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Where To Buy German Shepherd Puppies In Georgia

Your #1 Place For German Shepherd Puppies For Sale And Dog Breeders In Georgia

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About Georgia German Shepherds

Looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale in Georgia?

Who doesnt love a German Shepherd? They are intelligent and make for great working dogs. You may have even seen a few being utilized by your local police department. This is because they are highly trainable and athletic. German Shepherds seem to be fearless because they will go into any situation they have been trained for. They make great helpmates and are commonly used as guide dogs. The military even uses this highly intelligent and trainable breed. From family pet to guide dog to watchdog this breed has an amazing skill set. We can help you find your German Shepherd breeder in Georgia.

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Savannah Georgia

If youre searching for German Shepherd puppies for sale then there are numerous choices to consider. These puppies are exceptionally popular, especially among those who have decided to start with a purebred dog and wish to begin with a pet. There are actually several ways to obtain a German Shepherd pup. These puppies can be found at most major dog breeders, as well as in virtually every pet store.

Some people prefer to buy German Shepherd puppies from other people, primarily because they dont feel they have the time or energy to invest in an actual breeding dog. For example, some individuals simply cant devote enough time to the care of purebred dogs.

Alternatively, individuals may be interested in German Shepherds but simply do not have the financial resources to purchase a purebred puppy. Regardless of why you decide to buy a German Shepherd pup from another person or group, the process can be surprisingly easy, both in terms of experience and cost.

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Father: Quantum Von Schnen Rosen

German Shepherd puppies, purebred worldclass

Quantum is an amazing male. He was ranked V3 at the 2021 German BSZS making him the #3 dog in the WORLD for his class!! He is a highly sought after stud in Germany and is producing phenomenal offspring in Europe. His pedigree boasts of several WORLD CHAMPIONS including his father and grandfather who were both ranked #1 in THE WORLD!! We are lucky to have the opportunity to bring his progeny to the United States. He is a large male with absolutely correct structure and very powerful movement. Quantum has very red pigment with rich colors that are passed down to his offspring. He is a superb example of the breed standard!!

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There Are Several Different German Shepherd Rescue Groups That You Can Adopt German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption From

One of the largest German Shepherd rescue groups in the United States is the Adoption Services and Rescue .

They have over 400 active members and they receive hundreds of applications each year for free German Shepherd puppies for adoption. If you live in the Washington DC/ Baltimore area and you are looking for a German Shepherd puppy, you can apply directly to the group. All you need to do to get an application accepted is fill out an online form. The application can usually be submitted over the internet and then submitted by mail.

When searching for German Shepherd puppies for free over the internet, keep in mind that these are non-profit organizations that must pay for their website. Also, keep in mind that they only accept dogs that come from loving homes with regular veterinarian visits. Their list of dogs that require a new home includes dogs that have an illness or behavioral problems, dogs who are elderly, or dogs that are blind. Dogs that are simply homeless are not placed on the list.

Von Der Raeuberbande German Shepherds

Address 197 N Burnt Hickory Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134, United States

Phone NA

Address 805 Creed St, LaGrange, GA 30240, United States

Phone +1 706-773-1159

Address 644 N Beaumont Rd, Ringgold, GA 30736, United States

Phone +1 423-208-2249

Address 3460 Ellenwood Park Dr, Roswell, GA 30075, United States

Phone +1 470-685-2900

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German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale Near Atlanta Georgia Usa Page 1 is your source for finding an ideal German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale near Atlanta, Georgia, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

  • Aprox. 4.4 mi from Atlanta

Name: AvaBreed: German Shepherd DogGender: FemaleBorn: 02/22/2021

Date listed: 10/20/2021


Tags: German shepherd Puppy Trained Doodle

3 Female AKC German Shepherd Puppies Born July 2nd

Date listed: 09/30/2021

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 7.0 mi from Atlanta

Three adorable, pure German Shepherd puppies that were born on July 2nd, 2021, are now mentally and physically ready for a new home. When you pick up one of our puppies, you will…

Date listed: 09/30/2021


Tags: akc female puppy georgia german shepherd

2 Females 5 Male German Shepherd Pups Available

Date listed: 11/29/2021

2 Females 5 Male German Shepherd Pups Available Now. Pure Breed Shepherds require jobs or lots of family activity. If you have never raised one before please do not contact.

Date listed: 11/29/2021


Tags: German Shepherd Dog Puppy for sale in SHERIDAN, OR, USA


Date listed: 12/08/2021

  • Aprox. 11.2 mi from Atlanta



Tags: German Shepherd Dog Puppy for sale in ATL, GA, USA

AKC Female Long Coat Silver Sable GSD

Date listed: 12/07/2021

Date listed: 12/07/2021


Tags: German Shepherd Dog Puppy for sale in INDIANAPOLIS, IN, USA


Date listed: 12/04/2021

Besides You Will Want To Decide How Youre Going To Take Care Of Your Dog If You Are Going To Use A Professional Then Be Sure You Check Their Credentials Ask To See Their Certification Or Licensing

About Us – Puppies for sale Georgia local breeders

Most dog trainers also have licenses. You will also want to ask about their training methods. You will be required to have this done before you can bring your new dog home.

Also, some shelters are run by local shelters and not national ones. Some of these shelters offer free adoption, but others do not. Some puppy kennels may have pet adoption specials so you may want to look into this as well. In the end, though, you should choose a place that is reputable and has a good reputation for the pets they accept.

Check out the size of the place and make sure you can fit a pup in there. Also, you should call the shelter to find out what the number is. Many times, this number will lead you to a number to your local shelter. You can bring your dog home right away. You may even want to hold off and see if you like the animal. Keep in mind, though, that once you get one, you will have to continue to provide pet insurance for the dog.

Remember, finding free German Shepherd puppies for adoption is not impossible. It just takes some time and effort on your part.

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German Shepherd Breeders In Georgia

Are you living in Georgia and youre looking for a German Shepherd puppy for sale? Do you want to visit any German Shepherd breeders near you? If so, then youre in the right place!

Below, youll see a list of German Shepherd breeders in Georgia. This way, you wont have to go far when looking for breeders that have German Shepherd puppies for sale!

Moreover, we also added online breeders so you can look for your dream pup online in case you cant find a suitable option near you.

Good luck in finding your German Shepherd!


Where To Find German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

If you are looking for German Shepherd puppies for sale, there are many options to consider. These dogs are very popular, especially with people who have made a commitment to owning a family pet and want to start with a puppy. You can find these puppies at almost every pet store, as well as at large dog breeders. These large breeders usually have the highest demand for puppies, but they will offer discounts for large orders.

German Shepherd puppies for sale can be found in many places. One place is at the local pound. There, you will find dogs that have been given up by their owners and sent to a pound because they are not suitable for adoption. Pounds do not approve of all adoptable dogs, so you may have to fill out an adoption application before you are allowed to bring the puppy home.

This can take several weeks, however, and depending on how many applications you fill out, the wait can be extended. However, if you are patient, this can be a great place to get a puppy.

If you cannot wait that long, you can search for German Shepherd puppies for sale at your local rescue groups, such as the American Kennel Club or the United States Dog Rescue.

There are many websites dedicated to German Shepherd puppies for sale, so this should not be a difficult task for you. Just remember to check out all of the websites before you make any decision, just as you would with any pet store. You want to find a site that is fair and is selling quality dogs at a fair price.

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German Shepherd Breeders Georgia Listings

Kennels von Lotta German Shepherds, LLC GA 30248
Oher Tannen German Shepherd Dogs GA 30230
Von Anna German Shepherds, LLC GA 30121
Large Old-Fashioned Straight-Backed German Shepherds GA 30655
Vom Orenburg German Shepherds, Inc. GA 31763
Von der Zwei Schaefer Haus German Shepherds GA 30506
von der Raeuberbande German Shepherds GA 30134
Advance K9 Ga LLC Boarding, Training, and Breeding Facility GA 30179
Von der Zwei-Schaeferhaus German Shepherds GA 30506
Ma lak kennels German shepherds GA 31023
Fall Line K-9 Breeders of German Shepherd Dogs GA 30805

What Is The Average Price Of A German Shepherd Puppy In Georgia


Like other puppies you get from a breeder, German Shepherd pups are also quite pricey. In general, an average German Shepherd puppy would cost about $500-$1500, and it should also be the price range of breeders in Florida. The price can go lower or higher depending on the offer of the breeder.

German Shepherds are quite expensive due to many reasons. For instance, these dogs arent easy to breed, and they need extensive training. Further, they also have unique features that sets them apart from the rest. Aside from the actual price of the puppy, you may also need to spend more on their food and the items theyll need.

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How To Find White German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

When buying a puppy, it is important to consider not only the pet but also the breeder. Why? Because a responsible breeder will ensure their dogs come from the strongest bloodlines and have the best start to life. Ask about the health and temperament of their White German Shepherd pups as well as their living environment. But also find out about the breeder’s practices and commitments.

A good breeder will be happy to answer everything before you decide. After all, they will want to ensure that their dog goes to a good home. When you have done your research and got all the info you need, you can then choose the right breeder with confidence.

To help ensure you choose a responsible breeder, all the White German Shepherd kennels you see listed here are verified by Pets4You. You will also find that the best breeders will provide a guarantee with their dog. This information, and more, is available on the breeder’s website within Pets4You.

Cant find the perfect puppy? Browse through our dog breeder directory with complete breeder profiles and current puppies for sale to find your dream dog.


For Buyers

Mother: Jetta Vom Lttersbruch

Jetta is a beautiful female with wonderful bone structure and confirmation. She was ranked the #45 female in the WORLD in 2018 at the German Sieger show!! She has won multiple 1st place show rankings in Europe, Placed 2nd here in the U.S. at the Universal Sieger and is the proud mother of the #1 Youth Long Coat Female in the WORLD !! She produces healthy vibrant puppies that absolutely meet the standard for German Shepherds and excel in show and training. She encompasses everything a female German Shepherd should be!!

We are very excited to bring this litter to the U.S.A.!!! Jetta was sent to Europe to breed with the TOP male V3 bszs Quantum von Schonen Rosen. Both parents have done exceptionally in show while in Germany and Europe. The combination of these two super dogs will produce puppies that will definitely stand out amongst any other GSD. Both parents have been health tested and titled in show rings and working venues. Showing that their progeny will be highly trainable, healthy, intelligent dogs!! This truly is a WORLD CLASS LITTER that we are making available to the right homes here in the United States.

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The Best Way To Save A Beloved German Shepherd Or Any Pet Is To Keep Them Out Of The Shelter System Rehoming A Dog Or Cat Is A Better Kind Of Pet Adoption In Every Way

Atlanta Adopters meet and learn about pets from the Guardians who know them best.

Atlanta Veterinarians examine pets at no extra charge as a part of the pet adoption.

Pets go directly from one loving home in Atlanta to another. Less stress. Less chance of illness or death.

Everyone benefits with Get Your Pet.

German Shepherd Puppies For Wonderful Family Pets

Cavapoo, German Shepherd, Yorkie, Shihpoo, Puppies For Sale, Atlanta, Georgia Local Breeders

Our Beautiful Black and Red German Shepherd Puppies are raised in-home with our children and grandchildren. They are wonderful, loving and gentle family pets, which is our largest market: People that want the Finest Purebred German Shepherd Dogs with spectacular pedigrees for their Family.We are one of very few German Shepherd Breeders in the country who have adopted and practice the proven early puppy neural and social development program that encourages high aptitude puppies. Every one of our puppies gets loving socialization daily from birth and advanced development stimulation. As they grow, they are in the house with us with constant socialization, they visit childcare centers, schools, and nursing homes for further socialization and community service. We have acreage on a beautiful lake front setting where our dogs are free to run and enjoy life. Visit any other kennel and then come visit us. The happiness and loving nature of our dogs speaks for itself.

We boast multi-generation pedigrees of Champions that equal the very best in the country. We genetically select the sire and dam of each litter for the best possible litter. While we have a spectacularly well pedigreed male, we often search around the country for a German Shepherd male with the pedigree that will best serve our litter with a particular female.

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If Your Puppy Qualifies And Is Placed On The Waiting List For Adoption The First Thing That You Will Need To Do Is Fill Out An Adoption Application

Be sure to include all of the pertinent information about your dog including name, current address, contact information, and a list of the things that you believe are important to your dog. These include grooming needs, medications, grooming materials, personality, and training. You will need to carefully review this information and fill out the application to ensure that you have provided everything necessary for your free German Shepherd puppies.

If you are approved for free German Shepherd puppies, there are several other things that you will need to do. The first step is to meet with the adoption coordinator and go over all of the details of the placement. You should also discuss how you plan on caring for the dog once it has been placed for adoption. You may be asked to bring your dog to visit the facility where the dog will be living when it is actually available for adoption.

Once you have accepted free German Shepherd puppies for adoption, the next thing that you will need to do is arrange to have your puppy come to you. Many times, the people who work with you to get these dogs will actually help you deliver the puppy to your house, while you transport it in your car.

You should also make arrangements to have someone pick up your puppy regularly so that you can always keep an eye on it.

Mother: Perlah Mont D’osiris

Perlah is a remarkable female who was ranked V2 at the 2018 Netherland Sieger show!! She is medium in size, medium strong. Good topline, very good fore and hindquarters angulation, good chest proportions, correct front. Straight front and back, very expansive corridors with effective supplies. Perlah has a lively expression with a notable mask and deep rich pigment. Her character is stable yet has an intense working drive. She is outstanding when it comes to bite work and is comparable to that of a working line shepherd. She is the all around perfect GSD. She has show winning confirmation with a working drive matched by no other!!

These will be remarkable puppies. Perlah has whelped outstanding puppies in the past and is certain to do so again. The pairing of Negus is highly anticipated to produce TOP German Shepherds. There is a line breeding coefficient of to VA3 BSZS Pacco vom Langenbungert. The line breeding on Pacco as well as the genetics of Fight vom Holtkamper Hof from Negus WILL produce correct, show winning pippies with a working drive!!

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