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What Dogs Make A German Shepherd

At What Age Do Yorkshire German Shepherd Or Chihuahua Dogs Lift Their Ears

How to Make a German Shepherd Dog Calm : Dog Care 101

The puppies of all dogs are born with small ears, folded down, and drooping. But some breeds of dogs naturally prick up their ears after a few weeks of life.

When? Usually, the ears are raised in 2 or 3 months, but sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 months. For the ears to be stiff, the ear muscle must have a certain amount of force, which helps to hold the cartilage in place.

Depending on the breed of dog to which they belong, some of them have their ears raised, or erect, naturally, and without any type of surgical intervention. As examples we can mention the Pomeranian, German shepherd, Siberian husky, Dutch shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, or the mythical long-eared Chihuahua.

On the contrary, keep in mind that if you want to lift the ears of a Doberman dog, it will not be possible since this breed by nature has floppy ears. The only way to get pointy ears for a Doberman is through surgery. Remember also that in many countries it is currently forbidden to cut the ears of dogs for aesthetic purposes, therefore this operation can no longer be done.

So in summary, now that you know how to make a dogs ears stand up, make sure you know what can and cannot be done for your canine friend.

My Experience With German Shepherd Temperament

Temperament and behavior stem from what the breed was designed for

To understand a breed’s temperament and behavior, ask, “What was he developed to do?” Whichever traits help him accomplish his intended work have likely been “hard-wired” into his genes not perfectly, but generally.

The German Shepherd was developed from various sheepherding dogs. So you would expect sheepherding traits such as athleticism, a compulsion to chase things that move, and swift responsiveness to their human shepherd/master.

German Shepherds were also developed as military messenger and sentry dogs, and as personal protection and police dogs. So expect traits such as aloofness toward strangers and protective/territorial instincts.

The breed also excels at search and rescue, bomb and drug detection, and guiding the blind. Certainly you would expect high intelligence, high self-confidence, trainability, and an ability to focus.

All of those traits are what you get in an ideal German Shepherd. One of the most capable and trainable breeds in all of dogdom, an ideal German Shepherd, when properly raised by a confident owner, can be a magnificent companion. There’s a good reason my first dogs were German Shepherds!

Unfortunately, it can be difficult today to find a German Shepherd with an ideal temperament. Or at least an ideal temperament to be a good family companion.

Different lines have different temperaments

My recommendation for a good family dog

I hope you can see….

Are German Shepherds Good Psychiatric Service Dogs

Yes, German Shepherds can be good psychiatric service dogs. In fact, many people rely on this breed for a variety of mental health conditions, including schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.

However, not all GSDs are equally suitable. Every dog must be evaluated, selected, and trained to ensure they can meet the specific needs of their handler.

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How Sociable Are German Shepherds

Are they friendly with strangers?

Most German Shepherds are reserved with strangers. As the breed’s national club says, a good German Shepherd has:

“a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them.”

As you might imagine, this can be a fine line to walk. Without proper guidance from the owner, a German Shepherd’s natural aloofness can morph over the line to suspiciousness, distrust, and even aggression or fearfulness.

When you own an aloof breed, you need to socialize the dog thoroughly. This means a careful program of teaching him to pay attention to you and mind you in the presence of other people and other dogs. He doesn’t have to like them, but he must accept them.

One thing I should mention: many German Shepherds who bark and lunge at strangers or other dogs aren’t being either protective or aggressive. Rather, this kind of reactivity can be the dog’s attempt to hide his own insecurities behind a blustering facade.

There are also legal liabilities to consider when you acquire a German Shepherd. For example, your homeowner insurance policy might be cancelled or the rates hiked, because people are often quicker to sue if a “guard dog breed” does anything even remotely questionable.

Are German Shepherds good with children?

Are German Shepherds good with other pets?

Breed History: Where Did German Shepherds Come From

German Shepherd Needle Felted Dog Custom Made Dog Portrait ...

As the name suggests, the German Shepherd originated in Germany in the late 1800s. The most intelligent, responsive and obedient local shepherd dogs in Germany were bred to create what is now known as the German Shepherd. This breed was responsible for herding sheep and protecting flocks from predators. They were not considered pets or companions, but rather servants for farmers. Their intelligence, speed, strength and keen sense of smell, made them the perfect choice as sheep herders. Although German Shepherds were considered strictly workers, rather then household pets, farmers did provide food, protection and shelter to the breed.

Due to the breeds reputation for being couragous and easy-to-train, German Shepherds were welcomed as police dogs and sight dogs for the blind. Their superb sense of smell and couragous character made the German Shepherd an ideal police dog. Their faithful observance to what is going on around them, along with their patience, landed them the role as leader to the blind.

These outstanding qualities and characteristics make the German Shepherd a wonderful domestic companion, protector and friend. The breed is reserved with strangers at first, but warms up quickly. This characteristic makes them excellent watch dogs, especially for children. Its good to socialize them when they are young and to take them on long walks or runs all throughout their life.

Learn about every breed here.

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Modern Utilization Of The German Shepherd

German Shepherds are seen as working dogs everywhere. The breed is well known for its police work, mostly used for narcotics detection, tracking criminals, and other types of detection. The ability to handle these tasks also make the breed a good candidate for the military. German Shepherds in the military detect items such as mines and explosives.

Offer Your Puppy Another Option When They Begin Jumping On You For Attention

Jumping on other dogs might be fine for play, but its not safe when a large, powerful German Shepherd jumps on people!

When your dog tries to get your attention by jumping on you, its best to either ignore them or better give them another option that you DO want.

Think about what your puppy is trying to get when engaging in jumping and bad behavior to determine when to ignore them.

When your pup jumps on you when you come home, they probably want your attention. Withholding your attention when they are acting out shows them they need to act differently to get your approval .

Instead, offer them pets and praise when they have all 4 paws on the floor. You can also place them behind a puppy gate until they learn not to jump in order to avoid them scratching or nipping house guests when they arrive.

After you teach them their basic obedience, ask them for a competing behavior like a sit or down when they begin to jump. Always remember to reward the behavior you want to see again!

Ultimately, your puppy learns that good behavior earns your affection and attention more quickly. Your dog soon understands that they get nothing from you when they act badly.

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Can An Attachment With Our German Shepherd Dog Be Intense

Each of us has our own reason why we want to live with a dog. This can be very personal. It can be because your kids want a dog or you are a couple without children.

In a couple that is without children the attachment can be stronger.

Mithcell Beazley mentioned in his book mentioned that: Lieta Marinelli at the University of Padova in Italy observed not only that people who have had dogs previously have greater affectionate bonds with their present dog than do first-time owners.

But people who did not have children at home bond better with a dog.

The attachment with our dog can be very intensive like the parents have with their children because sometimes we are unaware of the relations and emotion we have with someone.

Worry of losing our companion is a painful part of our relationship with our dogs and it is the same with our dogs.

More we are attached to our dogs more pain, suffering, and grief we will feel when they die.

Different studies show that 40 % of dog owners feel extreme pain when their dog dies.

We have to deal with these attachment problems because they can have Long-lasting consequences. People can have depression, behavior problems, anxiety that some people never overcome when their dog Dies.

For the majority of dog owners, their German Shepherd dog can be a Family Member.

But it is also true that every dog owner will do everything he can to make Their German Shepherd love them.

Clip Your German Shepherds Nails

Funny German Shepherd Dog Makes You Laugh More Than You Expected

It is important that your German Shepherds nails are kept short because if they are too long, they can cause pain to the dogs paws, especially if something happened to one or more of the nails.

So, it is better for you to be proactive by cutting short your German Shepherds nails using a nail clipper like Millers Forge Nail Clip. Watch out for the quick when you are clipping your dogs nails. The quick is an area of your dogs nail that is the closest to the toe. That is the part that you dont want to cut as that can easily cause bleeding.

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How Can You Tell If A German Shepherd Is Purebred

The American Kennel Club is the first place to go for information on registering your dog, but some criteria that qualifies a dog as purebred is having two registered parents, belong to AKC-recognized breeds like German Shepherds, and staying within breed standards.Its important for owners of any type of pet to be aware of how predetermined breeding can lead to medical issues in several generations down the line. Of course its better than letting unlicensed individuals mix breeds willy nilly with no controls at allthe worst case scenario would be extinction. But its still important for people who care about this issue to lobby their lawmakers for more stringent.

About The Breed: German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is a medium to large-sized working dog. Abbreviated as GSD, German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, ranking second in our 2019 analysis of the top 50 dog breeds.

Originally bred to be herding dogs, the intelligence and agility of German Shepherds made them stand out and seen in many types of work today. Thanks to their strength, obedience, and trainability, German Shepherds make great working dogs as well as family pets.

In this edition of About The Breed, well look at the breed characteristics of the German Shepherd, examine the history of the breed, and answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

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Lean On Your Dog Or Let Them Lean On You

Some dogs really love to lean on their owners this is because this is a way that creates a significant attachment between them and the owner. German Shepherd Dogs are very social Dogs and they Love and enjoy physical contact with their owners. Sometimes they can become too excited that they will jump on you.Sometimes leaning is a way for Dogs to catch our attention. For example, when your Dog Leans on you and you react in a certain way or give him more attention. He will try to lean on you to catch your attention.Sometimes leaning can be a result of fear or insecurity of your Dog.

Can Leaning Be a Problem?

Leaning is considered safe but in some situations, some owners can not like that their dog leans on them. For stopping your dog to lean on you, Just walk away when your dog tries to lean on you and do not give him any attention until he stops leaning on you. But this can affect negatively on your relationship.

Symptoms Of Degenerative Myelopathy

20+ Cute German Shepherd Dogs and Facts You Should Know ...

As is often the case with diseases, degenerative myelopathy is a condition that comes with different stages.

In the early stages, the symptoms of this condition are not severe, but as the condition worsens, they become more serious, and a lot more difficult to live with.

There are 3 stages of degenerative myelopathy they are early, intermediate, and late. So, lets take a look at the symptoms of this condition throughout these different stages.

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The Majestic German Shepard Dog Breed

Most people imagine a German Shepard as the dog when it comes to service dogs, as they are probably one of the most popular dog breed sin the world when it comes to police dogs, service dogs, and search dogs.

Not that many people realize that all the aspects that make German Shepherds good service animals also make them good emotional support animals, as they are calm under pressure, easy to train, have a generally good temperament and are very loyal to their owners.

Additionally, each and every German Shepherd will appreciate a good cuddle and a nice belly rub.

Both as household pets, service dogs, and emotional support dogs, this breed is generally a good choice but comes with several requirements for the owners. German Shepherds are fairly large, they eat quite a bit, need a lot of exercise, and will shed much more than average.

While a German Shepherd will be kind to you at all times, keeping this breed in an apartment is less than kind to them. They need lots of space, at least a yard or a large garden that they have constant access to, loads of exercise and plentiful human contact to develop properly. They are a good dog, but unless everyone in your home is eight feet tall, they are by no means a lap dog.

The Typical German Shepherd Temperament

The German Shepherd is a moderately active dog and is described as self-assured. The breed is willing to learn with an eagerness to have a purpose.

They have a strong commitment to their owners. They feel the need to please their owner, making them trainable and versatile dogs.

German Shepherd temperament is protective. However, with proper training and patience, they make great workers.

A common trait of the German Shepherd temperament is their high energy level. For your German Shepherd to be happy, they will need daily mental and physical activities.

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Remove And Inspect Their Ears Weekly

Select a day in the week where you remove the wrapping and foam rollers and see whether the ears are standing naturally on their own. Also, check if there is any soreness from improper taping.

If the ears stand on their own, then do not tape them. However, if the ears flop down, tape them again to provide more support for a bit longer.

Ensure that you check them weekly to see the health of your puppys ears.

Prepare For Your German Shepherd Dog


We are not born into the world ready to receive a German Shepherd Dog into our Lives. This takes planning and your ability to take care of your Dog.To take proper care of Your German Shepherd Dog And Give him most of your love and effort you also need household space, finance, and psychological readiness of you and other family members.

The first consideration is if you want to take a puppy or an adult dog.

Most people like to have a puppy because they are wonderful and it is easy to create a better love affection with them than the older Dogs.

Choosing a puppy has several advantages

  • you get to train your dog From the beginning, and you do not have to deal with training mistakes made by previous owners.
  • you should get a psychologically healthy dog
  • you can bond with them very easily
  • You can create a better relationship with them because you know them from birth

But the truth is also that puppies are not for everyone, though, they are charming and undeniably cute. It is not easy to grow a puppy because it takes a lot of effort and care.

On the other Hand, an older Dog is easy to train because they can be pre-trained. Adult dogs learn quickly and they have a longer attention span and are less likely to distract.

Older Dogs if they are trained by a good trainer/owner they are well socialized and they know how to behave with strangers.

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German Shepherd Breed Characteristics

  • German Shepherds stand around two feet tall. Males can reach 24 to 26 inches and females between 22 and 24 inches.
  • A medium-to-large sized working dog, male German Shepherds weigh between 65 and 90 pounds and females between 50 and 70 pounds.
  • German Shepherds have a double coat. The outer coat is dense and can be straight or a little wavy, whilst the undercoat is thick but soft.
  • German Shepherds are one of the most common police dogs used for everyday duties. The trainability and intelligence of the breed make it the ideal candidate for police work.
  • German Shepherds are considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds, along with the Border Collie and Poodle.
  • Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds are very loving and protective pets of their owners. However, they can display aggression if their aggressive tendencies arent kept in check.


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