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How Much Exercise Does German Shepherd Puppy Need

Playing A Frisbee Game Can Be An Excellent Workout


Frisbee is an extra fun activity for dogs because they love it.You can do it in the park you jog in.

Here is a guide on how to get started this game with your GSD.

  • BUY 2 dogs discs because human frisbee are different and they can injure your Dog because it will catch them with his mouth.
  • There are two types of discs . These are available at most of pets stores.
  • Let your Dog get excited about the disc by playing gently with the disc and let the Dog always win.
  • To begin, Start with throwing the frisbee slow to let your Dog understand how to catch it.
  • It may take 50 to 100 times before your Dog starts to grab it in the air.
  • After sometimes when your Dog will understand how to catch the disc in the air, he will not let the disc touch the ground and will catch it in the air and this is the moment you were waiting for.

Now you have another exercise to do with your Dog and have fun.

Take Your Gsd Dog For Swimming

Swimming Can be another fun activity for your German Shepherd Dog to consume its vast energy.

If you like to swim, take your GSD along with you. Swimming is an excellent way to bond with your Dog and have fun.

Here are some tips to make this activity fun and safe for your Dog.

If the Dog is new to the water and Swimming, introduce him slowly to swim and make them comfortable with it.

If you try to force them to get in the water, it is not a good idea because they can panic and injure themselves.

If you have a budget to spend on your Dog get him a trainer.

Teach your dog how to get out of the pool.

Using a long leash attached to his collar, take your Dog down the steps, and gently place him in the shallow end of the pool.

Supervise always your Dog when it is in the water

Keep always an eye on your Dog while swimming because sometimes cold water can create hypothermia and it is dangerous. Always check that your Dog is not very tired of Swimming.

Clean your Dog ears after swimming to protecting him from infections.

Dogs ears are susceptible to yeast infections. You should immediately clean its ears after it gets out from the water to prevent any bacteria from infecting its ears.

If your Dog is old take extra care

Swimming for older GSD can be tough if they have hearing or vision problems.

Maybe they have arthritis which can make difficult for them to swim so make sure your Dog can swim.

Best Length Of Time To Walk A German Shepherd Puppy: You Know Best

When facing the question of how long should you walk your German Shepherd, use the rough guidelines of five minutes per month of age a couple of times a day. Otherwise, allow your pup to dictate her level of tolerance for playing and romping.

You can spend additional time with your puppy building a bond through affection and play, still limiting duration. Your pup will need some time during the day to herself and sleep.

This video shows the progression of a puppy and how his exercise abilities change. It perfectly illustrates how the young Shepherd dictates how much exercise he can tolerate.

Notice, in the beginning, the interaction with his owner is a large part dependent on easy contact.

As the puppy progresses in age, he gradually attempts more. If you watch puppies even three and four months old engaged in self-directed play, their actions are marked by frequent pauses to rest or think about the next move.

Rarely will you see a German Shepherd laying still, but as in the video, puppies will take time to rest if left to their own devices. Swimming is a great form of exercise, but not all German Shepherds love water.

This video shows that just because your German Shepherd puppy is not on a leash does not mean you are not walking her. Training should take up a good portion of your walks or exercise sessions, whether on- or off-leash.

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Ways To Provide Your Gsd With Physical Activity

Lets be honest that walking and running is probably not enough to spend all of your dogs pent-up energy. To keep him fit, healthy, and happy, you have to find other ways to exercise. But dont worry, I have selected 5 awesome ideas to help you tire out your German Shepherd!

Interactive Games.

Playing fetch, tug-of-war, hide & seek, and tag are great ways to exercise your GSD. This type of interactive activity is fun for both of you, and its great to strengthen your bond. You can tire out your dog quite easily with nothing else than a ball or a tug rope.

The German Shepherd is very social, so playing games actively with him is essential. With some energy, time, and creativity, you have everything you need to exercise your dog. Thus, its time to play!

Try Some Dog Sports.

Another great idea to provide your German Shepherd with proper exercise is to practice sports together. Whether you like to run, bike, swim or do any other physical activity, theres a way to do it with your dog.

Some of the best sports for German Shepherds are agility training, Schutzhund , canicross, bikejoring, and tracking. Smart, courageous, and active, they are generally good candidates for virtually any activity. Thus, you should always try to include your dog in your exercise routine!

Quick Tip: To make an obstacle course at your home, check out this agility equipment kit on Amazon!

Free Playtime.

Play With Dog Toys.

Explore The Great Outdoors.

Feeding Guidelines By Weight

How much exercise German Shepherds need

German shepherds can be of different weight ranges. Thats why the feeding plan of your dog can be complicated. Fortunately, theres a calculation for the feeding amount of German shepherds according to weight.

  • Inactive German Shepherds: For every 1 kilogram your dog weighs, theyll need 40 calories a day.An average weighted German shepherd will then need 1400 calories per day. This only applies to German shepherds that do not exercise or inactive.
  • Active German Shepherds: In the case of active German shepherds that exercise regularly, every 1 kilogram equals to 55 calories per day.So an average weighted German shepherd will require 1925 calories per day to be able to function properly.

Take note, however, that this calculation may be affected if the German shepherd has a health disorder concerned with metabolism or digestion.

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Why Is Exercise So Important For Puppies

Just as humans need to lead an active life to stay healthy, puppies need to expend the amount of excess energy built up in their little bodies to stay mentally and physically fit. Here are all the reasons why exercise is important for your little fur-ever friend.

Active Puppies Stay Fit for Longer

You may be thinking that it is a little too early to start worrying about pet aging, but the truth is that exercise helps keep your puppys mind sharp and prevents age-related illnesses in adulthood.

Setting a workout routine early on helps your dog stay on its paws for longer. Just as with humans, a consistent physical routine can keep the body flexible and ward off age-related stiffness.

Exercise Combats Health Problems

Theres an entire list of health-associated risks that your puppy may develop due to inactivity. Routine exercise can help ward off obesity, digestive problems, and promote heart and muscle health.

As a matter of fact, many of these problems are co-related. For instance, if your puppy is overweight, this can lead to cardiovascular problems and cause constipation.

Moreover, when your dog is exposed to the suns full spectrum of rays, it will soak up the ever-important Vitamin D, which is crucial for bone development and growth of puppies. Just 30 to 40 minutes of sunshine can also help kill bacteria and fungi.

Helps to Avoid Destructive Behaviors

Active Puppies Are Social Puppies

Balance Disc Exercise Routine

3 to 4 times a week start with an easy pose for your dog on the disc. As they improve their balance, increase the time slowly as you ask them to hold other poses, for example, front paws on disk, back paws on disk, and stepping on and off slowly.

Balance work is a wonderful addition to a German Shepherds daily routine to help your dog improve their minds while exercising.

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How Much Exercise Does My Gsd Need

The American Kennel Club recommends at least two hours of exercise activity spent with your GSD every day. This amount of time may be as low as 60 minutes if it is strenuous or vigorous exercise. Depending on how much intensity you put into exercising your GSD, you may spend more time outdoors when deciding how much walking does a German Shepherd need.

How Much Exercise Does A Senior German Shepherd Need

How much exercise does a German Shepherd need

As your German Shepherd ages, they wont need as much exercise as they once did. Its important to monitor how much they are getting and to make sure they arent overdoing it.

If you use the PitPat app, well set an age appropriate exercise goal for your dog that decreases as they age. You can also set your own goals manually in case they have higher or lower exercise needs.

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Tracking Agility And Herding

Tracking, a technique used by hunters to get their hounds to hunt it up, is based on the premise that a happy nose makes for a happy dog. Teaching your dog to track does not mean you are teaching them to hunt by any means.

Use a hot dog and drag it along the ground in a figure-eight pattern for your dog to follow. At the end of the pattern hide a piece of the hot dog under a box to give your dog a treat once he has taken you on the adventure.

Agility courses are becoming more prevalent in dog parks across the country. Agility courses provide a host of obstacles for your dog to play on. Using guided play while at the dog park can be hard to do when there are other dogs in the park so let your dog practice his herding skills unless you have the park to yourself

How Do You Know Your Puppy Overexerted Himself

You may occasionally find that your puppy overdoes it. Perhaps you took him to a birthday party for his Labrador friend, and you did not have the heart to break up their play session.

Most of the time, a play date that gets out of hand or a walk that runs over the anticipate time allotment will not cause any permanent damage. You can assess your pup the following day for signs of overexertion and know to take it exceptionally easy for the next day or two.

  • Limping on a leg
  • Wants to sleep all day Allow her
  • Difficulty getting up
  • Seems sore or lethargic

If your puppys symptoms persist for longer than one or two days or seem unusually severe, seek professional attention from a veterinarian.

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German Shepherd Puppies Vs Adults Guidelines

Our last topic involves the difference between a puppy and an adult.

This is an important subject as it will help you figure out the best way to take care of your dog depending on whether theyre an adult or a puppy.

The following are some of the facts that recent studies have proven:

  • Puppies have higher energy levels than adults. This means they need to eat more than adult German shepherds.
  • German shepherds will need higher protein and fat content in their early age. The amount of fat and protein will decrease as they grow older.
  • Puppies cannot tolerate too many nutrients. Ingesting extra minerals and vitamins may lead to serious health disorders. Meanwhile, adults are only risking being overweight when taking in more than intended.

With this German shepherd feeding chart, you can now decide on your dogs feeding plan, However, Id suggest seeing your vet first so you can confirm if your plan is actually effective.

Many owners simply feed their German shepherds without second thoughts of the dogs needs. But since youve read this blog post, you are now aware of the needs of your German shepherd.

After talking about the feeding amount, frequency, and lengths of a German shepherd, you can now easily plan how much, how many times, and how long you feed your dog. You even learned how to hydrate your German shepherd the proper way.

German Shepherd Puppy Exercise Chart

Age Activity and Amounts
2 months6 months Only a 10-minute walk on a lead for a 2-month-old , then lots of rest, play sessions indoors or outdoors can last 1015 minutes each time , work on obedience training, include mental stimulation
612 months Only a 30-minute walk on a lead for a 6-month-old , then lots of rest, play sessions indoors or outdoors can last 1530 minutes each time , work on obedience training, add mental stimulation slowly add in extra time walking and dont jog or run with your dog yet

Exercising puppies heavily too early in life may lead to joint damage. This is especially likely in large breeds with rapidly growing and heavily loaded joints, such as your GSD.

Dont walk your puppy for more than half a mile when they are young. And definitely dont make them run this distance !

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How Important Is Sleep For German Shepherds

Sleep is as important as food for GSDs. According to dictionaries, sleep means to rest by being in the state of inactivity physically and mentally. But how important is sleep for GSDs?

  • Being in the state of physical and mental inactivity for certain periods of time each day, helps GSDs to develop their brain function. A GSDs brain processes and organizes data during their sleep.
  • Sleep is also crucial for GSDs memory retention and can increase learning capabilities. This proves true, especially when they are in training. They will be able to perform new tricks and tasks better when they are well rested.
  • It strengthens GSDs immune system. GSDs can be more prone to sickness and infections when they are sleep-deprived.
  • It can also help GSDs bodies to recover from physical exhaustion.
  • Sleep aids in GSD puppy growth.

What Are The Cue Were Progressing Too Quickly

If your puppy shows any lethargy, noticeable soreness, limping or difficulty getting up or down youve pushed your puppy too far, give them plenty of time to heal fully before attempting more vigorous stuff with them again. Other signs that you are progressing too quickly can be your puppy refusing to walk further while you are out or a reluctance to go out with you again. All these signs are your puppy telling you that they arent ready yet.

Hope this article helps and we would absolutely love to hear your thoughts in the comments. How far do you walk with your German Shepherd and at what age? How do you judge if your puppy has had too much? Have we missed some important information out of the post? Let us know.

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Exercise For An Older Gsd

German Shepherd becomes less active and comparatively slow as it grows older. It is still important for it to maintain energy and mobility and manage its weight.

Exercise for an older dog must be limited as these dogs may develop arthritis and over-exercising makes them tired. Finally, a German Shepherd needs at least 30-45 minutes of exercise to keep up their high energy levels and strong stamina.

  • Tags

Hiking With German Shepherd Dog

Exercise for German Shepherd dogs with German Shepherd Man

German Shepherd dogs enjoy very much hiking. The will love the isolation in the wild.

The German Shepherd Dog can work all day long and never get tired.

But you should have some rules when hiking with your German Shepherd Dog.

If your dog is new and it is not fully trained off-leash, it is better to take him on the leash for safety reasons.

Make sure you bring with you enough food and water for you and your dog if you want to stay there for night.

Hiking can be a great thing to do with your dog once or twice a month.

There are many sports and exercises you can do with your German Shepherd Dog but explaining them all here is very difficult.

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German Shepherd Exercise Routine

The German Shepherd is energetic, strong and has bucket loads of stamina. Ideally, you need to find activities that can burn energy in a short period of time and use these skills. This can include high-intensity games and strength training is recommended to keep their muscles in peak condition. By keeping the muscles strong they will support the joints and tendons preventing injury.

Providing the right type of toys for German Shepherd is also a great way to provide exercise and mental stimulation for them. For the best type of toys for German Shepherds see here.

These are some of the recommended activities and exercise ideas to play with your German Shepherd.

How Much Exercise Does An Older German Shepherd Need

As a dog gets older they become less active and have lower energy levels. However, it is still important that they remain reasonably active to keep their joints and muscles mobile and to manage their weight. Read Dog exercise for a senior dog to learn more.

Many dogs develop arthritis as they age. Exercise for them becomes a balancing act. It is important to keep their joints mobile and manage weight, but too much can make them sore. Read How to exercise an arthritic dog to learn more.

German Shepherds are also a breed that is prone to hip dysplasia. Read Exercise for a dog with hip dysplasia to learn more.

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