it. Read Overexercised dog symptoms and Dog exercise in hot weather to learn more.

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Healthy Safe Activities For German Shepherd Puppies

Moderation and taking activity slow for the first 12 months of your puppys life should be your standard. Dont choose any rough and tumble games, or activities that will cause your puppy to twist their hips and body quickly.

There are plenty of other ideas to try with your new baby German Shepherd.

Keep reading for a German Shepherd puppy exercise chart and specific, step-by-step fun games to keep your new pup happy and healthy.

How Long Can A 8 Week Old German Shepherd Walk

So, an 8-week-old puppy can walk for 10 minutes at a time on-leash while a 6-month-old can walk on-leash 30 minutes at a time. However, your puppy can enjoy low-impact, gentle exercises for longer periods of time.

How Much Exercise Does a German Shepherd Puppy Need? A german shepherd puppys optimal exercise time is 5 minutes for every month old he is. For instance, if your puppy is 3 months old, it needs to be exercised for 15 minutes, twice a day. Does that sound too good to be true?

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German Shepherds And Barking

As with any dog, German Shepherds are likely to bark. Their main purpose was for herding and guarding so they can be quite vocal when people walk past or enter or exit the house, but how much noise they make will vary from dog to dog. If youre having problems with excessive noise or barking, we recommend seeking the advice of an accredited behaviourist.

What Types Of Exercise Are Great For German Shepherds

Best German Shepherd Puppy Training Tips | Dog World

Walking is one form of exercise that German Shepherds will enjoy. Because they need at least 2 hours of activity, you may consider breaking those 2 hours into two separate walking trips. You can go for an hour walk in the morning, and then another hour walk later in the afternoon or evening. However, you break up the time, spending at least 2 hours walking each day will help your canine companion release the energy he has.

If your dogs in good shape and healthy, then you may even consider adding a weighted vest to your dog for walks. Heres one to look at the XDOG Weight & Fitness Vest for Dogs. This vet comes in a number of sizes, so youll be able to find the right fit for your dog. This vet uses weight bags, which can be filled with sand or copper bbs. These types of weights mold to the dogs body, making them more comfortable. However, this may not be a good option in very hot weather.

Also, be sure to never add more weight than 10% of their body. This is a comfortable weight that will make sure your dog is tired while giving him an overall workout.

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What Are The Best Exercises For A German Shepherd

Walking is probably the single best exercise for an average healthy German Shepherd. Most GS dogs will love to go on long walks, and they might even take you for a walk if youre not moving fast enough for them!

An energetic game of fetch with a Frisbee or a sturdy indestructible ball is also popular with many German Shepherds. You might find that your dog will appreciate any effort to make it more challenging, so hiding or obscuring the ball might lead to a more interesting game.

Particularly agile German Shepherds might like to run in a temporary obstacle course. You could use various discarded items to provide hurdle jumps, hoops and tunnels for your dog to explore.

Tug-of-war has become somewhat controversial among dog trainers, since there are those that claim it increases aggression in dogs. Many German Shepherds love this game, though, especially if you play it with a good strong purpose-made rope that wont come apart in your dogs mouth.

How Much Exercise Should A German Shepherd Puppy Get

German Shepherd puppies should stick to only five minutes of continuous, on-leash leisurely walking at a time based on their age in months. So, an 8-week-old puppy can walk for 10 minutes at a time on a leash while a 6-month-old can walk on leash 30 minutes at a time. However, your puppy can enjoy low-impact, gentle exercises for longer periods of time. You can play games that work on their sustained growth multiple times per day safely.

Stop exercising when:

  • When they slow down their pace more than usual
  • If they lay down to rest
  • If theyre panting heavily or breathing rapidly

Its better to stay on the side of caution and limit time on hard ground.

Instead, exercise on soft surfaces, for example:

  • Grass
  • Sand
  • Dirt paths or trails

Stretching of soft ligaments at too early an age, strains on young growing joints, and carrying too much weight on their overall framework can and will harm your young puppy.

This leads to problems in adulthood which you could avoid!

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Running Biking Or Skating With Your Dog

The faster your dog is moving the more energy they will release. Try running, biking or skating with your dog to really get them moving. As the German Shepherd has good levels of stamina and can go for long distances, they can make great running partners. Just be sure to build up the distance and intensity of the activity over time to prevent causing injury to your dog. Read Running with your dog for more on this.

What Is A German Shepherd’s Temperament Like

How much exercise German Shepherds need

There is no doubting a German Shepherd’s intelligence, but with that comes a high level of confidence and a good amount of aloofness. Since these dogs tend to be loyal and protective, they are generally wary of strangers. That makes them a perfect watchdog, but their suspicious and reserved nature can make them feel unfriendly towards guests. Even so, with training, they make great, loyal family pets, and if you introduce them to other animals and children early they’ll get along extremely well. Those bred in the US tend to be more calm.

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Do Gsds Like To Play With Other Dogs

This is determined on a case by case basis and is highly dependent on the temperament and training of the dog in question.

In general, you want to provide the opportunity for your German Shepherd to play with other dogs as much as possible.

This is not only great to burn energy and stimulate their mind, but teaches them important social skills.

Not all German Shepherds are dog-friendly however, so ensure yours is given ample opportunities to socialize to prevent the possibility of fighting or aggressive outbursts.


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