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How Much Do Male German Shepherds Weigh

The Benefits Of German Shepherds

How much does a German Shepherd puppy weigh?

German Shepherds are incredibly hard-working, agile, and muscular.

Although theyre not really used to herd sheep anymore, theyre still bred in large numbers for their versatile and intelligent behavior.

German Shepherds are trained and used by the military and police to participate in a wide range of operations.

Their shape and size give them an advantage when it comes to working in harsh conditions.

German Shepherds are inherently driven to train and please their owners, which is a huge reason behind their popularity.

German Shepherds popularity makes them easy to come by since theyre bred in large numbers everywhere worldwide.

The downside to German Shepherds is they require training, attention, and a lot of exercise. If youre not looking for a big dog that requires an active lifestyle, you should probably look into other breeds.

Average German Shepherd Weight By Age

The most reliable numbers when it comes to a German shepherds measurements come from German Shepherd Dog FCI. It will also be the ones that well be using in this section.

Its also important to understand that males and females typically have different weights. This is a chart that shows the average weight of a German shepherd with 1-month intervals.

However, this German shepherd size chart will skip some months to show you how a full-grown German shepherd should weigh normally.

How To Ensure Perfect Weight For Your German Shepherd

To ensure a healthy and perfect weight for your German Shepherd dog, you should make sure about the following few things like:

  • Do not provide a free feed for your dog. It will develop a habit of eating the whole day, even without having an appetite.
  • Divide your dogs feed into different meals of small quantities. It will discipline your dog and will keep it healthy.
  • Use specific large-breed dog food.
  • Be very specific in selecting the quantity of dog food as the excess of calcium, vitamin D, and phosphorus can lead to joint problems.
  • You can use a slow feeder bowl or a toy to make your dog eat gradually, not in haste.
  • With a growing dog, metabolism also keeps changing. So, keep adjusting the food accordingly. The needs of a dog keep changing from a puppy to an adult and from an adult to a senior.
  • The maximum amount of treats and a minimal amount of human food keeps a German Shepherd just in the right shape and healthy.
  • Take your dog for a daily walk. Let it play, run, chase, and sniff freely. It will help to burn the fats and will keep your dog slim and active.
  • To encourage a dog for exercise, you can reward your dog with treats or dog toys. It will help you in a struggle with your dog to take exercise regularly.
  • Play fetch, hide and seek, hurdle run with your dog in the backyard to keep it healthy and active.

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Neonatal Period: Birth 3 Weeks

During this stage, a puppy is mostly helpless, and the mother will be responsible for feeding them, keeping them warm, and helping them eliminate waste.

Here are some of the developmental milestones to watch for:

  • Beginning to crawl
  • Eyes and ears begin to open
  • Eyes and ears fully open
  • First baby teeth erupt
  • Begin eliminating on their own
  • Start walking

How Many Calories Does A German Shepherd Puppy Need

When do german shepherds stop growing?

The number of calories that your puppy needs depend on certain factors such as age, weight, and activity level. Active puppies need more calories to sustain their energy levels.

German Shepherd puppies require at least 500 calories per day, but the amount increases as their weight also increases.

You need to calculate the RER of your puppy and multiply by two to know exactly the number of calories they need. The formula of RER is 703/4.

For example, if your German Shepherd puppy weighs 20kgs their RER is 703/4 = 662. Therefore, their daily intake should be 1324 calories.

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Are Male German Shepherds More Aggressive

Generally speaking, German Shepherds are a very social and obedient dog breed. Male Shepherds typically have mood swings at the age of puberty which can make them more aggressive if they are not trained well in the early stages of their life. In regards to specific breeds, aggression levels for any purebred will vary from one individual to another due to personality differences and other environmental factors such as lack of proper training or socialization. For this reason, it is difficult to say males within a specific breed will be more aggressive than another simply because male German Shepherds happen to be more aggressive on average even though that is not always true for an individual pup depending on his upbringing and personality traits..

Exercise: How To Best Exercise Your German Shepherd

Exercise is important to all dogs, but some dogs like German Shepherds need it more than others.

If your German Shepherd doesnt get the proper amount of exercise, they could become destructive to your home or yard.

Here are some great exercise options for German Shepherds.


Fetch is an easy and fun way to exercise your dog.

Fetch is a more intense form of exercise and can burn off a lot of energy quickly.

Keep in mind if your dog has joint issues, this may not be the best option.

Agility Courses

Agility courses will help stimulate their mind as well as provide physical exercise.

Agility for fun or competition is a wonderful way to bond with your dog as well as tire them out.


This only works for dogs that enjoy the water keep in mind not all dogs know how to swim.

Swimming is a full body workout for your dog and, combined with a game of fetch, is a lot of fun.

Swimming is a low impact exercise so there is no concern about the impact on your dogs joints.


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How Quickly Do Puppies Grow

You may want to get a sense of how quickly your German Shepherd puppy will grow. The following lists give estimates for male and female puppies weight over their first year these are the higher ends of the range.

For a more in-depth correlation between height and weight, it is worth it to read the book: Your German Shepherd Puppy Month by Month, 2nd Edition: Everything You Need to Know at Each State to Ensure Your Cute and Playful Puppy by Liz Palika and Terry Albert.

The exact weight will vary between different breed types and for each individual dog, but the general pattern will remain the sameGerman Shepherd puppies grow explosively over the first few months and then start to slow down between 6 and 8 months old. Stay in touch with your vet about monitoring this growth and adjusting their food accordingly. To go from pounds to kilogram: 1 pound is 0.453592 kilogram.

Do German Shepherds Still Grow After Being Neutered

GIANT Lycan Shepherd Puppies! – How Much Do They Weigh?

A common question among puppy owners is whether your German Shepherd will continue to grow after being neutered or spayed. The question is not so simple to answer. If you neuter your puppy, your puppy will continue to grow until he is an adult.

However, new science has indicated that if you neuter your puppy before he is fully grown, there is a greater risk that your puppy will develop hip dysplasia, arthritis, and even cancer in some dogs.

So, while neutering your German Shepherd when hes young will not stop him from growing, it might harm them in other ways.

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When Do German Shepherds’ Ears Stand Up

When do German Shepherd ears do stand up? It is one of the most commonly searched German Shepherd puppy facts. As a puppy, every German Shepherd dog has floppy and soft ears. As the dog matures, the cartilage in the ears becomes hard and strong. Then the German Shepherd ears stand permanently. The ear tapering process happens between three months to eight months.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including Utonagan, or Brazilian terrier.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our German Shepherd coloring pages.

Year Old German Shepherd Diet

Around their first birthday is the milestone lots of GSD parents choose to transition their pup onto an adult diet. German Shepherd puppies need a diet which is specific to their age, and predicted adult weight. This serves to fuel the rapid period of growth before their first birthday, but also make sure they dont grow too quickly, which can increase the risk of orthopedic problems in later life.

Even the biggest male GSDs have achieved over 90% of their adult weight by their first birthday. And the smallest females are likely to be fully grown. So its time to decide what youd like them to eat going forwards, and transition them onto their new diet. Their adult food will be less calorie dense than their puppy food, so that they can still enjoy portion sizes that make them feel full, but they dont become overweight.

This article can help you choose an adult diet for your year-old German Shepherd. If possible, transition your dog onto their new diet gradually over a period of several days. Give them 3 parts old food to 1 part new food on days 1 and 2. Then equal parts old and new food on days 3 and 4. And finally, 1 part old food to 3 parts new food on days 5 and 6, before ditching the old food altogether. Your puppy is now eating like an adult!

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Origin Of The German Sheprador

The German Shepherd Lab mix is considered to be a designer dog. The term designer dog was coined in the 1980s to describe matings between two different pedigrees. Along with a catchy portmanteau name, it distinguishes them from mongrels of complicated and unknown ancestry. But mating pedigrees with very different body shapes or polar opposite personalities can create muddled and unhappy offspring.

As well cover further down, theres a lot of overlap in the size and temperament of German Shepherds and Labradors. So whilst a Labrador Retriever German Shepherd mix is technically a designer dog, it doesnt warrant much controversy in terms of health and welfare.

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Does A German Shepherd Require A Large Yard

How Much Do German Shepherd Puppies Weigh?

In general, no.German shepherds are intelligent and love to please their owners therefore you can train them as needed for smaller yards or apartments as long as they get plenty of daily exercise which should be supplemented by at least an hour a day of vigorous activity outside. Of course there are always exceptions, but if you buy a healthy dog from a reputable breeder that is committed to doing a good job with its breeding then your German shepherds need for space shouldnt be too much different from any other breed..

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How Much Does It Cost To Own A German Shepherd

Adopting a German Shepherd is an important commitment. You need to be prepared to financially care for your dog for the entirety of his life, including food and visits to the vet. Adopting a dog from a breeder will also cost more than adopting your German Shepherd from a rescue or shelter.

Initial costs of a dog are higher because you need supplies. After that has been purchased, you can expect to pay about $1,000 a year for the best dog food for German Shepherds. Heartworm medicine is around $240 a year and a yearly visit of about $100, depending on the vet.

Additionally, you will need to factor in other costs for your dog. This means paying to have him microchipped if he wanders off as well as the spay/neutering surgery if that is what you would like to do.

You will also need to think about annual vaccinations, any tick medicine that you might want, as well as the cost of professional training if needed.

What Is A German Shepherds Neck Size

Measuring your German Shepherds neck is important to help you find the perfect collar size to ensure that they are secure and comfortable.

To do this, use a measuring tape to measure loosely along the base of your puppys neck. Ensure that you can slide two fingers in between the tape and your puppys neck. The neck size of a German Shepherd is 18 24 inches

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How Much Should A German Shepherd Mix Weigh

How much a German Shepherd mix should weigh is entirely dependent on what the German Shepherd has been mixed with. Here are some of the most popular German Shepherd mixes.

  • Shollie
  • Shepweiler
  • Dachshund Shepherd
  • Chow Shepherd
  • German Ridgeback
  • New Shepherd
  • German Australian
  • German Sheppit
  • Saint Shepherd
  • Alaskan Shepherd
  • Corman Shepherd
  • Beagle Shepherd

You should consult with your vet as they will be able to take the weight of both mixes and then give you an ideal weight limit your German Shepherd mix should be.

The 4 Stages Of A Dogs Growth And Development

Puppy Weigh In Week 5 | Gerberian Shepsky – German Shepherd Siberian Husky Puppies

I think we can all agree that its difficult to figure out the best way to take care of your dogs health. Not knowing about a German shepherd average weight and height only adds to the list of problems.

As German Shepherds grow through the stages of their life, they also develop more health risks. But are the stages of a dogs life?

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How Much Food Should A 6 Week Old German Shepherd Eat

Feed your six-week old German Shepherd puppy 3-4 times daily with warm goat milk from 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup of dry kibble. The energy requirements of your puppy and the food you provide are determined by how often you feed them.

How much should I feed my 8 week old German Shepherd?

Eight-week-old German Shepherds should wean themselves out of the milk of their mother and eat puppy food. Give him food 3 times a day but do not leave it behind after dinner time to put him on a strong menu. Do not wonder if you offer him up to 2 cups per day if he does not eat everything.

How Much Does A German Shepherd Weigh At 6 Months

A male German Shepherd at six months will weigh 53 pounds on average, whereas a female at the same age will weigh about 46 pounds. Pro Tip: Download this new puppy checklist detailing how to set up a vaccination schedule, wellness plan, microchips, and more.

8-Month Old: German shepherd of this age are capable of abandoning dog food once and for all and lean more on live ingredients. 1-Year Old: 1-year old German shepherds will have a slower metabolism. This will result in less feeding amount and frequency.

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Growth Table German Shepherd Dog Female

Here the weight of a shepherd dog female is shown in a table:


It is advised by many breeders and veterinarians to avoid a too fast growth.

The German Shepherd, as well as other large breeds of dogs, tends to suffer from joint problems and skeletal development disorders if they grow too fast.

Therefore, especially in the first 6 months of life, the dog should not be overfed.

What Does A 4

what does/did your 6 month old pup weigh?

Usually, 4-month-old German Shepherds weigh about 33-40 pounds if they are males and 31-35 pounds if they are females. The size differences between males and females will likely be obvious at this point if it already wasnt at birth. By four months, itll be easier to tell how big your particular dog might get.

At birth, a puppys size is largely dependent on where they were in the mothers uterus, which plays a significant role in their nutrition. Once they are born, genetics tend to take over. At 4-months-old, the puppies have been growing according to genetics for long enough for you to guess what their adult size might be. A dog that is small at this age is likely to remain small.

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At What Age Is A German Shepherd Fully Grown

German Shepherds require more time to fill out their adult size in their abdomen and chest as well as reach their full height. Female German Shepherds are fully grown when they reach the age of around two years.

On the other hand, male German Shepherds grow to be bigger than female German Shepherds and are fully grown when they are about two and half years old.

Some German Shepherds may continue to grow until they reach the age of three years, but most of the growth happens by 2 to 2½ years old.

German Shepherd Body Condition Score

Body Condition Score is the equivalent of Body Mass Index in humans. It is a subjective rating that standardizes the weight level of animals to help create an exercise plan and diet that suits your puppys activity level, body, and lifestyle.

Body Condition Scale range from 1-9 or 1-5. The ideal BCS for your German Shepherd puppy should be 3/5 or 5/9. This is where the ribs, pelvic bones, and backbone have a very thin layer of fat and is easily palpable.

The tummy tuck should be seen from the side and the waistline should also be visible behind the ribs when seen from above.

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