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Do German Shepherd Get Along With Cats

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats What You Need To Know

Do Ragdoll Cats Get Along With German Shepherds? ã©ã°ãã¼ã« Floppycats

Although the rivalry between dogs and cats is a tale as old as time, it is normal for dogs and cats to get along with early socialization. The trick is finding a dog breed that will either ignore the cat or love it naturally. If you like German Shepherds, you might be wondering if this big breed gets along with cats.

To put it bluntly, German Shepherds can get along with cats with proper training and early socialization, but do not depend on the German Shepherds loving nature to be enough to make these two animals get along. Instead, be proactive in socialization and temperament selection to find the right German Shepherd and cat.

Read on to learn more about how German Shepherds react to cats and learn tips about early socialization.

How To Train A German Shepherd To Like Cats

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Are German Shepherds good with Cats?

I get that question a lot!

And to be honest, almost any animal species can live in complete harmony with another. Just check out this cute video of an Orangutan and her Tiger cub babies!


I know you’re not here to watch cute videos of Orangutans and Tiger cubs!

You’re here because you want to know how to train a German Shepherd to like cats.

And you’re not alone!

A couple of days ago Jo, a reader at GSC left a comment asking for help with her kitty-doggy duo

And a while back I got this email from Tracey, another reader here are German Shepherd Corner

As you can see, both pooch parents have a firm grip on the understanding of how their German Shepherd’s are wired. And how their triggers and thresholds affect their behavior.

If you’re new to these concepts, I suggest you check out my article on triggers and thresholds before you start this training.

So, if your heart belongs to a kitty cat and a German Shepherd this guide will help to teach your furry friends to get on like a house on fire!

Although, you should be aware of the fact that some kitty-doggy duo’s will never become bosom buddies. But even if they end up mutually disliking each other without fireworks it’ll be a win for your household.

Important Commands For Your German Shepherd To Know

Before introducing your cat and your German Shepherd, make sure your dog is trained in some basic commands. At a minimum, your dog should be very comfortable with sit and stay. That way, you can have control over the situation when you introduce your dog and cat for the first time. You should also teach your dog the command leave it in the event that he becomes overly interested in your cat.

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Are German Shepherds Good With Cats More About German Shepherd Dogs

Different breeds of cats and dogs have different temperaments or tendencies. However, the reality is that any pets ability to get along with others will depend on their training particularly for dogs. Individual temperaments will play a role as well but are more likely to effect how long it takes the two to get on or how well they get on rather than whether they can get on at all.

As this is a cat blog, lets start with understanding a bit more about the personality of German Shepherd dogs and how socialisation works for them and why it is important.

German Shepherds And Cats

Do German Shepherds Get Along With Cats?

A tale as old as time itself that possibly outweighs all hatred felt in the past: cats vs. dogs. If there were to be one dog that could rise above this battle, it would be the German Shepherd. Sure they may be big, but German Shepherds are intelligent enough to know the difference between playtime and protecting their owners. But does this gentle behavior mean German Shepherds can rise above this war that has appeared to be unstoppable for so many millennia?

The answer to this question depends on how you raise your German Shepherd and whether they are correctly socialized. The term socialization is thrown around a lot in the world of dogs. It essentially just means exposing your pup to different people and animals from a young age. However, check out the next paragraph to figure out in more detail how to properly socialize your German Shepherd and some other relevant factors that contribute towards their social awareness and ability to deal with cats.

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Reminders For Integrating German Shepherds With Cats

  • Set your pace. Use your judgment to determine how quickly you can go through each of the steps. Observe both animals and proceed as you see fit. Dont worry about going too slowly. Whats important is that neither of the two animals is pushed too hard.
  • Dont punish them. Your German Shepherd might instinctively lunge or even growl at the cat when they first meet. Similarly, the cat might hiss and scratch. Dont punish them for those behaviors because it is what comes naturally to them. Instead, reinforce positive reactions by praising them or giving them treats when theyre calm or even playful.
  • Stay calm. Your pets will always be able to sense your energy. Your GSD, especially, will detect if youre nervous or agitated and will act accordingly. So, as youre trying to go through the introduction stages, keep yourself collected and try to be as positive and patient as you can with both of them.
  • Dont force it. Sometimes, the best you can hope for is a safe and peaceful co-existence. You cant force your cat and your dog to be best friends because they each have their own personalities and preferences. Respect their boundaries and let them do what theyre comfortable with.

Potential Problems In Keeping Dogs And Cats Together

Cats and German Shepherds under the same roof- not the most desirable combination of pets! So, it is possible that positive interactions take time and do not happen right away.

Given below is a list of a few problems that make it a little hard for these two animals to sustain a pleasant atmosphere in each others presence

  • German Shepherds are instinctively protective and territorial, being rather intolerant to the presence of any other animal especially cats in or around their families. So, dont be surprised if they promptly pounce and bolt off to chase away a cat in the vicinity of their domain.
  • Cats are often easily provoked and this adds to their aggression with dogs, particularly German Shepherds.
  • Dogs often manifest restlessness in the form of loud and incessant barking when they come across this feline animal. This can be startling for first introductions.
  • The large size of German Shepherds, compared to that of a cat, also poses a problem. The stark difference between the sizes of these two animals also sometimes poses a danger in keeping them together.
  • Talking about the potential problems we might experience with German Shepherds and cats brings us to our next question

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    How To Get Your German Shepherd And Your Cat To Get Along

    If you want your German Shepherd and cat to get along, you need to focus your attention on the German Shepherd by socializing it and training it accordingly. Because German Shepherds are intelligent and eager to please, training these dogs is not as difficult as it could be with other breeds.

    The earlier you socialize your German Shepherd, the better. The best time to socialize your German Shepherd is during the first three months of its life. If the German Shepherd is socialized sooner rather than later, it is much more likely to be kind and gentle around cats.

    When Luck Turns Out To Be In Your Favor And These Two Furry Friends Get Along There Is A Chance That They Will Be Each Others Best Friends

    High Prey Drive GSD Learning To Get Along With Cats

    German shepherd and cats get along. You make progress by rewarding the dog for being calm around the cat, but for every time the dog is quiet there will be times when he growls or barks trying to get to the cat. Yes, german shepherds and cats can get along Before adopting a german shepherd puppy, ask the breeder or shelter behaviorist if the pup was raised around cats prior to adoption.

    If they are properly trained and socialized, german shepherds and cats can get along well, for as long as possible. This is true for both dogs and cats. When introduced from a very young age, any dog can learn to behave gently with other animals.

    Can german shepherds get along with cats? How to train a german shepherd to get along with cats. Nature has it that a dog and a cat are enemies, and this is the reality of life.

    He’ll be more likely to get along with your kitty if he was. I also have three cats, 5, 4, and 2, that all three grew up with my terrier, and get along absolutely great with her. So, youll want to emphasize on the training method in the video below.

    However, just like how even a trained german shepherd gets along with even cats, an untrained and improperly handled gsd may become aggressive to other dogs. But be patient and consistent and you stand every chance of success. German shepherds will get on with cats if they are trained to do so.

    Pin on German Shepherd Dogs

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    What Other Dogs Get Along With Cats

    There are plenty of amazing dogs that get along with cats without as much fuss as the German Shepherd.

    As a very general rule-of-thumb, smaller, more relaxed dogs tend to get along better with cats. Some of the most cat-friendly dogs:

    • Bichon Frise
    • Cocker Spaniel
    • Basset Hound

    Some are laid-back, like the Basset Hound, while the Bichon Frise and Malteses gentle and playful nature is easier for a cat to tolerate.

    Big, family-friendly dogs like Golden Retrievers and Labradors get along well with cats as well as theyre easy-going and amiable.

    Of course, what matters most beyond breed is socialization- so chances are, when trained well and appropriately, any dog can befriend a cat!

    It’s All About The Kitty

    This training method is from your kitty’s perspective.

    This is one situation where I think the solution should be looked at from your cat’s point of view.

    Here’s why

    Firstly, cats are more strung than most dogs.

    They also have thresholds that they reach faster. And they can stay peeved for much longer sometimes even days.

    Secondly, they experience negative situations, like being faced with a bouncing 4-month-old puppy, much more intensely than dogs do.

    Lastly, cats move like 50 caliber bullets, even when they’re not trying to. And your German Shepherd is a herding dog.

    So their instinct is to chase and pin down anything that moves at pace. And your kitty cat fits the bill there.

    See how this can get messy very quickly? Even if your puppy is on a leash?

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    Why Do Cats Not Get Along With German Shepherds

    Imagine the average cat personality compared to a dog. Generally, cats are a lot more grumpy and have a lot less time for things that annoy them.

    On the other hand, german shepherds and other dogs are normally friendly. In fact, theyre always happy to see new people and new things.

    And they can get extremely overexcited when this happens.

    So when you think about it like this, its no wonder cats are going to not like german shepherds.

    When your german shepherd gets excited to see the cat, the cat is going to get annoyed at the amount of energy.

    When youre teaching your german shepherd how to act around the cat, its important to take into account the way the cat is acting as well.

    Do Huskies Get Along With Cats

    Do German Shepherd Get Along With Cats?

    If youve ever wondered whether huskies get along with cats, then youve come to the right article. In this article, not only will you find out if huskies can get along with cats, but youll also find out the steps you can take to improve the chances of it working.

    So keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

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    Try These Tips To Prevent Kitty Conflicts

    Your end goal is to be able to leave your cat and German Shepherd at home while you go out for the day.

    Even if you trust the two of them, you should still take steps to keep the environment peaceful and safe.

    Make sure that your pets have avenues to get away from each other.

    Cats need access to high areas and safe rooms where the dog cant get to. Dogs need backyards, crates, and other areas that are distinctly theirs.

    Both pets should always be able to leave a stressful situation at a moments notice. Leave bedroom and bathroom doors open if you wont be at home. You can also isolate one pet while youre gone.

    Use plenty of treats to help both animals relax. Good food creates positive associations.

    If necessary, feed your pets on opposite sides of the same room.

    Some cats do not relax inside carriers. Try using a baby gate to separate the two animals.

    Remember to keep the German Shepherd on a leash until they both calm down.

    Supervise all interactions between the dog and the cat for the first few months. Monitor stress levels, and casually end playtime if it gets too rough.

    Be careful about how you translate your pets emotions. Always assume that your dog is afraid instead of aggressive if he acts jumpy or upset, take steps to calm him down.

    Face Time Through Glass

    The next step in the progression of introducing your GSD to your cat is to give them some face time together. You can do this by keeping your cat inside of your house and your dog outside using a patio door as the barrier.

    This gives both your cat and your dog a choice of whether or not to approach each other. This is very important, as you do not want to force an interaction because that may cause uneasiness and apprehension in one or both of them.

    If possible, have both people be either household members or people with who the animals recognize and are very familiar. Do this repeatedly for a few days, about 5 or so minutes each time.

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    The Importance Of Socializing Your German Shepherd

    Keep in mind that not every case or situation is ideal some dogs come to our lives when they are already fully grown. They might have been in families where they were the only dog or pet.

    Sometimes a German Shepherd is brought home to a cat that has never interacted with dogs before. In other cases, a cat may be brought to a German Shepherd who has never been around cats. Thats why socialization is extremely important.

    German Shepherds are naturally inclined to be protective. Without proper training and socialization, this can manifest itself as violence or aggression.

    Right from the start, German Shepherds should be taught how to behave around other people and other animals. That way, it will be much easier to introduce your German Shepherd to a cat.

    You can take your German Shepherd to a nearby dog park, so they can get used to staying in the same environment with other dogs. You can also take them to your friends and neighbours homes to meet other dogs and animals.

    No matter what the situation is, and why youre asking How do I introduce my German Shepherd to my cat? The following section is for you!

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    German Shepherds And Cats Can Get Along

    Are German Shepherds Friendly With Other Dogs?

    If a German shepherd meets a stranger cat, who knows what will happen. Unless your dog has been specifically socialized with cats, they make act aggressively.

    However, German shepherds that are raised in a home with cats tend to get along just fine with them due to their unwavering loyalty and devotion to the pack. In fact, Rover calls them one of the top five most loyal dog breeds!

    German shepherds also have a natural protective instinct, which makes them much more likely to keep the cat safe than to do harm to it. But of course, the dog must be very familiar with the cat and see the animal as a pack member.

    Because of these two signature traits that define the German shepherd, it can be easy to make the two get along. Or at the very least, cohabit in a civil manner.

    Of course, there are plenty of variables, including the personality of your cat. And a lot of it depends on how well and often you socialize your dog with the cat.

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    How To Get Your German Shepherd To Like Cats

    Sometimes, a dog will develop a naturally gentle personality. However, often it is up to their owners to shape their temperament and behavior.

    But any breed can learn to get along with cats, and German shepherds are no exception. However, there are a few steps to take to get your German shepherd to like cats.

    How To Make Puppy/kitten Introductions

    The first step is to feed the two animals in close proximity to each other. But it is best to put your puppy on one side of a closed door and your kitten on the other. Most likely the two animals will not be comfortable seeing each other yet, but they will be able to pick up each others scent.

    Do not introduce the two animals until your puppy is able to follow commands like sit, stay and stop. When your puppy is able to obey, test out a 5-minute meeting by placing your puppy in its kennel and let the kitten visit from outside. Gradually increase the amount of time that the animals are together until you reach 30 minutes over the next week or so.

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