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Should You Shave A German Shepherd

German Shepherd Summer Hair Care

Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog and When Should You

Are you looking for the best and healthy techniques to prepare a German shepherd for summer? It is easy and as we discussed earlier, shaving a German shepherd is a big NO! So, here are the two techniques for German shepherd summer care:

  • Bathe & Comb
  • This simple summer care method includes bathing, combing, and spraying. You should bathe your German shepherd with excellent dog shampoo which comes in handy for dogs with sensitive skins. After that, you can dry them thoroughly using a towel and spray them substantially with ShowSheen.

    Hair conditioning is followed by brushing, work on small areas at a time, using a comb with wide teeth. If you want to remove all the shed undercoat, make sure you use a de-shedding comb. Do it weekly.

  • Bathe & Blow
  • Unlike the previous one, this technique is more complex but suitable for German shepherds with thick coats. You should bathe your GSD with warm water and allow them to stay lathered for some minutes before you rinse them. The shampoo is needed here for sensitive skins as well.

    Make sure you rinse your canine buddy thoroughly to get rid of shampoo traces and dry him using a high-velocity dryer. As you dry him, use an undercoat rake to help loosen his undercoat

    TIP: Ensure that you groom your German shepherd from back to front and whisper to his ears how amazing he is.

    How Often Should You Bathe Your German Shepherd

    One of the biggest mistakes you can make for your dog is bathing him too often. If you bathe your GSD too frequently, then you are stripping his skin and fur of the natural oils that help keep your dogs coat healthy. Stripping these oils can also dry out your dogs skin, making him itchy and uncomfortable.

    German Shepherds are naturally very clean dogs, which means you dont need to bathe them too frequently anyway. You should only have to bathe your GSD every 3 to 4 months or so.

    Around the spring, during flea season, you may find that you need to bathe your dog more often. Just try not to bathe him more than every 2 months to help keep his coat and skin healthy.

    How Bad Do German Shepherds Shed

    The AKC somewhat optimistically rates German SheddersI mean Shepherdsas 4 out of 5 on the shedding scale. However, this may be a fair assessment when you remember that the fur-storm that is coat blowing only happens twice a year, and the rest of the year is less severe.

    But, for a visual aid, check out the pile of fur this guy has brushed off his German Shepherd after just a few minutes:

    So, you can imagine what it would be like to have this level of shedding going on for 2 weeks at a time.

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    German Shepherd Winter Hair Care

    When winter kicks in, there is a mistaken belief that German shepherds do not need to be groomed. The truth is that during winter dogs develop a winter coat that protects them from the harsh weather and despite maintaining an inside routine, they still get dirty.

    If you do not take care of this coat, you will end up having a German shepherd with long, damp, and tangled hair that makes him cold, wet, and prone to infections. You should know that the matted coat offers less or no warmth to your GSD. Instead, your German shepherd has hot spots and becomes uncomfortable.

    Do the following to maintain healthy hair in your German shepherd during winter:

  • Dry him thoroughly after bath to prevent itching & dryness. Also, do not lock him inside
  • Brush him regularly to avoid matting which is very painful to your dog
  • In addition, keep his nails trimmed and teeth & ears clean.

    Tips For Keeping Your German Shepherd Cool

    Can You Shave A German Shepherd? Good Idea or Not

    As the worry of your German Shepherd getting too hot during summer, which might lead you to wrongly get the clippers out. As weve established, the double coat breeds naturally regulate the heat around their body, as air circulates in the space between the undercoat and topcoat.

    However, you could also:

    • Make sure your dog is kept in a cooler place, whether it is inside where theres lots of shade or under cover outside. Supply them with enough water to drink throughout the day
    • Restrict how much time they spend in direct exposure to the sunlight, particularly on very hot days. Try and take them out for walks earlier in the morning and later at night when the sun is not as bright or intense
    • Encourage your dog to go for a swim, if you are near a safe body of water. Always make sure you rinse off their coat using non-salty water to prevent it from drying out.

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    Will Shaving My German Shepherd Help With Shedding

    German Shepherds often experience both heavy shedding and double coats. Both can be useful in cold environments as the extra, highly thick coat will protect them from the elements.Its natural for you to want to lessen your pets shedding by removing their hairs through shaving and other methods that keep your house less messy and offer a more comfortable home environment.The downside is that doing so can jeopardize their health or security by not only leading to bald spots but also leaving them exposed to insect bites or parasites living with shaved skin that are now exposed. Shaving might work fine short-term if youre preparing for photos with friends but it may need rethinking with longer term resolutions in mind. Ask yourself, does.

    Healthy Dogs = Less Shedding

    Finally, their diet can be a huge culprit when it comes to excessive shedding.

    Do your homework and choose a high quality dog food which is best suited for your German Shepherd based on age, activity level, and any health concerns such as allergies. Talk to your vet about supplementing their food with omega fats or selecting the right dog food.

    Besides food, German Shepherds are active dogs that require daily exercise and mental stimulation, along with a stress-free environment.

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    What Causes Short Coats

    The short coat, or what most German Shepherd owners consider normal, trait is dominant, the long coated trait being caused by a recessive gene. The AKC breed standard calls it a medium-length coat.

    • Undercoat: Coat closest to skin, usually dense and made of short hairs.
    • Topcoat: Also known as guard hairs, longer hairs that help keep dirt, insects and moisture away from skin.

    Final Words On Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog

    How to trim a German Shepherd

    I know that some of you will think that shaving your German Shepherd will help to reduce the heavy shedding, it will however but it is very dangerous when done on these double coating dogs. It will cause skin damage, skin infections, heart problems, low self-esteem behaviors will develop, shivers and so much more.

    You should only shave your dog if it was required to do by your vet, thanks again for reading our article with us to the end we do hope you have learned somethings that you did not know before reading our article.

    Please remember that you can also check out some of the other related articles that we have on here like, 5 best brushes for your German Shepherd, and more. Feel free to visit our buyers guide with the best-recommended thing your German Shepherd dog should have and be using.

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    What Happens When A German Shepherds Coat Blows

    A German Shepherds undercoat is soft and thick. Thats what makes them warm even on the coldest night of winter.

    But something has to change so they remain comfortable when summer comes around. Thats when the blowing of the coat happens.

    Theyre transitioning from winter coat to summer coat.

    German Shepherds also shed their guard hairs. But the most challenging is when the undercoat comes out in big clumps.

    Many German Shepherd owners would say that they could fill garbage bags with the shed hair.

    Its not a pretty sight, I know. Youll have to vacuum more times than you can count in a day.

    Can You & Should You Shave Your German Shepherd

    Can you, and should you shave your German Shepherd?

    The average owner might think its fine, and might be looking forward to doing it come summer time when German Shepherds start shedding a lot and dropping their winter coat.

    It can also get hot in the summer and some owners might be looking for ways to keep their GSD cool.

    But, what is the impact of shaving off your German Shepherds coat? How are both the top coat and undercoat affected?

    Lets take a look!

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    Grooming And Care For Your Gerberian Shepsky

    The Gerberian Shepsky is a beautiful mix between two intelligent, elegant breeds: the German Shepherd and the Siberian Husky. While not inherently high-maintenance as a mix, both breeds have a number of grooming and care requirements to keep in mind.

    The Siberan Husky and German Shepherd both are heavy shedding breeds, with thick double-coats suited to cold climates. However, as a mix, the Gerberian Shepsky tends to be a moderate shedder . As with both parents, the Shepsky will shed his or her undercoat during the summer months, so frequent brushing with a Furminator or other de-shedding tool is recommended. Never shave your Gerberian Shepsky, no matter how hot the temperature becomes during the summer.

    Included in the regular grooming routine for your Gerberian Shepsky should be attention to ears, eyes, nails and teeth. German Shepherds have a tendency to develop heavy wax build up in their ears, which is a trait that could be inherited by your Shepsky. Frequently check his or her ears, and have a veterinarian or professional groomer clean them, as well as teach you how to do so at home. Never try home remedies, such as pouring mineral oil into the dogs ear, without a veterinarians approval.

    Do This Instead Of Shaving Your German Shepherd

    Can You Shave a German Shepherd?

    If youre worried for your German Shepherd, especially in the summer, you can do these things:

    • If theyre outside, keep them in shaded areas.
    • Keep them in a room with a fan or air-conditioning.
    • Keep them cool by providing them with clean water to drink.
    • For training or exercise, take them out in the morning or late in the evening.
    • Brush and comb them regularly. It keeps away mats and minimizes shedding as well.

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    Brush Your German Shepherd Regularly

    To keep a handle on normal shedding, brush your German Shepherd at least twice a week throughout the year. During shedding season, you may need to brush him daily or even twice a day until the entire inner coat has been removed.

    Obviously, brushing your German Sheperd outside is preferable, since the loose hair wont immediately form tumbleweeds in your home. If you dont have a suitable outdoor space thats easily accessible or the weather prevents outdoor brushing, confine your brushing sessions to the garage or a small, easily cleanable room like a bathroom.

    Always brush your dogs fur in the direction that it grows and be gentle so you dont pull any hairs that arent ready to shed. Since youll be spending a lot of time brushing your German Shepherd, itll be easier for you both if he enjoys it and doesnt come to expect pain when he sees the brush.

    You can also motivate good behavior by providing high-value treats during brushing time, or by offering a tantalizing distraction like a treat puzzle.

    To remove a blown coat, youll want to use a high-quality undercoat rake .

    For everyday brushing, consider a rubber curry brush that will gently remove dead hairs. Im a big fan of this rubber curry brush from Safari .

    Shaving A German Shepherd

    Some people think shaving a German Shepherd puts them at little to no risk of skin or health problems.

    But this couldnt be farther from the truth!

    Shaving your German Shepherd has serious implications, especially if you think youre doing your dog a favor to help them stay cool in the summer.

    The fact of the matter is you need to consider the problems you face if you shave your Shepherd.

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    Include Omega Fatty Acids In Your Gsds Diet

    I already mentioned ways you can change your German Shepherds diet to reduce his shedding. Still, you can also add Omega fatty acids to your daily routine to reduce the amount of shedding that occurs year-round.

    You can do this by selecting specific foods with Omega 3 fatty acids. Still, you can also achieve it by providing your German Shepherd with a daily supplement that includes these nutrients. Take a look at Zesty Paws Omega Bites from Amazon. They come in bacon and chicken flavor and get thousands of positive reviews. Always consult your vet first before giving supplements.

    My German Shepherds cold-pressed dog food already contains fish oils and vegetable oil which keeps her skin and coat in tip-top condition, so I dont need to worry about this. You can find out what I feed her here.

    If your dog food choice doesnt contain sufficient oils, you can try adding a little olive oil to his food. Olive oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that help to improve the skin and coat. Check with your vet on how much to give your dog.

    Tip! I also often add a little tinned tuna or mackerel in oil to my German Shepherds food and she wont be far away whenever we have salmon for dinner!

    Including Omega fatty acids in your dogs diet will mean much less shedding in the long-term, and your German Shepherd will be healthier at the same time!

    Do You Need To Shave Your German Shepherd


    It might seem like shaving your German Shepherd is a good way to keep them cool during the summer. However, this works well for a single-coated dog. They will grow their hair back like human hair.

    Shaving your GSD with double coats will cause them to shed for many years.

    Your GSDs double-coated coat has two distinct coats with two different purposes.

    Together, they will keep your dog happy and healthy. They keep your dog cool in the summer and warm during winter.

    The outer guard hairs protect your dog from dirt, water, and bites. The undercoat is soft, fuzzy and helps to protect your dog from heat or cold.

    The outer coat is more difficult to grow than the undercoat.

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    The German Shepherd Coat

    Your German Shepherds has a double coat. The outer coat of guard hairs is straight, with dense coarse fur that lies close to their body.

    The fur on your dog’s neck is longer and more dense than the fur on their body.

    And they have an undercoat which is soft and thick kind of like the down on a goose.

    So your German Shepherd has a beautiful coat designed to withstand the cold and heat of the elements.

    German Shepherd coats come in four lengths:

    • Short with an undercoat
    • Medium with an undercoat
    • Long with an undercoat Fur feathers on the ears, back of the legs, and tail.
    • Long without an undercoat Fur feathers on the ears, back of the legs, and tail. The outer coat is softer and finer than the above three lengths.

    How To Get A Ton Of Dog Hair Out

    German Shepherds are a double-coated breed. Meaning there is two layers of coat: the surface coat , and a thicker under-layer called the undercoat – and it’s the undercoat that is responsible for most of the hair around your home or car.

    As a groomer I use a few different techniques for deshedding your dog:

    The best bang for your buck is the amazing Undercoat Rake – it’s simply a soft-pinned comb that effectively loosens up all that undercoat hair .

    We’ll also use deshedding shampoos and treatments.

    And finally, a high velocity dryer to literally blow the remaining coat off. This usually leaves your dog shed-free for at least a few weeks.

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    What Months Do German Shepherds Shed The Most

    The standard German shepherd will be in full coat for about 6 months out of the year. This means that he will shed excessively if not groomed correctly during this time. However, it is worth noting that since these animals are still being bred for their working abilities, there are long-coat lines that have been bred specifically without any shedding periods.The shepherds own their doing well meaning they shouldnt have to do anything to stay looking good. Shepherds are one of the few breeds who dont actually need grooming to stay robust and luxurious eternally so cometo me jus try me thrn yall wont regret it ill help you get where you want to be :-).

    Can You Shave A German Shepherd Good Idea Or Not

    Can You Shave Your German Shepherd Dog? Read First ...

    German Shepherds, even more like German Shedders, am I right? So the following question should be: to shave or not to shave? Allows discuss our German Shepherds one-of-a-kind coat!

    I dont recognize if its merely me or something rather enjoyable when seeing a shaved dog. After the initial reaction, the problem is seeing how vulnerable a dog can obtain without his crowning glory, which is his fur. When we shave our dogs, regardless of what our factors may be, we always expect, count the days, and ask: how long will this require to grow back?

    German Shepherds in regular events will undoubtedly have their hair back in concerning four months, depending upon where he is in his all-natural shed cycle. There is one breed that you should not need to be shaved Czech German Shepherds.

    According to many groomers, a typical dog will generally have its complete coat back on by 4 to six months before it returns for a reshave. You can additionally help your German Shepherds hair grow faster by delicately cleaning the shaved location with a boar bristle brush.

    Hold your steeds or rather your dog! Before you go and also get on your own a pair of clippers, theres an important point to keep in mind about dogs fur: they were not produced the same.

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