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When Can German Shepherds Breed

German Shepherds Are Known As A Mouthy Breed

How to breed a German Shepherd

They tend to use their mouths as a hand thanks to that herding heritage. Its even right there in their name, ShepHERD. This mouthing behavior is natural, so expect your GSD to mouth you and chew anything that will fit inside your pets mouth. However, that doesnt mean you should let it go. What might be cute in your small puppy will get harder and stronger as your dog grows up. Training your dog not to chew your hand or the furniture is essential with this breed. Teach your German Shepherd to channel those instincts safely and appropriately.

How Many Puppies Do German Shepherds Usually Have

A Healthy German Shepherd can give birth to 6 to 9 puppies at a time.;

Many factors influence the litters size like age, nutrition, health, and genetics.

A healthy and young German Shepherd can have a bigger litter than an old dog.

Before breeding a German Shepherd, it is essential to consult your vet.;

Perform a health check on your Dog to see if he is healthy enough to breed.

Many diseases can make pregnancy difficult. Asking advice to your vet is the best thing you can do.

Also, nutrition is an essential part of your dogs life. You should feed a healthy and balanced diet to your German Shepherd dog.

When a German Shepherd is pregnant, you should feed her high-quality meat.

High-quality meat is rich in proteins and essential minerals. Give your dog the most nutritional diet possible, which is full of vitamins. Minerals, proteins, and fats.;

An Indoor Vs An Outdoor German Shepherd

German Shepherds can be inside dogs, but be sure it is the right choice for both of you. Before deciding inside versus outside, keep in mind there is more than one benefit to having your dog live inside, such as preventing allergies and lowering their anxiety. In fact, many dog trainers advise you to keep them indoors.

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Whats The Average Adult German Shepherd Weight

The average weight of German shepherds varies by gender. Males usually end up weighing 66 88 pounds while females 48 to 70 pounds. This is the ideal weight that adult German shepherds should have. In case a German shepherd is not gaining weight, they may show signs, such as loss of appetite, lethargy, dull fur, loss of muscle mass, etc.

How To Prevent Dwarfism In German Shepherds

Free Images : mammal, vertebrate, old german shepherd dog ...

Pituitary dwarfism in German Shepherds is a life-threatening condition that has an easy solution prevention. The best way to do this is by screening parent dogs.

There is a readily available DNA test that can be performed on parent dogs before breeding them. Utrecht University in the Netherlands is one of the first developers of the DNA test that identifies the presence of LHX3 mutation in canines.

This test is the result of nearly 15 years of intensive research. It is reliable, safe, and yields accurate results. A similar test is also performed by Antagene, a research facility based in four different countries.

Simply put, the number one thing to keep in mind when preventing dwarf GSDs is not to breed two carrier parents.

As long as this rule is followed, no dwarf German Shepherds will be born. In theory, this is the most surefire way to eradicate pituitary dwarfism in German Shepherds.

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Which Type Of German Shepherd Is Right For You

Ask yourself this

  • What do I want from a German Shepherd dog?
  • What can I offer in terms of time, effort, training, and stimulation?
  • Your answer lies where the two needs meet

    Next, you need to find a breeder that understands their lines and breeding programs.;

    You don’t want someone who breeds for the sake of breeding.

    All lines have some issues, and thats true for any other breed of dog too.

    But if you know exactly what you want, go to the right breeder and let them know, you will get the right German Shepherd breed type for your family.

  • Oliver Stan

    Hello there I need some help with a lot of thing since this is going to be my first ever pup!!! and to show my mum I can show responsibility and commitment I would need i little helpI want a pup who can be my protector, my best mate, a shoulder to cry on and a workout buddy

    I hope Ive well written this. if you need anymore information I would be happy to answer.

    And I would 10/10 recommend to a friend/family/random people on the street.

  • Taylor Bishop

    Thanks for helping me learn more about German Shepherd breeds. Its interesting to learn that the DDR working lines will need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. Maybe it could be good to learn what other owners have done to really ensure that this breed of German Shepherd remains happy.

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  • Take Care Of The Dogs Feeding

    Due to a lot of hormonal changes, the appetite in dogs can change a lot.

    German Shepherds can refuse to eat because they do not have an appetite. Usually, there is nothing to worry.

    If they do not feel hungry, they will not eat. What we suggest is try to feed her something that she will like.

    MostGerman Shepherds will eat the chicken while in heat.

    My dog usually refused everything while in the heat, but when I gave her some chicken, she always accepted it.

    All dogs are different. You will need to find out what your dog likes to eat.

    So pay extra attention to her feeding, always give her high-quality food for her excellent health.

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    Even Purebred German Shepherd Dogs Are Not As Healthy As Other Breeds And Require Extra Care

    The AKC describes German Shepherds as healthy dogs and thats true to an extent GSD are not the most sickly dog breed out there but theyre not as healthy as some other dog breeds either.

    The veterinary charity PDSA lists some of the most common health issues even properly-bred GSD dogs can experience:

    • Canine hip dysplasia
    • Thyroid disease
    • Bloating

    When we say common that doesnt mean that these issues happen very often of course just more often than the average for other dog breeds. So, while this is not a reason not to get a GSD, it is a reason to look for adequate breeders, to ask for health certificates, to take good care of your dog, and to go to routine vet check-ups.

    German Shepherd Dogs Are Known For Their Versatility

    How to Check Pure German Shepherd Dog Breed | Dogmal

    If you need any job done, just ask your dog. GSD owners understand their dogs were developed as working dogs and can do almost anything. In fact, the ideal German Shepherd has a body and gait suited to the hard work that is considered its primary purpose. This means your dog can excel at almost anything. From dog sports like rally, agility, or scent work to therapy work to guide dog work, German Shepherds can do it all. The only thing holding your dog back is the time and energy you can commit to training. Its no wonder people always think your dog is a service or police dog.

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    The Difference Between Male And Female German Shepherds

    Male German shepherds are taller and bigger than female German shepherds. They also tend to be more emotionally stable and stronger than their female counterparts. However, female German shepherds are more affectionate, obedient, and easier to train. They are the perfect candidate for family protection, while male GSDs are best for personal protection.

    Provide A Special Room

    If doggie diapers arent your idea of fun, your house can still stay relatively clean. This involves keeping your in-heat GSD in a room with a tile or linoleum floor.

    Shell leave a bit of a mess that youll want to clean frequently, but at least you wont have to change diapers for three weeks.

    Keep in mind that estrus discharge can smell quite strongly. If you have a sensitive nose, must leave your dog alone for eight or more hours, or get queasy at the sight of blood, you wont want to skip the diapers.

    Trust us on this one. Most dogs will clean up after themselves, but only their own bodies.

    Theyll leave the floor, bedding, toys, and furniture to you.

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    The First Ever Guide Dog

    Who doesnt love service dogs? But, did you know that the first Seeing Eye Dog was a female German Shepherd Dog named Buddy?

    Sometime around the 1920s, Morris Frank was partnered with Buddy, who went on to become Franks, declaration of independence. Frank was also a co-founder of The Seeing Eye the first guide-dog school in the U.S.

    Supplements For German Shepherds

    German Shepherd dog breed Information with facts & Health

    The vast majority of commercially available dry kibble is complete and balanced for your dog, assuming its a high-quality food.

    That means there is almost never a reason to supplement your dogs diet with additives, vitamins, or herbal supplements. In fact, adding these things to a healthy dogs diet can cause a lot of harm.

    Never supplement your dogs diet unless directed by a veterinarian. In those cases, they will prescribe or suggest canine-safe products to cover your GSDs special needs.

    Human supplements are often unregulated, minimally effective, and often contain substances harmful to animals. Never use a human supplement for your German Shepherd.

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    Dwarf German Shepherd Genetics: How Is Dwarfism In German Shepherds Passed On

    Pituitary dwarfism in canines is mostly genetic. This means that it is acquired entirely from the genetic material that gets passed on from parent dogs to their offspring.

    To better understand how dwarfism in German Shepherds is passed on, you must first be familiar with two useful terms: non-carriers and carriers.

    A German Shepherd is referred to as a non-carrier if it does not carry the recessive gene responsible for pituitary dwarfism LHX3. On the flip side, a German Shepherd is referred to as a carrier if it has either one or two copies of the said gene.

    German Shepherds who carry only one copy of the recessive gene will not turn out as a dwarf. They will live and grow as typical Shepherds. On the other hand, German Shepherds with two copies of the recessive gene will turn out as dwarves.

    That said, a dwarf GSD can only be born if both its parents are carriers. Remember, this does not mean both parents must be dwarves to have a dwarf GSD puppy.

    On average, when parent German Shepherds are mated and both carry the recessive gene, 50% of their offspring will also be carriers of the gene. The other 25% will be non-carriers, while the remaining 25% will be dwarves.

    German Shepherd Breed Based On What They Are Bred For

    The German shepherd is characterized by what he would be bred for. There are two distinct types based on body type.

    German Shepherd Show line Dog breed

    Show line GSD has a sloping body. They are typically calmer and relatively larger than working GSDs. They are bred to participate in dog shows.

    German Shepherd working line Dog breed

    German Shepherds were bred to be working dogs. They are most typically used as a Police or military dog. GSD was originally bred to be used as a shepherd dog to drive and protect the flock from the predators. Working GSD is relatively smaller and has more energy.

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    Male Vs Female German Shepherd: Which Is Better

    Many people fall in love with one of the worlds top dog breeds the German Shepherd Dog.

    But which is better

    A male or female German Shepherd?;

    Today, youll learn the ups and downs of choosing a male or female German Shepherd and get answers to your top questions.;

    So, which should you choose

    A male or female German Shepherd?

    The answer might surprise you!

    Why Do Police Use German Shepherds Instead Of Dobermans

    German Shepherd Dog Breed Guide

    Police use German Shepherds instead of Dobermans due to their obedience. They can endure harsh weather as well. And when it comes to bonding with a handler, theyre also quicker to form one.;

    Both breeds are:

    • Fearless.
    • Born with good stamina.

    These are all in the requirements of a police dog. But, there are things that German Shepherds can do better.

    What are these?

    Ill discuss each of them.

    #1: Thin single coat

    First off, Doberman Pinschers have thin fur.

    So they dont do well in extremely low temperatures. And harsh weather.

    This can be hard. Especially during patrols and rescue.

    But unlike them, German Shepherds have double coats.

    They have an outer layer of fur called a guard coat. And its purpose is to protect them from water and dirt.

    #2: Issues with obedience

    Dobermans are also known for their cleverness.

    In fact, Coren, the expert I mentioned earlier, ranked them 5th in intelligence.


    This good trait can also be a weakness.

    But whys that?

    Its because theyre prone to thinking and acting on their own.

    One study proves this.

    Researchers say that theyre excellent in tracking. But, they usually have an unstable temper.

    Training them to grab a certain body part was also found to be difficult. As well as asking them to attack in command or not.

    So for example, both of them were asked to go to a place

    German Shepherds will do what was asked. And theyll perform the exact thing they do during training.


    Dobermans may tend to find a safer or easier route.

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    Gsds Are Super Active

    Therefore, so are you. Thinking of lounging on the couch? No way! German Shepherd owners know that wont happen until youve walked your dog, gone to the park, or provided some sort of exercise. This breed only thrives with enough regular exercise to burn off all that excess energy. If you dont give your GSD daily workouts, watch out. Your dog will get that energy out somehow, and most likely in ways you dont want. To be sure your German Shepherd is happy and a pleasure to live with, you will definitely get all the exercise you need too.

    Interesting Facts About German Shepherds

    Did you know that German Shepherds are the;second most popular breed;of dogs in America? They are clench in high esteem for their protective nature, intelligence, ability to learn commands easily and quickly, and their temperament. German Shepards are a very fascinating breed.;Here are some interesting facts about german shepherds you didnt know.;

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    Changes In The Behavior

    You will notice some changes in the behavior of the German Shepherd. It is prevalent when a dog is in heat.

    Due to the hormonal changes, her behavior can drastically change. So if your dogs behavior has changed recently, she can be in heat.

    Your dog can be more active, jump, and run. Every dogs behavior changes in a different way.

    How Do German Shepherds Compare To Other Herding Dogs

    German Shepherd Dog Breed Information, Photos, History and ...

    When it comes to herding, few breeds can compare to the sheer intelligence and power of the athletic German Shepherd.;Not only were German Shepherds excellent for herding sheep, but they could also protect the flocks from predators.;

    Their intimidating physicality and loud barks were often more than enough to scare off animals that might see sheep as snacks, such as wolves. In other words, they were very useful dogs that took up several roles on farms.

    But even if the predators did not run away, a German Shepherd could just as often put up a fight.

    Specifically as a dog for herding sheep, they were and are perhaps the best choice.;But for herding larger animals, it might be better to go with a smaller dog, such as the Corgi. Yes, this might seem a bit counterintuitive, but we will explain.

    Sometimes the animals being herded are not always the most cooperative. So, they might display a little aggression in the form of a kick here and there.;

    For smaller animals like a sheep, this wont pose much risk to a German Shepherd. But what about cattle? A kick from a cow could seriously injure even a German Shepherd.;

    So, for these animals it is better to have a Corgi or other shorter breed. Any kicks would just fly over their heads, leaving them unharmed.;German Shepherds are much larger, thus, becoming a much bigger target for flying hooves.

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    When Is A Female German Shepherd Ready And How They Mate

    A Heating cycle in a German Shepherd lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. There are 4 different stages.

    The first stage is the proestrus. In this stage, estrogen levels in the female begin to raise, and eggs start to mature.;

    When a Female German shepherd is in the proestrus stage, males start to get attracted. You can notice a swelling in the vulva of your Female German Shepherd.

    There is also some blood discharge, and it can last for 9 days.

    Estrus is when a female German Shepherd is ready to be breed. Only during this period, she can get pregnant.

    At this stage, the female German Shepherd will start flagging to tell the male that she is receptive.

    A male German Shepherd will sniff the females vulva to see if she is receptive.;

    If a Female German Shepherd is ready and receptive, she will stand still and hold her tail to the side.

    This means that she is ready to mate with him.

    German Shepherds With Children

    The GSD is a large breed dog. And both males and females are powerful dogs with lots of energy including jumping.;

    These traits could make them harder to handle around small kids or children. Generally, female GSDs interact better with children due to their maternal, less dominant nature.

    And male GSDs tend to be larger, more muscular, and may become too powerful for smaller children. Their large personalities and behavior may push around the kids and they are more aggressive in nature.

    Females are a better match for a family with children.

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