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How High Can A German Shepherd Jump

What Makes German Shepherds To Jump Higher

How high can a German Shepherd jump?

German Shepherds are athlete breeds with a lot of stamina and energy. They are also considered to be a protective dogs and in the earlier days also people used this breed as working dogs and herding sheep.

Because of their strength police as well as military use this breed in performing various operations. Their jumping ability also makes them perfect for chasing and catching criminals.

German Shepherds can gain the maximum height of 10 ft easily as they have the strongest hind limbs. If you are living with them in your house then you should control their jumping.

How To Stop My German Shepherd From Jumping On Me And Other People

When you understand the above two motivators, training becomes a 7 part process:

1. Prepare a handful of treats in your pocket.

2. Have a family member, friend or fellow trainer stand 6-7 feet away with your German Shepherd puppy or dog on a short lead/leash. You can check out The Best Leashes and Leads for German Shepherds here.

3. Approach your German Shepherd slowly/one step at a time with treats in hand , and attention at the ready.

4. If your German Shepherd jumps as your approach, you take a step away and say No in a calm but firm voice.

5. If you are able to keep stepping forward without your GSD jumping, feed him or her a treat and give them a pat/attention. You eventually want to move to rewarding your GSD with just your attention, and not have your GSD motivated by food rewards.

6. Always keep calm, relaxed, patient and dont overreact or get frustrated when training not to jump.

7. Stay consistent and repeat until you form a habit.

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Teach Your German Shepherd How To Jump

Whether for agility, obedience, rally, dock diving, search and rescue, Schutzhund, IPO, hiking or for fun, teaching your German Shepherd to jump is an important part of his foundational training.

You can start training your German Shepherd the basics of jumping as a young puppy, using poles on the ground, or uprights with no poles. German Shepherds should not jump higher than six inches until at least 18 months of age. Check with your dogs breeder or veterinarian for the go-ahead to jump higher.

Once your German Shepherds growth is complete, you can start him on jumps. Start off low set the bar an inch or two off the ground.

I prefer to teach my dogs to jump without using a leash. I find the leash causes the handler to get in the dogs way, or is used to drag the dog over the jump. At best, you risk the leash getting caught in the jump and knocking it down. At worst, the leash gets caught in the jump and pops your dogs collar, or drags the jump, which could scare her.

Your dog will need to know two skills before learning to jump without a leash: Leave it and Stay.

You will practice Leave it and Stay with your dog every time you do jump training, so dont worry if she doesnt do them well at first!

Keep your first several jumping sessions short and fun, using low jumps. You will gradually raise the height of the jumps as your dog becomes more confident.

Training Not To Jump:

How High Can German Shepherds Jump? Why Do They Jump ...

If you are continuing to see the jumping behavior there is a method of training you can try that may prevent it in future. For this you will need the assistance of a relative, friend or neighbor, plus some tasty treats:

  • Start with your dog on a short leash with your assistant. Stand 6 feet away with a few treats in your hand.
  • Allow your dog to sniff the treats in your hand before you start so he knows you have them. Start walking towards him.
  • If he jumps as you approach, say no in a firm voice and step away. If he does not jump, give him the treat and a little fuss.
  • After a few attempts, stop giving the treats and just reward him with attention. You dont want the treat to become the only motivation.
  • Continue to repeat this training regular to solidify the behavior in your dogs mind.
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    How To Train A German Shepherd To Not Jump Over The Fences

    Training your German shepherd Dog to not Jump Over the fences is not Difficult.

    You can ask a trainer to help you if you think you cant do it on your own.

    But in my Opinion everyone can use this simple method:

  • Put Your Dog on a Long Leash
  • Take him near the fences and when they try to reach the fence then say firmly No.
  • Take him Away and Return and try again.
  • You can Put your self 5 6 feet away and wait until your dog tries to climb the fence. Say No Every time the GSD tries to do it.
  • When he obeys you then reward him.
  • Repeat the exercise until your German shepherd is fully Trained.
  • You can do this 5 10 times each day.
  • How Do You Train Your German Shepherd To Jump

    Whether youre exercising your German Shepherd to be used in law enforcement, agility competitions, or to have a few party tricks to show off, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind during the exercising process. In this section, well walk you through when to start jump training, along with some techniques you might find helpful while training.

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    How High Can A German Shepherd Jump

    On average, a German shepherd can jump 4 to 6 feet in the air. That is around 1.2 to 1.8 meters. Although not an official record, a German shepherd named Hei Niu jumped 10-feet up in the air. All in all, German shepherds have powerful hind legs and a muscular body, giving them an advantage over smaller dogs when it comes to jumping.

    German Shepherd In China Trained To Jump 10ft In The Air

    How high can a German Shepherd jump
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    Filmed on Saturday 10th March 2018

    China, Ningbo Shi

    This bouncy German Shepherd has been trained to jump nearly 10-feet high.In the video, captured in Ningbo City in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province on March 10, the two-year-old working dog named Hei Niu runs towards a crouching man, jumps on to his back and then goes airborne, snatching in its mouth some underwear that is tied to a stick and held aloft by another person.Hei Niu has been in training for around a year. It is said that he can also climb walls and walk tightropes.

    A German Shepherd jumped to nearly ten-feet high in the air to get an underwear hanging on a stick in eastern China.

    From the blog

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    How Much Land Does A German Shepherd Need

    German Shepherds need at least 4000 square feet of yard space, which allows them enough room to run and catch a ball. Although they are large-sized high-energy dogs, with lots of planning and hard work, they can still live in smaller homes or apartments as long as their daily needs are met.

    Which War Dog Saved The Most People

    Filax of Lewanno is perhaps the most celebrated German Shepherd war hero in history. This dog served in the First World War and was honored for his incredible bravery in saving 54 soldiers.

    Filax received an honorary award as recognition for his bravery and loyalty under extreme circumstances by Westminster in 1917. Although Filax is not the only war hero, he is one of the most notable due to his supreme achievement in saving so many lives.

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    Increase Their Physical Activity

    Your German Shepherd needs at least 2 hours of physical activity daily.

    This doesnt mean a casual stroll around the neighborhood either!

    Physical activity raises your dogs heart rate and breathing and meets their primal need to move. This can include many different activities, such as jogging, running, swimming, or other fun games.

    Do you let your German Shepherd in your backyard for their physical activity? Sadly, most dogs just lie around without human interaction. And barking at the neighbors and birds isnt going to keep your dog fit and physically satisfied.

    The only way to meet their physical needs is by sticking to a German Shepherd exercise routine that meets their energy levels.

    Block Your Dogs View From Temptations

    How High Can a German Shepherd Jump?

    If you have any gaps in your fence or a chain-link fence, then install panels to restrict and block your dogs view. Sometimes dogs escape because they see an object they want to chase, such as a cat or jogger.

    Dont give your dog the opportunity to see whats on the other side of the fence and become interested in it. Install reed fencing panels to your fence. Reed fencing comes in various heights, so this may also help solve a short fence issue by extending the height of your current fence.

    You may find that large plastic panels sold at building supply stores, although unsightly, are useful as a deterrent. Adding on hardware to the panels to attach them to your fence not only blocks your dogs view but also makes a slick surface difficult to scale.

    This prevents your dog from getting a solid footing to jump high enough over the fencing.

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    Is Jumping Bad For Dogs

    Determining whether jumping is bad for dogs will depend on several factors. They will need to be jumping from a safe height so that they dont risk damaging their bodies. The higher your dog jumps from, the more likely they are to hurt themselves.

    Its worth noting that jumping can put extra stress on your dogs joints. So the higher the distance that theyre jumping from, the more stress that is put on your dogs joints. Other factors such as weight and the dogs breed will come into play, too.

    The general rule of thumb is that as long as your dog jumps from a safe height, this shouldnt be bad for them.

    See more

    Make The Yard A Pleasing Retreat

    It helps to keep your dog in your yard when they feel comfortable, happy, and satisfied with their outdoor living space. Create a space that your dog loves to be in!

    Here are some fun yard ideas:

    • Offer them a kiddie pool in the summer to cool off.
    • Provide toys that keep your dog busy and use treats to entice them to stay inside the yard.
    • Hide some tasty treats or toys in the backyard so your dog must hunt for them.
    • Give them a fun food dispensing toy with special, flavorful smelling treats in it.

    Play with them in the backyard often. Dont simply let them outside unsupervised for hours at a time or they become inclined to make their own fun by escaping.

    Use the backyard to practice your necessary GSD obedience training commands and other fun activities. Create a positive association with the yard, and your dog is more likely to stay.

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    Dickin Medal Awarded To German Shepherds

    The Dickin Medal is the animal or non-human award equivalent of the Victoria Cross. Maria Dickin of the U.K. initiated this award in 1943 to honor non-human who had served in the Second World War.

    The inscription on the medal states, For Gallantry and We Also Serve.

    This medal honors exceptional devotion and courage while in service and has been awarded to pigeons, mongrels, a mare, and purebred dogs. German Shepherds or Alsatians have been awarded 11 of these medals between 1943 and 2020.

    Choose Fences That Do Not Let Your Dog To See Out


    German Shepherds are very active dogs, and they are always looking to do something new.

    If you have a fence that Lets your German Shepherd look Outside, then it could be effortless for Your Dog to get excited.

    For Example, your Shepherd sees outside a car, and it wants to chase it.

    It will try everything to Jump over the fence and try to reach that car.

    If there is a Close Fence that does not Let your Dog see out, then this would not happen.

    So if you have open fences then try to cover them or if it is possible, replace them.

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    Make That Fence Impossible To Climb

    No matter how high your fence is, a clever dog will still try to get over it somehow. Even if he cant actually jump it, he may be able to climb. When choosing a fence, its crucial to make sure the design of the fence itself is totally climb-proof. Chain link fences are a bad idea for climbersthey provide your dog with easy footholds! A solid panel fence, on the other hand, has a flat surface without anywhere for your dog to stick his paws.

    Once you have your climb-proof fence, make sure theres nothing your dog can use to give himself a boost. Dont place a planter or a birdbath or anything else your dog can climb onto alongside the fence.

    Our recommendations for big dog-friendly fences:

    • ActiveYards Arrowwood Vinyl Fence

    Does All The Dogs Jump High

    There are so many aspects related to a German Shepherd but jumping is something that people mostly talk about.

    It is a fact that a dog can jump high but not true for all the dogs. Some dog breeds have an instinct and the physical traits to jump high but some of them can make a jump to a few inches only.

    German Shepherd is a herding breed with strong muscles and active physique in their genes. This makes them strong enough to make high jumps. Dogs use their hind legs to jump. The more the hind leg muscles are strong, the higher the jump will be.

    So, German Shepherd with the strongest hind leg muscles can make the highest jump.

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    German Shepherd Facts The First Seeing Eye Dog

    Dorothy Harrison Eustis was born in Philadelphia in 1886. She first married Walter Abbott Wood, Jr., lived on a farm in Hoosick Falls, New York, where Dorothy gained experience with cattle breeding.

    The couple went to Germany in 1914, where Eustis purchased her first German Shepherd.

    Dorothy married George Eustis after her first husband died, and they moved to the Swiss Alps. She followed her passion and began breeding police dogs with Elliott Humphrey.

    Her breeding program captured the attention of The Saturday Evening Post. Dorothy was asked to write about the program but decided to write about how GSDs were used to help soldiers who had been blinded by mustard gas in World War I.

    Morris Frankheard of the article, as did many others. He flew to Switzerland to collect his trained seeing-eye dog in 1928. He changed the dogs name from Kiss to Buddy.

    The first guide dog organization was established in the U.S. in the same year, named The Seeing Eye.

    How High Can Dogs Jump

    German shepherd jumping and running in late summer meadow ...

    Dogs can jump at different heights based on their size and breed.

    Short-legged dogs like Korgis arent going to clear a six-foot-tall fence.

    In fact, most dogs will be fine behind a six-foot-tall fence. Even four feet is fine for most small dogs less than 30 pounds.

    The Guinness Book of World Records lists the highest dog jump as 75.5 inches . This was accomplished by a two-year-old greyhound named Feather in 2017 .

    Next, we created a simple chart of different breeds and dog sizes compared to average jump height.

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    Is It Bad For German Shepherds To Jump

    German Shepherds are the most active breeds and we should not make them stuck in their crates. They enjoy spending time outside where they can run, jump and do other exercises. The only thing to consider is jumping badly for them?

    Is it bad for German Shepherds to jump? No, ofcourse not, jumping is not bad for them unless they go out of the fences. If they jump higher than the fences there may be a risk so its highly recommended to build up to 7 ft high fence.

    However, you have to control the jumping of a German Shepherd puppy in the earlier days otherwise they can become crazy jumpers when they become adults.


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