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Best Dog Grooming Brush For German Shepherd

When To Start Brushing A German Shepherd Puppy

The Best Undercoat Removal – Furminator DeShedding – German Shepherd

You can start brushing a German Shepherd puppy as young as 6 to 8 weeks old IF you use the right tools .

You can start brushing your German Shepherd puppy when they are 6 to 8 weeks old using a gentle grooming glove that doesnt pull the fur. Since German Shepherd puppies have a soft and fluffy puppy coat you dont need lots of brushes. Use the grooming glove to brush your puppy in short sessions of only 1 to 2 minutes in the beginning. This gets your puppy used to being handled and brushed and makes later brushing much easier on both of you.

Work up to 3 to 5-minute sessions daily using the grooming glove before introducing the undercoat rake when their adult coats grow in. Use plenty of rewards and positive training to teach your German Shepherd puppy how to like being brushed.

Go slowly with brushing your puppy since the first introductions to being brushed by you will set up their later expectations for a grooming routine.

How Do We Give The Review For Dog Grooming Brush For German Shepherd

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Can You Minimize Shedding

Of course, you can! But, its not a one-task mission. Shedding can be minimized with the use of the right dog food. If you give your German Shepherd food scraps and junk food like Doritos, its coat wont be that shiny. Proper dog food will ensure a healthy and shiny coat.

Along with a good diet, frequent brushing with any of the brushes from our list will reduce shedding. In case you suspect your dog might have fleas, give it a bath and try to stick to a regular bathing schedule. Pests like fleas affect the dogs coat and skin negatively.

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How Often Should I Brush My German Shepherd

Brushing your German Shepherd three to four times a week is a good general rule of thumb, but the exact frequency will depend on your dogs individual coat type.

For example, if your German Shepherd has a dense, double coat, you may need to brush them more often during shedding season to help remove loose hair.

In addition to regular brushing, you should also give your German Shepherd a bath every few months using dog-specific shampoo and conditioner.

Can You Overbrush A German Shepherd

5 Best Dog Brushes for German Shepherds in [2020]

A few pet owners report that they have seen the consequences of overbrushing German Shepherds. Coats become damaged with excessive, aggressive brushing.

Your pets coat can also sustain damage when the incorrect tools are used you shampoo the dog too much, they have a nutritional deficiency, or suffer from an allergy.

All these possible causes for coat and skin damage must first be ruled out before avoiding the task of grooming your pet.

Before blaming the tools or the dog for losing its coat, look at the reasons behind coat damage and make sure that you invest in the best type of brush for German Shepherds.

If a German Shepherds coat does sustain damage, it can take up to a year or two to recover. Some German Shepherds may never regrow their original beautiful coat once it has been impacted.

This gives pet owners even more reason to be aware of their pets reactions to grooming, brushes, shampooing, and skin allergies.

Always be cautious when grooming your pet. Err on the side of being gentle rather than engage in vigorous brushing.

Your pets skin is as sensitive as a person and is its coat is its largest form of protection other than its teeth. Treat both with respect for the best outcomes.

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Pawspamper Extra Wide Undercoat Rake

This brush is built with larger dogs in mind*. The blades are made from stainless steel and have rounded edges to prevent skin irritation.

The tool is extremely well-made with a full-tang wooden handle that wont come loose. The PawsPamper is designed for use on dogs with very heavy or double coats, making it perfect for German shepherds.

If youre not completely satisfied with the product, the company promises to give you a full refund.

Best Brush For Shedding

If you have a German Shepherd that sheds a lot, you need a good brush to combat the shedding and remove the loose fur. This DakPets Pet Grooming Brush effectively reduces shedding by up to 95%.

It is a high-quality pet hair removal brush made to be non-irritating to your dogs skin.

The rubber handle is durable and provides you with a non-slip grip. The stem handle is strong and will not break.

This dog brush allows you to remove loose dog hair quickly and effectively from the dogs undercoat while preventing damage to its topcoat.

When you use this deshedding brush on a regular basis, you can also ensure a healthier skin and coat for your dog as well, while reducing coat issues and leaving your dog with soft, smooth, and healthy fur.

The brush also features a versatile detachable design. You can easily remove the stainless steel comb by simply pressing down on the Quick Release button on the tools head.

You can also use the detached comb on its own if you are dealing with extra-long fur or harder-to-reach places.

It is recommended that you use this brush at least three times per week for 10 to 15 minutes at a time and more frequently during shedding season.

You just have to apply a small amount of pressure and then allow the tool to do the work for you. It is the best brush for German Shepherd shedding you can find.

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Put A Towel Down In The Bath

German Shepherds are known for being a brave and stoic breed its one of the main reasons that they are as popular with dog owners as they are. However, this also means theyre reluctant to let you know when something is uncomfortable or stressful .

The bottom of a bathtub is a smooth ceramic or plastic that is unlike anything a dog would find in nature, and as such, their paws are not adapted to stand on it. When this super smooth artificial material is coated in a layer of soap and water it becomes very slippery and difficult for your pooch to stand on.

Making bath time as pleasurable as possible for your pooch is all about reducing stress levels, and while theyre not going to whimper like some other more anxious breeds its still not fun for them to try and keep their balance on the bottom of a super slippery and smooth bathtub.

Kong Zoom Groom Brush

How To Brush A German Shepherd Like A Pro (+ Handy Tools For Grooming)

The Kong Zoom Groom is a popular choice among German Shepherd owners, especially when its used in conjunction with a deshedding tool.

One side of the handle-free brush has soft tips to comb your pups fur, while the material, which acts like a magnet for loose hair, helps to capture any remnants of your deshedding efforts. The nubs double as a massager, helping to stimulate oil production for a healthy coat and skin.

The brush comes in two colors and sizes, but this large version is perfect for your big German Shepherd.

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Visit A Professional Groomer A Few Times A Year

Be sure to also consider professional grooming for your Goldendoodle at least a few times a year. Alternatively, if your Goldendoodle dislikes being at the groomers, ask them to come to your home. As usual, make sure that they are certified dog groomers.

Always reward your Goldendoodle for good behavior when he allows you to groom him. Ensure that the entire grooming session is relaxed and pain-free so that your Goldendoodle relaxes and enjoys being brushed.

Furminator Deshedding Dog Brush

Designed for dogs weighing over 50 pounds with a double coat, the FURminator de-shedding tool will remove any loose hairs. This brush works through the topcoat without damaging any hairs or cutting skin. If you are prone to getting tired while brushing your dog, you will enjoy the ergonomic design. The FURminator dog brush features a FURejector button that easily and quickly releases collected dog hair.

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Should You Brush Your German Shepherd Daily

Wondering if you should brush your German Shepherd daily? Choose the right grooming tools and you can!

Yes, you can brush your German Shepherd daily to help decrease shedding and keep their skin healthy. Daily brushing of your GSD improves air circulation through their undercoat and a proper brushing routine keeps shedding to a minimum when done regularly. If you brush daily, ensure you only use light pressure and gentle strokes, preferably with a rake brush that is coated in Teflon to glide effortlessly through your German Shepherds fur. In addition, you can brush daily with a grooming glove that has soft rubber nubs that easily remove dead fur and is gentle enough for puppies.

A list of the best brushes for your German Shepherd that are gentle is found below.

Grooming Your German Shepherd

5 Best Dog Brushes for German Shepherds in [2020]

All German Shepherds have a double coat of a soft undercoat and a harsh outer coat. The double coat helps keep GSDs warm in winter and cool in the summer. So its best never to clip or shave a GSD.

Both coats need to be brushed regularly to prevent matting and tangles and help with shedding. The best brushes for German Shepherds will depend on the type of coat your dog has.

Your German Shepherd will need a few different grooming brushes, including a slicker brush, a bristle brush, and a de-shedding tool. When choosing which grooming products to stock at home, look at premium products and see which types of devices are the most appropriate for your dogs coat type and breed needs.

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German Shepherd Puppy And Adult Brushing Schedule

Put your GSD on a brushing schedule to ensure coat and skin health.

Regular Brushing Schedule Blowing Coat Schedule
Adult: At least 3-4 times a week for 5-10 minutes each time. At least 10-15 minutes daily for the time your dog blows their coat Spring, Fall .
Puppy: Daily brushing of 1 to 3 minutes each grooming session. Puppies dont blow their coats, but around 4 months of age, theyll begin to shed their puppy coats which are replaced by their adult fur.

How often you brush your German Shepherd depends on if theyre blowing their coat or not.

Dont neglect to brush or you wind up with a mess of dog fur and unhealthy skin!

Keeping to a brushing schedule and routine helps you to stay on top of your German Shepherds health and to catch issues before they become big problems.

Alternative: Dakpets Pet Grooming Brush

  • Weight: Not Specified
  • Shape: Ergonomic

In our estimation, the DakPets de-shedding tool is good but not quite as good as the Furminator brush for German Shepherds.

You can get rid of loose hair in your pets coat in just 10 minutes a day with this product.

There are several other benefits of purchasing this de-shedding tool but be sure to read through the cons before deciding on buying a cheaper version of the Furminator for your German Shepherd, as the latter is designed for heavy-duty de-shedding purposes.


  • This is an effective de-shedding tool for dogs and cats.
  • Safe stainless steel brush tines to protect your pets skin.
  • Removes over 94% of loose coat hair.
  • Appropriate to use on small and large pets.
  • Easy self-cleaning brush feature that makes grooming more pleasurable.
  • Durable handle with a comfortable ergonomic handhold.
  • If you arent 100% satisfied with this tool in 60 days, you qualify for a replacement or a refundits up to you.


  • It is best for dry coats as it tends to pull hair too much when dog coats are wet.
  • The lowest customer rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, whereas all the other products evaluated have a star rating of 4.5 to 4.7 .

That concludes our 5-product evaluation, which we hope helps make a good brush for German Shepherd buying decision.

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To Bathe Or Not To Bathe

Bathing your German shepherd can be a mammoth task, especially if you dont have a suitable dog bath tub!

German shepherd coats are typically thick and will take a very long time to dry properly.

Although bathing your shepherd might loosen some of his undercoat, you wont be able to groom him until the coat is completely dry.

Unless your dog has rolled in something disgusting or has a skin condition that necessitates regular bathing, its best to groom him instead.

Pawspamper Undercoat Rake For Large Dogs

Grooming dogs | Grooming our German Shepherd

Pawspampers undercoat rake for large dogs is a de-matting tool that is safe, effective, and wont irritate your dogs skin. This tool is meant specifically for heavy-coated and double-coated dogs and is not meant to be used on other animals or thin fur types. If you are looking for a tool that will give your German Shepherd a show-quality look, definitely give this tool a try. There is a no questions asked refund policy, showing the companys confidence in their product.

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German Shepherd Shedding Tips

I question I often get asked is do German Shepherds shed a lot? and also how much do German Shepherds shed?

The answer depends on what type of German Shepherd you own and also on what time of year it is. Generally your dog will shed most in spring and fall because thats when he will lose his undercoat. Long coat German Shepherds also tend to shed the most because they have thicker coats.

German Shepherds shed quite heavily all year round, but they blow their undercoat twice a year thats the dense, thick fur that youll see under your dogs coarse top coat.

How To Stop A Dog From Shedding

Here are some tips to help you cope with dog shedding:

  • Daily brushing will remove excess fur and is an easy way to keep a dog from shedding and effectively reduce the amount your dog will shed daily.
  • Lots of water and moisture in his diet is another tip to stop my dog from shedding. A well hydrated pet will shed less!
  • Regular baths will remove excess fur and reduce daily shedding.
  • Vacuum your home regularly and for easy removal of dog hair from your clothing use a lint roller.

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How To Brush A German Shepherd Effortlessly

Follow these fuss-free steps to brush your German Shepherd easily.

It doesnt take much time to get your GSD model ready.

Set out all of your supplies beforehand to make brushing easier on you and your dog. You dont need fancy brushes, but you will need the basics.

Brushing an energetic German Shepherd puppy can become especially hard as they wiggle and squirm, so arm yourself with a bag of tasty treats to convince them to stay still while you brush them.

Follow these 5 steps to brush your German Shepherd and youll find that grooming your GSD actually doesnt require much effort once you have a short checklist.

Overall Best Dog Brushes For German Shepherds

Top 12 Best Dog Brush For German Shepherd

Weve narrowed it down to our favorite option below:

Although you should use a few different brushes for your German shepherd, if you had to buy one, it could be this one. This slicker brush is gentle but reaches deep into the dogs coat. The pins are inserted in such a way that they glide through your pups fur without pulling or pinching. Combined with a comfort-grip handle, the smooth-glide pins make brushing your dog quick and efficient.

Plus, cleaning this brush is a breeze. When you press a button, the pins retract into the head of the brush, leaving behind the hairs to discard.

This brush is ideal for tackling a German shepherds undercoat. If you use a light touch, you can also use the brush to groom the outer layer of fur.

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Should You Bathe A German Shepherd

Bathing a German shepherd can remove up to 20 percent more shedding hair. Consider using a de-shedding shampoo and brushing your poochs coat while its still wet, immediately after the bath. But bathing too often can leave your pups skin dry and irritated. You only need to bathe a German shepherd every eight weeks or so.


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