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Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep A Lot

Teaching Your German Shepherd Hand Targetting

Do German Shepherd Puppies Sleep a Lot?

Hand targetting is where you get your german shepherd to focus most of their attention on your hand. Rather than whining. Its most effective in german shepherds that cant control themselves and get excited or scared when they meet new people.

Heres how you should train your dog to hand target.

Step 1

First of all, hold your hand out in front of your german shepherd. Every time they touch their nose to your palm give them a treat.

However, when youre doing this dont say anything. Just keep your palm outstretched to them and let them touch it with their nose.

And make sure you dont bring your hand to them if they arent going for your hand. Instead, try moving it from side to side in front of them.

If they still dont move towards it, then rub a treat on it so they can smell it. That will definitely get them to bring their nose to it.

Give them a treat and congratulate them every time they do this successfully.

Step 2

Once your german shepherd realizes they get a treat every time they touch your hand with their nose, its time to kick it up a notch.

Start putting your hand to the left and right of your dog, or a few inches back. Every time they touch it with their nose, give them another treat.

Do this 20-30 times.

Step 3

Now things are getting interesting. Each time you hold your hand out say a command, like calmly or hello and then proceed to let them touch your hand.

Once again, every time they do this give them the treat to let it sink in.

Step 4

Why Your German Shepherd Sleeps So Much

Each of the different reasons that your German Shepherd sleeps so much will likely come with a number of clues.

Below, I will mention a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might sleep so much and the signs to look for.


It is natural for a German Shepherd to sleep for between 12 and 14 hours per day .

During sleep, a German Shepherds brain, central nervous system, immune system and muscles develop. Since German Shepherds use up a lot of energy it is necessary for them to get a lot of sleep so that they are able to direct their energy towards growing and repairing the muscles.

This means that, if you are concerned about why your German Shepherd sleeps so much, then dont be since it is natural for them to sleep a lot.

With that being said, if your German Shepherd sleeps for more than 14 hours per day and it is lethargic when it is awake then it may be cause for concern and it would help to take it to a vet. That is unless it is a puppy or it is old in which case it would be normal for them to sleep for more than 14 hours per day.


Heat can also contribute to a German Shepherd becoming sleepy.

German Shepherds are designed to thrive in colder environments which is why they have double coats. As a result of this, when the weather starts to heat up, it can cause them to be more sleepy.

Heat would be much more likely to be the reason that your GSD has been sleeping a lot if it suddenly started to sleep a lot more when the weather became hotter.



Other Things That Can Cause Your German Shepherd Puppy To Sleep A Lot

Like I have mentioned in the above statement, a German Shepherd Puppy can sleep up to 20 hours for the day and that is normal however we wont rule out the other factor that can cause your German Shepherd puppy to be sleeping a lot as well.

If your GSP is over 18 weeks of age then they should be sleeping for the same 20 hours per day, this will indicate that something is wrong and you should visit your veterinarian to seek out what the problem, at that stage and age they shouldnt be sleeping for over 13 hours per day.

Factors that can contribute to them sleeping a lot at that age are temperature, their diet, sickness, or boredom.

The temperature of where your GSD is can contribute to why they may be sleeping so much, remember these dogs are double-coated which means they perform better in cooler temperatures than the hot surroundings. So if the surrounding is extremely hot then this can play a huge part on why they are sleeping so much.

What you very much feed your puppy can lead to the result of putting them on a poor and unhealthy diet, this too can cause them to be sleeping a lot due to that the body isnt getting enough supplements to keep the dogs high energy up.

These dogs are from a very active breed line of dogs so if they have nothing to do they will get bored and this too can result in sleeping more than usual.

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How Much Does A Senior German Shepherd Sleep

German Shepherds usually live between 9-13 years. When they reach the ages of 7-9, theyre considered senior dogs, even if they still act like puppies. During this stage, your German Shepherd may sleep a bit more than the expected 12 or 14 hours a day, just like an older human.

Along with the change in sleep patterns, your senior German Shepherd may show some graying around the eyes and muzzle, less interest in playing, and less energy for walks and hikes. If this happens, reduce your pets activity level and let them enjoy their well-earned rest.

What Affects The Sleep Quality Of Gsd Puppies

Why does my German Shepherd puppy sleep a lot?

Poor diet and sickness are the most common reasons why a German Shepherd puppy is sleeping more than usual.

If your German Shepherd is not getting enough protein-rich nutritious food specially formulated for puppies, he could become lethargic. So, evaluate your puppys diet.

Poor diet also puts your puppy more susceptible to disease. When Pupper is sick, he may sleep more to fight off harmful pathogens. A parasitic infection also causes malnutrition and weakness.

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What Should I Feed My 8

As a large breed dog, your German Shepherd you should only feed your puppy food that is specially formulated for large breed puppies. Large breed puppies have different nutritional needs that are not found in ordinary puppy food.

Feeding a commercially available food that is formulated for large breed puppies helps them to grow at a sustained rate.

Steady growth in a large breed puppy helps to avoid stress on their bones and gives them a strong skeletal foundation for their athletic muscles. Limiting food intake in growing German Shepherd puppies has also been associated with fewer signs of hip dysplasia.

This is of extreme importance in this breed due to the high incidence of hip problems and the pain associated with this joint disorder. A growing puppy is best fed a proprietary pet food that has been specifically formulated to meet its nutritional needs.

Foods that are available as dry kibble are especially suitable to rear even the youngest of puppies. Homemade diets may, in theory, be adequate, but its difficult to ensure that all the proper nutrients are provided in their available form unless they are laboratory tested on every batch made.

Opt for this specially formulated food for large breed puppiesto keep your dog growing at a healthy rate that helps them stay strong. It is a complete balanced diet so nothing is missing.

Can Puppies Sleep Outside

Why can’t puppies sleep outside right away? Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature like grown dogs can.

Depending on the season or climate, if it’s too hot and humid or too cold and snowy, you have to let your puppy grow to a size and weight to meet the rigors of the season.

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Create A Routine For Your German Shepherd Puppy

First thing every morning, take your German Shepherd puppy out of its crate and carry it to the place where it should relieve itself.

Praise your dog for doing its business where it is supposed to.

Repeat the morning routine even if there have been accidents during the night. Never scold your dog for nighttime accidents.

Dogs dont make the connection between their going in the wrong place and punishment for the mess. They will just think you are mean. But they will remember rewards for holding it in and going in the right place in the morning.

Throughout the day, make sure opportunities to potty follow opportunities to play. Pay attention to cues that your dog needs to urinate or defecate.

Take more potty breaks when your dog is exercising hard and drinking lots of water.

Before naptime, make sure your dog makes a trip to its place for bathroom activities. Then give it one more opportunity to relieve itself before putting it in its crate overnight.

Training puppies requires lots of patience, and lots of cleaning supplies. But the result will be a happier dog with a happier family that develops healthy lifelong sleep habits.

A word on pee pads:

There was a time when most new dog owners put out old newspapers over the floors so puppies could relieve themselves with ruining carpet or tile.

The modern equivalent is the pee pad. The problem is that dogs make an association between the feel of the pad and an appropriate place for bathroom business.

Should Puppies Eat 2 Or 3 Times A Day

Why does your German Shepherd sleep Next to you? | German Shepherd Sleeping Position |

Puppies need small, frequent feedings. For the first few months of a puppys life, they will need small meals of food throughout the day as they transition from their mothers milk to solid food. Feeding them three or four times per day makes it easier for puppies to digest and help keep energy levels consistent.

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Sleeping Patterns Of Adult German Shepherds

Since German Shepherds are generally active, a healthy adult dog may require less sleep. They can sleep anywhere between 12-14 hours every day. As they are commonly known as working dogs, they are highly cautious and alert. Besides, their seep is generally influenced by the kind of job they are used to do.

Do Puppies Need Water At Night

Your Puppys Water Intake During Housetraining Its best to remove your puppys water bowl at night. So, if your lights-out time is at 11 p.m., a puppy should have no food or water after about 88:30 p.m. This gives you a chance to take him out for a one last potty break before settling in for the night.

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Week Old German Shepherd Diarrhea

If your brand new puppy has an upset stomach despite your best efforts, dont worry too much its normal for puppies to have diarrhea within the first few days of arriving at their new homes.

The stress of such a drastic life change can manifest in different ways, and an upset stomach is a pretty common reaction.

You can give your pup a better chance of having a settled stomach by keeping her on the food she was eating before you brought her home, and feeding on a consistent schedule.

Diarrhea can also be a sign of an underlying issue besides stress, however, and severe diarrhea can be life-threatening if left untreated.

If your puppy is vomiting, has bloody diarrhea, seems unusually lethargic, or is refusing to eat or drink, then its time to call the vet.

Should You Keep A Destructive German Shepherd Outside

Why does my German Shepherd puppy sleep a lot?

Sadly, many owners dont know what theyre getting into when they purchase a German Shepherd.

These are relatively common dogs, which often means that they are adopted by owners that dont know much about dog ownership. They may want a German Shepherd as an expensive alarm system or because they look fantastic.

However, German Shepherds are a lot of work. They require extensive socialization and training to be good canine citizens. As brilliant dogs, they need plenty of mental stimulation. Often, this means daily training exercises, puzzle toys, and long walks.

They are also highly active, require much exercise.

If these needs arent met, a German Shepherd will get destructive. However, the answer isnt to keep your dog outside but to meet these needs.

If your dog was never trained properly, now is the time to start. If your German Shepherd isnt getting enough exercise, increase the frequency of walks. If your dog is still destructive, it is likely because they are not getting enough mental stimulation.

This can be hard to judge for many dogs. Usually, bored dogs will try to make their own fun, resulting in destructive behavior for seemingly no reason. Your German Shepherd may break into your cabinets or chew up your couch. Adding training and puzzle toys can help.

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German Shepherd Sleeping Habits And Patterns

There are so many aspects of a German Shepherd dog breed that mesmerize any dog lover. First, there is the way they move about, play, and guard their parents! But whats most intriguing is that German Shepherd sleeping patterns are quite different from other dog breeds.

Do you have concerns that your German Shepherd isnt getting adequate sleep? Sleep is an essential component of your dogs health, and thats why weve analyzed what a German Shepherds normal sleeping patterns are, how much rest they should get, and the significances of different sleeping positions.

How Fast Should My Dog Be Breathing

As a general guide, dogs should breathe 15-30 times per minute while awake. At rest, this amount of breaths should decrease. Young puppies may breathe faster, but anything over 35-40 breaths per minute may indicate illness.

Raising a puppy is a responsibility that shouldnt be taken lightly. Always monitor your puppy when they seem uncomfortable while sleeping. If you notice rapid breathing that isnt related to their sleep patterns, take your puppy to the vet for a check-up and an assessment.

Hyperventilation in puppies while sleeping is usually tied to some underlying condition. Puppies naturally breathe rapidly, but when they are struggling to breathe, you know there is something wrong.

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How Important Is Sleep For German Shepherds

Sleep is as important as food for GSDs. According to dictionaries, sleep means to rest by being in the state of inactivity physically and mentally. But how important is sleep for GSDs?

  • Being in the state of physical and mental inactivity for certain periods of time each day, helps GSDs to develop their brain function. A GSDs brain processes and organizes data during their sleep.
  • Sleep is also crucial for GSDs memory retention and can increase learning capabilities. This proves true, especially when they are in training. They will be able to perform new tricks and tasks better when they are well rested.
  • It strengthens GSDs immune system. GSDs can be more prone to sickness and infections when they are sleep-deprived.
  • It can also help GSDs bodies to recover from physical exhaustion.
  • Sleep aids in GSD puppy growth.

How Much Sleep Is Normal For A German Shepherd

Do German Shepherds Dream When Sleeping?

When it comes to a healthy adult pet German Shepherd, sleeping for around 12 to 14 hours a day is the minimum amount to expect.

A German Shepherd does not generally rest for 14 consecutive hours, however. Instead, a German Shepherd will typically take several catnaps during the day, before sleeping through the night.

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Top Best Answers To The Question Why Does My German Shepherd Sleep On Its Back

Sleeping on the back puts your German Shepherd in a vulnerable position since their soft stomach is exposed and they cant pounce into action quickly. German Shepherds sleep upside down because they feel safe and this allows them to doze off without fear about an attack from predators or enemies.

Those who are looking for an answer to the question «Why does my german shepherd sleep on its back?» often ask the followingquestions:

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How Much Do German Shepherds Sleep In A Day

We are not saying anything strange when we mention that dogs sleep a lot since they are very active animals that tire quickly and that, by their nature, need to sleep many more hours than people. It is true that some breeds are more likely to sleep a greater number of hours compared to others. Many people ask, How much do German Shepherds sleep?. We will answer this in todays article.


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Why Do German Shepherds Cry A Lot

German Shepherds cry because they feel uncomfortable about a certain situation, whether it be pain, separation anxiety, or hunger. When they feel uncomfortable, their natural reaction can be to cry. They can also cry when they find or discover something they think is important and needs your attention.

Sleeping Habits Of A German Shepherd Puppy

Do German Shepherds Need A Lot Of Attention?

It is very normal for German Shepherd puppies to sleep approximately 18 to 20 hours daily. Also, it is common for a pup to have difficulty sleeping through the night. Just as newborn children require a schedule, so does your new GS puppy. At the age of eight weeks old, your puppys bladder will not be strong enough to retain them for the entire night.

When your German Shepherd dog puppy is still under eight weeks old, he will regularly wake you up twice or three times a night to go potty. But as he grows older, he will gradually decrease the potty calls to once a night. Their expanding bodies require more nutrition and rest. Furthermore, they get fatigued quickly when exercising or exploring their surroundings therefore, they require a lot of rest.

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