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How To Find A Good German Shepherd Breeder

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale

How to Find a Good German Shepherd Breeder – 12 Questions to Ask a Breeder.

A Home Where you can get the best Purebred German Shepherd Puppy for your Family. We raise all our puppies in a climate-controlled room but with 24/7 outdoor access to a fenced-in lawn with green grass. They spend a lot of time outdoors playing and have spent a considerable amount of time with our children. We feel this is very important for their development at a young age as they soak up the vitamin D and develop muscle tone in a puppys natural setting.

Consider The Price And Your Budget

When you think of buying a German Shepherd, the buying price is one of the key aspects you should consider. Even if you found the best puppy from the best breeder, youll need to have the purchasing capacity to buy, or your search for the pet will end up futile.

So, how deep will you need to dig into your pocket to bring your GSD puppy home?;What is the price of a German Shepherd?

A German Shepherd puppy costs an average price of $2000. Puppies range in price from $800 to $6,000. Prices are determined by lineage, litter size, color, breeder qualifications, breeding costs, and location. Puppies with the highest prices are from a top pedigree or are show quality.

My in-depth article, How Much is a German Shepherd? 21 Examples!, will give you more information and examples of how much youll have to spend to buy a German Shepherd.

For example, if you buy a German Shepherd puppy using the earlier referred AKCs MARKETPLACE, you will pay $2,000 for a puppy from DenWolf German Shepherds in Denver, CO.

If instead, you go by breeder websites from a Google search, you will find a wide range of price differences. For example, on the Good Dog breeders website, you will pay $2000 for a German Shepherd puppy from Austerlitz German Shepherds and between $3600 $6000 a puppy from Select Shepherds.

Alternatively, if you decide to adopt from rescue centers, you will certainly pay a lot less.

The Coat Color And Length

Even though it wont change the quality of your dog in other areas, you might want to go for a particular coat color. There are 11 AKC-registered GSD coat colors: Bi-Color, Black, Black & Cream, Black & Red, Black & Silver, Black & Tan, Blue, Gray, Liver, Sable, and White.

You may not be able to choose from the entire range of colors, but you know the extent of the variety that you can have. White German Shepherds are stunning-looking dogs, and if you are interested in this unique color, head over to my article all about the White German Shepherd.

This is particularly important if you were looking for a show dog as a white dog is disqualified from showing in many countries, and you will need to check the breed standard for your area.

You will also need to decide if you want a standard coat length or the less common long-haired variety. Whatever you choose, German Shepherds have two coats and are heavy shedders.

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Other Ways To Find A Puppy

Other ways of finding German Shepherd Dogs to buy include:

Google Search for German Shepherd and Breeder Search

You can search Google for terms such as German Shepherd dogs for sale or German Shepherd breeders. Be cautious, however, with this method and follow the ethical breeder guidelines given earlier to assess the breeder or seller before making a purchase.;

Dog Blogs and Websites;

Outbound links that direct you to GSD breeders or puppies for sale on blogs and websites are also options. As with the Google search, here too, you need to evaluate the reliability of the linked breeder and the quality of the German Shepherd puppy using the ethical breeder guidelines.;

Consult Vets, Groomers, Trainers, and Owners

Veterinarians, groomers, and trainers are experts in their own right considering that they interact with German Shepherds on a day-to-day basis. They may also work for breeders and will, therefore, know which ones have high breeding standards.;

German Shepherd owners who have a positive experience buying their pet from a reliable breeder would also be dependable sources of information on where to buy a GSD.;

In all cases, ensure that there is no conflict of interest with people advocating for breeders on other factors rather than quality.

Choosing The Right Gsd

Pure Bred German Shepherd Puppies

The first step to choosing the right German Shepherd Dog is to find a good breeder. Now, who is a good breeder? How can you find him? All I can say is that a good German Shepherd Dog breeder is the one who doesnt breed for money. Secondly, a good breeder breeds for quality and is known for the quality of puppies he breeds. Once you locate a good breeder, you should look for the other criterion while choosing the correct puppy. Remember, a breeder is not just anyone who owns a female dog who has litter! A breeder is the one who plans litters with proper research in the pedigree of the Sire and Dam.

Temperament is something very important. This is the one most important thing that makes a puppy fit or unfit for your family. Its only after a thorough evaluation of the litter as a whole that you can pick the right puppy. Dont let the cute playful faces choose you. Most of the first-time dog owners make mistakes by letting the puppies choose them, instead of the reverse. Mentally good puppies are friendly, trusting and curious. They wont stiff themselves when picked. They should approach you without hesitation, crawl into your lap and start chewing your fingers. A German Shepherd Dog with a sound temperament can make a sound companion.

The pictures that I have posted are of 12 week old male puppies , as you can see the proper bone structure and pigmentation of a good German Shepherd puppy.


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Pros Of Dog Shelter/rescue

Certain shelters and rescue centers will spay or neuter, microchip, and vaccinate all puppies before putting them up for adoption. This saves the future owner a lot of upfront costs.

Shelters are much less expensive theyll typically charge a minimal adoption fee while covering their medical evaluation and necessary medications beforehand.

Most importantly, by adopting youre saving not just one life but two. The puppy you adopt will now have a loving home, and a spot has been freed up for another dog at the shelter.

Jagermeister German Shepherds New Jersey

This German Shepherd breeder has also been producing quality puppies for quite some time. German Shepherd pups are trained to attain superb temperament to be family companions or protectors.

This breeder is also involved in training shepherds for k9 sports, law enforcement, and therapeutic services.

Another great thing about this breeder is that they have dedicated facilities where the dogs could freely play and train. Their 12-acre property is solely structured to provide the dogs the space they need to enjoy and train.

Training obstacles are also present in the vicinity. Different training programs were established to address the needs that vary from simple tasks to advanced training.

As early as five months old, puppies can already be enrolled and trained in a special program in this breeding facility.

If you are interested in purchasing a German Shepherd puppy in Jagermeister, it is highly suggested that you should make a reservation as early as possible.

In addition, although their open field is spacious, they only have limited space for boarding and training programs so you should make an appointment earlier.

Jagermeister German Shepherds Breeder Information and Details:

  • Email:

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Pros Of Breeders Rescues And Shelters

If you visit a breeder, you can see your puppys parents and get a pretty good idea of what your puppy will look like as an adult. You can also see the environment in which the puppy was born and raised.

From day one, you will have the chance to train and mold your puppys behavior.

Your puppy will already have basic social skills, be comfortable with noisy households, and may even know some basic commands.

A reputable breeder will be able to provide information regarding genetic testing of the parents, vaccination certificates, and the overall health history.

If you plan on breeding and showing GSDs yourself, AKC and registration papers will be essential.

Breeders will normally breed for both temperament and conformation, so chances are that if the parents have solid temperaments, your puppy will too.;;

West German Show Line


Dogs belonging to the West German Show Line are typically darker than American dogs, and their back forms an elongated and bowed u that is known as roaching. Von Stephanitz, the father of the breed, envisioned a stronger temperament than was realized, and their will is more malleable than with working line dogs.

The German registry requires more rigorous oversight in their breeding. For instance, along with their show title, the dogs must be cleared for a working title and good hip and elbow health. Because of this, the West German bloodline is typically healthier than American ones.;

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What Titles Do The Parents Have

Even if all you want is just a pet-quality German shepherd and never intend to compete with your shepherd, the title is something that you should put a lot of weight to. This is because titles are a good sign that a breeder cares and makes a good-faith effort to maintain the quality of their breeding stock.

Here is a list of some popular titles that suggest top-quality German shepherd dogs.

  • Titles in showing conformation, such as Ch. for conformation championships, BOB for Best of Breed, BIG for Best in Group, or BIS for Best in Show.
  • Titles for working dogs that include obedience titles , Companion Dog Excellent , Utility Dog ), agility titles , Agility Excellent ), tracking , Tracking Dog Excellent ).
  • Schutzhund titles, such as ScH1, ScH2, and ScH3.
  • VPG titles, such as VPG1, VPG2, VPG3,
  • Titles in herding, such as Herding Started , Herding Intermediate , and Herding Excellent .

Be careful with breeders who can only show a couple of champions two or three generations back, especially if theyre only on one side of the parents. This is a typical tactic that unscrupulous breeders use to mislead potential buyers into believing that their puppies are champion bred. Dont settle for less than recent titles on both sides of a pedigree.

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Tip #: Consider Adopting A German Shepherd Mix Puppy

If you are still looking for free German Shepherd puppies and want a new doggie companion and are having problems finding a purebred German Shepherd;why not consider adopting a GSD mix dog or puppy? You’ll be surprised just how much GSD mixes have in common with their pure bred GSD counterparts. With all those unique GSD mixes out there to choose from, there’s sure to be one one dog or puppy that is the perfect one for you.

Adopting a German Shepherd mix puppy or dog can cost you a little too depending on where you find your next pet but this fee often times includes more than just the adoption fee so do your research first to see exactly what is covered in the adoption fees.;

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Regis Regal: A Breeder Of Merit

If you are looking for a reputable breeder, the AKC named Regis Regal a Breeder of Merit. Additionally, we breed world-class West-German sieger puppies to be companions and protectors of families, as well as therapy and service canines. We are based in Spring Grove, Illinois and serve the surrounding area.;

If youre not based locally, we offer a private courier service where we can deliver your German Shepherd pup to your home. We like to go the extra mile when it comes to delivering the;perfect German Shepherd puppy to your door, and we will take the utmost love and care of your little fella during the journey. Please;contact us online;or call us at 847-721-1908 if you are interested in any of our upcoming litters.

About Cindy Kelly

I’m the owner of Regis Regal German Shepherds, a small family business located in Spring Grove, Illinois. I’ve been breeding German Shepherds of sound body and mind for over 30 years and specialize in providing families with loving companion dogs, and dogs for emotional support therapy, for veterans suffering PTSD, and for other special needs. I’m trying to share my extensive knowledge on breeding and training the perfect German Shepherd with the wider community.

The Last Way You Can Determine The Best German Shepherd Breeders In Germany Is To Read Reviews Online About Their Work

How to Choose the Right German Shepherd Puppy From a ...

A lot of people will post about their experiences with breeders so you can see what other people think about them. They will also tell you where they bought their dogs and who their previous owners were.

You should try to find dog breeders in Germany that are willing to talk about the history of their dogs and answer any questions you may have. You can usually contact the breeder by email, so dont be afraid to ask any questions that may come up before you purchase your new pet from them.

You may also want to consider how your German Shepherd breeders have treated and raised their previous dogs. If they treat their dogs well, then you will know that they care about them, which will help you make a better decision about the breed of dog you want.

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Research The Puppys Lineage

When getting your puppy from a breeder, its good practice to ask for the puppys lineage, mostly if you are set on a pure-bred German shepherd. The breeder should have pedigree information on hand for all of their puppies, they should also be able to tell you about the history of diseases in the puppys lineage and all the titles, awards, and certifications that the puppys parents and grandparents had won like OFA or AKC registered.

Visit The Puppy On More Than One Occasion

Just like people, puppies have their on days and their off days. You will not be able to get a very accurate picture of how your puppy will be on one short visit. In fact, with my last dog, I visited him at least 4 times and stayed for at least 30 minutes with him each time prior to taking him home.

A good breeder will have no issue with you doing this, and in fact, will prefer it. They want their dogs to be well-matched with their new owners, so this is common practice.

If you have a family or even just a significant other that will also be living with the puppy, its a good idea to bring them along. The puppy should become accustomed to the people it will soon be spending its entire life with. So the more familiarity that you build now in this phase, the easier that puppy will transition to home life with you and your family.;

Its also a good idea to bring along some treats, the kind you will be feeding your puppy when you bring it home. All of these steps are positive reinforcement for your new puppy and will build familiarity and a bond even before you arrive home.

Also, bring a small blanket or clothing item and ask the breeder to leave it with the puppy. This will allow your puppy to become familiar with the scent of you and your home. Making for a better transition.;

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A Note About Backyard Breeders

Anyone can produce a litter of puppies it isnt a complicated process. However, this doesnt necessarily mean that the breeder is cognizant of appropriate breeding practices and canine care.;;

When dogs are bred without the proper knowledge of genetics and lineage, puppies being born with unhealthy genetic conditions become more common.

An example of this is a life-threatening condition called megaesophagus , which has a strong genetic component in German Shepherds. Adult dogs with this condition should not be bred.;;

Best Ways To Get Pure German Shepherd Puppy

How to breed a German Shepherd

DOG SHOWS: By now you decided to buy German shepherd, But pick up high-quality German shepherd is a major task where this puppy grows and stay with you in upcoming years. So take some time to find a quality breeder. Attend to the dog shows where you can see high quality Breed of shepherds. Observe the dogs, Talk to the owner. Enquire about the breed.

Dogs which come to shows have all paper documentation of breed. Get all information from the breeder, After seeing the dog and talk to the breeder if you feel confident. Book your puppy in advance.

Consult a vet: consult the vet and ask him for the reputed breeders. Where a vet can suggest you, Good breeders, because breeders frequently consult vets. So vet can suggest you, good quality breeders.

Search for websites: Enter into google and search for German shepherd puppies, Now you will find a list of websites. Open each website look images of puppies. Not all sites legitimate, so never accept direct delivery to home. Visit to farm and follow the above mentioned in picking up German shepherd puppy.

how to choose a German shepherd puppy bookmark

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More Information & Facts About The German Shepherd Dog Breed

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The information is based on either our own thorough research, and/or own experiences, as a means of free speech.

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