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How To Train My German Shepherd Not To Jump

The Key Takeaways Here Are:

Training your German Shepherd to Stop Jumping
  • For effective German Shepherd training, you must be a good leader in your dogs life.
  • Leadership is about using brains and NOT brawn to train your German Shepherd.
  • Understand what your dog is not , learn to speak your dogs language, and get inside his head.
  • Always be patient and consistent with your training and reinforcement.
  • Aggressive methods are not effective when training your German Shepherd. You will see little to no results, it will cause trust issues and youll break your dogs spirit. Always be kind!
  • Positive reinforcement and training will bring quicker, long-lasting results. And build a strong relationship of trust and love between you and your German Shepherd.

Check out this article to learn how to teach your German Shepherd not to jump on you or your guests.

  • Afton Jackson

    The part of your article that mentioned consistency and why it matters when training dogs was definitely one part that was helpful to read. The last thing I want to happen is that my dog would be let loose thinking that they would behave and they suddenly act aggressively towards my family because we gave the wrong command. Ill make sure I focus on this aspect of training when I find a dog trainer in the area that can help me train my german shepherd.


  • Gabriella V

    Hi Roylena,

    Im so sorry, I totally forgot to drop the link to my article on jumping here for you to check out. Here it isHow to stop a German Shepherd from Jumping on You.

  • Tip #: Dont Be Afraid To Use Food Treats For Training

    I am sure you have heard all sorts of things against the use of food for training. Let me say it loud and clearTHEY ARE ALL WRONG! :)One of the key features of a good trainer is that he is able to motivate the dog. To do this, you need to find the things that your dog likes most and use them as rewards. Food will be one of them, so use it. But also use anything else, like walks, petting, play time, toys, etc. So, of all the German shepherd puppy training tips here, I don’t want to hear any excuses for this one!Using food for training doesnt mean that your pup will only obey when you have treats in your hand. Done the right way, your pooch will respond to your command even when empty handed. Here is the link that tells you the secret to train your dog with treat so that he responds even when you dont have them.

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    Week 2 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
  • Load up your hand with treats, and pop them close to your puppys nose.
  • Starting with easy areas like their backs and sides, lightly brush through their coat.
  • As youre brushing away, feed them their treats through your fingers.
  • TIPS

    If your puppy is very nibbly when youre feeding them treats , stuff up a Kong and use that instead.

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    The 5 Steps Of Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Its important to indicate from the onset that there is no one size fits all rule when it comes to training your German Shepherd puppy. Every dog is unique, and youll have to adapt to your dogs individuality.

    Nonetheless, some training basics are universal, as shown in the following five steps of German Shepherd puppy training.

    How High Can German Shepherds Jump Why Do They Jump Fences And How Can We Stop It

    7 Hacks To Stop German Shepherd Jumping Over Fences

    There is nothing better than watching your German Shepherd leap through a field full of crops. Seeing that super excited face bounding around is one of the best sights you can share with your German Shepherd but reverse that scenario to your yard and the sight of your German Shepherd jumping at the fence call fill you with nerves and dread.

    So just how high can a German Shepherd Jump? The Answer The average German Shepherd can jump between 4ft-6ft high however some have been know to jump up to 10ft in the air. Traditionally being a working breed German Shepherds have incredibly powerful hind legs allowing them to spring into the air.

    Let us examine why German Shepherds jump and what we can do to stop it.

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    Why Your German Shepherd Jumps On People

    Dogs are opportunistic creatures. This means if they can do something to get what they want, they will. And then that behavior will be reinforced and they will be more likely to do it again. So unless your GSD is jumping on people out of fear or aggression , he is doing it because it gets him what he wants attention, a toy, food, etc. The good news is that this makes it easy to stop the behavior. All you have to do is make sure your Shepherd is not being rewarded for it and give him another behavior to do instead that is rewarded.

    How High Can German Shepherds Jump

    Knowing how high your dog can jump isnt just fun trivia. It is actually important information that will help you keep them safe in and around your home. Some breeds can jump higher than others, and this will depend mainly on their size and athleticism.

    If you are wondering how high can German Shepherds jump, this article will dive into those details as well as examine the various factors that contribute to dog jumping height.

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    Sleep Training The First Week

    Eventually, wherever you want them to. But for now, beside your bed is the best place for your puppy to sleep it will help them feel safe.

    If you were a teeny baby, youd probably want to sleep next to someone too. Having them sleep beside you will also be of great help with toilet training youll be able to rush them to the toilet as soon as you hear them squeak.

    Theres something else you should know. You probably wont be sleeping incredibly well for the next few weeks puppies take a while to have full control of their bladder, so you can prepare to sleep with one eye open for now. Dont worry! Youll be back to sleeping with both eyes closed soon enough.

    Factors To Keep In Mind While Training Your Dog

    How to train DOG to NOT jump or lunge when you get home German Shepherd GSD Dog training

    Teaching a dog takes patience, practice and consistency. Make sure you stick to the routine. It may take time, but you will eventually see the difference and the hard work will pay off.

    There are basically two major aspects you need to remember while teaching your dog to not jump. The first one is training and the second one is management. These two factors go hand in hand

    Management: This is what will prevent your German Shepherd from jumping on you or any other person. This is a self-rewarding behavior.

    Training: Refers to the act when you present your German Shepherd with a certain reward. When your GSD refrains from jumping on anyone whereas, withdrawing the reward when they jump on anyone. So in a way of training is built on management. Remember that for training, behavior and its consequence is the core belief.

    A brief explanation:

    You might have wondered why German Shepherd gets aggressive when they encounter an unfamiliar person or other dogs.

    You bring home a new friend and your canine growls at them.

    The simple explanation for this behavior is their territorial nature, or sometimes even protective instincts.

    The reason your German Shepherd might jump on your new friend because he thinks of this new person as a danger to his territory, which can include your home and even you.

    Aggression in types of dogs:

    There are many ways for you to figure out the stance your dog adopts when it gets aggressive. Their body language says a lot.

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    Remember When Training A German Shepherd Puppy:

    • Time out should not last over 1-2 minutes.
    • Watch for when your puppy is calm and quiet for a very brief period .
    • Then let them out quietly, without scolding them.

    And dont close a door on a young puppy inside a room!

    This can cause anxiety. Remember to use a pet gateto separate them off from the excitement that caused the unwanted behavior, while still allowing them to see you and not feel trapped.

    Dont allow them out of time out while they are barking, whining, scratching, or otherwise acting out. This only serves to reinforce the unwanted bad behavior and doesnt discipline them effectively.

    Why Your German Shepherd Jumps On You

    If your German Shepherd has a habit of jumping up at you then youre probably wondering why and what you can do about it. This post will give you a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might start jumping and give you some ways to stop the behavior.

    So, why does your German Shepherd jump up at you? There are a number of reasons why your German Shepherd might start jumping. Possible reasons include excitement and trying to express its excitement by licking you at the face, looking for attention and a lack of training when it was younger.

    And, what can you do to stop it? The first thing that you should do is to ensure that youre giving your German Shepherd lots of exercise to ensure that it is properly stimulated. You can also train it not to by teaching it to sit and stay when its tempted to jump. You can also try ignoring the behavior and giving it attention once it has stopped this can stop the jumping over time.

    Before you try to get your German Shepherd to stop jumping its important to take the time to figure out why it might be doing it. By doing so you will be able to make it a lot easier to correct the behavior.

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    Catch Your Dog Being Good And Reward Them Out Of The Blue

    See your puppy acting the way you want? Reward them out of the blue!

    Its easy to get caught up in scolding when your pup when they are getting into trouble, but rewarding him out of the blue for being good shows them theyre doing the right behaviors .

    Keep small bits of treats in jars around the house out of reach of your pup and use any opportunity your catch your pup doing good to reward them.

    Here are some ideas for opportunities to reward your dog:

    • If theyre lying calming on their mat, give them a piece of a treat. But dont make a big deal of the situation or youll wind them back up.
    • When theyre playing with the toys you want them to chew, drop a tiny bit of treat out of nowhere.
    • If they sit and wait at the door, instead of dashing out ahead of you, reward them!

    Discipling your German Shepherd isnt always about catching bad behaviors, but also about rewarding good things your dog does. Dogs like to do things that you reinforce, even if you dont think they worked for the reward its still part of training.

    If you only worry about punishment and corrections, then youre missing out on the opportunities to reinforce positive behavior.

    Aim for one of these healthy treats that are the best for German Shepherds and pick carefully to ensure your dog stays athletic and fit.

    Week 1 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Teach your German Shepherd how to jump

    In the first week, well dive straight into socialisation exercises, training and husbandry tasks.

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Let your puppy explore the garden Teach your puppy about surfaces Name Brushing Hand Touch

    Congratulations! Its your first week of training your new puppy. How does it feel to be a new puppy parent? You must be chuffed.

    Take a look at these first few articles. These will be key for establishing a solid, comfortable base theyre all about toilet training, crate training and alone time training. All the ingredients you need for a happy home.

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    Dont Reward Your Dog For The Jumping Behavior

    Since dogs jump on you for your attention, when they do so, ignore them completely.

    You need to avoid eye contact and remain silent. Ensure you wait until it stops jumping and offer immediate positive attention. If this gets your dog more excited, you may want to try a different reward, such as giving it food.

    If you think food can work best for your dog, provide it with a few treats as soon as the jumping behavior stops.

    Ensure you turn away the moment your dog jumps on you and be patient, even if this feels repetitive. The more you focus on doing this, the quicker your pet learns its jumping behavior may not be appropriate.

    This can help your dog understand they get attention when they remain calm and dont jump on anyone.

    Why Dogs Jumps On The Fences

    Dogs can have many reasons to Jump Over the Fences. Here are the most common reasons why they Jump Over the Fences:

  • The dog gets bored
  • Your dog does not get enough exercise to burn all of his energy.
  • He wants to explore the world around him.
  • Dogs can sniff a female dog in heat from 5 miles of distance. Isnt it a supernatural Thing? But this is true. If they know that there is a Female in the heat out there then your dog will try everything he can to reach her.
  • Your dog is attracted from a voice or from something he has seen outside.
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    Week 6 Training Your German Shepherd Puppy

    Socialisation exercises to do this week Training to do this week Husbandry Tasks to do this week
    Tick 3 things off your personal checklist Following on walks
    • Have a treat pouch ready full of yummy treats.
    • Make sure your puppy is relaxed, and not over excited.

    How to do it

  • With your puppy in front of you, gently touch the side of their mouth, just on their cheek.
  • Give your marker word good, and give your puppy a treat.
  • Repeat this 5 times so that your puppy starts to enjoy your hand coming towards their mouth.
  • Easy peasy.


    · Looking inside your puppys mouth is quite difficult to handle for them so youll need to get them used to it slowly.

    · If they struggle at all go back a step and stay there for a while. Work at touching around your puppys muzzle and chin before you go back to trying to check the inside of their mouth.

    Learning The Right Ways Of Training A German Shepherd Puppy

    How to stop your German Shepherd Dog Jumping up and Mouthing

    Even the best of owners can sometimes do the wrong things.

    The worst advice is to punish your puppy, and if that doesnt work, keep punishing them more.

    Your best course of action is to prevent the bad behavior in the first place by watching your pup and not leaving them unsupervised.

    Learning how to train and discipline a German Shepherd puppy is difficult, but it can be done with consistency and patience.

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    If Your Dog Becomes Overly Excited And Jumps Up On You:

  • Turn your back. Do not push your dog off with your hands. They will probably think, at the very least, that jumping wins them attention, if not that youre playing with them. NEVER knee your dog when they jump on you. This is painful and dangerous.
  • If youve turned your back once or twice and your dog is still jumping on you, let them know this behavior isnt acceptable by telling them Too bad! and walking away from them, putting a closed door or baby gate between you.
  • When your dog is calm, you may return to interacting with them.
  • Your Dog Wants You To Be Consistent

    For dogs, everything is black and white they dont understand compromise. Remember this and you’ll have fewer bad habits to break.

    Training your German Shepherd will be easier.

    Heres an example of the types of mistakes owners make:

    Change verbal commands from come to come here keep your verbal commands consistent throughout.

    If youre trying to keep your pooch off the sofa, be consistent. If you allow it sometimes and other times not, youll confuse your dog and slow down the training.

    How can you expect your dog to learn if you’re not consistent?

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    Tip #: Train Your German Shepherd Puppy To Ask For Permission

    Dog commands and fun and useful and you can probably find hundreds to teach your GSD. This one though – Ask for permission– is technically not a command, because you will not ask your canine to do it every time, instead you want to teach him to do it on his own every time the occasion requires it. For example, wouldnt it be great if your puppy would look at you for approval before running after another dog or kid? Take time to do this with your puppy, it will be worth it!

    This is another one of the most important German Shepherd puppy training tips because a dog that asks for permission is an obedient and safe dog.


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