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Grey German Shepherd For Sale

How Big Do Long Haired German Shepherds Get

7 Different GERMAN SHEPHERD Coat Color Patterns

Long haired German Shepherds are structurally the same as short haired German Shepherds, therefore they can both grow to similar sizes.

  • Males: 24-26 inches tall, 65-90 pounds
  • Females: 22-24 inches tall, 50-70 pounds

Since both German Shepherds are physiologically the same, they also have the same temperaments: loyal, intelligent, energetic, courageous and protective. German Shepherds are ranked #2 on the AKC Breed Popularity list and make for wonderful family companions and working dogs.

Many Colors Of The German Shepherd Puppy For Sale

Show dogs emphasize bold colors preferably of the well-known black and tan saddle markings. West German show dogs are often red or mahogany in place of tan. In working lines, you will see darker colors, especially in the DDS dogs. Other colors in a German shepherd for sale are solid black, white, sable, bicolor, blue, liver, and Panda. Panda dogs look like tricolor German Shepherds, a result of a rare KIT gene that causes piebald or a specific expression of white spotting. A sable German shepherd is one with different bands of color on one hair shaft. In the GSD, sable usually shows up as black and tan in a nondescript pattern that does not show a distinct saddle. Some sables look like they have more of a wolf coloration. Blue represents a black German shepherd with a dilution gene that gives the coat a grayish color. Blue and liver GSDs as well as other dilutions receive severe penalty points in the show ring. Nevertheless, blue and liver show up in place of the dark areas in the sable German Shepherd as well as black and tan and bicolor. A white German shepherd can register in the AKC as a purebred but cannot show in conformation classes. Separate registries have established a community for the White German Shepherd whereby owners can show against their peers just like comparable conformation contests in the AKC. A bicolor dog is a black German shepherd with minimal tan markings.

Our Exceptional German Shepherd Puppies

We are very proud of our puppies!! Our world-class German Shepherd puppies are raised in a rural Idaho environment allowed them to socialize and develop in a natural environment that allows our GSD pups to become truly exceptional shepherds.

We are very proud of our puppies!! Our world-class German Shepherd puppies are raised in a rural Idaho environment allowed them to socialize and develop in a natural environment that allows our GSD pups to become truly exceptional shepherds.

All of our puppies are sold with current vaccinations, wormed, a health guarantee. We microchip them with an AVID microchip so if they ever get lost we can help you track them down. This is all for your convenience!

You are always welcome to come and visit us and spend some time picking out your new dog!

For more information use our Contact Form or just give us a call in Idaho 283-7812 or New York 266-7271

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They Featured In Both World Wars

Although the breed originates from Germany, it was used by both German and Allied forces in World War I and again in World War II. They found many uses during the conflicts, from running messages to identifying danger and alerting their handlers to the presence of those dangers. They are still used in conflicts around the world, today.

How Rare Are Long Haired German Shepherds

German shepherd puppies, Puppy photos, Sable german shepherd puppies

Genetically in German Shepherds, the short hair gene is dominant and the long hair gene is recessive. This means if two short haired German Shepherds are mated, but neither carries the recessive long hair gene, then no long haired puppies can be produced. However, if two short haired German Shepherds are mated and both carry the recessive gene, then long haired puppies can be produced.

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Another Option For Finding Grey German Shepherds For Sale Is Online

Several websites allow you to look at the different dogs available and decide whether you would like to adopt one. A lot of these sites allow you to look at pictures and even videos of the dogs. It is a great way to learn more about the different dogs before deciding to adopt. You can also read some information about how the grey German Shepherd puppies for sale are bred and about the type of training each dog has been through.

Grey German Shepherds is one of the most popular dogs in the United States and Europe today. They have a strong, elegant look that is distinctive and very commanding. Some people consider them to be one of the best dogs around and they are used for protection and police work. People also love them for their loyalty and their ability to herd smaller dogs. These dogs are great for apartment life and are often used by therapy dogs. The shelter or rescue may advertise these dogs for sale on their website, or they may choose to post them in several different locations throughout the country.

Grey German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

There are plenty of places to buy a grey German shepherd puppy for sale. Its important, however, to choose a breeder who is willing to work with you. If you do decide to go this route, then here are a few things you will want to look for.

You will need to ask around and look for referrals before deciding on the breeder you will work with. The best ones will be able to tell you what you can expect from their breeders, and also have pictures to show you. The more they can do for you, the better you will feel about the puppies that you will buy. If you find an online breeder, make sure that it is a reputable one.

There are many different breeds of grey German shepherd puppies for sale, so you must know what you are looking for before buying one. Most breeders will have a good idea of what kind of personality they are looking for in the dog that they are purchasing, and what sort of personality you should look for in yours. Be aware that a lot of these dogs are prone to chewing and biting, and if they are not well-socialized when they are young, then they might be a handful. That is not to say they are bad dogs, just that you will want to work with them.

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Looking For Grey German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

German Shepherd puppies for sale can be found in a variety of places, including pet stores, breeders, and shelters. You should know the typical costs associated with purchasing one of these dogs before you decide to adopt one or buy a puppy from someone else. In many cases, breeders and pet stores will adopt the dogs they are selling for a cheaper price than what you would pay in a shelter.

Some shelters have to turn away dogs if they are not adoptable, but it is possible to find a good shelter where you can get a dog at a great price. If you can not find a German Shepherd pup for sale that is going to offer you the kind of dog and price you are looking for, you may want to consider some of the other options available.

Some shelters allow people to adopt dogs. Some of these are good, while others do not give you a very good selection. It is important to make sure the shelter has screened all of the people who are going to be able to adapt your dog. Anyone who adopts an animal must ensure that the person has the proper paperwork and current health certification. It is also a good idea to visit the shelter and see how the dogs are being cared for before deciding to adopt.

Vetted Florida German Shepherd Breeders

Things to know as a new German Shepherd owner | Mistakes made by new owners

One of the most important steps when choosing a new puppy is going through the right breeder and business. All the breeders, businesses and companies connected to Florida Puppies are all vetted and chosen for their superb breeding skills and customer service!

Frequent Questions About German Shepherds

Still have questions about German Shepherds? Looking for a German Shepherd breeder near me? and want to know more about Florida Puppies? We have the answers you seek!

What affects German Shepherd price?

German Shepherd breeders Florida sell German Shepherd puppies Florida at different prices according to a number of factors. German Shepherds come in a number of different colors, but the most expensive ones are white German Shepherd puppies for sale in Florida. Breeding experience comes into play, as well as location. Pedigree also plays a big part. As there are so many breeders and businesses connected to Florida Puppies, there will be a pup for you!

Can I only connect with local litters and breeders?

Florida Puppies has an extensive network of breeders, businesses and companies, so you dont need to worry if you cant find any German Shepherd breeders in Florida. A German Shepherd Florida will be yours even if you get it from a breeder or business thats connected to Florida Puppies from somewhere else in the U.S. The necessary travel arrangements will be made!

How does Florida Puppies screen breeders?

Do German Shepherds have a lot of health problems?

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Proudly Producing Show Quality Dogs For Family Homes

Shiphra German Shepherds is an Ontario breeder of only the finest German Shepherd Puppies. We are a smaller German Shepherd breeder. We produce Quality not quantity. We breed very Strong and healthy dogs. Our Dogs have very stable temperaments. We have German Shepherd Puppies from world champion bloodlines, suitable for family companions, for show or sporting, agility and protection. We aim for perfection and a very rich black and red coat. We are ranked one of the top German Shepherd Breeders in Ontario. Only The Finest German Bloodlines From World Champions! FCI, GERMAN or AKC Registered German Shepherds. WE IMPORT MOST OF OUR DOGS WITH THE HIGHEST PEDIGREES POSSIBLE, TO GIVE THE CUSTOMER THE HIGHEST QUALITY IN A GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPPY.

We are German Shepherd Breeders near Kingston Ontario Located in Napanee Ontario Canada. Our breeding stock consist of only the finest German bloodlines. Slight to No Slopes! We find that the West German lines are the best dog suited for family, companion, working, obedience and protection, because they are very balanced in their drives. Meaning these dogs are very stable, calm, yet driven, easy to live with in the house, easy to train, willing to please and ready to defend.

All around very versatile. These German Shepherds have a very correct, harmonious and balanced structure resulting in a smooth, efficient, beautiful gait and very high endurance.

How Can I Identify A Long Haired German Shepherd Puppy

In the photo below are two litter mates from a recent Nadelhaus litter. The puppy on the left is a long coat and the puppy on the right is a normal coat. The long coat has wispier hair on the chest, back, face, tail, and on the backside of its legs.

Left: long haired German Shepherd puppy, Right: short haired German Shepherd puppy

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One Of The Best Places To Look For Grey German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Is On The Internet

These dogs are easy to advertise on since they are very friendly, and they can be very attractive to look at as well. They have become popular recently, but they have been around for centuries. You can browse through pictures to see what sorts of colors and the different features they have. This will help you make up your mind on which puppy you would like.

When you first get your dog, try to spend some time with him. You will be able to get to know your dog much better by going out and taking him for walks and playing with him a bit.

Many breeders sell these types of dogs as pet companions for people who may be hesitant to get a dog for themselves. You will love him or her if you take the time to bond with it.

You will also need to make sure that your breeder knows about what you are looking for. Because you will be spending a large amount of money on your dog, you will want to make sure you are getting the puppy you want, not just the cheapest one. Some breeders have no idea what to do when it comes to finding the best dog for you. If they are not careful, you could end up with a dog that doesnt live up to your expectations.

When you do buy a grey German shepherd puppy for sale, you need to make sure you know how to care for it. Many owners will neglect this type of dog and let it become sick. You do not want to put your hard-earned money into such a dog and be the one responsible for the sickness of the dog.

Welcome To Jagermeister German Shepherds


Over 30 years of experience. Breeder, Importer and Trainer of world class working German Shepherds from the finest bloodlines in the world.

Superb temperament German Shepherd puppies for loyal family companionship and family and personal protection. Trained German Shepherds for K9 sports, law enforcement, family and personal protection and therapy dogs.

We welcome you to visit our training facility/kennel by appointments only. Our 12 acres situated training facility is located 4 miles from New Jersey Six Flags Great Adventure. You will meet our German Shepherd companions and be able to watch us train so that we can discuss the possibilities of letting us be your preferred choice in helping you bring additional joy to your home and family.

We also offer training courses starting puppy age at 5 month and older. There are many different types of training programs to fit your life style. Space is limited for Board & Train program in our home. We recommend you to reserve your spot today.

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Different Types Of German Shepherd Puppies Near Me

A German shepherd can illustrate several goals of different groups for the breed. After its beginning in 1899, thanks to Max Stephanitz of Germany, the German shepherd developed into seven major lines. Stephanitz placed heavy emphasis on the GSD as the ideal working dog while the breed that shipped to America developed into a proficient show champion where looks and conformation were top priorities.

  • American pet Ancestors are American show lines
  • West German show
  • East German working DDS line

Experts agree that show dogs make better pets than working pedigrees. Working dogs are more intense than show animals and need considerably more exercise. However, when considering the breed, all German Shepherds need a considerable time commitment to exercise and mental stimulation. Pets usually get along better with children and other dogs than working dogs.

Where Do Long Haired German Shepherds Come From

Historically, German Shepherds originated in Germany and were native sheepdogs. In 1899, a dog club called the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. was founded by Captain Max von Stephanitz. He firmly believed that the standard of the German Shepherd breed should not include dogs with long hair. Throughout the 1900s, long haired German Shepherds were considered unsuitable and unacceptable for breeding. It wasnt until this past decade, when the SV and FCI approved the change in conformation standards, that long coat German Shepherds became officially accepted into club breeding standards.

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They Rank As The Third Most Intelligent Breed In The World

Bested only by the hyper-intelligent Border Collie and the equally smart Poodle, the German Shepherd is ranked as the third most intelligent breed in the world. They are well known for their loyalty, watchfulness, and their energy levels, but they are also renowned for being highly intelligent animals. They pick up new commands after five repetitions and will obey the first command on 95% of occasions. This has pushed their popularity as a working breed.

Silver Is One Of 11 Recognized Colors

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

The color that most people recognize as being that of the German Shepherd is black and brown. Most people have also seen the black German Shepherd and some may have even seen the white. There are 11 recognized colors including the tan and black, white, and black variations. Silver is one of the other colorations that is considered acceptable. Although liver and blue are recognized colors, these are considered to be faults.

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Should I Trim My Long Haired German Shepherd’s Coat

The decision to trim a long haired German Shepherd comes down to personal preference, but it is not a necessity. Trimming can help make for more manageable living around the house. If you choose to trim, you can trim around the backs of the ears, on the back of the legs and then thin the bushy tail.

Shaving a German Shepherd on the other hand is never recommended. Their double coats help keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The First Guide Dog Was A German Shepherd

Although it is the Golden Labrador and the Golden Retriever that we most often see working as guide dogs, the first example of this type of service dog was a German Shepherd. Following the formation of The Seeing Eye in 1929, the breed was trained and used for the purpose.

It was later decided that the German Shepherd was better suited to police work while the friendly demeanor of the Lab and the Retriever meant they were better as blind dogs.

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