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Is My German Shepherd Part Wolf

Is A Curly Tail In German Shepherds Normal

Is My German Shepherd Part Wolf: Learn About Wolf-Dog Hybrids

It is perfectly normal for your German Shepherd to have a curly tail. The curly tail is most often merely an inherited trait. However, it is considered a defect or genetic fault by the AKC standards.

A tail affected by breakage or problems in the womb has less of a smooth curve and possibly a kink in the tail, causing it to bend, giving the appearance of a curl.

Responding To Environmental Factors

Dog owners will sometimes notice that their dogs howl when they hear outside noises like the sirens of passing fire trucks or ambulances. In this situation, German Shepherd howling can signify a response to environmental factors.

If your dog is familiar with these sounds and you know they come with a certain set of circumstances, then they may howl to prepare themselves for whats about to happen.

If, on the other hand, your German shepherd is unfamiliar with the sound and doesnt understand why it is occurring or if the noise is loud enough to startle them, they might howl out of fear.

Is A German Shepherd Closest To A Wolf

Not quite. In a project termed CanMap, a collaboration among Cornell University, UCLA and the National Institutes of Health, scientists gathered DNA for nearly 1,000 dogs across 85 breeds for analysis. They found that the four dogs closest to their wolf ancestors are the Shiba Inu, chow chow, Akita, and the Alaskan malamute. However, this study was done on 85 breeds.

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How Big Is Black Wolf German Shepherd Mixes

This will be a large and imposing dog, especially if it sports an all-black fur coat. Expect this dog to weigh anywhere from 70 to 180 pounds! Thats a huge puppy. When you breed a dog and a Wolf, sizes can vary greatly, so be prepared for that.

Remember, with any large dog, behavioral and obedience training are important. This way, the dog stays manageable and safe around people.

With a large Wolf hybrid like this, socialization and training are more important than ever. Its a matter of public safety.

What Were German Shepherds Called During Ww2

Is My German Shepherd Part Wolf: Learn About Wolf

Alsatian Wolf DogBecause of this, the name of the breed was changed to the Alsatian. Later, after World War II, the name was changed again to the Alsatian Wolf Dog, to remove the Hitler Germany connection. Bonus fact: These dogs were first introduced to America in 1906 and quickly became very popular.

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What Is A German Shepherd Wolf Mix’s Habitat

This breed is not ideal for a first-time pet owner as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to train the pet to be around humans and specifically children. Colder weather conditions are ideal since they are fluffy beings and need grooming well as they shed heavily. They crave activity hence they need enough space for moving around so their environment should consist of enough space for locomotion.

The Diversification Of Domesticated Dogs

Scientists have debated the evolution of dogs and how they have become so diversified over the centuries. After all, the Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognizes 339 breeds. The organization divides them into ten groups as follows:

  • Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs, other than Swiss Cattle Dogs
  • Pinscher and SchnauzerMolossoid and Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs
  • RetrieversFlushing DogsWater Dogs
  • Companion and Toy Dogs
  • Sighthounds

The German Shepherd or Deutscher Schäferhund is part of the first group. Bear in mind that the breeds early role was herding livestock. It was only later that it evolved into the protector image that we have today. The other vital takeaway message is the dogs origins in Germany. That brings us to another salient point about the breeds relationship with wolves.

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German Shepherd Wolf Mix Breeders & Rescues

Because they are such challenging animals to live with, they often end up in shelters. That doesnt mean theyre bad dogs, just that they were perhaps with the wrong person for them.

Whether you live in North Carolina, Florida, Arizona, California, or anywhere in between, there is likely a wolfdog waiting to be rescued that will be right for you.

Aside from Dark Forest Kennels and Never Cry Wolf Rescue, one of the most notable adoption sites is Howling Woods Farm.

Remember to always do your research, especially with this type of dog.

Midnight Run Wolves breeds these dogs in Kentucky, though note that we dont endorse any breeder and you should do your research before buying from anyone.

Could My German Shepherd Be Part Wolf

rottweiler puppies training #0 2

Asked by: Fae Ebert PhD

German Shepherds are not part wolf but descended from the gray wolf. Despite sharing 99.9% of their DNA with wolves and being genetically very close, they are not wolves. All domesticated dogs

a zoological taxon namethe King Shepherddogs and wolves are essentially the same species means that they can interbreedDog Breeds Closely Related to Wolves

  • Afghan Hound. …

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Descendants Of The Wolf

First, lets get a little bit of background info out of the way and begin by explaining why dogs howl. Basically, the origin of German shepherd howling can be traced back to their wolf ancestors. This is because every dog has DNA from its wolf ancestors that date back to about 30,000 years ago.

One trait that wolves have is the ability to howl. As pack animals, wolves howl to communicate many different types of messages to one another. They use their howls for everything from identifying each other, warning each other, announcing hunts, and even ganging up on prey.

Just like their wolf ancestors, in domesticated dogs, howling may serve the same purpose as well. While modern dogs may not have a pack to identify as wolves do, they can still use their instinctual trait to their advantage by understanding why and when they do it so they can better communicate with you or other dogs.

Common German Shepherd Behavioral Problems And Personality Traits

Over the years working as a dog trainer, Ive probably worked with as many German shepherd dogs as any other breed.

Most often, they are an incredibly loyal breed, are devoted to their owners, and have really sweet and fun personalities. And so, to those of you who love the breed and wouldnt consider anything but a German shepherd in the future, I understand!

Yet, some people are terrified of them and feel they are dangerous dogs to own.

To those of you that are wary of German shepherds, I understand where you are coming from, too! First off, they are very large dogs and can come off very intimidating.

Second, their instinct to protect their family or property is strong and can lead untrained German shepherds to becoming very protective, aggressive, and scary dogs.

The keyword here is untrained, as any untrained dogregardless of breedcan have the same problems.

Over the last decade I really feel like Ive come to understand German shepherds and have personally fallen in love with this breed. Ive also realized that theyre so misunderstood due to poorly trained German shepherds often ending up in the news and how they are portrayed on TV and in the media.

For this reason, I wanted to write todays post in hopes that, if you are someone who fears this breed, are looking for help and direction with your dog, or you know someone who is wary of German shepherds, then this honest truth about this lovely breed might change your mind.

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The Mainstream German Shepherd Genetic Origin Max Von Stephanitz & Horand Von Grafath

So, we know that German Shepherds as domesticated dogs are distantly related to the gray wolf.

But, after that, where does the German Shepherd get its bloodlines and original breeding from?

If you do a basic Google search, youll most likely find that the breed creator was a man named Max von Stephanitz.

Youll probably also find that Max was impressed by a dog at a dog show that showed many impressive traits like the erect ears and working-like body that German Shepherds were known for.

He later purchased that dog, and named it Horand von Grafrath.

Horand became a sire of the original standardised German Shepherd breeding program.

The German Shepherd became officially registered as a breed in 1899, when Max also founded the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde .

However, what most people dont often hear is that whilst Horand was impressive, Max was not completely satisfied with the fact that Horand was as easy to train as he would have liked due to his unharnessed energy and high desire to play instead of being focussed completely on working.

Max needed to round out the breeding stock, so he looked to the other regional non-standardised Shepherds in the local German towns.

Dont Some Dog Breeds Have More Wolf Dna Than Others

Part Wolf Part German Shepherd. What a face.

Some proponents of wolf-dog mixes claim that some dog breeds have more grey wolf DNA than other dog breeds.

If these breeds are allowed, then so should GSD and wolf mixes. According to Science, a few breeds do have more wolf DNA than others.

These breeds include the Finnish Spitz, the Shar-Pei, the Siberian Husky , and the Greenland dog.

However, the ancestors of these breeds branched off from wolves thousands of years ago, and not simply one or two generations ago.

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German Shepherd Wolf Mix Temperament

  • Protective
  • Aggressive
  • Howling

The temperament of the German Shepherd Wolf mix can only be described as unpredictable this is especially true in frightening or new situations.

Because of their wolf instincts they may be aggressive and react unpredictability when they feel threatened.

These instincts can be slightly modified through early socialization as a young puppy, but this will be difficult for new owners.

This is a breed whos also very protective and therefore correct introductions with other people and pets are necessary.

The German Shepherd Wolf mix is known for howling.

This should comes as no surprise due to their pack animal instinct inherited from wolves. Howling is one of the most common forms of wolf to wolf communication.

Unnecessary and problematic howling may arise if this breed is left alone for prolonged periods of time. This trait makes this dog undesirable to busy individuals.

This dog also has a very high prey-drive. Therefore, we do not recommend them living in homes with smaller animals such as cats, rabbits, or hamsters. They may get along with other dogs, but they should definitely be watched and introduced to other dogs at a young age.

Social Tendencies

German Shepherd Howling 9 Causes And How To Prevent It

  • Pin

What does German Shepherd howling mean? This is a question that many dog owners wonder about. Most people have heard their dogs howl at least once in their lifetime.

This is usually a reaction to something in a pups environment, but sometimes, the reason isnt as obvious.

While, in most cases, dog howling isnt a bad sign, you should still be able to determine the causes behind it.

This is also important if you want to prevent unwanted howling. You cannot do so if you dont know the reason for it!

If you want to learn the truth behind German Shepherd howling, then this article is for you.

German Shepherds have descended from wild wolves. Because of this, there is an area in their brains that instinctively reacts to certain stimuli, partially returning them to the primitive behavior of their ancestors.

Howling is just one of the ways that GSDs show just how close they are to their distinctive, wild relatives. Well take a closer look at this.

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How Long Does A German Shepherd Wolf Mix Live

Wolf German Shepherd Mix lives in European regions mostly but also in places like Netherlands and Czechoslovakia. Their average lifespan is 12-14 years. They are known for being military or guard dogs which is a great asset to the nation as well as owned as pets by somewhere the dog is allowed to be kept as a pet. It enjoys the company of people if it’s trained adequately.

Do German Shepherds Have Wolf Ancestry

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October 21, 2010 by SWestfall3

Horand von Grafrath, the first German shepherd dog, b. 1895, d. 1899. Max von Stephanitz used to him to found the breed.

Ive decided to open up another can of worms, but I found this article by Tina Barber on the Shiloh Shepherd website:

Anyone willing to do some INTENSE RESEARCH into the past will find considerable information linking the ORIGINS OF THIS BREED WITH THE WOLF!!

On Page 13 of the Alsatian-Wolf Dog, reference to Mons. Otto Rahms regarding Hektor Von Wohlen was repeated by the well-known Swiss scientist Professor Studer that evidence was very strong that this dog had SOME wolf blood in at least ONE generation. Phylax Von Eulau was also suspected of having wolf blood when he raised a ruckus at a dog show in Germany, while passing a group of BORZOIS!! The most interesting dog is Woelfi Von Wolfsnest. On Page 14, you can read the entire account of her ancestry, describing her dams granddam, as a full SHE-WOLF! Yet, though Woelfi retained the appearance of her wolf ancestry, she had the temperament of a sheepdog with the exception that she did NOT MAKE FRIENDS WITH STRANGERS!! Her son, Schalk, was not particularly shy, but when bred back to his mother, produced pups that reverted back to the temperament and characteristics of the wolf.

I dont know if any of this has been verified.

I do know that this part of the article is correct:

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Different Types Of Wolfdogs

The Saarloos wolfdog is a cross between a German shepherd and a wolf, initially bred by Leendert Saarloos, a Dutch breeder, in 1932. Saarloos wolfdogs have been recognized by some kennel clubs as official breeds. The German Shepherd itself is rumored to be a product of breeding with wolves, being bred in Germany near the beginning of the 20th century, and was sometimes referred to as the Alsatian Wolf Dog, though in the late seventies British kennel clubs would begin calling the dog the German Shepherd.

The Lupo Italiano is another breed of wolf-dog that is rumored to have been created through the breeding of a German shepherd with a wolf originating in Lazio, Italy. However, genetic tests of the breed havent found any connection between the dogs and the Italian wolf. Kunming wolfdogs are a specific breed of dog originating in China, and unlike other wolf-dog hybrids they are capable of becoming working dogs and guard dogs because of the German shepherd ancestry in them.

How Big Do German Shepherd Wolf Mixes Get

These are sturdy dogs that can vary in size depending on the size of the parents. Males are 65 to 90 lbs. , while females are 50 to 70 lbs. .

When it comes to height, males reach 24 to 26 inches , and females stand about 22 to 24 inches tall. That said, they can vary much larger or be slightly shorter.

Because of their size and need for tons of exercise, theyre NOT for apartment dwellers or even city dwellers. They need a lot of space and room to explore. They can also be frightened by loud noises and the bustling city life.

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What Percentage Of German Shepherds Are Wolf

Technically speaking, every dog derives from wolves. While German Shepherds are notorious for their wolf-like appearance, they arent actually related to wolves. They were never bred with wolves. This is ironic, as one of their original names was Alsatian Wolf Dogs.

It all depends on the genetics of the German Shepherd, as some might have come from a background that bred wolves into the family.

Instead, German Shepherds descend from the Canidae biological family in the same way as other domestic dogs do. This biological family includes wolves, foxes, and dingoes.

Other breeds of dogs like Siberian Huskies and Finnish Spitz are more closely related to wolves as their ancestors had been wolves for thousands of years.

German Shepherds originated in Germany in the late 1890s, so as they are still considered a recent breed, its hard to say if they have much of a relation to wolves.

Ways To Tell If Your Dog Is Part Wolf

German Shepherd Wolf Mix: Is This Legendary Wolfdog Right ...

In Wolfdog Info by HarrisonDecember 20, 2018

1.) SIZE

Wolves are typically bigger than dogs, even the wolfy looking dogs like huskies and malamutes.

Male Wolves vary in size and weight but will normally be between 66 to 180 lbs. While huskies and malamutes, at their heaviest weigh around 60 to 95 lbs.

So if your pup weighs as much or more than you do, its possible they have some wolf in them.

2.) PAWS

Wolves paws are SIGNIFICANTLY bigger than any standard dog breed. As you can see in the picture here.

If your pups paws are as big as your palmor bigger, they may be part wolf.

3.) EYES

Wolves DO NOT have blue eyes, other than when theyre puppies. they will eventually change to an amber like or brown color at around 6 weeks.

However, some low content wolfdogs may retain the blue color their entire life since theyre more dog than wolf.

But if your dog has yellowish eyes, theres a good chance there is a bit of wolf there.

4.) EARS

Wolves ears are not floppy. Their ears are strong and rigid.

A wolves ears are thick and furry, to help them stay warm in very cold temperatures.

Wolfdogs will almost always ears very closely resembling that of a true wolves.

If your pup has thick furry ears that dont flop or fold easily, it may be something passed down from a wolf ancestor.

5.) LEGS

Wolves and wolfdogs are typically more leggy than dogs.

Their legs will be longer and leaner than a standard dogs and attached to a narrow chest, perfect for running!


7.) NOSE

8.) BARK

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