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How Many Times Does A German Shepherd Eat

Should You Feed A German Shepherd Puppy Supplements

How much Should you Feed a German Shepherd Puppy in a day? | GSD Diet Plan |

Required Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of a puppys diet. This is invaluable to a healthy puppys growth. If you want your dog to have healthy skin and a shiny coat, you should feed him vitamin A. You can give him vitamin E to help support his immune system.

Minerals act as a supplement to the vitamins and also ensures the healthy general function of your German Shepherds entire anatomy.

You need to be aware that just of the best vitamins and minerals for your German Shepherd puppy by visiting your vet and assessing his overall health.

German Shepherd Dog Feeding Chart

It is important that German Shepherd owners know the amount of food that their dog requires on a daily basis. Feeding too much or too little can cause health problems in GSDs. If you feed a lot of fat to your pup, it will develop hip dyslexia.

Depending on how youre deciding to feed your puppy either a natural, real meat / bone / vegetable diet, or if youre giving them off-the-shelf dog food, youll want to follow the recommendations below to help ensure they properly develop their internal systems, and maintain their energy levels.

Your German Shepherd is going to grow rapidly over their first 12 months of life, so youre going to want to increase the amount of food they have as they get older. Ensuring they have the proper amount of nutrition, in the proper ratios is critical to them developing into healthy adults.

What Type Of Gsd Puppy Food To Feed

There are four types of puppy food: dry kibble, wet food, homemade food, and raw food.

Because puppyhood is a very brief period of time less than one year of your dogs life! and feeding complete and balanced nutrition is simply vital for adult health, most owners opt for commercial dry kibble that is nutritionally complete and balanced with wet food supplementation as needed.

Homemade dog food can be really challenging to make in a way that ensures it is complete and balanced nutritionally.

In most cases, you will need to work closely with your dogs veterinarian to add in additional vitamins and minerals for full and complete daily nutrition.

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We Call It The German Shepherd Puppy Feeding Chart Because Though Your Dog Appears To Be Fully Grown From The Age Of 6 Months Still They Are Puppies By Nature

The German Shepherd Dog, one of Americas popular breeds is an intelligent and capable working dog. Their devotion and courage are unmatched. And theyre amazingly versatile.

The German Shepherd puppy is a popular addition to many households and hence German shepherd Puppy feeding is also important. It was initially developed for herding and is now commonly used as a working dog or pet.

GSDs excel at most anything theyre trained to do: guide and assistance work for the handicapped, police and military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience, and last but not least faithful companion.

When such an endearing pet arrives home, its hard not to fall in love immediately. As a particularly affectionate breed, the German Shepherd will reciprocate this love in abundance.

Since they will grow up to be a medium to large dog breed and their diet is an essential way to ensure they develop properly.

There occurs few common mistakes in feeding the German Shepherd.

This is your guide to providing all the nutrients your new puppy needs.

Many types of food can be provided. However, when it comes to German shepherd Puppy feeding, we have to look for foods designed for large breed dogs that are essential for puppies.

This will help to avoid health problems caused by overly rapid bone growth.

You should initially feed the same diet the puppy was eating before you adopted them. If you plan to change to a different food do not do so in the first few weeks.

Is It Bad For Dogs To Eat Grass

Mini German Shepherd

Not at all. Your instincts are what tell you when to eat grass and even what kind of grass to eat. Surely if you have been a little observant, you will have noticed that dogs do not eat any grass , but look for tender shoots or specific areas to eat.

Despite what some misinformed people insist on saying Eating grass is not at all harmful to our dogs. Although we must take some precautions, such as avoid eating grass that has been treated with pesticides , or do so compulsively continuously .

If your dog only eats grass to vomit, day after day, it is because he suffers some kind of pain in the stomach or digestive system. You should go to a veterinarian to examine it because you may have a problem of viral origin or have eaten something that should not and can not digest .

If your dog eats grass by hobby, as usual but does not vomit, you should not worry at all. It is a habit very common in dogs , they do it as a food supplement.

Do not scold your dog for eating grass, simply check that he does not eat grass that has been fumigated to prevent him from ingesting the poisons of the fumigation. On the other hand we must be careful that our dog does not eat any plant toxic to him, as it could make him sick.

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What Human Foods Are Dangerous For A German Shepherd Puppy

Though your German Shepherd can enjoy human foods, some of them can cause harm and they should be avoided to avoid making your puppy ill.

Chocolate contains the theobromine toxin which causes health issues for your puppy these include rapid heartbeat, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and hyperactivity.

Avocado is another toxic food for your puppy because it contains persin which causes serious gastrointestinal issues when eaten. Other foods to avoid feeding your German Shepherd puppy include onions, raisins, grapes, fruit pits, macadamia nuts, and sometimes dairy.

Canned Or Dry Food For German Shepherd Puppies

Most dogs will always opt for the sweet smell of wet, canned food, but that is not the best idea for German Shepherds. Canned food is typically higher in fat due to its wet consistency and it can cause dental issues for your dog as he gets older.

Dry food naturally removes any build-up and plaque from your dogs teeth, keeping them as healthy as possible.

Dry food is also better for digestion and is normally more protein-based with less fat. Get your puppy off to the right start by keeping him lean and keeping his teeth healthy.

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Dealing With Constipation In Your German Shephard Puppy

In the event your German Shepherd puppy isnt pooping like normal, they may be dealing with constipation. Constipation is where your dog is having significant trouble defecating from their stool.

While there are more severe things that can cause constipation, such as a concurrent kidney disease or an enlarged prostate, often the dog has simply swallowed something difficult to digest.

Grass and hairs are frequent items that prevent the puppy from pooping normally. Dog bones, believe it or not, can cause this problem as well.

The experts at PetMD recommend providing the dog plenty of water, control bouts of their eating grass, and substitute a bone with a nylon chew toy.

Should the problem persist, take the puppy to a veterinarian clinic for the appropriate treatment.

Depending on how severe the situation, the dog may require hospitalization for the purposes of an enema procedure to eliminate any obstructions in their rectum

Feeding And Exercise Warning

How to feed a pack of German Shepherd dogs

Give your dog the time to digest its food after hes had a meal.

Never let your pup play hard right after you feed them.

Wait 2 hours before and after feeding your dog its meal before heaving exercise or playing hard with them to avoid any gastric problems.

A light, slow walk is fine after eating if its not long and doesnt stress your dog.

Be sure to use these best exercises for a growing German Shepherd puppy to avoid injury and teach your dog valuable coordination and balance skills.

These gentle exercises keep your puppys joints healthy and help them learn confidence skills while getting to bond with their favorite person


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How Do You Tell If A Female Gsd In Heat

There are four stages in the heat cycle, and the signs that a female German shepherd is in heat depend on which stage shes currently in.

  • Proestrus: This is the stage where males are attracted to female GSDs, while the female isnt. This lasts for an average of 9 days.The most obvious sign of this stage is when male dogs start to crowd outside of your house. This is because its how male dogs react to a female in heat. They become attracted.However, your pet is likely to reject them since she still isnt susceptive to mating. Plus, fertilization isnt possible at this point.Regardless, your female dog will start to show vaginal bleeding at this stage, although the blood becomes lighter as the period progresses.
  • Estrus: The female GSD will be susceptive to mating at this stage and it can last anywhere from 4 to 21 days. This can be called the flagging stage.During the flagging stage, the dark red vaginal discharge will turn lighter. You may also notice your pet rubbing their rear end against furniture or other objects. These are indications that your female German shepherd is ready to mate. This is also the stage where mature eggs are released from the ovary.

Some signs will be shown by the female German shepherd throughout the whole heat cycle. Heres a look at those signs:

They Look You In The Eyes

Another study led by Japan-based researchers determined that when dogs and their humans engage in eye contact, it leads to a boost in oxytocin in both parties. Oxytocin is generally regarded as the cuddle hormone because it is responsible for feelings of comfort in both dogs and humans.

Additionally, the more oxytocin a dog has, the more likely they are to gaze at you. So, when your GSD stares at you, it is because they love you, and your presence makes them feel good.

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German Shepherd Stomach Problems

Theres nothing quite as upsetting to you as a German Shepherd with an upset stomach. German Shepherds are prone to stomach and digestive tract sensitivity, and they can suffer from diarrhea and other stomach discomforts.

It is important to keep a watchful eye on both input AND output and note changes in both, making sure you communicate these to your vet if anything is abnormal.

Have a conversation with your vet about the best supplements and dog food options for your dog that will promote optimal health and wellness. In cases of severe sensitivity, you may even want to have your GSD tested for food sensitivities and food allergies so that you can begin to eliminate things that are not healthy from his diet.

Allie has a sensitive stomach. Her stomach issues were much worse when she was younger, and I spent a lot of time finding the right food that agreed with her stomach.

When her stomach was really upset, her vet suggested incorporating chicken breast and white rice into her diet to help it settle. I think she liked the chicken and rice better than her normal dog food:)

Finding a dog food that incorporates the nutritional requirements for a healthy GSD, includes some of your German Shepherds favorite foods and agrees with their sensitive stomachs will keep them healthy and happy for years to come.

How Often Should You Clip Dogs Nails

How Many Puppies Do German Shepherds Have

How often you need to clip your dogs nails will be determined by your dogs lifestyle. For example, if your dog runs on a lot of pavement, gravel, or rock, your dog may grind his nails down enough naturally so that they dont need to be clipped very often.

In general, you should check your dogs nails at least once per week. Handle any broken or split nails immediately. You will want to use a dog nail clipper .

Be careful not to cut the quick in your dogs nails because your dog will start bleeding and it could be painful.

*Check out my full article on the best nail clippers for German Shepherds to learn more.

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Types Of Diet For German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherds are lean and strong dogs, which means that they need a diet that is high in lean proteins, but low in fats and carbohydrates. A GS that is overweight will have trouble losing weight because of the way that their body is made.

Overweight puppies will also have too much pressure put on their hips and since hip dysplasia is a real concern for GS, you want their hips to grow well. Stay away from foods that are high in filler as well because that will contribute to weight gain without positive benefit.

What Do German Shepherds Like To Eat

Fifty years ago, caring for a dog was more simple Fido could eat table scraps at mealtime, and not as much thought was given to the nutritional value of his intake. However, times have changed.

If your Shepherd is like Allie, they will pretty much devour anything placed in front of them after a quick sniff inspection.

The only thing I have found that Allie doesnt like to eat is celery. German Shepherds will naturally like to eat foods such as meats, some fruits, and vegetables.

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How Long Do You Keep A German Shepherd On Puppy Food

Some breeders recommend keeping German shepherds on puppy food until they reach six months to one year old. After that, you can transfer your puppy from puppy food to a leaner adult dog food later to prevent overgrowth. This arrangement allows your puppy to get all the essential nutrients that he needs in his early stage of development.

German Shepherd Feeding General Guidelines

How Much do German Shepherds Eat?

Most vets will tell you to watch the dog and not the bowl when deciding how much to feed a German Shepherd. What they mean by this is that you should always be aware of your dogs body size, shape, and condition, and not being too strict with charts and graphs of food measurements.

If your dog seems to be gaining weight, reduce the number of calories they consume. Start with reducing treats or any table scraps you may be feeding him.

If he is still gaining weight, you can slowly reduce the amount of food you give him during his regular meals.

On the other side of the spectrum, if your dog is overly thin, lethargic, and not doing well, you may be feeding her too little. Increase the amount of food in each meal by small increments. ¼ cup at a time is usually sufficient.

Do not make drastic changes to your dogs feeding schedule or the amount you give. Do not suddenly remove an entire meal. All changes to your dogs diet should be made gradually, ideally over the course of several weeks.

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What To Feed My German Shepherd Puppy

German Shepherds are big dogs, and they have a hearty appetite. Although dogs are not obligate carnivores by nature, they thrive on a protein-rich diet. Ideally, most of the protein you feed your GSD will come from animal and meat sources rather than plant sources. Feed a minimum of 22% protein, although we would aim for 25% protein at the very least.

They Like Staying Close To You

German Shepherds have protective instincts, so dont be surprised when they follow you everywhere!

When youre bonded with a German Shepherd, theyre most comfortable when theyre around to protect you and feel like theyre doing their job. Additionally, they associate your presence with good feelings, so theyd prefer to follow you around and keep an eye on you.

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How Should I Bathe My German Shepherd

The difficulty of bathing your German Shepherd will largely depend on whether your dog is cooperative or not. Some dogs may not like baths at first so you will be busy trying to keep them still or trying to keep them from running away from the bath.

The good news is that if you are patient and reassuring, your dog will eventually get used to it. I found that getting Allie used to baths as a puppy helped tremendously so now I am not fighting with 70 pounds of Shepherd for every bath.

Before we get into how to bathe a German Shepherd, make sure you have the necessary tools on hand:

  • Several towels
  • A sponge
  • Dog shampoo
  • The actual tub/container you will be bathing your dog in
  • A non-slip mat if you are using a bathtub

Start by placing your dog in the tub/container and getting them wet with warm water. Dont wet his/her head. You will want to do the head last. This is because dogs shake water off when their heads are wet, so unless you want to get soaked along with your dog, hold off on wetting your dogs head2.

Apply shampoo and begin to lather your GSD all over starting from their neck and working your way down. You can either use your fingers or use a sponge if you want to really rub the shampoo in. I just use my fingers.

Last, lather your dogs head. Keep the shampoo out away from your dogs eyes and ears. You could even use cotton balls in your dogs ears to help with this.

Once you are finished, dry your dog thoroughly with the towels.


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