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Do German Shepherds Shed In The Winter

Do Not Shave Or Clip Your German Shepherd

How Often do German Shepherds Shed Hair?

The answer is no a German Shepherd should never be shaved or clipped unless its medically necessary.

Beyond making them look a tad ridiculous, shaving a German Shepherd can actually cause a laundry list of serious problems.

Because German Shepherds have a double coat, their coat will take a very long time to grow back, and the outer coat may grow back shorter and in a different color. The inner coat may actually grow back thicker, compounding your shedding woes in the long run.

Shaving or clipping a German Shepherd takes away their natural climate control system, leaving them more vulnerable to extreme heat or cold. Thats right, shaving a German Shepherd will not help keep him cool in the summer itll actually do the opposite.

Finally, it leaves their sensitive skin exposed for mosquitoes and other pests to feast on, and they can sustain cuts, scrapes, and sunburns more easily without their protective double layer of fur.

Long story short just say no to shaving! Your German Shepherd, that is

Deshedding Once A Week

Deshedding a dog involves removing those loose undercoat hairs using a tool designed to do just that. This will help you get rid of the hair that might otherwise end up on the carpet, furniture, and clothes.

It helps your dog feel comfortable and can be a relaxing experience for you and your German Shepherd as well. The FURminator is a great tool, but be warned – lots of hair comes as a result of using this, so it may be useful to do this outdoors.

You should use a deshedding tool once a week to keep shedding under control. Also, you will get the best results by bathing your dog once a month and deshedding him before and after the bath. Remember to use a high-quality dog shampoo to prevent damage to the coat and stripping it from its natural oils.

Why Do German Shepherds Shed So Much Hair

Here are some of the reasons why your German Shepherd might be shedding so much hair

  • Double Coat: Like other breeds such as the huskies, German Shepherds have a double coat. This is a soft wooly undercoat, and thin long protective hairs. Also, the coat serves as a defense against disease, injury, and infection. So, if youre thinking of shaving your dog because you cant keep up, just dont do it.
  • Regular shedding: There are two phases of shedding you need to be aware of as a German Shepherd owner. The first is called regular shedding. GSDs do this throughout most of the year, and they could shed a lot of hair. The new hair grows out to replace the old one. For a person, it may seem like the dog is shedding a lot, but it basically has the same amount of hair.
  • Seasonal Shedding: The second, the seasonal shedding, is the one most people observe easily, but it doesnt last long. This happens when the dog molts his undercoat as it gets ready for the season change. This typically occurs in spring and fall for 2-4 weeks and is a massive shedding.
  • Health issues: while shedding is a natural occurrence, factors like stress, dehydration, poor diet, irritation, or skin allergy affect the rate of shedding. If you notice or think your dog is shedding unnaturally, contact your vet as soon as possible.

Whichever kind of shedding your dog is experiencing, you are sure to notice loose fur all-around your home if you bring the dog inside.

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Is There A German Shepherd That Doesnt Shed

While there is no purebred German Shepherd that doesnt shed, crossing them with Poodles will produce dogs that shed minimally.

The advantage of all Doodle mixes is that they get the non-shedding trait of their Poodle parent. In the case of the German Shepherd, this mix would be the Shepadoodle.

As with all dog breeds however, you should never decide on a puppy due to his coat quality alone.

Grooming and dealing with shedding is only one aspect of dog ownership and should not be the deciding factor in picking a breed.

Spay Or Neuter Your German Shepherd

News From The Hill: Do German Shepherds Shed?

Both female and male German Shepherds will shed less after their spay or neuter surgery. The surgery helps eliminate some of the hormonal fluctuations that can contribute to intense shedding.

Obviously, this isnt a feasible option if you plan to breed your dog, but if not and especially if your female German Shepherds shed excessively after going into heat, it can help significantly.

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Bathing With Deshedding Treatment

Ideally, bathe your dog once every 6 – 10 weeks. Again, this process helps remove a lot of loose and dead hair, along with keeping their coat smelling great.

But we can take it one step further by applying deshedding shampoos and conditioners that slick hair down and allow for easier removal.

Simply bathe your dog like you normally would, but apply a deshedding treatment and allow it work it’s magic for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Wrapping Up German Shepherd Shedding

In short, yes, German Shepherds do shed, but there are things you can do to reduce the impact of their shedding around your home. Unless you absolutely cant stand the idea of having dog hair in your home, you shouldnt let their shedding hold you back from bringing a GSD into your home if you think theyre the best breed for your family.

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How Much Do German Shepherds Shed

When looking at getting a German Shepherd, remember this: on a scale of one to ten, German Shepherd’s shedding rates about a nine. They shed their coat year-round, which is unlike many dog breeds who mainly shed a summer and winter coat.

While they do shed all year, when the days get shorter, their body will react to the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. While they grow the thicker winter coat in, the finer summer hairs will fall out. In the fall, there will be a period when your German Shepherd seems to shed quite a bit more than usual.

In the spring, German Shepherds have a period called “blowing out,” which is what happens when they lose that thick winter coat. It will be worse than the summer hair coming out because the winter coat is twice as thick.

If you notice that your dog is shedding more than usual when their seasonal coats are not being shed, do be aware that there can be medical reasons for this. Just follow up with your vet if you notice that along with excessive shedding, your dog is itching or getting bald spots.

How To Groom A German Shepherd For Summer

German Shepherd Shedding Undercoat After Winter

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You don’t have a German Shepherd!

You have a German Shedder!

But you already know that.

And you’re here today to learn how to groom a German Shepherd for summer. Right?

So, think about your GSD’s coat for a moment

They were bred to herd sheep and protect the shepherd in Europe.

Now think about Europe’s weather conditions for a second

Cold, icy, and wet in winter. With some sweltering hot summer months

It makes sense that your German Shepherd is bred with such a unique coat. That should be taken care of correctly.

If you’re in a rush, check out my top choices for grooming tools on Amazon

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German Shepherd Shedding Seasons

Like most double-coated dogs, German Shepherds blow their coats twice a year.

In the fall, they blow their undercoat to make way for a thicker, denser winter coat that will keep them insulated throughout the cold season. Then, during the spring, theyll blow out their winter coat to get rid of excess insulation and keep their bodies cool during the warmer summer months.

Coat blowing can go on for several weeks depending on how thick your GSDs coat is. During these times, youll notice tufts of fur that easily come off. Youll need to step up your grooming habits as well as your cleaning schedule during this time.

Hertzko Double Sided Pin And Bristle Brush

See the Hertzko Double Sided Pin & Bristle Brush on Amazon.

Dual-sided brush, with densely pack soft bristles on one side to knock off loose hair and dirt from the topcoat, and a pin comb on the other side to detangle and loosen dead undercoat.

The pins have rounded ends to avoid scratching your dogs skin. And for your comfort, the brush has a comfort-grip anti-slip handle to prevent wrist strain.

I’m not convinced by this brush. To me, it seems cheaply made. I’d rather go for a different double-sided brush that falls in the same price range but has a better reputation.

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Do German Shepherds Shed Hair

The short answer is yes. German Shepherds shed a lot of hair. In fact, German shepherds are considered heavy shedders. They are even jokingly referred to as German Shedders because of how much hair they shed. Their shedding happens throughout the year.

So, if youre considering adopting one to live with you, you need to know what you will be dealing with . Of course, the rate of shedding varies among the same breed, but you should be prepared.

German Shepherd Shedding Solution

News From The Hill: Do German Shepherds Shed?

A good diet keeps your German Shepherds skin and coat healthy. We recommend that German Shepherds eat only biologically appropriate raw food , since it is a fact proven in hundreds of dogs of my breed and in dogs of my owner friends, that with this diet the shedding of hair is faster and less dramatic. We always get our supplies from Raw Wild, who specializes in raw dog food. They have one-time 25% off on a trial order, so we highly recommend you grab the chance.

Provide fresh water at all times, as dehydration affects their skin. Consult your veterinarian for recommendations on quality foods and supplements for your dogs skin and coat.

Grooming is your first line of defense against all hair shedders. The right tools help. A shedding comb helps remove loose hair. Brush them often Use a brush with firm, long, roomy bristles, or a pin brush and polishing brush at least once a week.

Bathe the dog every few weeks with dog shampoo. Dont use personal shampoos or other household products. Visits to a groomer are an option to speed up shedding, especially if grooming is scheduled when the coat is blowing. A vacuum designed for pet hair will simplify cleaning the hair around the house.

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A Good Diet Is Also Important

Your dogs diet plays a major role in your German Shepherds coat quality. After talking to several vets, I can conclude that a poor diet is the number one cause of excessive shedding in dogs. A nutrient heavy and balanced diet can keep your dogs coat healthy.

A healthy coat is easier to maintain and to groom. A healthy diet is even more important during the shedding season because almost 30% of your dogs daily protein intake is used for the renewal of skin and hair. Additional nutrients such as fatty acids, omega 3, and omega 6 are also essential since the deficiency of these nutrients can directly contribute to a dull coat, flaky skin, and excessive shedding problem.

Can You Stop Your German Shepherd From Shedding

In short, no. In fact, shedding is part of a German Shepherds natural biology. There are only very few dogs that dont shed . Not only is it unstoppable, but its very important to their overall health.

Perhaps one day, there may be a genetically altered German Shepherd that does not need to shed. I know owners would rejoice at this. But that day is far in the future, if ever.

For now, shedding plays an important part in your German Shepherds health. Thanks to shedding they can:

  • Better sense their environment
  • Give their skin better protection from illness and injury
  • Better regular their body temperature

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Invest In Lint Rollers And A Good Vacuum

Since shedding can never be completely avoided, its best to just embrace it and invest in some tools to make the inevitable cleanup easier, like some lint rollers and a quality vacuum that has a furniture attachment.

You may also want to consider furniture covers that can be shaken out outside and then washed easily if vacuuming isnt your thing or if your German Shepherd loses his mind over the vacuum they are pretty menacing!

What Are The Best Grooming Tools For German Shepherds

How to manage German Shepherd shedding

Double-coated dogs like the German Shepherd will need an undercoat rake to remove unwanted and loose hair from its undercoat especially during shedding season. Deshedding shampoo and conditioner is also a good thing to have on hand. If you are looking for easier loose hair removal, high-velocity dryers such as those from K9 Dryers have become an essential grooming tool.

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Why You Should Consider A High

If you’re going to follow the bathe and blow method to groom your GSD for summer, you’ll need a high-velocity dryer.

Sure, you can try this method with a regular hairdryer.


No human hairdryer is made to dry the thick fur of an 80 lbs German Shepherd that originated in Europe!

You can try, but your efforts will fail. And youll still end up with a damp dog!

High-Velocity driers make de-shedding your dog a lot easier and quicker. The air from the dryer lifts and blows right in under the guard hairs.

This loosens and removes those millions of undercoat hairs.

But be warned, using an HV dryer might make de-shedding easier, but it’s no less messy!

Yes, de-shedding is a messy business no matter how you look at it.

When Should I Worry About Reverse Sneezing

When To Be Concerned Excessive, repetitive reverse sneezing should be examined, especially if there is discharge from the mouth or nose, appetite changes, and shifts in behavior patterns. Possible explanation for unresolved reverse sneezing can include infections, masses, anatomy, allergies or nasal mites.

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How Do You Stop A German Shepherd From Shedding So Much

The best way Ive discovered with, my German Shepherds, how to reduce shedding so much is to keep them bathed and brushed regularly for getting the best results. I also use mink oil conditioner that helps keep my dog skin nice and gives them a shiny coat, it helps with keeping my dogs hair healthy.

Heres a picture of my German Shepherd after bruising her out and using mink oil conditioner.

How many times a year does a German shepherd Shed?

German Shepherds shed all year round. If you do not like brushing and Grooming non-shedding breed dog may be a better choice for you. If shedding and grooming are not an issue for you then a German Shepherd is a good choice.

Heres a video with my German Shepherd princess. Before writing this article. I wanted to let her undercoat grow out some, I didnt brush her for 5 days. Now you can get a good idea of how much German Shepherds will shed when blowing their winter undercoat.

Thinking Of Getting A German Shepherd

News From The Hill: Do German Shepherds Shed?

German Shepherds are very loyal, brave, and easily trained dogs, however, they are also known to be prolific shedders. For some, shedding can be a daunting experience, but if you are a dog lover, you should already accept that it is a part of your dogs life. With proper grooming practice and using only the best grooming tools, dealing with your German Shepherds shedding will not be a big problem for you.

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Regular Home Health Checks

Your dog’s skin is very good at letting you know there’s a health issue. And it’s difficult to pick this up without checking regularly.

When you groom your dog yourself you can do a thorough health exam. Look for things like:

  • Injuries.

Sure you can leave these health checks up to a groomer.


Do you really think they’ll check your dog as thoroughly as you will? Especially if there are 10 other dogs waiting in line.

I don’t think so!

Like I mentioned before, home grooming is an excellent bonding experience.

Did you know that every hair on your dog’s body is a receptor for touch?

Yes, your dog loves and needs to be touched. And home grooming meets that need.

Okay, so now you know how to take special care of that beautiful thick coat and what you need to do it right.

But it’s also important that you know exactly how the GSD’s coat works to protect them in winter and summer.

Why Do German Shepherds Shed So Much

One of the main reasons a German Shepherd will shed so much is because usually, they have two coats.

The top coat is the long, wiry, and wavy hair that lies close to the body of the dog. The top coat protects the dog from dirt and moisture, keeping it away from their skin. The guard hair may be short, medium-length, or long depending on the type of coat your German Shepherd has.

The undercoat, on the other hand, is soft, dense, short, and also lighter by color. This layer is what helps the dog regulate its body temperature.

Having this two-layer coat makes German Shepherds incredibly adaptable to all kinds of weather conditions, but it also makes them shed like crazy.

There are actually a few different types of coats your German Shepherd may have. Most commonly, GSDs have short hair with a double coat. The long-haired German Shepherd does not have an undercoat, but they tend to shed about the same because their fur is long, dense, and thick.

The difference is that long-haired German Shepherds don’t go through shedding seasons, because they don’t have that undercoat that needs to come off.

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