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German Shepherd Dogs For Adoption

Welcomehere Are Our 6 Newest Rescue Additions

28 German Shepherds In Protective Custody For 2 Years Are Going Up For Adoption
Welcome to our 6 newest rescue additions. All female Shepherd cross sisters, approximately 5 weeks old. They are currently together in a foster home but we will be looking for individual foster homes for these beautiful girls in another couple of weeks.If you are interested in fostering one of these pups, please complete our online foster application at:

Fosters are needed soon!

I Am No Longer In A Position To Bring In Anymore Shepherds However I Will Continue To Network On Behalf Of Every Shepherd Who Needs A New Home

Please note before considering a German Shepherd for a pet!

The German Shepherd needs a handler of strong character and confidence. These dogs have an uncanny ability to sense weakness in their handlers.Shepherds will not follow weak energy.

Let Vending4less install pop, snack & coffee vending machines at your company or workplace, to help raise money for the rescue.
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About German Shepherd Rescue Of Bc

We are a non-profit, registered Charity in Canada #86377 4832 RR0001 We believe that every animal has a specific fit with that one special family or person. This is why we are committed to successful placements of our dogs, with one goal in mind. A happy ending for all! GSRBC is dedicated to the protection and rescue efforts of British Columbia’s German Shepherds with a mission to promote humane principles, ensure proper placement of animals within our care, and to help eliminate overpopulation of these beautiful creatures through spay and neutering.

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Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue

  • Location: Tennessee
  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: No

The mission of the Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue service is to save local dogs and place local dogs in caring homes, within the middle Tennessee area. Its a foster home type service, that keeps rescue dogs safe until they have a forever home. They search for German shepherds in Nashville-Davidson County shelters and try to place them in homes that are less than an hours drive away.

While the service prioritizes full-blooded German shepherds, they occasionally have mixed breeds and similar dog breeds available to adopt.

  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: Yes

DFW is a German shepherd rescue service taking in this breed of dog from shelters across Texas. They are looking for foster homes and adopters in north Texas for their loving pups.

The application process for DFW requires a home visit and a lengthy application checklist to fill out. German shepherd dogs are a great dog breed, but theyre not for everyone. Many of the dogs at DFW have been through emotional hardship. Its really important to the volunteers at DFW that they can place their doggies in appropriate, verified homes with owners that know what theyre getting into!

Our Favorite German Shepherd Dog Names

German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption In Az

Weve browsed through hundreds of shelter German shepherds and here are some of the most popular names. If you get to rename the dog you adopt, consider these options.

  • Teddy, Joey, Ollie, Nala great puppy names! For those sweet, furry German shepherd pups, these cute names are perfect.
  • Max, Boomer, Katya, Tanner, Ella popular names for adult German shepherds at the moment. Pick a name that shows their energetic and loyal nature.
  • Bruno, Josie, Archie, Ralphie, Mason even the most mature German shepherd shelter dogs need a loving and adorable name! We love these choices.

There are also many different German shepherd cross breeds. Weve seen huskie, corgi, terrier, and great pyrenees mixes, just to name a few! This gives you a wide range of doggie personalities to choose from, so many more names will be suitable.

Just dont forget that some shelter dogs may already be attached to a name, especially if theyre senior.

What name would you pick for an excited German shepherd pup? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pet Shelters Or Rescue Centres

Pet shelters and rescue centres are dedicated to pet adoption. Both of them provide a temporary homefor these lost, stray, abandoned, and abused pets. They eventually rehome these poor little pets to a new sweet lovely family. Pet shelters are mostly funded and organized by the government. However, rescue centres are run by a group of volunteers, which means they are funded by private citizens through donations.

You may visit rescue centres and shelters nearest you and find tons of information about German Shepherds. Aside from this, most shelters have about 25% of purebreds ready for adoption. So you have a higher chance of adopting a purebred German Shepherd. Moreover, you are helping them by saving their life. Did you know that each year, numerous dogs are euthanized and killed in the world due to overpopulation in shelters and too little people consider adoption? Remember that when you adopt, you are giving a second chance to these dogs.

German Shepherd Rescue: Where To Find This Gorgeous Dog Breed In Shelters

The German shepherd is a strong dog. Athletic, agile, protective, watchful, vocal and they are so adorable when they tongues roll out! Dont worry, weve got photographic evidence of this below. You can never see too many German shepherd pictures.

German shepherds may seem a little intimidating to non-dog people, but theyre softies at heart. If youre trying to work out if the German shepherd breed is right for you, our guide can help.

Below weve listed some of the best German shepherd rescue centers across the US and provided a little basic info on what you can expect from this intelligent pup.

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Meet Luke A German Shepherd Dog For Adoption In Kalispell Montana

Looking for a German Shepherd Dog to adopt in Kalispell, Montana? Just 3 years old and weighing 80 lbs, Luke has been Fixed, Fully Vaccinated, Housebroken, Leash Trained, Obedience Trained and Crate-trained. This handsome, healthy large breed dog is good with Babies and Small Children, Older Children, Adults, Dogs and cats.

Luke is simply amazing. He is full of love and joy, playful and affectionate. He is well trained and very well behaved, good both on-leash and off when out for a walk. Hes a great example of the true German Shepherd dog breed.

Lukes owners are very sad to have to rehome their cherished dog. They unfortunately, are not able to provide Luke the time and attention he needs and deserves, due to busy work schedules. They are hoping to find a new home for Luke where this special dog will be cherished and kept safe, happy, and healthy for life. They are hoping to find a home where he will be given more attention. Ideally, a retired couple who dont have to leave him home alone for long periods each day. A home school family would be perfect for Luke as well.

A Few Notes About Finding Legitimate Rescue Dogs

“Pet Pals TV”: Dogs up for adoption at German Shepherd Rescue Indy

When it comes to finding rescue dogs, particularly puppies, there are some key things to do and some key things to avoid.

  • Research local shelters and rescue services in your area,
  • Look for charity organization status ,
  • Read reviews on Facebook and independent sites for the shelter,
  • Check out the adoption fees,
  • Get ready for a vigorous and lengthy adoption process,
  • Have your house ready for an inspection,
  • Be prepared to wait until the right dog comes along for you,
  • Get the paper certificates that come with the dog for the vet, exams, vaccines, etc.


  • Reach out to unverified and unqualified rescue shelters they may be passing off sick and ill puppies as healthy rescue pups,
  • Organize a purchase with an unverified seller via private message or on a forum,
  • Buy your rescue pup in a carpark or other public space without seeing the official shelter the dog is from,
  • Buy any pup without learning about its temperament, history, and medical status,
  • Ignore all adult and mature dogs for puppies those older pooches need a home too.

And finally, dont adopt a rescue German shepherd dog without reading our full guide below!

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Beautiful Fable Is Now In Our Carewarning: Graphic Images

Beautiful Fable is now in our care. WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES!etransfer chequeEtransfer Donations may also be made directly to Plessis Vet Hospitalspecify donation is for MASR’s Fable.

Although she is still far from being “out of the woods” yet, we are remaining hopeful and positive for Fable’s eventual recovery. Her wounds are slowly beginning the process of healing and Fable herself is starting to feel somewhat better. She is able to walk better today and the medications have been effective in controlling her pain.Look at this beautiful girl! One day this sweetheart will be so much more than just a “pretty face”. The rest of her badly damaged body will match that gorgeous face!!From the bottom of our hearts, we wish to thank everyone for your donations towards Fable’s care. I will create a post soon and name every one of you. YOU have helped make this poor pup’s eventual “happy ever after” possible with your kindness and generosity. Her continued care will be lengthy and expensive and we are still happy to continue to accept your donations. Etransfer to: and please include your mailing address for a tax receipt. Or donate directly to our wonderful veterinary clinic, Plessis Vet, 1783 Plessis Road, 204-691-8838 and be sure to mention it is for MASR’s Fable. Or mail a cheque payable to Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue to 1030 Boyd Avenue, Winnipeg MB R2X 1A1.Thank you again to all of you from all of us.

German Shepherd Rescue And Adoption

  • Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: Yes

Since 1992 this great service has been rescuing stray, neglected, and surrendered German shepherds. The adoption and fostering service is based in North Carolina, where theyre currently looking for foster homes and volunteers, but you can adopt if youre located in South Carolina and Virginia too. The German Shepherd Rescue and Adoption service has a mix of young, adult, and senior doggies that are looking for homes.

They regularly host meet and greets so you can get to know the dogs that are up for adoption.

  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: No

At the time of writing this guide, there are over 77,000 German shepherds on Rescue Me! looking for new homes. This is a website thats similar to Petfinder but looks a little outdated. Dont let that fool you, however, as the listings are updated regularly.

Besides shelters, youll also find independent dog owners and foster homes on this site, so make sure you do your research to ensure they are responsible and reliable. Rescue Me! will direct you to contact the owner/foster parents/shelter to discuss adoption.

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Gsrnc Grand Raffle 2022

“Lucky Dog” Grand Raffle Tickets are on sale now!!

Tickets are just $20 each or buy five and get one free!! Help us save dogs while putting yourself in the running for some great prizes!This year’s prizes include:

  • GRAND PRIZE: $5500 Trip to the island of Oahu!
  • SECOND PRIZE: $2500 Amazon Gift Card!
  • THIRD PRIZE: $750 Fun in Monterey!

Click on the “Lucky Dog” for full details and to order tickets!

Gorgeous Penny Still Needs A Foster*current June 11 2022

Baby German Shepherd For Adoption

Penny comes with challengesanxious can be reactiveloves “her” peopleFully house and crate trainedperfect companion for a retired or semi-retired single or couplecompany & protectionWe would prefer Penny to find a home where she will be the only pet and with no young children.What will you get out of this?

  • A crash course in how to manage your home like a trainer.
  • You’ll be a pro by the end and your friends will be asking you for help!
  • The love and loyalty of an animal companion.
  • All. The. Belly rubs. All of them. All yours.
  • Our gratitude for helping save the life of one amazing dog!

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When Each Dog Leaves Our Care It Is Our Goal That They Go To A Home Where They:

Are loved as a member of the family.

Are well cared for.

Are receiving the proper mental and physical stimulation.

Are receiving the daily interaction and affection they need.


100% of all donations go directly towards helping these very deserving dogs who give so much in return. Whether it’s medical or boarding bills, food, toys, treats, crates, supplements, special supply needs, or surgery, every penny is used for them. No amount is too small. Won’t you please consider either a one-time donation or a monthly sponsorship. We and the dogs will thank you, plus it is tax-deductible!


Future IDGSR fundraisers TBD! Keep checking back.

Growth Spurts And Plateaus

Every dog will grow and mature at its own pace. There are periods of rapid growth, and there will be times when the puppy seems like it is stalling growing. Unexpected growth spurts or plateaus may occur during puppyhood. These are normal parts of growth and development. There is little one can do to stop or manage them.

Being a responsible pet parent is crucial to ensure your dog receives the best possible care. If your dog is acting strangely, such as gaining weight or lagging behind in growth, consult your veterinarian. They will help you determine if it is normal growth fluctuations and guide you in the right direction.

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German Shepherd Rescue Of The Rockies

  • Location: Colorado
  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: Yes

This non-profit organization in Colorado rescues homeless and abandoned German shepherds. They use foster homes to house the dogs while they are checked by vets and coaxed back to health. Then they are adopted by loving families across the state!

If you are located in Colorado, you must go check out the dogs available on their website. You can also donate to GSROR to help support costs for feeding, vet checks, placement, transportation and more for the German shepherds.

If you want to volunteer, were sure theyd be happy to hear from you too!

  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: No

Petfinder is kind of like a Facebook for shelter dogs its where you can find dogs up for adoption from all over the USA. Different shelters and organizations list German shepherds on the site, for you to search through. You can select age, location, and filter down the list until you find your perfect pooch.

But just because Petfinder makes it easy to discover dogs in your area, doesnt mean you can skip the research. Youll need to thoroughly research and go through the adoption process with the shelter that advertises through Petfinder, not with Petfinder themselves.

If you havent seen a shelter on our list that serves your state, Petfinder is a great place to start researching who is up for adoption in your local area!

German shepherds are loyal and energetic, but theres more to them than just days filled with walkies.

Where Are German Shepherd Dogs From

Animal Rescue League asking for help to care for German shepherd dogs

Perhaps never in the history of any breed has such concerted effort been put into improving a dog, mostly due to the formation in 1899 of the Verein fur Deutsche Scharferhunde SV, an organization in Germany devoted to overseeing the breeding of the German Shepherd.

Breeders sought to develop not only a herding dog but also one that could excel at jobs requiring courage, athleticism, and intelligence.

During World War I, they were the obvious choice for a war sentry. At the same time, the AKC changed the breeds name from German Sheepdog to Shepherd Dog, and Britain changed it to Alsatian Wolfdog, both attempts to dissociate the dog from its unpopular German roots.

The Wolfdog was later dropped as it caused many people to fear the dogs. In 1931, the AKC restored the breeds name to German Shepherd Dog.

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How To Adopt Luke The German Shepherd Dog In Kalispell Montana

If you have room in your heart and home for Luke, please complete our online meeting request form. Once received, our Kalispell Dog Rehoming team will make arrangements for you to meet Luke and his/her owners. Adopt Luke today!

There is a $150.00 adoption processing fee. Supplies, accessories, and veterinary records will be included.

German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix Dog For Adoption in Langdon AB Supplies Included Adopt Milly

It’s Time To Make Your Favorite Pup Famous

All money donated will be split 50/50 between the dogs and the winner.

Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. The winning ticket will be drawn on Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022

All proceeds from the raffle support MAGSR dogs getting medical attention, training, & all the care they need on their way to finding their forever homes.

HELP make a difference in a dog’s life!

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We Have Dedicated Over 20 Years To Helping Our Dogs Find Homes With Over 4200 Adoptions Since 1999 Help Us Make That Number Much Higher Adopt

MAGSR is a 501 non-profit charity, so your gifts are tax deductible.

If your employer matches charitable contributions please ask them for the form to send to MAGSR so you gift can be matched, effectively doubling your donation.Gov’t Donation Codes: Combined Federal Campaign: 99138, Maryland Charities Campaign: 52-2191320

Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

Bruce â 2 year old male German Shepherd dog for adoption
  • Location: Bay Area, California
  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: Yes

This is a wonderful German shepherd rescue service on the west coast. They serve the Bay Area and surrounding areas in California, and they help rehome both German shepherds and Belgian Malinois dog breeds. They are look for adopters and foster homes at the moment. You can also donate to support this 100% volunteer organization.

If you do decide to foster with Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, make sure your home is free of cats and small children to qualify. On average, each dog is adopted within 15 days!

  • Location: Washington state, greater Pacific Northwest region
  • Adoption: Yes
  • Fostering: Yes

Located in Washington state and serving the entire greater Pacific Northwest region in the US, the Washington German Shepherd Rescue service is awesome! Besides rehoming loving pups that are in need, this rescue service also aims to reduce population overflow in existing shelters and educate pet owners on the importance of sterilizing pets and providing the best care possible.

If you arent ready to adopt or use your home as a foster home for dogs, you can also donate food and supplies as well as cash donations!

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