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German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Fresno Ca

German Shepherd Mix Dogs

German shepherd puppies are available 03459442750 Zain Ali farming in Pakistan

I have 3 German Shepherd mix dogs. The oldest is a spayed approx. 9 year old black and white female that is the mother to the other 2. I do not know if she is pure german shepherd or a mix, she just showed up here one day and we have had her ever since then. The others are German Shepard/Lab mixes t …

Hiif Anyone Interested To Take Care Of Pets Contact Me

Hi,im the owner of my sweet dog and her breed is German shephard.She is very honest and takecare of you as well.She is well trained and xxxxxxxxxxx.xx if anyone interested whoever can take care of my pets contact me the reason of selling is because im moving in appartment so there is no pets allowed interested contact me.Thankyou very muchBuy Now

Life In Fresno With A Dog

There are over 75 pet-friendly restaurants in Fresno, so you and your dog will always have plenty of options when you want to grab a meal. A few of the most popular dog-friendly restaurants in the city include Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Batter Up Pancakes, Rocket Dog Gourmet Brats & Brew, and Starving Artists Bistro.

Fresno has many other pet-friendly businesses, including pet stores, daycares, and groomers. It is also a convenient place for finding a home for you and your pet. A recent Zumper study ranked Fresno 62nd in the nation for pet-friendly rentals.

If your friends ever come to Fresno for a visit, theyll have plenty of places to stay with their furry companions. Some of the most popular pet-friendly hotels in Fresno include La Quinta Riverpark, and Sonesta ES Suites Fresno.

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How Easy Will It Be To Find A Puppy That Doesnt Need Much Exercise

If you’re not much of an active person, you might want to consider a smaller dog. Generally, the tinier the dog when it’s fully grown, the less exercise it will need. If you live in a small apartment and don’t work out much, a toy breed like a Toy Poodle or a Yorkshire terrier may be perfect for you. Just because you’re not much of an athlete doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a canine companion!

German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale Near Fresno Ohio Usa Page 1

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Fresno is your source for finding an ideal German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale near Fresno, Ohio, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

  • Aprox. 4.3 mi from Fresno


Tags: German Shepherd Dog Litter for sale in WEST LAFAYETTE, OH, USA

German Shepherd For Sale Millersburg OH Male

Date listed: 10/10/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 24.1 mi from Fresno

Meet this beautiful, AKC Registered German Shepherd puppy! German Shepherds are known to be great guard dogs! This puppys personality is very sweet and so lovable! Up to date on

Date listed: 10/10/2022

Top Quality Imported German Shepherd Puppies

Date listed: 09/17/2022

Top Quality German Show line litter, born July 2022. Sire Gero and dam Hilanda were imported from Europe, they are top German Show lines. Gero and Hilanda are gorgeous black/red

Date listed: 09/17/2022


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German Shepard For Sale Millersburg OH Male

Date listed: 10/10/2022

  • Aprox. 24.1 mi from Fresno

Date listed: 10/10/2022

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Can I Find A Purebred Dog On This Site

You can find a purebred Fresno puppy for sale, such as a Bulldog or Beagle, on the California Puppies website without any trouble. There are breeders with purebred dogs waiting to be contacted right now that we’ve vetted. If you know what kind of pup you want, it will be easier than ever to take one home. Finding a purebred puppy doesn’t have to be hard, it can actually be just as easy as finding any other puppies in Fresno CA.

Does a Doodle mean that one of the puppies parents is a Poodle?

Yes, that is exactly what it means. If you come across any Fresno puppies for sale that have the term doodle in their name, you should know that one of their parents was in fact a Poodle. This is typically considered a good thing because of how smart and easy to train Poodles are known to be!

What do the terms f1, f2 and f3 mean?

Crossbred puppies are the first generation of a cross between two different parent breeds, AKA f1. For example, an F1 puppy is bred from a 50/50 Lab/Poodle mix. The next generation of crossbred puppies, called f2, will have one of two purebred traits, or a mix of the two. The breeder might mix an F1 dog with a purebred Lab to intensify a chosen trait in future litters if that is their goal.

Which puppies for sale in Fresno CA are the most popular?

Am I limited to dog breeders in Fresno CA?

How is California Puppies superior to other websites or Fresno puppy finders?

What is a puppy mill and why should I avoid them?

One Of The Biggest Reasons That You Will Want To Consider Getting German Shepherd Puppies Fresno Ca Is Because The City Is A Popular Place For Adoptions

A lot of people are looking to get these dogs and most professional breeders have their dogs live at the facility when they are doing all of their adoptions. The more dogs that your professional breeder has available the more likely it is that they will be able to help you find a puppy.

This is a great way to get a puppy without all of the typical expenses that come along with getting a new dog. It is a good idea to check out all of the different professional breeders that are available to you so that you can choose the best match for you.

The most important thing is that you make sure that you are getting a German shepherd puppy that is healthy. A lot of times the breeders that are offering German Shepherds for sale in Fresno are just as concerned with the health of the dogs as you are.

This is a great way to go if you are looking to get a healthy dog. You can also ask professional breeders for advice on finding a dog that is the right size for you. This is something that can only happen if you spend some time talking to the breeders that are selling the German Shepherds for sale in Fresno.

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German Shepherd For Sale Fresno

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German Shepherd Dog Puppies For Sale Near Fresno California Usa Page 1

10 Most Powerful Dogs in the World is your source for finding an ideal German Shepherd Dog Puppy for Sale near Fresno, California, USA area. Browse thru our ID Verified puppy for sale listings to find your perfect puppy in your area.

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 142.3 mi from Fresno

My Puppies will be $1,200 — $3,000. Visit my website to be notified via email the second they are born: .itsylollipups/product-category/german-shepherd-puppies/

Date listed: 01/17/2023


Tags: DDR Czech Black Sable German Shepherds

  • Aprox. 158.2 mi from Fresno

Really smart and protective show German shepherd, dad is a championship bloodline show German shepherd

Date listed: 12/11/2022


Tags: German Shepherd Dog Litter for sale in CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA, USA

Long Coat black and black and red

Date listed: 11/18/2022

Puppies born on 11/4/22 males and females father is a direct import. Health tested parents. Please message or call for pics and info.

Date listed: 11/18/2022


Tags: Long Coat German Shepherd black red and black

Czech Line German shepherd puppies

Date listed: 12/20/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 158.3 mi from Fresno

Ready for the Christmas basket is a litter of four beautiful puppies that would make perfect Christmas presents for any loving family. Imported bloodlines with great pedigrees and…

Date listed: 12/20/2022


Tags: Czech work line shepherd

Oversized AKC Imported Champ Working Lines

Date listed: 10/31/2022

Date listed: 10/31/2022

  • Distance:

    Aprox. 160.9 mi from Fresno

Date listed: 12/20/2022


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Grace A Young Golden Retriever

Our Grace spent 3 weeks with Nate Hess and what a difference if makes. She sits and stays and walks like a charm. comes to the call quickly listens actually knows what NO means. Miracles do happen. Before she was very pulling and jumping and hard to control. Sweet but her manners were lacking.

Im so happy she went to Dogspring training. She listens and follows commands. Im so Grateful she went to Dogspring Training for the Higher learning program. Thank you Joe and Julia Youngs, Clovis, CA

Popular Dog Breeds In Fresno

California is home to a diverse mix of dog breeds. The most popular breeds in the state are: Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, French Bulldogs, Poodles, American Pit Bull Terriers, Beagles, Havanese, German Shorthaired Pointers, and Chihuahua. No matter which breed you choose to bring into your family, your pup will find many of its peers across the city.

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Give Me An Overview Of German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In Fresno Ca

The only thing you have to do is browse some of the pre-selected breeders below to find a litter or individual Fresno German Shepherd for sale that you are interested in. Once youve selected a reputable breeder we will make the connection so that you can ask questions and eventually take one of the adorable Shepherd puppies home! The last step when you work with Uptown is introducing your new companion to your home.

If I Google German Shepherd puppies Fresno will I find a lot of backyard breeders?

There is a high likelihood that you will! Backyard breeders are everywhere and they can be hard to recognize if all you have to judge them by is a well-made website. A puppy mill is a factory like breeding facility where popular breeds are forced to reproduce more often than they naturally would which can cause stress and eventually health issues down the line. It can be shocking to realize just how common it is to come across a puppy mill when you conduct an online search for a phrase like German Shepherd puppies for sale Fresno.

Do German Shepherd puppies in Fresno require a lot of exercise?

What can I expect when I own a new German Shepherd puppy?

Will Uptown Puppies recommend a specific type of food for my puppy?

Why should I trust Uptown over Googling German Shepherd for sale Fresno?

Can I find a cheap German Shepherd for sale in Fresno through Uptown?

Which kinds of breeds are best for families?

What is a backyard breeder?

Molly The Young Rescued Gsd Mix

German Shepherd Puppies For Adoption In California / Elise Id 22649072 ...

with lots of energy but few manners.

We adopted Molly, a 6-month old Shepherd mix, last month from a rescue shelter she was exuberant, unfocused, and difficult to handle. Walks with Molly were chores. Thanks to Nate and Dogsprings week-long overnight training, Molly has transformed into a calmer, focused, and more easily managed puppy. Walks with Molly are now a pleasure without the former constant tugging and distractions. She walks nicely at our side with much less need for correction and refocusing. The Saturday Rebound classes are wonderful to keep Molly and us on track and improve her behavior. Thanks so much to Nate and Dogspring for Mollys transformation. We highly recommend this program! The Riley-Green Family, Clovis

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German Shepherd Puppies Fresno Ca And Saco Co

The German Shepherd puppy you choose must have a good temperament. They are very energetic dogs. They are very affectionate, loyal, and playful and need lots of attention and exercise. You need to make sure that your German Shepherd puppy comes from a healthy family, that it has been socialized well and it should have good genes.

German Shepherd Puppies: There are many places to locate German Shepherd Puppies, including the internet. Online websites sometimes list puppies in the family group or the breed group that is preferred by the judge. Most German Shepherd breeders that sell puppies online also provide details about their breeding facilities. Including the amount of space they offer and whether they have a vet on site.

German Shepherd Puppies: The German Shepherd puppies you choose should have solid parents, otherwise they will develop health problems.

You can often find puppies for sale from breeders in the network. Breeders often have puppies coming from a breeder near you. You may want to join a group for your German Shepherd puppy, if possible. German Shepherd Puppies are great pets for the right person.

We Take Pride In Continuing On To Do The Life Long Work That Max Von Stephanitz Did To Develop This Magnificent Working Dog That We Now Have To Enrich Each And Every One Of Our Lives Email: Centralcoastgermanshepherds@gmailcomwebsite: Wwwcentralcoastgermanshepherdscom

Click on the Kuranda Banner to learn more about the Kuranda Dog Beds or to order yours today. We use the Aluminum 44X27 wth Ballistic Fabric here at Central Coast German Shepherds. There are less expensive options available however, we like the durability and cleanability of the aluminum. Our beds take a lot of abuse. Our dogs & puppies love their Kuranda beds!

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Jovie A Wild Young Bernedoodle

Jovie and I went out early this morning for disc golf and as much of a structured walk as possible, and her behavior was almost perfect This is only day 1 after picking her up from the 1 week board and train program, and Im so glad Rachael and I invested in this! She didnt pull once, even when she saw squirrels, rabbits, birds, and other dogs! She barked at 1 person that was 100 yards away, but otherwise she sat every time I asked and was very quiet and gentle when meeting others. What a pleasant morning Thank you Nate Phil and Rachael Krumpe, Clovis, CA

Dog Parks And Outdoor Activities In Fresno


Fresno has a variety of dog parks and other outdoor activities for you to enjoy with your dog. Some of the most popular dog parks in the city include Todd Beamer Dog Park, Woodward Dog Park, Roeding Dog Park, and Kearny Park. The city also has several scenic hiking trails for when you want to go on a trek with your four-legged friend.

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Ralphie A Young Confident And High Energy Poodle

Highly recommend. I dont know where we would be without Nate. The best part is the continued guidance, education, and practice after laying down solid foundation. Im so happy we did this and can continue to be supported and have skills developed and maintained with Saturday rebound classes. Carrie Kuffel, Fresno, CA

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Why Is The Breeder Pledge So Important

To be a part of our network, any breeder in California or anywhere else in the U.S. must take our 47-point pledge. This pledge covers all aspects of breeding, raising, and matching puppies with families across the country and helps us to maintain our professionalism in the industry. Unlike when you perform an online search for a phrase like puppies Fresno, our pledge eliminates puppy mills and backyard breeders.

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Satcha The Husky/german Shepherd Mix

with a wild streak and a prey drive for the ages.

im not sure how nate does what he does. he has done an amazing job with our more-than-a-handful shepard/husky. we did a three week board and train with her and i am SO GLAD we did. she is so much calmer, sweeter, and easier to connect with now then she was before. like i said, i dont know how he does it. but he does wonderful things with dogs. highest recommendation!!

Bob, Nancy, Tallulah & Satcha, Mariposa, CA

German Shepherd Dog Characteristics

German Shepherd Puppies For Sale Fresno

German Shepherds have been one of Americas most popular dog breeds for many years. They were bred as working dogs and still carry this work ethic and energy. They make great protectors and loyal companions. German Shepherds are happiest with frequent exercise and tasks to complete. They are quick to learn and highly responsive to commands with regular obedience training.

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German Shepherd Puppies: If You Love Country

They have classes for children and adults on caring for the animals and running a show in Idaho. This will give the child a hands-on experience and also show them how responsible pet ownership can be. They may decide to buy a German Shepherd later on and show off their talents at the amateur level.

German Shepherd Puppies: Owning a German Shepherd will give you many great memories, and they make wonderful family pets. Even though they are not as big as some of the other breeds of dogs, they still have the same stamina as any other dog. They are very intelligent and make great pets and companions. They are great for families with children as they are very gentle with small children.

German Shepherd Puppies: There is a large amount of spaying and neutering facilities in Texas, so if you live in an apartment, this is not a problem. The average price of an AKC registered German Shepherd is around $2500.

Most veterinarians in the county of orange offer free spaying and neutering if you meet their requirements. There are also veterinarians in the Hollywood area that have private dog apartments for sale. You should contact the vet to find out more information about them.


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