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What Is The Best Harness For A German Shepherd

Types Of Materials For Collars


Nylon is most common as it is inexpensive and long-lasting. This durable material is also water-resistant making it great for virtually any location and season. Most brands offer a variety of colors and patterns. Since many nylon collars are adjustable, it can continuously be used as your puppy grows into an adult.

Leather collars can either be a hit or a miss depending on the quality. A chemically treated or fake leather can lead to irritation around your pups neck over time. Unlike Nylon, leather is a lot more costly but the durability offsets the price. A high quality leather collar not only looks gorgeous but also has a long lifespan. Quality leather collars are preferred over metal as they are soft on the skin.

Metal and chain collars are typically used by professional trainers on large dogs that are incredibly strong and dogs with behavioral issues. Unlike leather and nylon, GSDs are never meant to wear these collars for extended periods of time or unsupervised. This material is not cheap as it is the toughest of the bunch.

Cotton collars are not suitable for your GSD. This material is not durable and is mainly used on smaller dogs.

Provides A Sense Of Security

Even though it can seem cruel from the human perspective, if you get the right-sized crate, your German Shepherd will not feel confined as much as he will feel secure. From a human standpoint, a crate is like a jail even if adjusted to our own bodys proportion with the same ratio as a dog crate is to a dogs body.

But we cannot project our psychology onto our puppies and assume what would be kind to us is also kind to the dog. In fact, if your home is large enough, you might make a new puppy, whos just left its mother quite uncomfortable. Having a cozy corner, puppy zone, or a crate can give your German Shepherd puppy a proportionate place that feels secure and more like home. Remember, whats home to you is unexplored territory to him, at least for a while.

Hurtta Padded Dog Harness

This dog harness may look casual and simple, but its great for active German Shepherds who love to explore. The padded neoprene design is comfortable and wont restrict your GSDs movement when they are running and playing. Does your dog like to get dirty in the mud or wet on the beach? This Hurtta dog harness is machine washable and convenient cleaning! 3M reflectors add a safety element for this harness, which any pet parent can appreciate. We suggest this dog harness for German Shepherds who enjoy extensive outdoor exercise.

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Using Just A Collar For Your Dog

A simple flat traditional collar should be on your dog during your walks. The Humane Society says that your flat buckle collar should have your dogs identification engraved on it.

Many dogs who accidentally get loose from their owners are returned safely by good Samaritans who locate their owner using the information on the ID tag. Dont underestimate having a conventional collar with this information.

When purchasing a collar, look for one that has a safety release to help free your dog if they caught around their neck.

This specially made safety collar breaks away if your dog gets hung up by their collar, saving their life.

While your dog is off-leash running in the park or around a field with the brush, the safety collar will release and free them should they ever, unfortunately, get caught around their neck.

The collar also works well as the everyday collar for your dog since it holds their tag and is made of strong material.

This should be your dogs everyday collar, even if you train your GSD on another type of harness or collar. When buying a collar, purchase a width of 1 inch for your large breed dog.

How To Choose The Best Dog Harness For Your German Shepherd

Painted German Shepherd Harness
  • Ideally, a perfect dog harness should have a number of features to benefit your German Shepherd and you, as the handler.
  • No-pull design for walking with two leash connection points for better control of the dog. One connection point on the chest and one connection point on the back.
  • Adjustable, foam-padded straps to fit various sizes of large dogs. These pads distribute pressure evenly across the dogs chest, shoulders, and stomach. Distributed pressure causes less strain on your dogs joints and muscles.
  • Waterproof coating and machine-washable material for easy clean-up.
  • Handle on the back of the harness to give you better control of your dog.
  • Quick-snap buckles made of hardened plastic or metal for easy on and off.
  • Reflective striping for visibility in low-light conditions.
  • Bonus feature: includes a seatbelt tether to secure your dog in a vehicle. Not all harnesses come with this accessory but you can purchase them separately.

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Kurgo Journey Air Polyester Reflective No Pull Dog Harness

The Kurgo Journey Air Reflective harness has both a front clip and a back clip. The back clip can be used to attach to a car safety restraint, but the harness overall has not been rated for car travel. The front clip deters pulling with a padded chest piece that distributes the pressure of the leash over the shoulders and chest. It also comes with 4 rust-proof buckles plus reflective trim, making it a great option for hiking in the woods and walking at night.

For a full-grown German Shepherd, the large and extra-large sizes should fit, but be sure to check the chest girth measurement and the recommended weight.

What Size Harness For A German Shepherd Puppy: Step

A harness is handy equipment that every German shepherd owner needs to have. And so, a sturdy and durable harness is essential as you have long enjoyable hikes with this masculine dog breed.

While at that, you must teach a dog on how to be on a harness down from its puppyhood. With that, the puppy will transition into its adulthood well aware that a harness causes no harm.

Remember to have a comfortable harness that the dog will yearn to wear. Hence why its recommended you take the measurements of your pups neck and chest area.

So, what is the best size harness for a German shepherd puppy? How do you put a harness on a German shepherd puppy? Continue reading to learn more.


  • Final Thought
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    Whats The Best Collar For A German Shepherd

    By GreatDogZone

    German Shepherds are quite powerful dogs. One may quickly figure this out while training their GSD to walk by their side. More often than not, GSD owners end up in frustration after testing multiple collars that simply are not the right fit for their canine friend. Since GSDs have such a unique head shape, it may take a little time adjusting the right collar to fit properly. Keep in mind, it is possible to find the best collar for your German Shepherd.

    Top 5 Best Collars for German Shepherds


    Unho No Pull Dog Harness

    No-pull harness for German shepherd puppy | Harness for dog training | Best quality harness

    The UNHO is a basic yet very inexpensive harness. The harness may not be feature-rich, but it is still a good choice.

    One metal D ring for lead attachment and an adjustable strap for fitting.

    The outer layer uses a strong high durable nylon material. The inner lining is soft, breathable and skin-friendly for your dog.

    Some find that the measurements advertised on this product are not entirely accurate. Its worth checking the measurements correspond with reviews. We found the Large size fits fine with some small strap adjustments.

    Im not convinced by the style of this harness finding it a little ugly, but thats personal preference. Again, its very inexpensive, so it may be perfect as a starting harness or for training experiments.

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    Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness

    The Signature K9 Leather Tracking Harness delivers what were looking for in a military-grade tracking harness. The simple, minimalistic design gives dogs the freedom to move while they track. Meanwhile, the chest plate still provides the comfort a dog needs with soft wool padding. The thick leather structure will keep your dog safe and secure. The buckles are strong and the straps are adjustable. You still have 2 leash connection points plus a handle on the back to give you complete control when needed.

    This harness is proudly handmade by the Amish in the USA. The leather is tough, handcrafted, and will only get better with age.

    How To Pick The Best No

    As you can see, there are a lot of harnesses out in the market but how can you find the best harness for your dog?Here are a few points that you can follow to find a perfect harness for your dog according to your requirements and your dog’s size:


    A rule of thumb for buying anything is whether it is durable or not. If anything you are buying is durable then it is worth checking other features and buying it.If the harness is built with quality material and has strong Leash attachment Rings and buckles with great stitching then there is a great chance that the harness would be durable and will last long.One thing to increase the lifespan of the harness is to look for a harness that after putting it on your dog, he/ she wont be able to chew it. If your dog can chew the harness, chances are it would be destroyed within weeks, even days.

    Front and Back D-Ring

    The most important feature of a no-pull harness is Front D-Ring where you can attach a leash. A front D-Ring changes the direction of your dog if he tries to pull the harness letting him know that pulling is not good. In this way, he will soon learn not to pull the leash.The back D-Ring is handy when your dog learned not to pull much then you can attach a leash on the back ring. Your walks would be more enjoyable when you have a leash on the back ring and your dog does not pull a lot.

    Comfort and breathable
    • Lightweight
    • Remain Cool on hot days
    • Water-Resistant
    • Easy to get on and off.
    Adjustable straps
    Top Handle

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    Advantages Or Benefits Of Harnesses

    The harness has its advantages which have made most people fall in love with it. Here are the key highlights of why most dog parents prefer a harness.

    A Great Training Tool for German shepherd Puppies

    Harnesses are great training tools for puppies learning how to walk on a leash.

    A Harness Discourages Pulling

    Harness with the front clip attachment help in controlling the behavior of leash pulling. This harness redirects your dog without harming his neck or causing discomfort. Such is one of the essential features that the harness wins over a collar.

    Stops Your Dog from Escaping

    Some German shepherds are great escape artists who will wriggle out easily of a collar. However, you will have outwitted your dog when you opt to use a harness. With the harness comfortable on your dogs body, it becomes difficult for him to wriggle out with ease.

    Help Stop Your Dog from Lunging or Jumping

    Some dogs are fond of jumping or lunging at people. And the collar is never that effective in controlling such behavior. However, with the harness model and leash clip attachment point, it often becomes easier to control a dog who loves lunging at people without tiring your muscles. With most dog harnesses having a control handle on the top, you get additional control of your dog.

    No-Risk of Choking Your Dog

    Friends Forever No Pull Dog Harness Large Breed

    Top 15 Best Harnesses For German Shepherds in 2021 ...

    This is another harness made particularly for large breeds! The product is made of a soft padding, has adjustable thick straps, is lightweight, and is designed to prevent chafing. It also has a metal D-ring attachment for a leash.

    The Friends Forever no pull dog harness also features a 3M reflective material, making your German Shepherd more visible in the dark. Additionally, it has a sturdy handle for more control.

    Some people have had a problem with their dogs chewing the straps and breaking the plastic clips. I dont recommend leaving this or any harness on your dog when not using for walking.

    This no pull harness has a 12-month no questions asked warranty, so you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying this product.

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    Wrapping Up: The Best Harness For A German Shepherd

    Hopefully, weve given you some great suggestions to help you find the best harness for your German Shepherd. You may still need to try a few styles and return them before settling on the right one. However, the right harness can make all the difference in the world when it comes to walking your German Shepherd.

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    What Is The Most Important Factor When Choosing A Dog Harness

    This one is highly debatable, but we think the answer is durability. Thats why we put the tactical harnesses in the top spot: They are the ones that offer the highest level of durability.

    The primary purpose of a harness is to control the dog, and that means dealing with a lot of stress and pressure over a long period.

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    Leash Attachments And Handles

    There are three types of leash attachments: front clip, back clip, and multi-clip. Front clip harnesses have their leash attachment in the front of the dogs chest, and the back clip has the leash attachment in the back. Multi-clip has both.

    And, some have handles on the back, which is a great feature for large dogs where you might need more control.

    Sporn Head Control: For Extreme Leash Pullers

    The BEST tactical Harness for German Shepherds | K9 Tactical Gear Reviewed

    The Sporn head control dog halter is unique by design.

    Traditional head halters wrap under both the top and bottom of the muzzle.

    But the Sporn model only covers the top of the muzzle and integrates the rest of the halter into the collar.

    If youve tried a traditional halter that didnt work, then give the Sporn a try.

    This headcollar is more easily tolerated by sensitive dogs who dont like wearing the Halti models.

    Its built with a larger nose piece that helps many dogs wear it more easily than other traditional headcollars and offers gentle guidance behind your dogs shoulders, not his face, to instantly stop your dog from pulling while giving him comfort.


    • Padded nose bridge to offer less rubbing and irritation
    • Easy fit for energetic dogs and busy moving puppies
    • Halter converts quickly to a neck collar only giving this halti multiple uses
    • The special design has less pressure on your GSDs face and is more comfortable for them to wear than a traditional head halter
    • Strong, durable material for powerful German Shepherds that lunge
    • This halti offers gentle guidance behind your German Shepherds shoulders and not his face to stop them from pulling while providing a more comfortable walk

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    Putting In An Overhead Harness

    With this methodology, you fit in the harness by passing it through your dogs head till it reaches down your dogs shoulder area, not around the throat.

    So how is it done?

    First, you need the dog to stand still or sit down.

    Then slide the harness on your dogs head, allowing the narrow part to follow the wide end. Let the harness rest well on the dogs chest and backbone. Always ensure the harness is not opposite, as it may injure your dog.

    If comfortable, ensure the dogs fit on each leg hole in either side. Keep an eye on the ring that the leash should clinch on. Clip-in everything together and ensure everything is in place.

    You can try pulling the harness to test whether you have fitted it perfectly.

    Runner Up: Expawlorer Big Dog Harness

    Our runner-up here is this Expawlorer big dog harness, and as soon as you set eyes on it you will understand why we love it so much.

    First, the harness is available in a variety of colors, and it not only comes in a large size, but theres also an extra large option should your German Shepherd by larger than normal. Also, its made from highly durable nylon, so this harness should last a considerable amount of time, and be capable of withstanding a lot of punishment.

    For the control aspect, then theres a rubber ring above the harness to provide you with that close sense of control. However, if you plan on giving your German Shepherd a bit more freedom, then its easy to attach a leash as well.

    The harness has a no-pull design, and if you do have to reign them in for some reason, then the pressure and weight is going to be evenly distributed across the harness instead of at one single point. That just makes things a lot more comfortable for your dog.

    Expawlorer have also sought to make this easy to attach, and you are looking at a quick buckle along with an adjustment buckle to provide maximum comfort.

    Overall, we love the simplicity of this harness. It does the job its designed for, and it does it well.



    • The harness doesnt come with any pouches on it, and that may be important for some people.
    • The harness is quite short in the body, but it still provides that support and control around the neck and chest area.

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    German Shepherd Growth & Weight Chart

    These numbers are estimates to give you an idea of how much a German Shepherd weighs month by month. Dont worry if your puppy is slightly behind or ahead just be sure to take your pet to regular vet appointments to ensure they are healthy and happy!

    Pro Tip: Want to get reimbursed for up to 100% of veterinary bills any time your dog gets sick or injured? Compare German Shepherd health insurance options before its too late.


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