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How To Train German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Bite At Me

Leash Training and Stop Biting Tips – German Shepherd Dog

If your German Shepherd puppy has been biting you then you are probably wondering why and what you can do about it.

This post will show you a number of reasons why your GSD puppy might be biting you and what you can do to stop it.

So, why does my German Shepherd puppy bite at me? German Shepherd puppies will, naturally, go through a biting phase when they are you. This is because it explores the world with its mouth and it is teething and it bites things to soothe its gums.

While it may be natural for your German Shepherd puppy to be biting a lot, it is still very important to curb the behavior now while it is still young.

How To Tell When Jumping And Biting Is A Sign Of Aggression

While in most cases your pup jumping up isnt going to be a sign of aggression, its important to spot the signs early.

Afterall, german shepherds are big dogs, and if they do ever attack someone theyre going to do a lot of damage as well as risk being put to sleep.

Positive Body Language

If your German shepherd is happy to see someone before jumping up at them, therell normally be accompanying body language. This can include:

  • Excited Crying.
  • Being Full Of Energy.
  • Dropping Down On Their Front Legs

Weve all seen the tell-tale signs of a happy dog and those are what you should be looking for if your dog is jumping up and biting in a non-threatening way.

Negative Body Language

However, if your dog is showing negative body language before jumping up and biting then you have a problem. Negative body language includes.

Growling: This may be when someone touches them, as someone approaches them, or if your dog starts walking towards them.

Snarling: Similar to growling, if your dog starts to bare their front teeth at someone, before jumping up and biting then its definitely aggressive in nature.

Barking: While dogs can bark when theyre excited, they can also bark when theyre aggressive. Barking of this kind will normally accompany other signs of aggressive behavior.

How To Stop Puppy Biting And Mouthing

German shepherds are infamous for being mouthy and having needle sharp teeth. Despite the fact that play biting, or mouthing, is normal dog behavior and may be cute at 8 weeks, if not curbed, as the dog grows, it can become downright painful and a nuisance to get under control. When a puppy mouths or uses his teeth on his litter-mates and gets too rough, hes corrected by the other puppies in his litter.

The correction is very simple-the puppy on the receiving end of the painful bite will yelp and stop paying with the offending puppy. After a beat or two, the play resumes but this lesson eventually teaches the pups how to control the intensity of their bites on each other. Controlling mouthing, along with house training, is usually one of the first lessons puppies learn and it takes time, consistency, and patience to get past this phase of life.

There are usually two types of dog owners, those that allow some play biting and those that allow none. Teaching a dog not to bite human skin is the purpose of this article and has many benefits to the dog and owner.

How to teach your dog to stop mouthing:

How to teach a puppy to stop biting skin:

When your dog gently mouths you, begin yelping and redirecting him to a chew toy whenever he touches your skin. If he continues to put his mouth on your skin then yelp and walk away from him for 30 to 60 seconds. Continue playing games and redirecting him with toys until he stops mouthing.

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Offer Your Puppy Another Option When They Begin Jumping On You For Attention

Jumping on other dogs might be fine for play, but its not safe when a large, powerful German Shepherd jumps on people!

When your dog tries to get your attention by jumping on you, its best to either ignore them or better give them another option that you DO want.

Think about what your puppy is trying to get when engaging in jumping and bad behavior to determine when to ignore them.

When your pup jumps on you when you come home, they probably want your attention. Withholding your attention when they are acting out shows them they need to act differently to get your approval .

Instead, offer them pets and praise when they have all 4 paws on the floor. You can also place them behind a puppy gate until they learn not to jump in order to avoid them scratching or nipping house guests when they arrive.

After you teach them their basic obedience, ask them for a competing behavior like a sit or down when they begin to jump. Always remember to reward the behavior you want to see again!

Ultimately, your puppy learns that good behavior earns your affection and attention more quickly. Your dog soon understands that they get nothing from you when they act badly.

Diversion Tactics Deter Your Gsd Puppy From Biting

German Shepherd Off Leash Training, On Leash Training ...

You can stop your puppy from biting your hands by distracting him with a toy or game. Puzzles and similar games are especially effective if your pup is biting from boredom.

Training Methods

  • Crate You can avoid using your pups crate as a place of punishment or isolation by placing your pup inside it with a favorite toy. Keep the puppy and crate in the same room as you.
  • Tether Tethering is helpful if your puppy likes to bite your ankles or chases you when you attempt to ignore her. Similarly to the crate, do not use a rope to isolate your pup.


Your training with games is most effective when you train the desired action with food rewards and then add the cue or command.

For example, you offer your dog a tasty morsel for dropping the ball after fetching it. Once your pup begins to bring the ball and give it to you automatically, you add a cue such as drop it. You would use the same process with other games for the desired action, which is usually releasing the toy.


Toys are simple diverters. If your pup starts nipping, you substitute a toy for your hand. Toys are more effective for hand biters than ankle chasers.

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Super Smart Ways To Make German Shepherd Training Easier

Imagine you knew how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy the right way so that your bond with your dog grew instead of fell short!

Wouldnt your life look more peaceful, calm, and happy with the right German Shepherd training?

Learn how to communicate with your pup and get the behaviors you want using these simple and easy methods for training a German Shepherd puppy.

How To Train A German Shepherd Puppy To Stop Biting

Use treats for positive reinforcement.

When your puppy does something wrong, give him a pre-selected command to express that you are not happy with what hes doing. A simple no will do the trick.

When he responds favorably, give him treats, pet him or allow him to have time with his toy. This response is much better than raising your voice or using other unfavorable training methods that only serve to make the dog resent you.

If youre still having behavioral issues, theres a better than average chance that youre not giving your dog enough exercise.

Increasing his physical activity can go a long way toward curbing any behavioral issues that might still exist.

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Is Your German Shepherd Puppy Biting Hands

So, why didnt Allie bite ankles? Because she was too busy biting hands! This was my little piranhas specialty she wanted to nip my hands at every opportunity.

There are lots of reasons why a pup may decide to start biting your hands. For one, good things come from hands. Also, hands are almost like swinging toys from the perspective of a playful pup too enticing to pass up!

The following tips will help you curb your German Shepherd puppys biting instincts, whether they target hands, ankles, or anything else!

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3 SIMPLE WAYS TO STOP PUPPY BITING! – Training German Shepherd not to Bite.

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Hi there! Since everything you have tried has failed, I have a suggestion for you and I am hoping you haven’t already tried it. If so, please feel free to write back in. It’s sometimes hard to answer these without me being able to ask follow up questions to get a clearer picture.Sometimes the reactive approach to biting is giving dogs exactly what they want, your attention. And they don’t care if it’s negative or positive attention. I have learned that some of the feistier dogs seem to enjoy our negative reactions!If you haven’t tried doing “no contact” yet, that is the route I would go. When she jumps or bites, you fold your arms, avert eye contact, and leave the area, to the point where she can’t follow you. Go into your room, and close the door behind you. And wait a good 5 minutes or so.The reason this method fails for some is because they will ignore the dog for a few seconds and then come back. So in a sense, this becomes ANOTHER fun little game that your dog gets to play!Give this a try and give it a good week, and you should see some results.

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Use Chew Toys Instead Of Your Hands

When puppies are young, it can be fun to use your hands when playing with them, and a little nip here and there probably wont hurt you. But you are training them into thinking your hands are fair game.

Instead you should use chew toys for this type of play. If you can focus their attention onto a toy and not your hands, they will learn that fingers and hands are not there to be bitten.

Its all about positive association.

Theres a I let my puppy play with when we started training him not to bite. You can also see the prices by clicking the photo below.

Scruff Training As A Deterrent To Biting

Like the yelping and thumb under tongue training to prevent German Shepherd puppy biting, you can also use the scruff and command method.

When your puppy bites down too hard, you can grab him gently by the scruff of the neck and repeat the No command.

You can choose any command that you like to stop unwanted behavior but keep it consistent.

Consistency and repetition will teach your puppy to control its impulses, making it safe for everyone to be around.

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What You Shouldnt Do

There are some things that you should avoid when training your dog to stop biting. The first thing you want to do is avoid yelling at your dog or hitting them. Why?

If theyre biting for your attention, youll be giving them what they want. Moreover, itll give them negative feelings, and we dont want that.

Also, when they try to bite your hand, dont move it away. They might think its some sort of a game and keep trying to bite you.

Last but not least, dont opt for shock collars as theyll only cause your puppy pain and they wont solve the problem anyway.

Use Daily Leadership Skills

Puppy Training Nipping

How many times a day do you teach your German Shepherd to listen to you and offer them leadership?

Use daily interactions as an effective way of teaching your dog about leadership.

For example:

  • Feed your pup only after youve eaten and always have them sit before their meal.
  • Dont let your pup sleep in your bed if youre experiencing aggressive biting issues, as this may teach them they rank as high as you on the leadership scale.
  • Have them sit before you take them for a walk or exiting a door.

While these dont directly stop your puppy from biting, they help communicate with your dog your leadership. If your dog sees you as a confident leader, theyre likely to respect your discipline more.

You can learn how to get your dog to start behaving by reading Easy German Shepherd Training at Home .

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Puppy Biting Women And Children

My skin is a bit thicker than my wifes or my kids skin, especially the kids who seem to have soft, sensitive skin. This training method can be very difficult with small children. If your kids are over the age of 6, go ahead and practice with them BEFORE puppy introduction. Bite on their hand and teach them to react properly if needed.

The Most Powerful Deterrent To Nipping Is Ignoring Your Puppy

We are all familiar with the high abrasive screech a puppy makes when we accidentally cause her pain.

Some puppies even carry on a prolonged wailing if you step on a toe or tail. But more compelling is the way a puppy abruptly withdraws, heading away from you or refusing any contact with you for at least several seconds.

Puppies in a litter who are too exuberant suffer the same social withdrawal from siblings and mother.

When a puppy nips at you, the most effective way to grab his attention is to withdraw yours. Many puppies do not listen to commands like stop or no biting.

Physical withdrawal of contact, play, or affection is a means to control something your puppy craves. Some behaviorists refer to this training method as managing a resource.

To work, you need to achieve physical separation immediately upon inappropriate or unwanted nipping from your puppy.

When the offensive act occurs, remove yourself by turning your back, placing your hands out of sight, or walking away.

If your pup is an ankle biter, as herding dogs can be, put a baby gate that you can step over and effectively insert between you and your pup.

Ignoring your puppy for a few seconds can be particularly useful for pets who bite mainly to get your attention in the first place.

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Get Chew Toys For Aggressive Chewers

German Shepherd puppies often bite because theyre playful. You need to give yours some toys to bite instead of you or your belongings.

Have appropriate chew toys nearby and use them to redirect your dog. The next time your German shepherd clamps down on your fingertips, gently remove your hand and offer your dog a chew toy.

Make sure you get chew toys for your puppys age. Giving some variety, such as teething rings and toys with rope and/or bones is also good. Chew toys are a good distraction while someone else is trying to interact with your puppy .

The Puppy Might Be Overstimulated Fearful Or Anxious

STOP puppy biting!!! with German Shepherd Man and Jae

Sometimes puppies lose control of their bite because of overstimulation. Overstimulation can happen during playtime, or when your puppy has become cranky due to teasing.

Your GSD puppy may also bite out of fear. Your puppy has but 2 defenses to run away or to bite. If your puppy feels cornered, then biting is the defense that she will most often resort to.

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Should I Say No When My Puppy Bites

Some people suggest that you say NO when your puppy bites you. This is similar to the method above, if used alone.

The problem with saying NO to your puppy when they bite you, is that puppies dont speak English! They wont know what you mean!

This is why training has to be done in small stages first you must teach the puppy what action you want, and then you can give the action a name, or command.

Saying NO to stop biting when you have engaged in no other training can be ineffective, and lead to more frustration by owners when their puppy doesnt understand them, and carries on biting.

Putting A Finger Under Gsps Tongue

At the time of playing with the puppies a person, the parent of the GSP should say No, in an authoritative voice if the puppy bites him/her. Then he/she can carefully but steadily put his/her forefinger under his/her puppys chin.

This will be an uneasy status for GSP as it will be unable to bite and it will try to get his/her fingers out of its mouth.

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Why Does My German Shepherd Puppy Keep Biting Me

  • Why is my puppy biting me aggressively?
  • For a good reason, many like to call their German Shepherd puppies land sharks. Often, the nipping is a manifestation of a dog getting overstimulated and losing control of his bite force. Sometimes, German shepherd puppies will get more and more nippy when they are cranky and in need of nap.

    How To Quickly Discipline A German Shepherd For Biting: A Step

    How to Stop German Shepherd Puppy Biting: Doâs &  Dontâs ...

    Knowing how to discipline a German Shepherd for biting and nipping will not only help save your hands and legs from tiny razor-sharp teeth

    But teaching your GSD puppy to stop biting can also help you with valuable training skills!

    Skills that will not only help you control and stop your German Shepherds bites and nips without force or fear, but have a better behaved dog overall.

    Lets get down to business teaching you how to discipline a German Shepherd puppy for biting or nipping.

    You dont have to live with a baby Jaws on the loose any longer!

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    When Should A German Shepherd Be Spayed/neutered

    The most important finding in German Shepherd Dogs is that there is no advantage of neutering or spaying before 12 months of age.

    Dr. Benjamin L. Hart, DVM, Ph.D., DACVB, distinguished professor emeritus at the University of California-Davis School of Veterinary Medicine says, I advise owners of German Shepherd Dog puppies to be in no hurry to neuter a male or spay a female, I always tell them to wait until their dog is at least a year old before neutering.


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