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Price Of Female German Shepherd

Description Of The German Shepherd

5 things to know before getting a female German Shepherd

Regardless of whether it comes from show or working lines, the GSD is 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs between 50 and 95 pounds. There should be noticeable masculinity of males and femininity of females. German shepherd puppies for sale should be outgoing, friendly, and inquisitive. As he becomes older, you will notice your German shepherd will be polite but aloof with strangers and openly hostile against intruders and threats. Show lines, including pet dogs, are generally less intense and do not require as much exercise as working GSDs. The breed standard is similar between the lines, the major difference being on the interpretation of joint angles. American show dogs, for example, have an extreme angulation of the hind legs leading to an exaggerated slope of the topline. A German shepherd is a medium-large powerful dog with tremendous stamina. She has a distinctive head with a slight dome shape to the top skull and large open upright ears. Eyes are medium, almond-shaped, and steady in their gaze. The breed is significantly longer than tall, a build that supports trotting effortlessly over long distances with short explosions of speed. A German shepherds athleticism has ensured its longstanding excellence and versatility in police and military operations, search and rescue, bomb detection, drug-sniffing, criminal apprehension, agility competitions, Schutzhund, herding trials, physical assistance, and guide dog for the blind.

Are There Any Unexpected Expenses Of Raising A German Shepherd

There are health issues the German Shepherd is predisposed to that owners should be aware of.

All dogs can be prone to genetic health issues, regardless of if you go through a breeder or a shelter. That said, you can work to reduce your chances of dealing with health issues when it comes to the German Shepherd by ensuring you obtain your dog through a reputable source.

Even then, you might consider having your dog health screened at an early age to give you a better understanding of what he may be susceptible to down the road.

If you go through a breeder, remember that responsible breeders will be able to provide you with health certificates proving their puppies are cleared of any serious health issues. Of course, remember that as dogs age, their health can change.

This is why having a good idea of some of the most common health issues a German Shepherd can face as well as having a strong plan for preventative care is essential to being a responsible pet parent.

The Most Common German Shepherd Health Issues Include:

  • And Property Damage

What Else Should You Know About German Shepherds

To decide whether this dog breed is for you, its good to have an understanding of some German Shepherd-specific health problems you may run into. We hope you never see your dog go through these. But if you do, its always a good idea to be prepared and know the signs.

German Shepherds are more likely to develop degenerative myelopathy, a progressive neurological disease that impacts the hind legs. If you notice your pooch is limping, losing muscle in their hind legs, or struggling to stand, contact your veterinarian to get them checked out. While there is no cure, some cases are related to a lack of Vitamin E and can be monitored with supplements.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency is a genetic disease that affects your dogs pancreas. It breaks down cells that are needed for digestion. Dogs with this disease struggle to digest and absorb food, which can lead to gas, weight loss, loss of appetite, and diarrhea.

Knee and hip dysplasia are common hereditary health conditions in many breeds. If your GSD goes untreated, these diseases could cost you $1,500 to $6,000. Since these conditions are inherited, we recommend asking your breeder for certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. Elbow dysplasia is less common overall, but still somewhat common for German Shepherds.

Like humans, dogs show symptoms in a variety of ways. We suggest calling your vet if your dog starts acting differentlyor just seems a little offso you never overlook something serious.

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Guaranteed Show Quality German Shepherd Dogs =$5000

Because German Shepherds are a very popular breed amongst show people, some breeders are unwilling to part with their very best specimens. However, in some cases, you may find a breeder that is willing to sell you a dog that is guaranteed to be show quality. If you are this fortunate, you can expect to receive a young adult dog as your breeder will need to be certain that the dogs testicles are fully descended and that the dogs bite has come in properly. It is also important that the breeder wait the dog out until maturity to ensure the dog does not possess any faults that would be disqualifying or considered to be severe for the breed.

When a breeder guarantees a dog to be worthy of the show ring, the price is much higher as a result. The breeder is offering you a promise that the dog you are purchasing is capable of representing its breed well and is worthy of being considered in the Best of Breed ring. Guaranteed show quality German Shepherds cost as little as $3000 but are often in excess of $10,000. You should be prepared the pay the top end of this range if this is what you are hoping for in a dog.

Getting A Girl Or Boy German Shepherd

AKC Registered German Shepherd For Sale Baltic, OH Female

Aside from gender tendencies, one general rule of thumb is to get the opposite gender of dog of what you currently have in your household. If you get two of one gender, there is the possibility of clashing personalities. Males can become aggressive with one another and females will become aggressive with other females.

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Why Is Lemonade Great For German Shepherds

With Lemonade pet insurance, pet parents can customize their policy to get the coverage their furry friend needs.

For starters, a basic Lemonade pet health insurance policy includes accident and illness coverage. This will help cover the costs of tests, treatments, and medication if your dog has an unexpected accident or illness.

A base policy is great for the unexpected things in your fur fams future, but Lemonade also offers affordable preventative care, designed to keep your pet healthy, and helps cover expenses youre probably already paying for.

By adding a preventive care package to a Lemonade policy youll also get access to live medical chat and be covered for all types of routine carelike your annual wellness exam, checkups, blood tests, several vaccinations, and other routine health care for your pet.

Like All German Shepherds They Are Prone To Health Problems

The German Shepherd breed can, unfortunately, suffer from numerous health issues. The number one concern for this breed is hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. This condition occurs when the ball and socket joint is malformed and can result in arthritis or even lameness. This can be helped by maintaining a healthy weight in your dog. Other potential health problems include:

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Prices Of Male And Female German Shepherd Dogs

The average price of a Male German Shepherd Dog is $1290. The price of a Male German Shepherd Dog ranges from $800 to $1500. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 835 Male German Shepherd Dog puppies.

The average price of a Female German Shepherd Dog is $1260. The price of a Female German Shepherd Dog ranges from $800 to $1500. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 909 Female German Shepherd Dog puppies.

From our analysis, there is no real difference between the price of a male and a female German Shepherd Dog puppy.


The average price of a Black German Shepherd Dog is $1730. The price range of a Black German Shepherd Dog is from $1200 to $2000. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 231 Black German Shepherd Dog puppies listed for sale by different breeders.

The average price of a Any Color German Shepherd Dog is $1190. The price range of a Any Color German Shepherd Dog is from $795 to $1400. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 1172 Any Color German Shepherd Dog puppies listed for sale by different breeders.

The average price of a White German Shepherd Dog is $1160. The price range of a White German Shepherd Dog is from $800 to $1500. We obtained this average price and price range by reviewing the prices of 66 White German Shepherd Dog puppies listed for sale by different breeders.


How Can You Tell If A German Shepherd Is Purebred

Male VS Female German Shepherd – Difference between Male and Female German Shephers

There are only two ways you can find out if your puppy is a purebred German Shepherd papers and DNA testing. Ask your breeder for their papers confirming both parents of your puppy are purebred.

If you happened to adopt a German Shepherd dog and are unsure whether they are purebred or mixed, order a DNA kit. There are reputable dog DNA testing companies that use a sample of your dogs cheeks cells to determine their genetic makeup.

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What Is The Most Expensive Type Of German Shepherd

Like in many dog breeds, certain rare German Shepherd colors are much more expensive than the most common colors and patterns. Special colorings such as the Panda Shepherd, Isabella German Shepherd, black German Shepherd, dogs with one or two blue eyes or the extremely rare Albino German Shepherd can be as expensive as $5,000.

While it is tempting to get a color that nobody else has dont let looks alone guide your decision on your future puppy. It is much more important that your puppy has a sound temperament and fits in well with your family and lifestyle than that he has a certain rare look.

In recent years, a few breeders have produced so-called Miniature German Shepherds. Breeders of Miniature German Shepherds charge extremely high prices for their puppies, starting at $2,000 and ranging up to $4,500 for the smallest dogs. It is important to note that there is no such breed as a Miniature German Shepherd registered with the AKC. These dogs are mutts . Once more, be certain to not decide on your future dog based on looks alone. A stable temperament and good health is much more integral than a certain size or weight.

Why Are They So Expensive

Breeding a healthy and well-behaved German Shepherd puppy is not easy!

It is not as simple as crossing German Shepherds together. Many breeders do this, which is why you can find many at a price as cheap as $250.

However, if you want a puppy of good temperament that is genetically healthy, there are other costs involved in the breeding and raising.

This is especially important for a German Shepherd. You do not want a puppy that grows up to be aggressive or that suffers from mobility issues due to hip and elbow dysplasia.

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Why Should You Get A German Shepherd In India

There are thousands of real reason why to go for German shepherd dog in India, the German shepherd is the second most popular dog breed globally, and the first one is Siberian Husky price.

The German shepherd is very active, intelligent and obedient, and the German shepherd is a very trusted dog breed as a companion.

The German shepherd is also known for their working skill and job, not only in India, most of the country used German shepherd and Kangal dog breed as police and military dog.

The German shepherd is a very active dog breed and always ready to adventure for you and your family.

Now lets move father from the beauty of this breed. The German shepherd is a strong breed it has been proven for a long time through media and different sources.

German Shepherd comes in many coats, but without a double coat, the German shepherd price in India is well worth it. You havent look at the German shepherd price, go and see it first.

The Average Price Of A German Shepherd Dog In The World

AKC Registered German Shepherd For Sale Baltic, OH Female

Before we start to explain what everything affects the price of a German shepherd puppy, lets see the average price of the puppy in the world. The average price of a German Shepherd puppy in the world is around $2,200.

The price range of German Shepherd puppies is $700 – $5,000. In some countries, you can buy a world-class German Shepherd puppy for less than $1,000, and the reason for that is the bad economy of that country.

Just as you can pay less, so you can pay much more than the average price. The most expensive German Shepherd dog was a Danny von der Barenschluct. His new owner has paid $18,000 to get this German Shepherd dog, but Danny is a fully trained and BH certified German Shepherd dog from Kraftwerk K9.

Suppose we don’t need a professionally trained German Shepherd, but an ordinary puppy which we can train letter. How much you will pay for that? Its time to see the average price of a German Shepherd dog by the countries.

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German Shepherd Puppy Price

These puppies are highly sought after so breeders often place a big price tag to these precious pups.

So just how much do German Shepherds cost?

If you are buying a puppy from a breeder you can expect to pay anywhere from $600-$1500.

The average price of a German Shepherd puppy is $1000.

As a general rule reputable breeders tend to charge higher prices because they put more time, effort, and money into caring for their breeding dogs and puppies.

It will cost breeders around $8,000 to care for their litter, and show litters can cost breeders around $24,000 to raise for the first 8 weeks of their life.

This may seem like a huge amount of money but this budget covers lots vet expenses, care for the pregnant mother, food, necessary genetic/medical testing, and all other necessary supplies.

When you are looking to purchase a puppy do not be tempted to go to a low-cost pet store or search for the cheapest puppies online to save money.

These puppies tend to suffer from health concerns and are often bred in very poor conditions.

They often come from puppy mills who are more concerned with making a profit than providing you with a healthy and loving companion.

Whilst they might be cheaper to buy they will cost you a lot of money in the long run with medical and vet fees.

Working Lines Vs Show Lines

The German Shepherd was originally bred as a working dog. Since his original use as a shepherd dog however, he has filled many different roles from guarding properties over being used in the show ring to participating in Schutzhund and IPO trails.

Depending on which lines your German Shepherd Dog comes from, the prices can vary a lot!

Show line German Shepherds are the dogs that are bred for conformation shows. These are the type of dogs you should decide on if you would like a shepherd puppy as a pet and companion animal.

If you are interested in using your German Shepherd as a protection dog and to participate in IPO trials, you should pick one from working lines. There are a lot of highly successful working line breeders both in North America and Europe. Some of them sell so-called started dogs, which means dogs that have already received some obedience, protection and tracking training. Started dogs can be as pricey as $5,000-$7,000.

Working German Shepherds that have been fully trained can be extremely expensive, up to $20,000. For this price, you get an absolutely flawless dog with extensive skills and perfect obedience.

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Is Craigslist Safe To Buy A Dog

While breeders may advertise puppies on Craiglist, that does not make it the best place to sell puppies.

Craiglist is a very dangerous place to list dogs who need homes sadly, individuals involved in dogfighting often use craigslist to find cheap or free bait dogs to train their fighting dogs.

If you are looking to rescue a dog and give them a loving home, finding a dog advertised as free to good home on Craiglist would be rescuing a dog from a potentially terrible life.

If you decide to purchase a pure German Shepherd puppy from Craiglist, always use caution, as many scammers utilize the website.

Never wire money to someone in exchange for a puppy, as scammers often use this method to steal money.

The Price Of Being A German Shepherd Breeder

25 German Shepherd Female 2 GSD Male Breeding Setup Shepherd Puppy Trainer @HSNEntertainment

Breeding healthy German Shepherds is no cheap task.

In order to talk about German Shepherd cost, we must first talk about what it takes to bring a German Shepherd puppy into the world.

And this is where breeders come in.

There are a variety of breeders throughout the United States, and some have more experience than others. Very high quality breeders tend to invest more into their practice than some, which means the overall price of being a German Shepherd breeder can vary.

On average, breeders spend between $7,444 to $24,000 on a single litter alone. Of course, this price can vary and will usually be much lower if the German Shepherd puppies are of companionship quality only.

Breeders breeding show quality German Shepherds are typically at the peak of the price range, as there are a number of fees associated with breeding show quality dogs that should be considered.

But why does it take so much money to bring a litter of German Shepherd puppies into the world, and how does this correlate with your overall German Shepherd cost?

Lets break it down.

The Basic Costs Of Breeding A German Shepherd:

  • Obtaining A Breeding License $125 to $600
  • Raising A Healthy Dam $2,000 to $3,000 A Year
  • The Average German Shepherd Stud Fee $500 to $2,000
  • Ultrasounds For A Pregnant German Shepherd Dam $90 to $200 Per Ultrasound
  • Puppy Whelping Supplies $500 to $1,00
  • Raising A Healthy German Shepherd Litter To Seven Weeks $250 to $550
  • Health Screening That Litter Before Selling $500

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