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What Does A White German Shepherd Look Like

German Shepherd Mixed Breeds List

What does the playing German Shepherd and a Kitten look like
German Shepherd, Malamute, Canadian White Shepherd, Czech Wolf Dog 80 to 140
Pembroke Welsh Corgi, German Shepherd 28 to 50
Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd 70 to 115
American Pit Bull Terrier, German Shepherd 30 to 90
Australian Cattle Dog, German Shepherd 50 to 90
Chinese Shar to Pei, German Shepherd 45 to 70

Are Panda Shepherds Purebreds

Yes, Panda German Shepherds are purebred dogs. They only have a mutation in their Kit gene due to which the color of their coat becomes white up to 35%, else it is of a single German Shepherd dogs bloodline.

The American kennel club performed a few tests on the Franka, the first panda Shepherd, and found out and accepted it as a purebred GSD.

The pattern of its coat varies otherwise, it has all the features and genetic configurations similar to a GSD. And the mutation is only seen in the KIT gene.

Although white German Shepherd is not considered a pure breed by many rescue groups, Panda Shepherds have all the features similar to that of pure German Shepherd dogs. Like they are a little bit shy and timid, they are good watchers and perfect for search and rescue, drug detection, are agile. They have health issues similar to that of German shepherd dogs like elbow and hip dysplasia, Skin allergies, blood clotting, stomach issues, and even cancer.

What Should A German Shepherd Puppy Look Like

A German Shepherd puppy should have, first and foremost, a good temperament. They should be inquisitive, outgoing, and unafraid in his advances towards everything and everybody. They will also demand and exhibit affection without inhibition. Many times puppies will single out one of the litter to pick on.

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The White German Shepherd Dog

The white German Shepherd Dog has endured a long and difficult battle to earn its place as a purebred dog breed worldwide.

It takes a deliberate and consistent breeding strategy to reliably produce all white German Shepherd puppies.

Historically, white puppies would sometimes pop up amongst a litter of puppies bearing the more common black and earth tones.

Breeders often didnt know what to make of these white puppies, and some assumed the white coloration denoted a weaker dog.

During World War II Hitler himself decided white was not a proper German Shepherd coloration.

Efforts began to erase all traces of white coat genes, but thankfully this didnt catch on in many places outside of Germany.

Is Panda Shepherd Dog Aggressive

My white German Shepherd : pics

German shepherds are often used as police dogs, and the parents of panda shepherds were also from working line GSDs. It is natural to think of them as some aggressive breed.

However, the reality is quite the opposite. Yes!

They are often misunderstood as aggressive dogs like black pitbull when their temperament actually depends on their training, behavioral commands, and early socialization.

Yes, their bad behavior is due to their poor training!

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Poodle And German Shepherd Mix Appearance

The Shepadoodle breed can vary significantly in appearance. However, Shepadoodles most typically have a combination of black and brown fur colors. In addition, they can also come in tri-color black, brown, white, but also can be a single dark color. You can usually develop a good understanding of what color the Poodle and German Shepherd mix will be based on the coat color of the parent Poodle. Since Poodle colors can range significantly from white to apricot to black, you can usually narrow down what general color your dog will be based on the Poodle color. However, this is not a guarantee and just a generalization as some recessive traits can mask the dominant ones and you can get some unique colored Shepadoodles. Since German Shepherds typically are black and brown, their color variation and genes vary less over each dog generation. Shepadoodles are almost always going to have a unique coat color for their litter.

How The White German Shepherd Came About

The Europeans wanted to make the German Shepherd a more muscular breed with more enhanced traitsas a result the White German Shepherd came about.

The White German Shepherd possessed colouration recessive genes that differentiated them from the usual known German Shepherds. Because of the differentiation in colour, the German Shepherd Dog Club disregarded the White German Shepherd as an official breed, and other countries soon followed suit.

In a nutshell, the White German Shepherds are the same as the regular German Shepherds, except white. They are the best rescue and guide dogs you can ever have.

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Wipe The Tail Regularly

Tails vary in length and fluffiness, but if your GSDs tail sweeps along the floor, be sure to regularly wipe the tail with some dog-friendly grooming wipes, or if you dont have those, good old baby wipes are fine.

This is essentially a mini bath, without the hassle, and without risking those essential oils. A quick baby wipe of the tail will help keep muck, dirt, and bacteria from building up.

Working Swiss White Shepherd Dog

16 Dogs that Look Like German Shepherds

This dog better illustrates the medium-long coat in the White Shepherd Club breed standard with plumes on backs of hindlegs and forelegs and under the tail. Also, the head is flatter than in the typical German Shepherd.

The dog is an attentive worker. Despite the differences, you can readily recognize the Swiss White Shepherd Dog as a German Shepherd type.

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White German Shepherds And Natural Protection

You will often see German Shepherds in many prestigious positions that involve protection and other serious work. This is not only due to their intelligence and work ethic, but is also due to their innate need to protect.

The first German Shepherd Dogs were bred for an array of different protection purposes, and this has remained a deep part of who they are today.

Loyalty and protection is second nature to the German Shepherd. Since the importance of protection and herding has been instilled in their DNA for so many years, your White German Shepherd is born with the need to protect their loved ones and their home.

While this urge to protect can be stronger in some dogs than others, you will likely see evidence of their past in your Shepherds day to day habits.

The White German Shepherd typically views their family as their herd. Their loyalty to their humans gives them an overwhelming urge to protect their herd, and this will often display in the actions they choose in response to certain situations.

An unsocialized White German Shepherd will often bark at people or dogs approaching you on a walk, may rush those who enter your home, or may even display aggressive tendencies in unknown situations.

While their ability to protect can be a wonderful quality, it can also be incredibly dangerous. Due to how powerful your White German Shepherd can be, you will need to understand the importance of proper socialization and training from the moment they enter your home.

Grooming Requirements Are Moderate

Just like the Great Pyrenees, the German Shepherds double coat protects her from the harsh elements and insulates her against both cold and warm conditions.

German Shepherds shed copious amounts of underfur twice a year. During massive sheds, a Shepherd needs you to brush him every day.

Otherwise, Alsatians require brushing two or three times a week. German Shepherds are more heat tolerant than the Great Pyrenees.

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Get A Genetics/dna Test From Your Vet

Ask your vet about doing a DNA test for your dog to determine what breeds they have in them.

A DNA test is usually very simple the vet takes a blood sample from your dog, and it gets examined to see what dog breeds, types and varieties are in the blood sample.

Not only can you tell which breeds for sure are in your dog, but it can be a way of pre-screening your dog to determine what the chances/risks are that they develop breed related genetic diseases hip and elbow dysplasia is a common one for German Shepherds.

DNA testing along with purebred papers are probably the strongest indicator your German Shepherd puppy is purebred.

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White Swiss Shepherd Dog

White German Shepherd

This gorgeous breed is quite closely related to the German Shepherd. In fact, you could argue they are one in the same.

The White Swiss Shepherd dog descended from White Shepherds in the 1960s.

Because of their striking difference in appearance their variety was given a different breed name. However, they soon gained popularity in the US, Canada, and Switzerland.

While they share many of the characteristics of a German Shepherd, it is generally said the White Swiss Shepherd is a little bit better behaved. They tend to be more eager to please. However, they may also be more sensitive, and do not respond well to scolding.

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How Sociable Are German Shepherds

Are they friendly with strangers?

Most German Shepherds are reserved with strangers. As the breeds national club says, a good German Shepherd has:

a certain aloofness that does not lend itself to immediate and indiscriminate friendships. The dog must be approachable, quietly standing its ground and showing confidence and willingness to meet overtures without itself making them.

As you might imagine, this can be a fine line to walk. Without proper guidance from the owner, a German Shepherds natural aloofness can morph over the line to suspiciousness, distrust, and even aggression or fearfulness.

When you own an aloof breed, you need to socialize the dog thoroughly. This means a careful program of teaching him to pay attention to you and mind you in the presence of other people and other dogs. He doesnt have to like them, but he must accept them.

One thing I should mention: many German Shepherds who bark and lunge at strangers or other dogs arent being either protective or aggressive. Rather, this kind of reactivity can be the dogs attempt to hide his own insecurities behind a blustering facade.

There are also legal liabilities to consider when you acquire a German Shepherd. For example, your homeowner insurance policy might be cancelled or the rates hiked, because people are often quicker to sue if a guard dog breed does anything even remotely questionable.

Are German Shepherds good with children?

Are German Shepherds good with other pets?

Is Panda German Shepherd Akc Registered

There are more than 5 types of German shepherd colors, but only a few are registered with the A.K.C. Moreover, it can take years for the club to recognize any new dog breed or type.

The white hue is usually taken as a fault or a problem which can be a major reason why panda German shepherd is not a registered dog by American Kennel Club.

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White German Shepherd Health

All German Shepherds are vulnerable to a number of inheritable health concerns.

These include hip and elbow dysplasia bone malformation at the joint, which causes painful arthritis and lameness.

All breeding dogs should be screened for these conditions before they mate, and good breeders happily offer proof of their dogs hip and elbow scores.

Good breeders also keep a detailed medical history of their breeding lines, and carry out extra screening for the following conditions if theres any family history of them:

  • Heart disease
  • Eye disorders
  • Degenerative myelopathy

For more information about the overall health of German Shepherds, visit our German Shepherd Dog Breed Information Center.

Where Does A White German Shepherd Live

What does a Workout look like when you have a German Shepherd!

The German shepherd dog breed was first bred by a German cavalry officer named Max von Stephanitz. At the time, they didn’t much care about the color of the dog’s coat and mainly focused on if they had the ability to work hard as guard dogs. The white German shepherd was one of the standard German shepherd dogs that became undesirable among the owners within a few years as they were not really looking for colored dogs. But there were still some breeders who liked these dogs and continued breeding them. They are now a separate breed according to the United Kingdom Kennel Club. They have been seen in the United States too.

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How Is Great Pyrenees Health

The Great Pyrenees has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years. Her most common health problems are hip dysplasia and kneecap instability or luxating patellas. Although generally healthy, the Pyrenees can also suffer from a few other issues.

  • Gastric bloat and torsion GDV
  • OCD Abnormal cartilage from growth abnormalities
  • Cataracts
  • Skin allergies

Are German Shepherds Part Wolf

When out walking my German Shepherd Willow, I sometimes get asked whether they are part wolf due to the visual similarities. German Shepherd colors are varied, but I suppose it doesnt help if your dog has a wolf mask.

German Shepherds are not part wolf but descended from the gray wolf. Despite sharing 99.9% of their DNA with wolves and being genetically very close, they are not wolves. All domesticated dogs are members of the Canidae family 34 species, including wolves, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, and foxes.

Ive always found it fascinating how wolves evolved into dogs and how they diversified into so many different visual breeds, from Pugs to Poodles.

Many people believe that German Shepherds are even more closely related to the wolf due to the understanding that his direct ancestor Horand von Grafrath was at least one-quarter wolf.

There is still some ongoing debate about how much wolf is actually in the German Shepherd breed despite it being thought Horand was part wolf and that von Stephanitz used wolfdogs in the subsequent crossbreeding.


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Black & Silver German Shepherd

The black and silver German Shepherd is another common color combination. Even though they look more exotic than your average GSD, breeders still breed them, as theyve been growing in popularity.

Most of the time, color distribution may vary from dog to dog. However, they will typically have a silver base on the bottom of their body and black on the top half on their body.

The hue of black can range from a dark gray to a deep black. In some instances, the German Shepherd may have silver with multiple shades of black on the coat.

These dogs are truly spectacular in terms of appearance, and its not difficult to see why theyve been more prevalent among families in the United States .

Ok So What Would The Puppies Look Like

Does My Puppy Look Like a White German Shepherd?

Ok, so back to our sample 2 dogs from the top. What do we know about their genetics now?

White dog A Locus options: aw/aw, aw/a, aw/at, at/at, at/a, a/a

Black dog E Locus options: Em/Em, Em/E, Em/e, E/E, E/e

And this is where it gets interesting. All of those possible options mean a HUGE number of possible outcomes!

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Fun Facts About White Shepherds

  • The first White Shepherd appeared in the early 1900s.
  • It makes one of the best service dogs around, and can make a wonderful four-legged therapists for those with mental health issues.
  • They are dynamic show dogs that dominate agility and obedience competitions.
  • GSDs and their white counterparts are still used as efficient livestock herders on the farm.
  • White German Shepherd dogs can be trained as K9s and rescue dogs, and have even held a historic role in the military.
  • The breed has appeared in movies and TV throughout the 20th century, and it has been the preferred pet of many big stars.
  • White German Shepherd Appearance

    What can you expect from a white German Shepherds looks, besides a sea of snowy white fur?

    A solid white German Shepherd adult dog can range in weight from 60 to 85 pounds, with adult males outweighing adult females.

    As adults, the white GSD will stand anywhere from 22 inches to 26 inches high at the shoulder.

    Here again, males tend to be taller than females.

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    Are German Shepherd And Panda German Shepherd The Same Dogs

    If we compare their breed types, you can say panda German shepherds and usual German shepherds are the same canines.

    But if we take their coat color and pattern into consideration, then no, they are not.

    To put it in one sentence, panda German shepherd is a GSD-type dog with a different coat pattern.

    Where Did The White German Shepherd Originate

    What a Begging German Shepherd Looks Like!

    We know the German Shepherd came from Germany, but what about the White Shepherd?

    White was actually among the original colors of German Shepherds. Max von Stephanitz named Horand von Grafrath as the first registered GSD and in this dogs ancestry was a White German Shepherd named Greif.

    Greif was Horands grandfather on the mothers side, and Greif appeared on the Hanoverian show circuit twice in the 1880s.

    Berno v.d.Seeweise was a white GSD from one of Horands sons litters, illustrating the existence of a recessive white gene.

    Von Stephanitz did not include color preferences in the breed standard, emphasizing that they did not affect the working quality of the German Shepherd.

    Moreover, herders ensured the persistence of white German Shepherds because light-colored dogs were easy to distinguish from dark sable wolves amongst their sheep.

    Although not widely known, Nazi Germany actually began a systematic effort to eradicate the white GSD, and also exercised their heavy influence on the SV, the German Shepherd registry.

    Germans were concerned about perceived genetic health issues linked to the lighter colors, and were plagued by the idea that white caused the vivid coats they preferred to fade.

    Later advances in DNA research would prove that Germanys fears were unfounded regarding the white German Shepherd.

    White Shepherds owe their modest prominence to the fact that they gained a following in North America.

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